Are Mirrors Portals?

I just heard that mirrors are portals to other dimensions. Is it true?

Asked by luna

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  1. Some yes, and some no, Luna. If they all were, we might be in trouble. LOL

    Learn to close them. Any symbol of protection will work. I use either the Cross, or Choku Rei (reiki symbol of opening and closing), drawn three times in the air in front of the mirror .. with the ‘intention’ of closing it and keeping it closed.

    Love & Peace,

    • I agree with Ama; mirrors CAN be portals, but not all are, or we would be in trouble. If you think you have a mirror that is, follow Ama’s instructions to close it. Just like with any other portal, you have no idea what could pass through it; it is better that it is closed and remains so. I had one, when I was a younger, that was; not sure how it was originally opened, but I hung a crucifix on it, and haven’t had problems since.(I am also no longer in possession of it; it is at my uncle’s house.)

  2. I know there is something about mirrors, my grandmother, her name
    Zula, believed when someone is sick or has died to cover all mirrors
    On her death bed she was instanting the mirrors be covered, she
    was native american, she had all kinds of things she would tell us

  3. Hi guys,

    I did a quick hunt and found this:

    Five reasons why mirrors are covered from five different cultures. Very interesting.

    Love & Peace

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