Gift of Clairvoyance Due to My Dreams?

I have a question – If you don’t mind.

I have read over some responses where you (Ama) say someone has the gift of clairvoyance due to their dreams. I wonder – Is that what is happening with me too? I do study astrology and I was linking my experience to recent planet alignments. Namely Neptune entering Pisces.

This past week I have had two dreams that I was surprised by.

1.) I have a dream of someone I know of. He’s telling me about the flooding in his town. It is raining and he is sitting on books with one over his head.

I find out same day as my dream his pipes burst and his house almost flooded. He had to shut off valves. Plus his new book will be out soon.

2.)I dream of seeing a rainbow (along with other things).

Same day as dream I see a rainbow. (Rainbows are not a regular here and it’s been a long time since seeing one)

What is your opinion?

Thanks, D.

Asked by Diana

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  1. Hi Diana

    Hope you don’t mind me jumping in??

    Dreams can work in the same way, yes. You are connected to your writer friend and so it seems natural that you would experience what he has experenced. Had his pipes burst before your dream (clairvoyant) or did you dream it before the event happened (prophetic)?

    I find I have spates of dreams like these too. I might go ages without anything significant then, get a few of them in quick succession. You’re probably right, its something to do with planet alignment, but I’ve never check that out with my dreams. Maybe I should??


  2. Hi guys,

    Dreams are very interesting. I got a ‘message’ one the other day (which has happened for a while). The orchard we live in is going to be turned back into open fields in a few months when the owner retires .. and the elementals are not happy about it. Neither am I. It’s worth more money as a place for grass and cows, or new housing, than it is for the apples we produce? Dear God. So .. I had a dream where I was in the orchard ‘dancing’ .. wondered afterwards if that should have been ‘dancing with rage’ .. and got told the natural owners are not pleased to be losing their trees. It was strong enough for me to go and see the boss, in real time, and tell him about the dream and ask him to go and talk to his trees .. which hopefully will fix all the ‘small problems’ we are suddenly having around here (birds suddenly arriving and eating the fruit and the scatter gun – which is used to scare them off – is not working, and the tractors keep having flat tyres (more than usual), and bolts on them stick, that take 2 hours to undo .. etc). Picking season officially starts tomorrow.

    Hi Diana,

    Planetary alignments can affect dreams (neptune and pisces are both water signs – play to our emotions? I don’t know much about astrology), and can bring on ones with very strong symbolism. They can speak to us of personal change, or change in others. You must have a very strong emotional connection to your friend, or his message must have been very important to have it pass through you .. so I would look at the symbolism in the dream, rather than thinking it was simply a chance for you to tell him the pipes were going to burst.

    Where your friend is concerned, I would be ringing him and asking him how he is feeling at the moment? Is he going through some dramatic change in his life where he is not coping (is the book launch really stressful?) .. perhaps hoping that he can find the answer in ‘reality’, rather than in himself? In metaphysical terms water equals emotion, and books signify ‘knowledge’ or the need of it. The stack of books might mean he knows a lot, but not enough to help him with how he is feeling. He can try and ‘hide’ under the ‘knowledge/book’ but in the end, he’s still getting overwhelmed. I agree with AJ in wanting to know if the pipes burst before you had the dream, or were you picking up on something he was ‘feeling’ when it happened .. hence the dream. Either way, we are looking at a great deal of emotion right then.

    The symbolism for a rainbow ‘comes as an acknowledgement of one’s personal accomplishments or efforts’ (Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols’). To me that means that a troubling time for you is now coming to an end, and things will improve.

    Are you clairvoyant? More than likely. A prophet, in the classic sense, is a person who speaks about the future within a biblical situation, using biblical references to get their message across. A clairvoyant does the same, only without the bible bits, or even ‘with them’ depending on who you are talking to at the time. :-) Are you keeping a dream diary? I would. Remember to date the entries, and write down ‘everything’ you remember, even stray symbols, colours and feelings. They might be part of a greater pattern, that comes to you in bits and pieces.

    Love & Peace

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