Ouija Board Dream?

I had a dream last night where me my mom and my aunt drive to a house that’s supposed haunted. When we get there my aunt and mom get out but I stay in the car. My aunt doesn’t go in the house but after they check the door an find it unlocked my mom goes in (she’s a cop anyway haha) buy she comes right back out after a few minutes with wide eyes and says there are trapped kids who can’t leave. That they want to but can’t that they were murdered there and that there was potatoes grown on that area bit they weren’t allowed to play around them when they were alive.

Then I get out of the car and walk in with my mom and aunt and for some reason an Ouija Board planchette is there for some reason and things just get hectic and everything’s dizzy and spinning for me but not the other two. We throw the planchette far away from us but then we’re in different time with carriages and there were two black hearse and a black carriage.

We then buried the planchette and then I woke up. I’ve never layer with the planchette or board because my grandmother did when she was younger and my mom told me not to.

I’m curious and a little nervous to find out what this dream means. Any help?

Asked by KAM

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  1. Hi Kam,

    My name is Ama and you can find my webpages, to check me out, listed here under Friends on the right (Victorian Paranormal Connection).

    My first thought is ‘what have you been watching on tv’ .. ouija type stories? This is not meant to sound like an offensive question .. its best to eliminate all possibilities before going for paranormal answers.

    What could have happened is that a group of ghosts found you and decided to share their experiences with you .. usually the experience that killed them. Perhaps they were trying to get you to communicate with them, and your mind added the ouija to the story … or other people have used it and they wanted you to do so too.

    Please don’t. I agree with your mum. The board is dangerous, and certainly not worth the chance of being hurt, just to contact lost souls .. and they are not the only entities that can enter into a person’s life through that door.

    You might never have that dream again, but if you do, tell me and we’ll sort out finding your ghosts and crossing them over. No one deserves to be trapped outside of heaven, whatever heaven they believe in.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment Ama! To be honest I haven’t read anything about Ouija boards and I’ve just gone off what my family has told me. I promised never to use the board and I never have (thank God!) my mom and grandma told me a couple weeks ago when I started telling them returning I’ve been experiencing they told me I have certain “powers” ? I know I’m an empathist because I feel everyone else’s emotions and sometimes they affect me. My grandma’s excited just to find out what else I can do haha. Hmmmm it could be very possible that a group of spirits did do that… I’m curious about that now but I might not investigate it to deeply. But if they did and are trying to get me to communicate then I wouldn’t know how to do that and not sure if I’d want to.
      Just thought to add this um haha i’m more of a book worm and read adventure stories and stuff (normal things teens read well as close to normal as we are haha) and my brother’s mostly watching tv so I rarely see anything on tv :)
      I’ve recently realized that I have had a dream and sometimes it’s a week it more that goes by and then I have the same dream. I have yet to dream the same dream in two night (one right after the other) I told my mon about the dream yesterday and she didn’t know what advice to give me…. So your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

      • Hi KAM,

        Next time you have the dream write down as many details as possible, right after you wake up .. which means put a piece of paper and a pen beside your bed and leave it there for when it happens. Don’t analyse what you dream, just write .. then, if the dream returns and you do the same again, you can compare what happened each time, to see if the dreams ‘are’ the same, or only have the same theme (idea) as their foundation.

        Prophetic dreams dreams can be very interesting. They might take years to come true, but often they happen quite quickly. That might also be one of your gifts.

        Love & Peace

        • I find prophetic dreams interesting. I have what feel like prophetic dreams on occasion. It seems to start off like I’m watching a news story and then somehow find myself in that setting. I wake up feeling like the dream seems more important than a normal dream. They seem to be on a global scale or at a general location, but I haven’t seen them come true yet if they will at all. Though interestingly I did dream of the Australian flooding some months before I heard about the record rainfalls and flooding.

          That dream I moved to Australia which is more less the other side of the world, both ways from the Midwest US. I had just bought a house, amazed that I could live on my own, though lamenting that I couldn’t visit my parents or anyone in the US. Suddenly a rain storm hit. I found my house flooded and the possibly the neighborhood around it.
          I regret that I didn’t write down the dream, so I’ll never know the exact details, or exactly when I had the dream. It probably wasn’t anything more than a coincidence, but I sure felt surprised after hearing the news some time after. Especially considering I don’t think a whole lot about being in other countries, let alone other states. The dream about Australia seemed out of the blue.

          I’m waiting to see if a major earthquake will happen in Mexico. I had the dream shortly after the one in Japan. A dream this week was about a big oil company taking over a wilderness area in our country and polluting it, destroying everything that area was there for. All for greed and money. I hope it doesn’t come true, but I have a strong feeling..I hope it is just a dream and nothing more.

        • Sorry I haven’t replied in a while my computer has been down so now I’m using my iPod. But that sounds like a very good idea I believe I will do that I haven’t had as much weird dreams lately but when I do I tell my mon about them :) thank you so much!

  2. Definitely write down the dream. Even now just to write down what you remember. As far as dreams go, just about anything can come up in a dream. You don’t have to play an Ouija board to have a dream about it. You may have read about it some time or heard about it at some time. Your imagination and mind will do the rest. It seems that way with my dreams anyway. What things may appear, may not be things I ever did or places I’ve ever been, but I may vaguely remember reading something or thinking something from a while ago. (I also have the opposite feeling occur when I do something and feel like I had a dream with that action or thought before.)

    That said, I see ghosts time to time in my dreams, but they are just there doing whatever (floating around usually). I’m not really afraid of them as far as I can tell. Maybe a little uncomfortable at first, but then I just seem to accept them as part of the background and then just continue dreaming. Most of the time I don’t seem able to interact or anything, though in a few dreams I wanted to rescue them or help them, but that was about it.

    One dream that I remember clearly was being in a a really old empty factory locked inside with a bunch of children. (former laborers?) Thinking back on the dream, I’m sure they were implied to be ghosts even though they seemed like the living people in my dreams. I broke out and escaped the building, but I was never was able to go back and save the children. I learned stuff about the environment around the factory in the following dream sequences. It was very polluted, the river muddy and toxic waste all around. (it was implied people died drinking water from that river.) The people who owned the company were greedy and wanted nothing but money. I guess very typical of companies…lol. For the most part, a very storybook type dream. (that’s what I consider dreams that seem to have a logical plot.) I haven’t had the dream since, so I don’t know what happened or what it really meant. I guess it’s whatever the dreamer makes of it, but I find it nice to see what other people’s ideas are on it as well.

  3. Hi KAM

    I often dream of entering haunted houses as a guest and end up casting out some pesky spirit on behalf of the occupants. Some spirits are earthbound, some demonic and some .. well, they’re not actually spirit rather they’ve been ‘created’ by someone in the house.

    No two ‘casting out’ jobs are ever the same – nor the place where I do them. Its an interesting reacurring dream.

    Does your mum and auntie talk freely about spiritual matters? Or do they pretend it doesn’t exist??

    “…and says there are trapped kids who can�t leave. That they want to but can�t that they were murdered there …”

    Ghosts can move freely, they are never ‘trapped’, but some simply chose to stay in familiar surroundings.

    Potato’s represent earthiness and simplicity in dreams. They can also represent laziness.

    Given the lack of motivation with the ghosts, the ‘lazy’ conotation of the potato and the symbolism of the planchette (fear of the unknown), I would say that maybe someone needs to either pay more attention to something or work harder to achieve something. Unfortunately, without knowing what is going on around you at the moment, its impossible to say exactly what needs addressing and by whom.

    Have a think and see if the above paragraph makes any sense regards a person or situation in your life.


    • Hi AJ thanks for replying! No I’ve never heard my aunt talk about ghosts before but we’re always joking about random things when she visits :) but no nothing about ghosts. My mom didn’t talk about ghosts until recently when I’ve been telling her about the strange things that have been happening lately in our house. For some reason it’s almost always happening to me and me alone but sometimes happened when I’m with my mom. My brother is sometimes lazy but he’s fixed that for the most part lol but I don’t think it applies to anyone else and I know it’s not me because I’m piled down with homework and chores haha :) but I do find your comment interesting :) thank you so much for replying!

  4. We had a family Ouija board. Well, we called this Spirit Board a Ouija Board because we didn’t know what else to call it, but in all actuality it looked very different from what you buy in the toy stores. It was wooden, carved and then had some type of waxy filler over the board so the pointer would slide.

    It’s origins is unknown – to us anyway. But many have used it and it’s even located a missing great aunt who was held against her will by a crazy husband states away from the family…. Mind you, this is a family story and I don’t know all the details, but I do believe it to be true as it was told by my grandmother several times. She hated the board still and anything remotely “un-Christian”.

    Anyhow, when I dream of any type of object used to communicate with the spirit world, I generally find I am either searching for answers or someone is trying to tell me something.

    • That is very interesting! I’ve never heard of that type of board before so it must’ve come from a different country,maybe. Sorry for the late reply :( but I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

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