Questions About King Solomon Temple and Freemasons

Anyone know anything about King Solomon? Regarding the Djinn or Demons whom he forced to build his temple ~ how could he be in God’s favor, but using Demonic help to build?

How does he fit in with freemasonry?

What is “Solomon’s Key”?

Anyone know any good books or legitimate sources for information on him?

Asked by Anonomyssy

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  1. Hi :)
    I’m a master freemason +, and have done my own research on this too. The Solomon Key, or Testament of Solomon, is an interesting book! We freemasons don’t use a kind of demonic powere or anything lik that… BUT, we do NOT like evil. Can’t go into what I’ve learned in the last month from one of my brothers and my own research, but it’s more the opposite than what a lot of folks think :)


  2. Hi again,

    BTW, I will never reveal what I do know, as I cannot. I hope you understand our fraternal secrecy. We do good, and we do it on a level a lot have no idea of. I CAN rid some myths if you’d like, or have questions.


    • I admire you for keeping faith with your Society, Keith, but .. for one moment only … I wish I was male so I could join the Freemasons and find out what they know. :-)

      Never been male, don’t intend to start now. LOL

      Love & Peace

    • Hi Keith

      Why aren’t Freemason’s allowed to use the knowledge they have gained to help others?

      It seems an odd concept to me, not sharing what we know.

      And, why aren’t women allowed in the order?

      I’ve always been fascinated by the secrecy which shrouds the Freemasons. I could understand this concept as having great importance back when the Freemasons first formed but, in todays society? Is the secrecy still relevant? Or, is it just keeping the old traditional ‘values’ alive?


      • Hi A.J.,

        The reason we don’t share what we do or learn is mostly tradition. Like a college fraternitiy, we can’t tell our ‘secrets.’ They have been handed down since speculative freemasonry came about (which has been determined to be in the 1600s). Intellectuals, scholars, religious patrons, Royalty, scientists…and the ordinary blue collar worker, all come together to form an unbreakable bond with eachother. One can tell anybut w other member anything within the Lodge and it is sworn to be kept silent. That has come in handy over the centuries. We do share our mission, which is; Make ourselves better men, and in doing so, make the world a better place.

        As of last month, we are now allowed to ‘find and ask’ candidates whom we have great confidence in to go through the investigation, vote and intiation. I don’t know how, but they found more info on me than the FBI could! LOL! I only know one man I would ask…

        The secrecy demaded for today’s world is even MORE paramount, due to infiltration of journalists, mythbusters and status seekers. You see, we believe we are one of the last sources for moral upbinging of the grown adult in this world of bad influence. Its SO important to have fellow brothers to count on to help you…always, no matter what town, city, country, we ALWAYS have brothers. It’s a great thing! A lot of people these days would and do say we are a cult, or a New World Order group… whatever that is.


        • oh… it will NEVER be a substitue for religion of any member. THAT is a total, absolute and DEMANDED requirement. We must all serve our own dieties without fail.

          Me, again LOL

        • Hey Keith,

          You missed a bit .. why aren’t women allowed to join the Masons? I want to know. I don’t know of any women’s secret societies .. but then, they wouldn’t be a secret if everyone knew. LOL

          Love & Peace
          Ama :-)

          • Ah, Ama!
            I can slip anything past you, huh? hehe Traditionally, stone masons have all been male do to the sheer strength required for the job. No female body builders back then. lol They were always very secretive group, protecting their geometry, techniques and sacred math of the trade and architectural secrets, and therefore protecting their livleyhood. Women were not stone masons, as they were always the ‘fairer sex’in those old days and would never consider such an occupation, so only men were allowed. The tradition still lives on. It is a fraternity afterall. Not a co-ed thing. hehe


          • Hey Keith,

            Is it true there’s some female version of the Masons? I read that somewhere a while ago. I don’t remember the details?

            Love & Peace
            Ama (mildly miffed .. modern times and all (hehe))

          • Yes,
            The Order of the Eastern Star. My mother was one when she was in her younger days. They covered many values important to women in society (then, and now). Not sure what else they learn, but they are not Freemasons, as such

          • Ama,

            Lol (very mildly miffed). We seriously are not a bigoted group, or sexist. It’s just old tradition. They only began to allow women on warships after I got out of the navy in 91… lots of things are changing


        • Thank you so much, Keith, for the explanation. Very informative, despite being shrouded in secrecy … if you know what I mean. (not meant as a joke!)


          • AJ,
            Anytime :) Just glad to be able to tell folks who think without preconcieved assumptions that we’re actually a ‘good’ thing for eachother and society. One of our missions – the biggest, actually – is providing money for scientific research and support/promotion for children’s schizophrenia treatments. Help the child have a good childhood, help the child to have a good adulthood :) We suppport MANY childrens hospitals around the country as well. We also do a large amount of funding from our dues to maintain the Washington Monument in D.C., and that’s a source of pride for us that not many folks know about (and not a secret. lol)

            Glad it was informative… even though I didn’t expose our sworn stuff. Never will, obviously. Here in the states, we are opening up a little more to the publics curiosity, as the internet is just swirling with lies about us.


  3. Unlike some of the people populating the forums I sometimes wonder on,I personally do not think freemasonry is an evil society and I do not buy lightly those conspiracy theories the internet is so full of.Anyway,I wish you Keith all the best and a lot of success with this path you have taken!:)

    • BT,
      Thank you SO much! Very nice thing to say, and to you… I also wish all the best and nothing BUT the best!


      • Keith’
        Just a curiosity question(hopefully one you can answer! ;) ) Would the last name “Mason” have any linkage with The Freemasons? Just curious as I have Mason in my lineage.(on my mother’s side)

        @ Ama,
        why don’t we start a secret society just for women!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! ;)

        • Oh and Keith,
          The reason I ask that question is because last names, have traditionally be linked to the profession of the family(usually the Patriarch of the family!)

        • Hi Luna,

          You’re right in that in your past there was probably an excellent or prominent stone mason (and maybe a freemason or 2 along the way. who knows?) ;)

          Hundreds of years ago, people had to take on 2 names, surname and christian (I think). A lot of people in the UK, where (I am rooted with ancestors, except my Dutch and Sioux ancestors) simply used either their profession, something which was a source of pride. Instead of ‘John the mason’ it was John Mason. Say, ‘he’s the son of John of Middleton’… John Middleton (even Junior, senior arose from these situations!), etc. Here in U.S. I have always wondered why more black folks have the last name White instead of Black, and the inverse for white folk? lol Last names are neat! I come from one of the old Kelly clans in Ireland. Grandmas side were Kellys from WAY back, or O’Kelly.
          Interestly – or not – I’ve traced my Dutch ancestors back to a man simply named Goerst…or something like that, in 1071. No last names then… hmmm.

          Was it the Inquisition that forced this christian last name thing? Bet it was…


          • I think the Inquisition did too, Keith .. now where did I read that? Can’t find anything on the net, but I probably asking the question badly?

            Love & Peace

          • Heres a funny, I recently learned in India you take your father’s first name for your last name…I met a man with the last name Sivalingam…which literally means Shiva’s penis…and I had to ask…HOW DID YOU GET THAT NAME? Ta da…his Dad’s first name…

            Interesting indeed.

        • I’m for it, Luna,

          If we do it here CT’s wife can be the High Priestess … LOL

          Love & Peace

  4. Well Keith, can you tell me what you DO know, or point me at a book…?


    I’ll be checking out those links/books, thanks Caretaker….

  5. and Keith I do have a question about a myth you can dispel, since there is so much govt. corruption, and so many govt. officials are and have been masons…are the masons still as infiltrated in govt, and is the masonic organization corrupt, or is this all a ‘bigger picture’ I’m not seeing?

    AND when you say “on levels” what levels? Other dimesions? Or private donations…?lol…

    • Hi Anon,

      There is a good reason for many the gov officials being freemasons, but not in the way you might think. as we are brothers, rich, poor poiwerful and week, masons have an insight to their fellow constituants on a very personal level. More so than some elite guy in a mansion who’s only blue collar experience is paying the pool boy on the first of the month! LOL! We take civic duty as a MUST, not just a good civil thing to do to serve your fellow man.

      I know it might not make sense. There IS a tight knit community of masons. Want to excell? Get ‘connected.’ Be a mason. Certainly not the only way, but it sure helps. For instance, I’ve lived in this town of 18,000 for only 8 months, I’m disabled and not rich, yet I can meet with the richest man in town, whom I know as a fellow brother, and I am also friends with influential law officers, bankers, factory workers and other disabled people. We are our own network to get things done. Like a Union is, only through loyality and trust instead of money and pensions.

      I am a very lucky man to have taken my journey. :)


    • and we never infiltrate. Ever. We only go where we are invited. Many of the greatest contributions to civility have been borne of the minds of masons, regardless of their ‘affiliation.’ We just try to be the best men we can and share that knowledge of the centuries past, wisdom and folly with one another…. and therin lies why we are often in positions of power :)


    • Interesting Article. I thhugot Masonic Temples were just bars. Every time I have been to one, all they were doing is drinking and playing pool. I’m sure thats the greatest source of their income.

      • Hi :)

        Grrr… OK, I’m a Freemason. I’ve been one for a years, belong to one temple, and have been an invited guest at MANY more. We never, never, never (!) let non-masons into our temples unless its a public openhouse for tours. Even then, I assure you no temple serves alcohol! None. Ever. It is not allowed because it is disrespectful and we have a reverence for sobriety in all manners while attending meetings! Coffee, tea and sodas. Thats it. If they do… they are promptly shut down with legal action. Period.

        **** We make NO revenue off anything like that. Ever. Never will. That stands for everything we do not****

        We look at our temples as sacred places in the eyes of God first, then the wisdom past down from many centuries ago. We strive to live in the best forms of good character. No drinking, no pool, no gambling. No parties are EVER allowed. No gambling. What a mason does on his own time -at home – is his own business, unless word of his behaviors is public knowledge and then he will be promptly voted on and almost always explelled.

        I am just flatly stating the truth. You have been mislead, and it is those kinds of remarks that damage our reputation for the many great things we do for society, which I will be glad to share to you. IF you were let into the building, it was while it was rented to the public – and then only…only…in the main hall, never the temple. You were definitely not allowed in temple proper (unless it was a public tour, in which case all secret and sacred objects are locked away, or not expounded upon) and people pass quietly and quickly through, with only minimal explainations of what it represents. We take those oppurtunities to show firsthand that we are not doing anything improper. If you tried to gain entrance without the proper password or being proven to be a guest without proper credentials, password of that particular temple, meeting, and were not sworn to be recognized as a member of that particular temple then ALL measures are taken to prevent you from doing so by the Tyler (usually gaurds armed with swords, and the doors are locked), a promt, rough, no nonesense leading to the door and removed by every other member if needed and called upon.

        ***I ASK that one does not slander, insult, or lie about my esteemed Fellow Brothers and our stellar reputation based on the many lies stated on the internet, conspiracy theorists, etc, and especially by those who claim to be ‘members.’ Those guys are false and can be dangerous to the point of insiting vandalizing and threats toward our members, my family bonded by unfailing trust. This happens more than I care to state. Our monies are raised by membership fees and donations, and the hotdogs, fries and sodas we sell at our stands in the county fair, or town celebrations when invited. I, personally, am greatly disappointed by you remark. It truly misleading all who read it from the facts, which you obviously do not know.***

        Yes, we masons usually laugh off remarks like yours, but in a Q&A section like this one, where we respect one another, with truths and educate those with curosity or concerns – be it the paranormal, angels, demons, ghosts, dreams, religions, etc… and yes, even ‘secret’ societies – we conduct ourselves with repect to ALL members and things legitimate.

        Thank you and best reguards in your seeking the Truth (capital ‘T’)

        Proud member of the forum and proud of my Masonic heritage :)

        P.S., welcome to the forum

        • Tee! Hee! Hee!

          No disrespect intended Keith, but your post did make me giggle ..

          “RaNT, RaNt, RANT, rant, RanT .. P.S., welcome to the forum.” LOL!

          Actually, that was an informative post – thanks ….. it’s just for some reason, the PS bit, after the rest of it hit my funny bone – lol!


      • Question for ya Shameem,

        I’d be more than interested to know which state and lodge numbers where you have witnessed such activities take place, as it my sworn duty to report these lodges to that state’s Grand Lodge Master for investigation and possible shutdown and civil legal action. Thats how seriously we take this matter.

        Regards, and thanks again,

      • Hi Shameen.

        In Australia the Masonic halls (temples) are rented out to all sorts of people for all sorts of functions, alcohol or not. I know one where one sunday you have spiritualist church, with the confetti from a wedding the previous day still on the floor? Most older towns have a Hall, and a population of dedicated men trying to do good. We also have Lions and Rotary doing the same.

        Love & Peace

        • Ama,
          Renting out the hall is common in states, but the actual temple meeting room, the sacred rite room where ceremonies and meetings, votings, business… and our revered historical and rite items are extremely off limits. We have a mason there ‘incognito’ who is always a friend of family or wedding party that was invited (just to make sure the sacred actual ‘Lodge Blue Room’ stays secure and nicely blocked off with red velvet rope. Like at the movies!) Maybe we are just paranoid here in the States. Then again, but then again, we have our reason; we don’t want anyone stealing out tin foil hats. :0

          Always looking at the back side of Brightness,

          • LOL Not the streamers either .. :-)

            It’s so sad that we have to be so protective now, even at weddings. It’s the reason churches are locked up now, to keep the contents safe and graffitti free. No more just wandering in, sitting down, and talking to God.

            Love & Peace

          • Ama,
            Ain’t that the truth! One of the Methodist’s sayings is, “Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds” But our church (I’m Baptist now, like the preachin’ better… and the Food!! lol) went through a very tough time with theft, so they had to lock the doors. That just tore at everyone’s hearts. Many people would come pray at night. Or just sit and contemplate quietly in the dimly lit House of the Lord (yes, which is in our souls, not a building, but that tradition is centuries old). I, for one, made use of that very thing. With the huge wooden cross lit up in soft light, shadows making 2 other crosses off to the sides at an angle – which is really cool if you think about it!!! :)

            As a practicing Survivalist (yep! hehe another controversial subject. Donning tin foil hat now! Praise God and pass the ammunition! haha!) it is this very downward fall of moral character, economic collapse and resulting crime that plagues our society, that really bothers me and sends me praying. Even God is no longer respected.


            p.s. We survivalists really aren’t paranoid, and it has nothing to do with zombies, the apocolyps, etc. Media/internet makes us look like morons in flannel shirts, beer in one hand and a grenade launcher in the other. But that IS so funny! We are the unlikely ‘dumb-guy’ heros in movies!!! Yay… yeah right. Just prepared for natural disasters, riots, etc

          • Keith, survivalist, or realist? Not saying I’m paranoid, but I’ve started growing my own food, learning to preserve it, and if I had a bit more revenue, would move a little further out of town, and get off the grid….

          • The media has a lot to answer for Keith, but some survivalists are a puzzle unto themselves, even here in Oz.

            Love & Peace

          • Survivalist Keith with cancer…Check out “The Gerson Miracle”…they have clinics in Mexico, Spain and Japan, with documented results. I have an HIV positive aquaintance, who also has cancer, and goes there for a few weeks when he starts to feel ill…comes home healthy…and has been doing this for YEARS. Worth a look!

  6. Can you tell me what Solomon’s Key was/is? I guess I’m more interested in the antiquity than todays lodge meetings…

    BTW the Mason’s were the first trade unions…and seeing how trade unions and all unions are being attacked right now…I don’t blame them for sticking together, and keeping their secrets…united we stand, too bad so many of us are divided right now.

    • It’s a book. Solomon was said to be a magician, Myssy.

      I agree with your sentiments.

      Love & Peace

    • Hi Myssy,

      Some say the ‘key’ was a ring, some say it was the book itself, and yet others believe it was a word…. In the book he was given a ring, so…..

      • Spirit taught me never to ‘rely on’ anything that could be ‘taken from my hand’ .. IMO, if Solomon was a magician, it would have been something he couldn’t lose .. there was so much power involved! And grimories .. can be destroyed or stolen, and so can rings .. but that’s just my thoughts.

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Y’all,

          One of the reasons that ‘testament’ was discarded from inclusion into the bible was that it was so, so far-fetched. I imagined they laughed!

          King Solomon did some pretty sinful things in the bible, but I don’t think God would’ve allowed him to control demons as slaves. Goes against all of what is in the bible (although some things in OT are similar in nature, but to command Lucifer? Naw… lol :)


          • Solomon atually called upon the best masons from near and far, and paid and treated his masons very well. But there was no noise to be made at the temple site. Required to be as quiet as they could be. The stones were “roughcut” just away from temple, then finely honed at the temple for perfect fit.


          • I know, Keith .. or they didn’t want folk to know that magic was possible.

            I don’t believe Solomon used demons as servants either, but it sounds good to people who do not know the ‘reality’ of the situation. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • But Keith do you know that as FACT or just your own logic?

            Much in the bible has been altered over the years, not out of saving humanity from “far fetched” ideas, but rather out of control and keeping humanity from the truth…

            Perhaps the methods could have been energy, or knowledge (like that which may have built the pyramids, or that guy in Florida who mysteriously moved giagantic stones and built the Coral Castle on his own?…look at Tesla and all his knowledge, covered up in the name of keeping profit in the hands of those who could keep control of it?)

            So no, maybe not demons, any more that the bible’s chariots of fire may have been planes or spaceships?

            Not smart enough to know what information is being kept from me and the masses, but smart enough to know that INFORMATION IS BEING KEPT AWAY.

  7. But books contain knowledge and information…so perhaps the “key” was the knowledge on how to use such an item as a ring…? Either way…I know no more or less than I did before…ahhh sweet mystery. Thanks all.

  8. Hi Anonomys, whoever you are (pick a name, any name works for me) :)

    I shouldn’t have got off topic, sorry CT. Realist, yeah. But there’s a whole psychology mindest in ‘surviving’ that often comes after you’ve survived something long and horrible. I’m technically a ‘prepper.’ Started learning and practing survival bushcraft in Florida after Hurricane Ivan hit us. Actually learned the psychology of it while being attacked by ‘unseen’ forces, brain injury, and now, cancer (fixable!). Never let anything destroy you, in ANY way. ;) We were without water, electricity, gas, etc. It hit me then. I’d better be ready…for anything. The lawlessness in New Orleans was unreal after Katrina! Even the cops left. Since then I’ve moved to midwest and am re-stocking on everything. Have alternate locations, etc.
    Practical, fore sure in those situations! Totally agreed.


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