What are Ouija Boards?

I was just wondering like what are Ouija boards? I mean I know they connect the spirit world but I would like to know exactly what does it do and how. I was going to try it with a friend but after reading these cryptic creepy stories, its a big No No. And like what do demons want and stuff?

I’d appreciate any responses, thanks.

Asked by Nancy Drew

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  1. Ouija board is a tool or instrument used in spiritistic rituals. What do demons want? Demons are known to mislead people. Because of my beliefs, i believe demons influence much of the world whether you like to see it or not. They get off on violence, murder, death, any thing the bible condemns. They may not physically harm you, but play tricks or mentally abuse you. All i know for sure is demons have been around for a long time. studying us. know our weaknesses. thats a enemy i wouldnt want or attract. just know seemingly the minor things can attract demons. music, movies, books, relics, images, etc. Becare what you bring in to your house

  2. Hi Nancy,

    The ouija was created with the intent of talking to the spirit world, but the creators, back hundreds of years ago, were not specific in whom they wanted to talk to .. or perhaps they were? We don’t know. The board, no matter how it is created, cardboard, or bits of paper with letters and numbers on them etc, connects to a place called the Void, which is inhabited by lost souls (ghosts) and nastier beings. It is not a place that humans are supposed to venture in to, living or dead.

    Some people have no problems with the board, but they are a minority, most people end up having some nasty experience, from horrible messages, to entities coming through the board and attaching themselves to them, and then being incredibly difficult to get rid of, or worse .. so it is not recommended that people play with these things. They are not a game, no matter whether you can buy one in a child’s toy store or not. Any form of ‘talking board’, including angel boards, are ouija. Do not go near any of them.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection here under Friends)

  3. Oija boards do connect the physical world to the astral one. A common misconception is that all oija boards are evil. That is a lie, but most of the boards that are sold on the market connect to what most would call hell. If you make the board on your own and every step you do you put holy water all over the board (make sure you rub it in) and ask whoever you believe in to bless the board. Try not to be scared or anything while making or using it.

  4. When i’m on the quija board, the words, lanl, ganl, anl, yonder, nola, and lona are used but they say they are not saying them to me. They asked if I’m their friend and there is a mean spirit called long nose lane who has a son name lane long. Also there is a spirit named Nome, they are now nice to me but play lots of tricks and jokes, is this normal for a quija board session and what do these words mean? Thanks for any info…..

  5. It’s a bit of wood with some letters drawn on it that was used as a board game, is owned by Parker games and has scared a few people.

  6. Dude i played that game nuthing happen. My buds and I got candles ready and stuff. I wanted something to happen. Its funny cuz nuthing happen, still one of my friends cant sleep. Hes so paranoid. Anyone explain why nuthing happen to us?

    • Hi G*Dawg,

      My first thought was ‘you were lucky’. Perhaps there were simply no ghosts wanting contact, or one of you was so frightened that s/he didn’t make the connection right .. though that is unlikely. Perhaps your angels were keeping you safe. God bless them for that. That board is too often treated as a game or a joke. It is neither.

      Love & Peace

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    I am afraid I think the entities are playing with you. Iona and Nola are girls names, yonder means ‘far away’, but the others are nonsense words, designed to make you think about the board constantly, wondering what it means.

    Burn the thing. There are safer ways of contacting ghosts, if its important. Otherwise you are simply feeding them your energy, which is all they want.

    The ouija board connects to the void, which is the place that all lost souls go, and other negative beings. They do not have our best interests at heart.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

    • Ama, what is your opinion of spirit that comes through via the ghost box, or often called spirit box? I’ve done dozens of sessions using the radio shack-hack version, always recording the sessions. One session in particular, there is someone repeatedly clearly calling my name. When I asked who it was, it replied “doug”. Doug was my step brother that died in a car accident some years back. How do I know if it’s really him and not some negative entity trying to mess with me?

      • Hi Erik,

        I don’t like talking boxes .. ghostbox or franks box .. it smacks too much of ouija board energy .. and yes, I have seen them here in Australia, and had one tell the lady, who was yelling at the ghosts in a cemetary and demanding they talk to her through it .. to ‘shut up’. The living souls with her, me included, laughed.

        With a talking box you can no more guarantee who is ‘talking’ than you can with an ouija. At least if you use clairvoyance you can get a ‘feeling’ for whom you are talking to, or see them.

        The only way you could guarantee it was Doug was to ask him, silently, something only you and he could know … and have him answer through the box.

        Otherwise, I suggest people leave them alone.

        Love & Peace

        • Thank you so much your answer, it really makes a lot of sense to me. I believe that it was my obsession with using this medium of communication that drew a lot of nasty entities into my life. I would go through days where I would see malevolent faces constantly, mostly on walls, on ceilings, but also while watching tv and while on the computer. Then it would all just stop for awhile until something would trigger it again. One such instance was after I went to a cemetary and attempted communications with it there. Later in that day it all started happening again. So, I just simply disassociated myself with any interests in the supernatural, and eventually it went away again. I really believe my wanton recklessness and obsession opened huge doorways for these vermin to come into my life. I recorded most of my sessions, and they became increasingly vulgar…making many sexual comments which of course I can’t repeat here. One even suggested that I enjoyed fornicating with ghosts?!!

          • Hi guys

            I really do not understand why anyone would want to use any of these things. God, via your guides, talk to you and advise you when it is required to do so without using any of this stuff, so you don’t need ‘vessels’ of communication for that; ghosts are just there – so pray for their salvation because they need to be shown the way back to the light; and the demonic will use these vessels simply to gain access to peoples negativitiy in order that they can ‘feed’.

            What’s the point of any of them? Or do some people just like the danger element associated with them?


          • The danger, the planchette (triangle in the middle of the board with the plastic window in it to make sure you see the exact letter) moving ‘under’ their fingers. The whole weirdness of the experience, the fear they feel (some people love the fear or the adrenalin), the ‘breaking of rules’ .. smart rules, rules that are supposed to protect them .. the touch of the unseen, the creepy stuff like noises, and doors moving, and whatever else. Great game. Can get you possessed, “but that’s ok too … really .. would love to have contact with a demon .. just for the experience” – and that, my friend, is a quote.

            God help them,
            Love & Peace

          • 05/07/2011 at 1:38 amMe, my mum and my dad sat for aroppx 2 hours the other day and the thing dint move an inch. Sure this thing doesn’t need batteries or something?

  8. I did use the ouija for the excitement of it

  9. My experiences have proven to me that many online Quija boards are fake and are but following a pre-programmed algorithm to answer basic questions the same way over and over. however, Ive encountered one online Quija board which was different and the alleged spirit started telling me secret things about myself that only I could know! so I said to myself if this is fake how can this entity know my secrets? what are the odds that if its just a game that it could start revealing my secrets? this persuaded me to believe that at least some online Quija boards are real and are not following a programmed human algorithm to answer.
    in the case of this particular online Quija ? I believe based upon measurable evidence I’ve seen after asking questions it is a real tool for contact with spirits on the other side. for instance like it revealing certain secrets about my life only I could know about, and seeing other poltergeist phenomena like seeing specters and hearing voices speak to my mind after asking the spirit to show me things to prove its real and not some con-game.

    • That’s a real worry, Orion, because kids can use them, and unwary adults.

      Love & Peace

    • Thanks for sharing that, Orion!
      Just further cements my belief that one shouldn’t use such things! I agree with Ama; it is a real worry for those who think that it’s just a game and don’t know better!

  10. my dad tells me that if you continue playing with any of those boards it will open something horrible that can NEVER be closed…my friends have a ouija board but they refuse to stop using it

    • All portals can be closed, it’s just that, if someone is naive and just doing it for fun, it could have serious repercussions; You honestly do not know what you are letting in by opening said portal and you could end up with a real “Nasty” on your hands.

  11. ok thx for the advice

  12. I completely agree with Ama and Orion. This is not a board game and should be left alone. I will not allow Ouija boards in my house and discourage my teenaged kids not to participate in sessions using ouija at parties or friends’ homes. No one should play with things they do not understand. A.J. Ryder is correct to listen to God, angels and/or guides rather than use an instrument that is unacceptable and could cause fear or anguish. Take heed!!!
    Peace and light,

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