Are Candles Needed And If So What Color?

Now I have heard many stories of friends who have used a spirit board (Ouija Board) and all of which warned me to stay away. But that just makes me want to try it more.

I was wondering are the candles really needed and if so what color would work best?

Sent in by Eva Halliwell

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  1. Hi Eva,

    I’ve had many people tell me that white candles represent purity, purple also. Pure silver on the board is meant to ward off the less desirable spirits also. Most of all, don’t be scared or show your fear, and have love in your heart. Positive feeling attracts positive vibes.

    Remember to close the board properly, and treat it with respect. Never ask “is there anybody there” anybody covers a wide range. Instead, say “we invite kind hearted, good natured spirit people here around our circle to communicate, please with all due respect could you talk with us through this board”

    I’m sorry! You only asked for candle colour. Man, I can chat! Lol.

    Have a great easter hun x
    Steph x

  2. Hi Eva,

    No candle of any colour will protect you when you are playing with an ouija board. The board opens the door between this world and the void and you invite anything hanging about that doorway to come through and communicate with you. Even making the lovely request that Steph suggested here cannot stop something nasty forcing its way through and causing you harm and grief. True, it might not happen, but before you start down that path go and read a whole lot of stories on the internet about other people’s nasty experiences and their warnings .. including miine on these pages .. and then ask yourself why it is you need to do something that might harm you when so many other people have said ‘stay away from it’. That’s the important question.

    Love & Light

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