What Caused My Cathartic Awakening Experience?

Strange things happening to me lately, any ideas?

Late 2010, early 2011 I had a quite cathartic ‘awakening’. I was standing in a court, snow was falling and it was a beautiful northern winter day, sun was high in the sky and it was very cold. I was with a very religious friend and I was just looking up at the sky, I was suddenly filled with this amazing feeling, it was as if very subtle and calm lightening passed through my body from head to toe, no pain but instead just a wonderful moment ease and tranquility. Soon after that my bad vision (20/200) somehow corrected itself to 20/20, at first it was like sensory overload and sort of scary but I got over it, it can still be a challenge but I manage to hold my bearings together.

A little before this (to give some perspective) I had a psychic come to my house due to odd things happening, well after the walk through the small group that was at our place asked to be read, my friend first, my girlfriend second and myself last. When the woman made contact with my hands she got a shiver (but appeared unafraid) she said “You have an old soul” and said she saw ‘old time’ things. She said she saw dragons and that my guardian animal is a white winged horse. What on earth could all of this mean? Any ideas would be helpful!

Asked by ConfusedMan

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  1. Hello CF,

    You have had some wonderful experiences. I love the healing you received in the snow. It does happen. I’ve gone the opposite way .. getting older .. need glasses now. LOL

    White horse .. pegasus. http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/pegasus.htm We all have totem animals helping us. Some we find in nature, some in mythology. Dragons are also a part of mythology, but I do believe that myths usually have their feet firmly based in ‘fact’. Perhaps the mythological beasts are gone forever, perhaps they will come back.

    An old soul .. we are everywhere. New souls are the unusual people now. Our souls are eternal, our bodies are not, that’s why we need new ones from time to time. :-)

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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