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What Causes Deja Vu?

Most of us have experienced that strange feeling of familiarity known as deja vu. It makes us feel as though we had experienced the same thing or seen the same thing before yet we know (or think we do) that we haven’t.

What do you think it is that causes this strange feeling?

Asked by David

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Have You Had Deja Vu While Dreaming?

Has anyone else ever had deja vu in dreams? And I don’t mean having deja vu from something that happened in real life translating over into your dreams. I mean having a dream where you feel that feeling of deja vu even though I know for a fact that it’s not just some recurring dream.

Like in this one dream I had, I was with a bunch of other people in some clearing. I told them that a werewolf was going to jump out and eat someone, though I never remember having that specific dream, and sure enough someone got eaten a moment later!

I have had dreams where I’ve had recurring little blips mixed into a new dream that gave me the daja vu feeling but this feels different. Has anyone ever heard of that?

Asked by Nicole

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Black Mass Energy and EMF?

I was wondering if a shapeless black mass puts off the same amount of EMF that an apparition or defined shadow person does.

I recently had an experience where the shapeless black mass was in our bedroom door. I took my EMF meter and walked through it. I expected to get a high reading but the reading jumped up slightly higher from a.5 to 1.0.

Asked by mistyblue492

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Are Mirrors Portals?

I just heard that mirrors are portals to other dimensions. Is it true?

Asked by luna

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Is it Possible for a Person to be the Devil’s Child?

I have been told that I was the devil’s child. by my family and that demon I asked you about. I tend to be able to play with fire and I’m draw to the flame like a moth. I had a steal door and I ended up kicking it off the hinges when I was locked out my house. Everything went blank and then boom I’m in my house. I use to see the devils shadow and he us to play tricks.

y mother said she truly knows something but she just wont tell my. I’m a decent person though.

Oh and what does it mean when that demon I asked about knocks on my door and leaves? He banged one day at 7.00 am and my mom answered it after about fifteen minutes. Then she saw the tail end of his cloak as he walked down the stairs. What does it all mean and is it true what they say?

Asked by Alicia Esquilinen

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What Caused My Cathartic Awakening Experience?

Strange things happening to me lately, any ideas?

Late 2010, early 2011 I had a quite cathartic ‘awakening’. I was standing in a court, snow was falling and it was a beautiful northern winter day, sun was high in the sky and it was very cold. I was with a very religious friend and I was just looking up at the sky, I was suddenly filled with this amazing feeling, it was as if very subtle and calm lightening passed through my body from head to toe, no pain but instead just a wonderful moment ease and tranquility. Soon after that my bad vision (20/200) somehow corrected itself to 20/20, at first it was like sensory overload and sort of scary but I got over it, it can still be a challenge but I manage to hold my bearings together.

A little before this (to give some perspective) I had a psychic come to my house due to odd things happening, well after the walk through the small group that was at our place asked to be read, my friend first, my girlfriend second and myself last. When the woman made contact with my hands she got a shiver (but appeared unafraid) she said “You have an old soul” and said she saw ‘old time’ things. She said she saw dragons and that my guardian animal is a white winged horse. What on earth could all of this mean? Any ideas would be helpful!

Asked by ConfusedMan

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Is it Possible that My Spiritual Openness Absorbs the Negativity in this House?

If you have read my previous story My Paranormal Childhood, you should remember my lifelong bond to things unknown. So, since my last submission I have graduated from high school and am 19 years old. I have begun my life with my childhood sweetheart. We are kind of at a rough beginning because we have no place of our own. We are living here with his mother and younger sister. It has been 7 months since I have moved in here and my mind id so mentally tired from the spiritual battle I fight each day. You all can say that its what every normal girl goes through with her future mother-in-law.. But my eyes are open spiritually and see things beyond what others simply skim over. There has been a lot of tragedy in this home. This is the home that the divorce of my fiancée’s parents took place. This house is basically the root of my sweetheart’s heartaches and bad memories.

In the end years of his parents’ marriage they had friends form their home country of Guatemala stay in the room where my fiancée and I stay in now. It was a young woman and her mother. They were the cause of the divorce because little did my fiancée’s mother know, her husband was having an affair with the young woman. Her mother was encouraging it as well. And in this very room they stirred up a plan to kill my fiancée’s mother and keep the house and marry my fiancée’s father. The young woman’s mother made a poison and to make sure it was potent enough, fed it to my fiancée’s puppy. The poor beagle puppy died shortly after.. So every day she would sneak small amounts of the poison into my mother-in-law’s coffee.. as the days progressed my mother in-law started feeling sick every time she drank the coffee her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her. She never took coffee from he never again after that.

Later on, my mother-in-law found out about the affair between her husband and the young woman and the separation became permanent and divorce followed. It has been about 9 years since then. I feel that there has been hatred growing over the years. As much as my mother-in-law denies it, she is not over the heartache. But she substitutes this pain with anger. The anger is uncomfortable. I feel it in the house even when she’s not home. in many ways the anger that dwells within my fiancée and his younger sister are similar. They get into so many fights over the most unimportant things and literally beat each other up over it. My fiancée has marks still from when his mother would hit him with phone charger wires (or the thinnest wire she can find). I find it unhealthy to be this angry all the time. It tearing this house to pieces. I’m afraid the negative energy is going to kill my dear fiancée.

After a unusually violent fight between him and his sister, he fell very ill. The anger was still very thick in the air. The bitterness was almost enough to suffocate me. I was very scared because he was running an incredibly high fever, He was convulsing violently and vomiting frequently. As a very faithful Christian I began to pray for him and crossed him with anointing oil. As I placed my oiled hand over his heart, a very ugly face with wide eyes and sharp pointed teeth came into my vision. When I saw that face I began praying in tongues, My voice was almost booming throughout the room. Then an overwhelming feeling of fear flooded me and sent me crumpled to the ground and I sobbed loudly still praying in an unknown tongue. Whatever spirits in this home really has a hold of this family. It is rather sad to watch.

Every once in a while I can hear something walking on the second floor. Not too often though. Though they do not see the danger in their behavior but I do. Sometimes A wave of despair will hit me for an unknown reason when nothing bad had happened to me that day. I had a dream the other day of huge black sharks eating everyone around me. I am a very strong woman but there are times when I feel my spiritual strength giving in to whatever is in here. Yesterday I had an argument with my fiancée and a strange feeling of aggression came over me. It made me feel like wanting to strangle him. Many times when I have gone to church shrieks have come out of me when worshiping at the altar when the women at my church prayed over me. Is it possible that my spiritual openness absorbs the negativity in this house?

Asked by Marisa

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What is the Proper Way to Do/Use the Michael Invocation?

I feel there’s a spirit/ghost whatever you want to call it. I know about the Michael Invocation and that I need to use it, but is there a specific way to ensure the spirit leaves?

I’ve said the invocation already and I don’t think it worked… I changed the word ‘me’ with ‘house’ since I don’t want it in the house.

Does it only work if you’re the owner or can anyone who lives in the house do it? I really need to know.

Asked by Paige

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Did We Open a Portal?

I have a question. And wonder if its happened to others? In 2004 when Florida was getting hit with hurricanes I lived in Georgia. We were getting the tropical depressions coming through. A mutual friend of me my boyfriend at the time and our roommate came to visit. He was from Florida. Now nothing ever had happened in this house prior to it and not after. The power went outbefore we all went to bed because of the storms.

I was sleeping, and something woke me up. I was half awake and half asleep. I cracked my eyes open and looked up there was a black hole in my ceiling and this thing was looking at me. It came out of this black hole it looked like a slinky with red velvet wrapped around it… I got scared closed my eyes prayed and went to sleep.

The next day the friend left and I didn’t think much of it. A couple of days later I asked my boyfriend hey I got something to ask you. He got still and said yes. I said do you know when Ken was here. He said I don’t want to talk about it. I said what. I looked in his eyes he was scared. I said tell me. I didn’t want t to talk first so he would just agree with me. He said we will talk about this once and that’s it.

He said he was sleeping and something hit him in the face. He woke up to see the same thing I did. I said omg. He said you too. I said yes… that’s the only time we talked about it.

When I spoke to someone about it they told me that I am a powerful being and so was our friend and we opened that portal that the thing coming through was the gatekeeper of that portal and wanted to take me. Also the weather helped open the portal. And because I’ve never been around anyone like me since that’s why no other portals have came through…

Can anyone shed some light or tell me that I’m not the only person this has happened to?

Asked by just wondering

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What are the Akashik Records?

What are the Akashik Records?

Asked by Anonomyssy

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