White Light Shields

White Light Shields  is posted here by the courtesy of Ama Nazra.

Why do we need shields?

White Light Shields

Everyone is sensitive to ‘energy’ to some degree. Some people can be psychic ‘doorknobs’ (not my phrase, just one I read somewhere which made me smile), but truthfully, I don’t think there are many people like that anymore. We all react to the energy of people around us, of the places we walk into such as the supermarket, or our work place, or our homes. We want to live in a space that is comfortable and feels safe. We all need a place we can retreat to when we are tired and frustrated and unhappy, and equally when we are happy. We need a place to ‘regroup’ when we have been incredibly busy. We need a place to be able to express ourselves freely, without fear, in a sense a ‘sanctuary’.

The human body and spirit was created to be a walking sanctuary, but these days, through our own choices, we undermine our natural protection – our auras – we choose not to look after our bodies: the food we eat is often unhealthy, we might drink too much of things that are not good for us, we can choose to smoke various substances, and we might take drugs of various sorts. All of these things disrupt the natural flow of our energy through our chakras and into our auric field. And then there is the emotional and physical abuse that we go through, from the smallest to the largest source of pain, add in mental abuse .. these might be something we receive from others, or it could be something that we do to ourselves with our own thoughts, fears, beliefs, phobias .. that can develop into mental illnesses etc. Can you see what I am saying – we all need a little extra help.

Spirit provided that help, and has for centuries. It taught us about energy, it asked us to become ‘energy aware’ and from that request developed Empaths and Spiritual Healers.

Empaths are people who can feel or ‘share’ what someone else is experiencing emotionally. It is a ‘gift’ but it is a gift that can bite. We have to learn to control our abilities, and not let them control us. It is good to be able to know when someone else is suffering, and to help them find peace, it is not healthy for us to also suffer from their suffering – to the point where we are frightened to go out of the house because of what we ‘might’ end up feeling during the day. We do not need to become depressed because we do not know how to let go of all the emotions we ‘collected’ from other people. Empaths, when they are out of balance, become psychic sponges. They absorb other people’s negativity and can become ill from it – mentally and physically. There has to be a solution, and as usual it is something simple. It’s called a ‘white light shield’ and its very effective.

Remember: “Energy follows thought”.

Angels see humans as a rainbow that reflects who we are as a person and how far we have developed in our spiritual journey. A rainbow is created when you shine Light through a prism, and our souls are the prism that shows our true selves. Our auras are created by energy of our chakras and reflect the balance we have in those chakras, so sometimes they can be very strong and protective, and sometimes they can look like Swiss cheese and be full of holes. A white light shield develops around the outside edge of our auras and expands and contracts as we command it to .. (if you don’t like the word ‘command’ it just means ‘tell it what to do’). Now, we can do that on a conscious level, or we can do it on a subconscious level. One of the things Spirit reminds me of constantly is to be aware of what my mind is thinking, of what my emotions are doing to my thoughts – both conscious and subconscious. There is a good reason why we need to get to know ourselves very well – its for our own protection, if nothing else.

A white light shield is very easy to create. It does not cut out all of the emotions that people broadcast unwittingly, it protects the wearer from the overload created by absorbing other people’s energy. For those empaths that do not understand their gift, nor have the ability to control, it gives them a safe haven to exist in until they do. It works for people who can visualize it being created, and equally well for those who cannot visualize anything to save their life.
You can ‘decide’ to have it, and it is just as effective.

You can wear a shield all the time if you feel comfortable doing so, or choose to only put one around you when you come upon circumstances that challenge you. It is the ‘thought of a moment’ that creates it. It does not separate us from others, and certainly not from those people that need our help.

Remember: You cannot help another person if you are overwhelmed by what ‘they’ are feeling.

KISS: Creating the shield for the first time ..

Imagine an egg. If you can’t imagine one go and get one out of the fridge. Put the egg pointy end down in your hand and look at it. Now, in your mind, make the egg bigger, huge, large enough to surround your whole body and even bigger. Can you imagine it filling the room you are in? That big egg is created from White Light, the energy of creation, which is the energy of Love, the most protective force in the Universe. See the egg right in front of you. On the side of it is a door, imagine yourself reaching out and opening the door – step inside and close it behind you. Does the doorway then vanish?

You are now inside a protective shield which extends far above your head and right into the earth under your feet. That is all you need.

This shield is good because it allows you to ‘feel, see, and act’ within it without limiting your perception. What it does not allow is for you to receive other’s negative emotions nor any attaching energy lines they might want to give you so that they can drain your energy. And ghosts, unless they are already anchored into your energy, have to stay on the outside of the shield.

A Little Added Protection ..

If you do not feel safe enough inside your White Light Shield, I suggest adding a moving stream of Rainbow Coloured Light to the outside. Some of us who do very heavy energy work, very negative, have tested this and we find it certainly adds more protection.

On the outside of the shield imagine a wide band of rainbow coloured energy constantly moving all around the egg. The moving band of energy is stronger than simple White Light, the energy of the separated different colours, and the different frequency created by the blending of the edge colours, cuts attachments and other entities from the auric field, and will also protect a house if someone feels they need it.

And that is it .. now for your house …

A protective shield for your home ..

A protection for my house? Hmm… good idea. As much as I can enjoy ghosts, I do not want to constantly be haunted. It is not good for anyone for physical and mental health reasons.

We just much the same principles as before. Start simply. Using your imagination create (or decide there is one) a white light pyramid that comes down over the whole house block .. not just the house but the whole yard no matter how large or small it is, including apartment buildings.

You now have a BIG pyramid of protection over your house. Let’s add more.

Do the same to create another pyramid, upside down that comes up through the earth and connects and attaches to the first.

You are now inside a diamond.

Ask your guardian angels, Archangel Michael is the head of all guardian angels and spirits, or you may ask your favourite deity, to clear all the energy INSIDE the diamond, to take Home (to Heaven, or whatever you believe in – or to take into ‘healing’) any ghosts who need to go and any other negative energy.

I usually say something like -

“Archangel Michael, please take into healing anyone who ‘needs’ to go Home, anyone who ‘wants’ to go Home, and anyone who wants to argue.” And, believe me, some of the ghosts will argue. They were human, after all.

Leave it there all day if you like, or mine vanishes with the sunrise. You can request that it remain for a certain time period. I find 72 hours (3 days) to be very good. I have found this shield to be absolutely brilliant, and very pretty to look at from the outside.

The White Light Shields was originally published on Sacred-Gates.com

Ama Nazra – email: [email protected]

  1. Linking myself to the site.

    Love & Peace

  2. is clairsentience and being an empath close to the same? i find that i fit into both. there have been many times (more when i was a teen) that after i heard of children being killed in a bad way i dream t bout them and my heart was heavy like i could feel them. it lasted for days even though i didn’t even know them. the night my friends died in a house fire that was set on purpose i wanted to sneak out so bad to go there for some reason but was afraid i would get caught so i didn’t. for many months i had dreams about hearing one of the babies calling my name in an all white room with only a crib in the middle. it was full of stuffed toys and i would dig through them but never found her. then one night i had a dream the mother(her and 2 of the children died in that fire) brought the kids to visit me they were standing by my bed and i got to hold the kids the mother was wearing a black cloak thing with a hood all i could see was her left hand. then she swooped the kids up and flew out my bedroom door. i chased them down to the door that led to our basement.( we had the an old dirt basement that the door was on the floor) in the morning when i woke up my bedroom door was open and i always locked it cause it was the only way it would stay closed. after that i never had that other dream again.

    • Hi AW,

      In my opinion clairsentience is the balanced form of empathy. An empath can be overwhelmed by another person’s emotions, a clairsentient can ‘sense’ the emotion but not be controlled by it.

      I also empathise with the energy of groups of people when they die suddenly. I’ve been ‘pulled’ all over the world, often when sleeping, to do group ‘rescues’ of trapped souls. I will ‘feel’ what they felt in the process.

      In your dream, it would appear the mother and children were reconnected in heaven, and came to thell you. They left via whichever access way they entered .. in your basement. Do you have other ghostly visits as well?

      Love & Peace

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