Just Some Things I’ve Encountered

Posted on January 30, 2012

The first time I saw a ghost I was in first grade, after my Grandmother had passed. She came back to comfort me and my grandpa, so ever since I’ve never been surprised about ghosts or whatever you wish to call them.

We (my mother and myself) moved into an apartment. It seemed nice and quiet. Although after a while something just didn’t feel right. I always felt like I was being watched, so I would blow it off and turn on the radio or something .One night I went to bed, my mother already asleep, and while laying down something grabbed me by the ankle. I turned over, looked at my mom, and she was sound asleep. The creepy thing is I found out that a few years prior a man had killed himself on our porch. Thankfully we moved out of there.

Also, while living there I went to this little church. This pastor was talking about the rapture. Now remember I was sitting by myself with no one sitting behind me, bad all of a sudden I hear a growl and it said “don’t believe any of this”. That scared the crap out of me.

Now the worst one so far, we had been living with my uncle. Again something just didn’t feel right. At night it seemed like I was being watched, something tried to shove me down the stairs, I took some pictures in the mirror of my Halloween costume and in one there was a ghostly hand running its fingers through the wig and in another picture there was a pair of non human eyes in the background.

My uncles cancer had come back during this time and he was close to dying. So everyone’s emotions ran high. One night my mom asked “did you hear that?” I asked her what she heard and she told me “it sounded like growling”. Other voices were heard. Again, thankfully, we have moved and everything’s quiet. No bad feelings or strange occurrences.

Last thing, choosing to not believe in the devil will not protect you from him, only God can.

Sent in by Lizzie, Copyright 2012 TrueGhostTales.com

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5 Responses to “Just Some Things I’ve Encountered”
  1. Bernice says:

    Hey Lizzie, I was brought up to believe that that nothing evil could enter a holy place then when I was having a difficult time dealing with evil entity I got up the courage to talk with my Paster at time. I would try to tell him but I would get so sick to my stomach because the nerve of mention this was unheard of back then and his daughter and I had gone to school together. But I finally did one Sunday after church. We talked after the members had gone home. He listen and not interrupt me once until I finished needlessly to say I was shaking under controllable by the time I finish. Then he reached for my hand and said listen I believe you and the tale of evil can not enter a holy place is not exactly true then he told me this story. Before pastoring our church he had been sent to another church several years prior. He and the family moved in the house beside this church and they begin telling him that they didn’t feel comfortable there. His wife would wake up at night because her hair would be pulled and sometimes she said she was being touch. At first he just dismissed it thanking she was just dreaming. Then he himself begin feeling uncomfortable in the church’s office while he was getting his summon ready for Sunday worship. At first he said he heard footsteps and doors opening and closing when he knew his family were not at home. Then himself begin hearing growling in his office and other parts of the church himself. He said he thought he was being played with by a member of the church since he was a newcomer because the pastor before him was ask to leave. Then he begin seeing entity in the church itself. He said they would step in pews with members the church and no one but himself and wife could see them. Between his home and church were invested with these entities. I asked how could this be after what I had been told. He explained to me that a holy place such as a church was just like any other place if bad things happen inside a church or home and it’s members along with a pastor that lived a lie or double life if can call it that. ( if they permitted evil to come in by living a unclean spiritual life of sin themselves this could happen. He said pastor and other clergy were humans themselves and they are just like us. Giving into temptations of sin allowed this to happen. I know I must looked dumb founded because he said let give you an example: when JESUS went into the desert and fast for 40 nights and days the devil tried several times to tempt him to give in to him. That stills happens today with all of us the devil and his army are always trying to attempt us Christians to do wrong. It’s a battle of GOOD AND EVIL everyday. We have to choose between the two. I have an uncle who a pastor and he told that he had visits people in the hospital and would be called because they were dying. He said that he has had people tell him they could see angles or dead relatives in the room with and he had people scream in terror because they they were on fire and they would tell them to please put out the flames. This was shocking to me. Until my mother in law was dying of lung cancer and we were called to the hospital it was a very painful thing to watch. But she kept asking who was thar man in the corner of the room but there was no one there but she was itement that he was there when she was ask to describe him. It turned out that he was her dead grandfather. My sister in law was the oldest in the family and she remember what he was buried in. We were shocked but relieved at the same time because we knew he was there to carry her across. This was exteremely hard for me so when she died I kissed her and said in her hear that I would see her soon. After about two weeks after her death I had a dream about her she was wearing the dress me and my sister in law picked for her to wear and she was riding in our church bus I could her in the front seat she turned and smiled at me like she wanted me to know she was ok. But what was strange was the man driving the bus was wearing a white suit and I could only see the back of his head and the mirror had no reflection of him. But I felt only peace and warmth that felt like nothing I have ever experienced. I could smell her perfume and she was in peace. All the pain was gone from her face that she had been experiencing for two months prior to that. So Lizzie you are right without GOD we are nothing.

  2. Stephie says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. God Bless!

  3. Donna says:

    I’m no expert so I may be wrong but here’s what I think.. from what I’ve read, growling is not from a “ghost” but a demon/entity/unclean spirit or whatever you want to call it. They’re not actually people that once lived. As you know, Satan is a fallen angel & demons are noted to be fallen angels as well. So they’re just as evil as Satan. Demons are universal & most speak in Latin but can speak in all languages. Demons are also known to cling to one person or one family and travel w them. They call these “hitch hikers” .. Have you had any sudden changes in mood? When these things are happening do you & other people in the home become angry easily?? This is another sign that you have a demonic spirit.. they feed off of negative energy.. This is very creepy, especially what you heard in church, of all places. THAT I cannot explain.. if you experience anything in your new home like the growling, I’d go talk to the pastor & express your concerns. Well, not only in your home but ever because apparently this spirit can speak to you at church, outside of the home.. I totally have goosebumps right now.

  4. Jaybee says:

    When we were little and went to church, we were always told that the devil could come in to church, but could only go so far. He was relegated to staying in the back. Thus we were reprimanded never to keep turning around and looking, we always had to face forward towards the altar, so we wouldn’t let the devil know we were looking “for him.”

    Hey! It worked! We never really squirmed in place (might catch his attention) and we NEVER looked back. :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sun,. 2-5-’12 9:26 P.M. E.S.T. My Son-In-Law has also experienced an unseen force to yank his ankle to the point of hurting him w/pain, just as he was starting to doze off to sleep. This happened in the summer of 2009. He was 48 at the time. He said he quickly turned on the light by his bed, got up & checked the floor at the foot of the bed & found nothing. Stangely enough, these things really do happen to real people as yourself. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s interesting. :-)

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