Dreams of Something to Come?

Ok so I keep having a dream where a war is going on in America, and its all too real, its a nuclear war and I’m a soldier on the front lines and I see faces of people I know in the dream but don’t know in real life.

In my dream I am fighting on the coast and I see enemy battle ships coming in and enemies arriving on the shore, I’m fighting them off with my team mates and when one of my team mates gets shot and killed I am flooded with sadness and am brought to tears in my dream then get enraged and run into the masses of the enemy to look out at the horizon to see a bomb explode and cause a huge wave to engulf the enemy ships. I am knocked back as enemy ships crash into the shore on fire and I run through the ship looking for people and the enemy is speaking Russian or German and I fight my way through the ship until I am on top where the fighter jets are and I look out to see destruction where to ocean was and I awaken and I’ve had this same dream quite often.

Asked by Michael

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Hopefully your dream is a combination of a past life experience with present life images. Do you watch a lot of war movies, or play a lot of war based computer games? Which city do you think you are dreaming about? Is it one you are interested in? Do you live in America?

    Our minds take images from our past and present and tumble them all together and give us dreams. It doesn’t happen all the time, but .. last night I ‘watched’ the 6 million dollar man and Oscar Wildeman watch Jamie Summers trying to land her parachute anywhere ‘but’ on the race track that looked like a giant waterslide with a car racing down it bumping on and off the walls as it did so. If that was a symbolic dream .. I have no idea what it means. LOL

    If your dream repeats, write it down. Do it before you put your feet on the ground in the morning. Write down everything you saw, and every thing you felt. If it is a dream about the future, maybe it will help you to avoid your own death?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. I had a dream kinda like yours. I dreamed Iran and North Korea not sure which one but they had Asian looks. these men had on white coats. they were scientists in a test laboratory. They were making nuclear weapons. but they were also working by a nuclear reactor. This was a secret laboratory. their mission was to build a nuclear weapon. They were enemies with the United States.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Perhaps you are watching too much international news, I saw what you saw in your dream except, I saw it on the BBC news.

  3. hello i keep having dreams and sometimes be awake and see stuff some of my dreams seem so real then week or two hear it on tv or witness it myself why do i do this it at times scare me that my dreams are all true and i dream about my dead relatives as if they are here with me then i wake up and i can smell their cologne or perfume and in my dreams we are play with my kids having a family life as if we are all in the home but they are gone and i some times see figure of stuff that has a shape of a human but it is black or gray and sometime i can feel like a person is near me but when i turn around i am the only one in the room or area what do i do or say

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    Keep a dream diary. Before you put your feet on the ground in the morning, write down everything you remember, images, smells, colours and feelings. Remember to date each entry. You will then be able to track what you dreamed with what happens later on in life, so that you can be sure you ‘are’ experiencing prophetic dreams, rather than just glimpsing things.

    The gifts you have are 1) clairvoyance, which means you can see things, and people, that others don’t .. and see people who have died. If you can talk to the dead people you might have the gift of being a medium; and 2) Clairalience is one name for the gift of being able to ‘smell’ the perfume, or cigarette smoke, or other scents, related to people who have crossed over. If you also hear the dead speak its called clairaudience.

    Sometimes ghosts appear as grey or black shadows. Sometimes these shadows are ‘shadow people’, you can research them on this site, or on the internet.

    I hope this helps.
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

    Good morning in your world CareTaker, bedtime in mine .. do we have a question site specific to this person’s question .. because I know I answered one almost exactly like this only yesterday or the day before .. if not, perhaps we should start one?

    Wishing you a gorgeous sunday,
    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama
      I think there are several very similar questions in the dream category.

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