Have You Had Deja Vu While Dreaming?

Has anyone else ever had deja vu in dreams? And I don’t mean having deja vu from something that happened in real life translating over into your dreams. I mean having a dream where you feel that feeling of deja vu even though I know for a fact that it’s not just some recurring dream.

Like in this one dream I had, I was with a bunch of other people in some clearing. I told them that a werewolf was going to jump out and eat someone, though I never remember having that specific dream, and sure enough someone got eaten a moment later!

I have had dreams where I’ve had recurring little blips mixed into a new dream that gave me the daja vu feeling but this feels different. Has anyone ever heard of that?

Asked by Nicole

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  1. Hi Nicole

    Yes I have them as well. In one night I can ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ a dream, each time believing it to be the first time I’ve drempt it, but wonder why I feel like I’ve drempt it before and know whats coming next.

    It is quite a strange experience. Its usually only upon waking that I realize I’ve actually drempt the same scene over and over on the same night.


    • I guess there must be a good sized message in the dream for you, AJ? Or do you do it when you are worrying about something? I could also see it used as a tool to actually ‘change’ the future?

      Love & Peace

      • Good question, Ama

        Ummmm … I don’t seem to remember them being stress related??? That doesn’t mean they’re not, though. I’ll make sure to make a mental note, the next time it happens.


  2. I’ ve had dreams where something bad happens then that same exact thing happens the next day!!!It’s creepy…

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