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Questions About King Solomon Temple and Freemasons

Anyone know anything about King Solomon? Regarding the Djinn or Demons whom he forced to build his temple ~ how could he be in God’s favor, but using Demonic help to build?

How does he fit in with freemasonry?

What is “Solomon’s Key”?

Anyone know any good books or legitimate sources for information on him?

Asked by Anonomyssy

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Possible Demon Attachment?

When I was 17 I was rehearsing for my auditions for Carnegie Mellon University’s dance/theatre school. My drama coach – a great believer in the paranormal (I now realize) brought out a Ouija Board the last evening I was to rehearse with her. It absolutely made predictions which seemed ludicrous to me at the time.

Within 5 months the predictions I felt were ridiculous began happening. These were events that turned my life in a totally different direction and my life has truly been a very hard, sad existence. I have made terrible decisions both in career and love, and many times have wanted life to end.

Since several extremely traumatic predictions did occur, predictions that I had absolutely no idea would ever come to be, is it possible that something bad, or evil attached itself to me and has stayed with me? I recently purchased my birth chart and it held information of something happening when I was 17-18 years of age, something quite negative; unless I conquered this negative influence my life would continue on this sad, personally destructive path. My life will not go on for a lot of years, as I am now 60. Please, if anyone has an answer or suggestion I would be most grateful for any input.

Asked by Leslie Bolin

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Do Demons Eat?

Do demons eat anything? If so, which foods they have?

Asked by Manss

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A Demon’s Name?

I have another question, it has to do with just demons.

Ok so I know how to summon demons and I know you can make deals. I just want to make it clear that the purpose of this is strictly thoughts from other people. There is one thing I kinda of understand but not fully. Now say you know a demon’s real name. I know that it gives you the upper hand in making a deal. But why, for what can be done if you know their name?

I am not trying to get rid off anything or bless anything or use any spells. I’m strictly trying to find a certain person and I have a lead on the demons name who he made a deal with. Do you think it could be done by knowing the demons name?

To make myself clear and so you don’t waste your time telling me its not worth going down that road. to me this is very important so please take this question very seriously.

Asked by Mike

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Questions About Ghosts Sleep Paralysis Demons and Evil

So,very slowly I’m getting to “get into the picture” and getting to understand that there is “supernatural” which I have been ignoring and lots of people still do. My question includes actually a lot of questions (because you know, even I started to understand some things, there’s still huge amount of things which I don’t understand.)

So, God/our Lord loves us all and created lovely creatures – angels and love as well – right? Then from where did all these demons and “bad creatures” appear? Well, maybe this question I could answer even by myself, but still I’m curious about answers. And so I have a theory processed into question also:

Why are all these evil creatures (demons, sleep paralysis, ghosts, whatever…) so hateful? I mean every time I ask my angel to get me rid of them I have to ask this myself: Are they really so bad? And why?

You know I may be too empathic but I am always some kind sorry for them, that they had to end up like this… and somewhere deep inside, maybe they didn’t even mean to be so bad… I don’t know this is just my theory. What do you think?

Also I have very odd experience by (I don’t know if I could call it meditation, but I felt it like that) I was asking my guardian angel to get rid of one ghost which was really intrusive and I had my dog in room (I had closed eyes) and suddenly when I told out loud to order out the ghost, my dog jumped to me and with really worried face he started to jump around me and lick my hand and you know, he was just too weird – so do you think he might have seen the ghost going away, or what could scare him,that much?

Another question: what do you think of crosses? I mean do you think they can really protect? Cause my grandma has whole room bedecked with crosses, believing it could help, but I don’t know, I don’t think it could stop ghosts. But wearing it as necklace might be harmless, or not?

Also I’m going back to previous themes I created about crow totem – Okay there’s a question: Don’t worry I’m not trying to rush anything, really but do you think I could damage the connection by keeping a crow as a pet or vice versa? (now I’m talking about far far away future,not like I’m gonna get one tomorrow)

Thanks for all answers and actually mostly I’m curious about answers from Ama

Asked by Ancika

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Can Demons Fall in Love with Humans?

Okay, I might sound foolish but here it goes. Can Demons fall in love with humans? Like if it were in hell still. And the creature came to earth and did everything it can to make the mortal fall in love with it. At last after the mortal fell in love, could that Demon have enough ‘love’ for that human to give his ‘powers’ away to be with the mortal?

Please this is Serious. And I expect everyone to take me serious.

Asked by Sebastien

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Dreams and Devouring Demons?

When I was little the things that I saw chasing me in my dreams were so frightening. As I got older I had visions of Native American Indians (sometimes when I was awake). For many years now I have dreams of demon like things but I have no fear only a rage. I chase them and devour these things. Once in a while after one of these dreams that I devour a demon I become ill with nausea and vomiting when am awake.

The doctor says I am healthy. A child that knows me had a dream that he saw me eat the monster that was in his room the same night I dreamed of devouring one of these things again. Please someone tell me what this is.

Asked by traci

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Is it Possible to Control a Demon or Evil Spirit?

Ok so I have been dealing with spirits and demons since I can remember. What I want to know is how people think on this theory. Its said our souls are unbreakable and will power in a sense is considered energy. Well if a person has enough enough will power ambition, desire, and passion do you think it is possible to control a demon and/or evil spirit?

Asked by mike

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The Fourth Kind a True Story?

When I watched that movie it made me think. They say it is a true story. What do you think? Personally, I think that they are demons, I don’t think they are aliens. So, let me know on what you think about it. I am very curious.

Asked by Moya

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Does My Son Have a Demon Inside Him?

I am a mother of a six year old who had ADHD. He also complains of hearing voices in his head that tell him to do bad things. He says they are all different colors but the red one is the worst because he comes and plugs himself into his brain and has a big suitcase and tells my son to kill people and opens his suitcase and there’s all kinds of weapons.

My son has tried to kill his 18 month old brother before and I have heard him at night talking to someone and he has nightmares about the demons.

Is this truly demons and if it is how do I stop this before my son hurts himself or someone else?

Asked by Kathleen

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