Gift of Clairvoyance Due to My Dreams?

I have a question – If you don’t mind.

I have read over some responses where you (Ama) say someone has the gift of clairvoyance due to their dreams. I wonder – Is that what is happening with me too? I do study astrology and I was linking my experience to recent planet alignments. Namely Neptune entering Pisces.

This past week I have had two dreams that I was surprised by.

1.) I have a dream of someone I know of. He’s telling me about the flooding in his town. It is raining and he is sitting on books with one over his head.

I find out same day as my dream his pipes burst and his house almost flooded. He had to shut off valves. Plus his new book will be out soon.

2.)I dream of seeing a rainbow (along with other things).

Same day as dream I see a rainbow. (Rainbows are not a regular here and it’s been a long time since seeing one)

What is your opinion?

Thanks, D.

Asked by Diana

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Ok so I keep having a dream where a war is going on in America, and its all too real, its a nuclear war and I’m a soldier on the front lines and I see faces of people I know in the dream but don’t know in real life.

In my dream I am fighting on the coast and I see enemy battle ships coming in and enemies arriving on the shore, I’m fighting them off with my team mates and when one of my team mates gets shot and killed I am flooded with sadness and am brought to tears in my dream then get enraged and run into the masses of the enemy to look out at the horizon to see a bomb explode and cause a huge wave to engulf the enemy ships. I am knocked back as enemy ships crash into the shore on fire and I run through the ship looking for people and the enemy is speaking Russian or German and I fight my way through the ship until I am on top where the fighter jets are and I look out to see destruction where to ocean was and I awaken and I’ve had this same dream quite often.

Asked by Michael

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Why Do I Have Nightmares in Only One Certain Room?

My son kept saying he’s been seeing things in his room although he sleeps well. I decided to buy a blow up bed and sleep in the room with him. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment so I normally sleep on my pull out couch and hardly ever have bad dreams, anyway every night I sleep in that room with him I have awful awful dreams.

I have not told my son I’m having these nightmares in case it scares him more, yet I wonder how he does not hear me making noises in my sleep. I barely can sleep there. I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. I know while I’m dreaming I cry for help. I even cry for him to help but I’m not sure if I make actual noise or am dreaming it.

We both love living here and I hate to move over this. There must be some way to help this situation. I would try anything at this point.

Asked by Matthew

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Sleep Paralysis Astral Attacks Recurring Dreams and Strange Creature

I experience sleep paralysis / astral attacks on occasion. Generally I tell them to leave me alone and it works. The last time, the being that was meddling with me was about 5 1/2 feet tall, brown all over, with medium length brown hair.

Last night me boyfriend was discussing a recurring dream he has been having and described the same creature. (I had never mentioned my experience to him before.) Adding that he thought it looked like it was made of old wood a face like a Native American totem pole.

He added that some time ago he dreamed (or thought it was a dream) that this creature was holding while he slept. He then fought it and threw it out a window. The dream was so real that he heard the window shatter and had to check it when he woke. Since then, he says occasionally he’ll wake in the night and glance out the window to see it staring in at him.

I was wondering if anyone might know what this could be. Thank you.

Asked by Jenn

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Am I Having Psychic or Clairvoyant Dreams?

I have been having really strange dreams since I was about 5 or six years old. The first dream I had went like this, I, my mother and my nan were trapped inside a cave and were being chased by a lion. Later there came a fork in the cave and i and nan ran into one, and my mom ran into the other. I turned back to see that the lion was coming behind me and nan, and so I screamed in terror (I was a kid, remember) as I saw the lion eat my nan! A few days after that, she fell sick, and after three operations, died.

I had another weird dream when I was about twelve. I was in our own house and every thing was in place, except instead of our Guajarati painting, there was the painting of a mysterious woman wearing a white sari with a red border. Her eyes were fierce, beautiful eyes, and wore a magnificent crown on her head. Although I didn’t know her at all, I somehow seemed to know her. I walked into my parents room, and there she was, elegant and fierce, speaking to me ( I could see my self, although I was seeing this through my own eyes!) and I felt at that time I was related to her in some way.

The next morning, I related this dream to my mother, she believed what I said, and she said that maybe she was someone I knew in my previous life. I never had that dream again.

Now, at times when I sleep I have strange dreams about the future, and I don’t realize it until the day has come, and something that has happened in my dream happens. I know that’s normal, but this happens almost regularly. Am I a psychic? Can I see the future?

Now, I’m 14, and at night, at times I hear strange voices and sounds that aren’t supposed to come at that time of night. I have debunked most of the sounds, but some are there throughout the night. We have a lot of god’s pictures in our house (we are pious Hindus) and we pray to god every day. Am I clairvoyant or something?


Asked by Sarah

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Horrific Dream and Spirit Contact

I have always been conscious of spirits and always had a “bond” with an entity I have named bob. As a child I always suffered from night tremors and could hear voices. Sometimes conversations and sometimes these voices where directed at me. During the night tremors, when I would try pull out I would be screamed at saying “STOP! Its not complete” over and over again. I lost sleep and thus became and insomniac through fear during my teenage years and began to learn how to break out by using aggression yet still developed this “bond” with the entity. A couple of years passed with few incidents yet I began to “miss” that “gift” so I called upon it again within myself as I have always been able to just by the power of my mind as I thought he belonged with me. That was a bad idea!

Last night I had the most horrific nightmare ever! far greater that any night tremor. The dream started with sitting in my room with my family, a person was hidden behind an object and appeared to shine a light upon each of us knocking them unconscious yet me semi, it was like being drugged on sedatives. I ran and tried to escape and prevailed only to “wake” (which turned out to be another part of the dream ) and tell my girlfriend about this. Objects in the room started to shake and move, red demon faces appeared.

I fled downstairs only to see my family yet within myself I knew this to be the entity impersonating them… as they laughed and playfully moved about in a sinister manner. That’s when he appeared, 7-8ft in height and spoke to me directly. Talking about how I was foolish to play with this game, that he was much greater than I and that I must suffer for my actions and to know the consequence. Making reference to conversations I had had with friends, joking saying I would stab him if he tried to hurt me and mocked and laughed at me for this comment. I quote “stab me would you?” “that is amusing, you cannot hurt me”. Then he demonstrated his abilities by giving order to a female associate who then whispered to my paralyzed girlfriend. My girlfriend then moved over to a window and slit her wrists to commit suicide, the large entity then looked at me with a unspoken understanding as if to say “see what I can do”. He said to me if you think off me I will appear, if you talk off me I will return.

The dream was then returned to a normal state with everyone healthy and fine, me thinking about what had just occurred I walked back upstairs to my room still traumatized about what supposedly happened to my girlfriend. Only to feel that evil feeling come over me again and he returned, reminding me that I had spoken and thought off him only this time with more entities, my girlfriend lay lifeless on the bed and a black woman was pushed forward by the evil being to offer me oral sex, I refused. Then she offered me drugs which I refused, I looked over to my girlfriend to see a look off hatred upon her face (as if the entity was trying to tempt me), the entity turned me back to the black woman and she offered me a final time. I again said no (feeling as if I was being tested and taunted by this evil, determined not to give in). Then the entity laughed and chuckled “You think that taking the moral high ground will save you, remember I am inside your mind” then his words where muffled I think he said “remember this” to which I high pitched sound (like hard wind blowing) happened and dark creatures jumped onto my body knocking me to the floor where I was torn to pieces, I could feel my stomach being torn open and my fingers bitten off yet I lay silent in my head thinking I would not give them the satisfaction off my cries.

The final dream in a dream I awoke in a coffin… and pushed my way free to run back to my room seeing my girlfriend with two black eyes, swollen, beaten and bruised. My mind was breaking all around me I could see symbols, blood, faces… I just wanted it to end… I believed myself to be awake in a constant circle off torturous hallucinations over and over again until I got angry and had had enough and awoke. Not knowing if I was still dreaming! soaked in sweat…

My girlfriend had been lying next to me and told me I had been shaking violently and tossing back and forth. That is the short version of the story as I had conversations with the entity between each torture that I don’t remember. Please help me! I need to know what it all means urgently! I don’t know if this makes any difference but it occurred under the full moon yesterday night mon 9th Jan 2012!

Asked by Stu

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For a while now, my dreams have been very real and make me feel like I’m really there. Every dream that I have have, I can feel the wind in my hair, I can feel the touch of something, but now lately the dreams I have have been occurring in my real life just different.

I can feel what other people are feeling and its surprising as I’m not an emotional person? I’m not sure whether to call this a gift as so but not sure what it is, I’m of aboriginal background and my son has been seeing people also.

Not sure what to make of this and am able to answer any questions to help me if needed?

Asked by Bianca O’Hanlon

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I Need Help With Phobia of Night Sleep

This question is for AMA, however if there is anyone who will also be able to explain my experience then please do feel free.

I hope you can help me. I am just trying to figure this out because I need to know how to deal with this. I have developed a phobia of night sleep because sometimes I get up in the middle of a night and I would either see someone, or like on several occasion two people wearing all black were floating on top of me and looking down on me, or sometimes I will see like a dark shadow moving about and as soon as I am up and my lay my eyes on it or them, they or it disappears. Although I can see what they are wearing, I have never been able to see their faces. It has been like this since I was 4 years old.

I live alone and sometimes I would be sleeping but not in a deep sleep and I would hear someone coming in my house, as in I would hear someone walking around my house. The kind of sleep I’m talking about is like if someone gets in the house you will hear them or if there is other noises in the house you would hear etc. For example, the last occasion, I was sleeping but not in a deep sleep, then I heard someone coming in doing their usual stuff. So I said to myself that I had enough let me get up and go and see who is it or what they want. Just as I was waking up, I don’t know what happen but all I remember was I went outside my room then I saw my older brother, he was wearing all white and by the way my older brother lives in a different country. So I asked him, how did he get in my house without the key, he did not answer me how but instead he was just smiling at me politely, so I asked him again what did he come to do in my house at such late hours, his reply was that he was around the neighbourhood, so he thought to come around and check on me. He was not giving me a lot of answers, I told him that there is food if he was hungry and then I showed him the room where he was going to sleep in and I told him that I didn’t want to be disturbed and that I was tired. So I went back to bed. Immediately after I went in my bedroom, I woke up and realized that It was a dream. But I can’t remember how I fell in such a deep sleep to dream that because before that I remember waking up to and confront whoever that was there and the things I have mentioned they happen very often. Basically I want to understand what all this is about, if you know please educate me.

Another thing is that most of my dreams come true and there are certain things before they happen, I usually know before they happen. For example, if I am going to get into something that will upset me or good news, I usually know before it happens or if I was going to get unexpected cash or going to be broke, I usually know before such things happen.

Asked by Kj

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Who Murdered Harold Ames?

I am now 65 years old and no stranger to the paranormal. I have experienced almost everything under the sun. From apparitions, voices and so forth.

A few years ago I had a dream about a young women being assaulted in her apartment, in my dream she wanted me to report to the police but I had no idea where or when it occurred.

About 3 weeks ago I had a dream about a tall gentlemen with silver hair. He was thin in statue and spoke very soft and slow. He wanted me to know that he was murdered and did not pass away from any natural causes. The dream was so real that I felt that I was actually standing in a room with him. He was older maybe about 70.

There has been previous dreams of murdered children, killed in a school shooting. It is unnerving because I do not know what to do for them and I can not understand why am I the one to always carry the messages.

If anyone have anymore info feel free to share. I think the school shooting was in L.A and the assault was in Berkley California but I’m not sure.

Sent in by Delores, Copyright 2012 TrueGhostTales.com

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What Do these Dreams of the Devil and Hearing Voices Mean?

Well, I had a dream that I was talking to this beautiful girl, and her face changed into the devil right in front of me, then someone was actually talking in the dream, but I couldn’t see this person, they said that you will never know what the devil looks like, it may come in the form of a beautiful woman, I jumped out of the sleep when I heard the voice.

I layed in bed still, but with my eyes closed, then I heard a voice say to me, “the devil came and visited you tonight,” so of course, I got a little scared but then I heard it again, “the devil came and paid you a visit tonight.” I got up and slept with the lights on for the rest of the night.

3 days after that I had a dream that I was being chased by a demon, he look liked a black shadow, but fast! I ran into the house where my friends were and I shut the door, and asked my friend for a garlic and a bible, and then a voice saying “you have to invite him in,” but I didn’t. I dreamt two dreams in this night, the dream before this, I was at a church and the pastor was praying for me, and was saying I was possessed and when rubbed his hand over me, felt like something was coming out of me.

Ok this is question, what do these dreams mean? When I woke up from the last dream, I was shaking and fidgety and felt a lot of negative energy. And no, I haven’t been watching horror movies

Asked by cece

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