How Can I Contact My Mom?

I planned to buy a Ouija board because I wanted to see if my mom would answer me or at least talk to me because there’s no other contact. But now I see the dangers in it…

I still think she should talk to me because she died in my house so she would want to at least talk to me, but I guess I’m wrong… I’m thinking about buying one. What should I do?

Asked by Jesusa

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  1. Hi Jesusa,

    Please listen to me very carefully. Regardless of what people say about having fun through an ouija, for the most part they are extremely dangerous and should never be tampered with. It is unlikely that your mother would contact you through it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have contact with a being that pretends to be your mother. It might begin well, and then turn out awful.

    Do this instead. Write to your mother, paper and pen, and ask her to come and visit you in your dreams – and then take the letter, folded up and put it under your pillow for a few days. And then tell yourself you can see her, when she comes.

    She will come. Our loved ones who have crossed over visit us briefly, and when they do they should feel happy and safe. Not usually scarey in any way. If you expecting dramatic door swings, and full body apparitions its unlikely you’ll get them .. but what you might get is happy memories, at unexpected times. That’s how they communicate with us, through love and our good memories. You might even feel a hug, plenty of people do.

    This might have already happened for you, both the dreams and the good memories….?

    And now look up who I am on my webpages .. so that you know I know what I am talking about.

    Love & Peace

  2. You should buy one hopefully you’re mother would talk to you.

    Life your life,

  3. Don’t you ever use Ouija to commune with spirits! You won’t know what kind of spirits you will invite. Some of them may disguise as your mother and “play” with you. And, trust me, their “play” won’t be fun….

  4. @Kalie -

    Why would you reccomend that to someone, without anymore information than you are giving here? I think of a Ouija board as a tool – and IF they are to be used, it should atleast be in experienced hands. When I time after time see those experienced hands hesitate to use them – that really tells me all I want to know….

    I would never operate an airplane either – I don’t have the knowledge, I don’t have the training, and I surely would not have any idea of what to do if things started to go terribly wrong. ;)

  5. I don’t usually post on here but i feel its important to tell you, Under no circumstances should you ever use an ouija board. It never works out well, please trust me on this.

  6. dont even bother with a ouija board. she’ll contact you if she wants to.

  7. Am i the only one that uses a Ouija board and gets nothing but random letters and gibberish?

    They’re the same as table turning, muscles in your hand will subconsciously move, against other peoples, and eventually your muscles will agree and you’ll end up with getting a word.Or in the case of table turning the table will spin and move seemingly of its own accord. Darren brown did it and got a whole room full of people with these dancing tables.

    Don’t use a Ouija board because (In my opinion) they are a conn.

    Maybe contact a trusted and reliable psychic? Money better spent.

  8. Ouija boards, psychics, Evp sessions, etc etc, are all fake. I do believe In ghost and all. But we making contact with them? No. I don’t feel like writing at the moment.

  9. Hi Jesusa

    I am sorry to hear of your loss and know you must be heartbroken that you feel you can no longer talk to your mom, but …

    Please, please, please do not buy an Ouija board. Their sole purpose is to allow negative spirits into our realm (or reality) and you will not be able to contact your mother by using one. All you will contact is something which will pretend to be your mother and will cause you nothing but trouble and further heartache.

    If you mom feels she needs to contact you, she will. That is the way it works.

    Do as Ama suggested or, why not just talk to her as if she were in the room anyway? Then, if you get any ‘thoughts’ that just pop into your head during your chat then that is your mom joining in on the conversation.

    Rest assured your mom is watching over you and would hate to see you so unhappy because you feel so lost without her. But she is still there with you.

    Take care of yourself.

  10. Your mother is gone, instead of trying to reach out to her reach out to your other family members and rejoice in your memories for her. To try and contact her is a terrible suggestion from anyone who knows anything about the paranormal. If she passed this spiritual plane let her be and be happy for her.

    The best thing you can do is simply rejoice with your own family. Let yourself heal, be happy you had your time here as you did.

  11. Jesusa, I know how it feel to lose your mom because i lost mine also…Don’t use a ouija board because those are evil spirits your talking with…If I was you I’ll follow what that first comment said. The ouija board won’t let you talk with your mom or know that she love you..

  12. i am 13 and my mom passed a little while ago i did the ouji board and i was talking to her she gave me her full name and told me she loved me and kept saying goodbye and said she was with my aunt. i am open for your descussions adn are you all saying that it wasnt really her…..that it was an evil spirit?????

    • Hello Maddelyn,

      I cannot recommend the ouija as a safe way of talking to your mother now that she is in heaven, but I think, from what you said, that you did talk to her that one time. She said goodbye, which was lovely of her. I know lots of people who wish their parents could have done that after they died.

      The ouija board is a very dangerous tool to use. It might work perfectly well for a while, but .. and its a BIG BUT .. there is no guarantee of what sort of entity will come and talk to a person through it, or that they won’t be lying, and then try and cause that person harm. There are more cases of that actually happening, than there are of ‘good’ contacts. And in this case its definitely better to be safe than sorry.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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