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Any Ideas How to Talk to Spirits Both Good and Evil?

I was 14 when we moved back into our old house in Walnut Bottom, Pennsylvania in 2008 and I’ve been seeing a girl upstairs in my small bedroom.

I was asleep one night when I first saw her. She’s around sixteen or maybe even older, she has long black hair and bright green eyes. Beautiful? Very. I’ve never seen anyone like her. I haven’t seen her today but I saw her last night and she was at my couch (where I now sleep). I’m too scared to talk to her. She spoke to me once but I couldn’t make out what she said because I was very tired.

The strangest thing happened this morning though, I got a call from someone I didn’t even know who it was, said her name was Natasha. I don’t even know a Natasha… I thought it was my ex-girlfriend trying to mess with me. So I told her “Hey look get online, let me get dressed and I’ll talk to you.” All I heard was “Okay.”

I got online and expected my ex to be online but she wasn’t. Weird? Very. I actually thought it was her. But I was wrong. I didn’t know that I was though. I was pissed off at my ex and so when she was online I popped up on her messenger and yelled at her. In confusion she says that she didn’t call. I felt so bad too. I yelled at someone that I loved and still love today. I apologized and got offline.

I still want to talk to her and hope that she doesn’t try to possess me or anything so any ideas on how to talk to spirits both good and evil?

Asked by Sox

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Asked by Valerie

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I have never seen anything that made me think the Ouija Board was real or that there was anything paranormal or evil whatsoever about them. So is there really anything true to all these Ouija Board stories and stuff? If so then why havent I ever been able to see anything? (I mean the planchette never even moved)

Personally I believe the Ouija Board is nothing at all except for cardboard and paper.

Sent in by Hannah

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