Are Online Ouija Boards Real?

I have a question… I know that Ouija boards are very dangerous, but are online Ouija boards the same to?

I wanted to try it but I’m not sure – is it dangerous if you are playing it on computer?

Asked by stellina

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  1. Hi Stellina,

    An ouija board is an ouija board, Paker Brother’s version, angel boards, one’s we foolishing create ourselves, and online ones. They all connected to the lower energy places, where lost souls and other nastier beings reside, and they should be totally avoided.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under Friends)

  2. Hi stellina

    My advise is to stay away and resist the temptation to dabble.

    Most people see Ouija boards as a ‘game’, something harmless and a bit of a giggle. I would beg to differ. Whether you use one on line, or the conventional way makes no difference. You do not know what you a going to let through, or communicate with. And spirit who do come through generally lie about who they are because Ouija is about deception.

    If I may ask a question, why do you want to use an Ouija board? Is it idle curiousity, or do you want to contact someone specific?


    • just curious

      • Hi Linda

        Thanks for replying.

        Heard of the phrase; ‘Curiosity killed the cat’? It’s a bit like that with ouija boards. It is the curious inexperienced who tend to gravitate to ouija boards, not knowing what they are letting themselves in for.

        Have you thought of going to a spiritualist church instead? This will give you a taste of the supernatural world, without you risking anything bad happening to you. Far safer for the curious of mind, IMO.


  3. I prommis u the online oujia board is not real i tried it once and nothing happend but the real one r really really really evil and dangerous it invites demons things from hell and some times satan if u think its a game its not its really not so dont play with them but u can play with the online ones but some of them dont play with them oh ya one more thing some demons steel your soul

    • stay away from ouija boards, i done a ouija board and it said the spirits name is robert,the thing is my parents didnt no that i was doing it so after doing it i went into the shower and i came back into my room and the spirit messed up my whole room and wrote ‘STOP LEAVE ME ALONE SAY GOODBYE’On my wardrobe with vasoline,he kept opening the back door when nobody was looking,even if you locked it he would still open it and you wouldent even notice or hear anything,its really weird but its interesting to!

  4. Agree with the above (as usual LOL).

    AJ, If I wanted to contact someone specific, what would be the best method?

    OK. It’s my Dad and brother. I miss them terribly and even though I do “talk” to them and feel my Dad around more than my brother, I would love to talk with Dad again. He was a great man. A family man. He had his faults, but so does everyone.

    Or is it best left alone until its my turn to pass over?

    • Hi Steph

      My mum passed away a few months ago … and she hasn’t shut up with the nagging ever since – hahaha!

      OK – (serious head on now!!) – for me, it is like you and I just talk to mum or ask some advice (usually about Dad). Sometimes something pops into my head, or I get a gut feeling. I don’t feel mum around me much, she’s around Dad and my sister much more than me. But then, I guess I don’t need her comfort as much as other members of the family because I’m more accepting of death because my beliefs are firmly in the existance of life after death.

      If you want a more specific ‘conversation’ then why not try a reputable medium, with a private consultation. You may, or you may not get your father or brother come through (nothing is ever guaranteed in the spirit world after all) but at least if they have anything they wish to say to you, then that is the time they can do it most effectively.

      Or you could try the Spiritualist Church? Mind you, some of the guest mediums at the SC can be all show, with no go – if you know what I mean. Things they come out with can be so vague it could be something which a dozen people in the room could connect to!!?

      The good thing is, you can feel your family around you and that must be a very comforting feeling, even if your not aware of them answering you as the moment.


  5. I think it all boils down to intention. You are intending to connect with a spirit or entity that no longer resides in this world….or possibly never did. In doing so, you are opening yourself up to receive whatever may come. I don’t think whether it’s online or an actual board sitting in front of you really matters in the grand scheme of things.

    My advice would be to resist the temptation to experiment with the board, online or otherwise. You never know what may come of the experience. When it comes to situations such as these I believe it is wise to err on the side of caution in order to protect yourself and those around you.

  6. I think any kind of divination tool can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Alone, the Quija board is nothing more than a piece of wood (or an online representation of one) BUT the moment that you decide to use it, it can become quite a powerful tool and the decision to use it is not one to be be taken lightly. You would not attempt to work a crane, fly an airplane or perform surgery without the proper training and knowledge,nor should you attempt to use an object that opens doors that you may not know how to close. That said, I am in no way saying not to ever use one, many people do and many people experience nothing other than what they wanted, contact no one other than who they intended and have no problems later on- but then again many people wind up opening doors that they dont close,allowing unfamiliar (and sometimes malevolent) entities into their lives and it can be a terrifying experience.
    If you do decide this is the route you would like to take to contact your lost relatives (I am very sorry for your loss by the way:( )then my suggestion to you is to learn as much as you can first- read books,meditate, balance your chakras and learn to shield, make sure that you are prepared in every possible way for what you are doing. Know what you getting into- as they say, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it! There are things in this world that can be terrifying but wonderful, and this is kinda one of those things:) I have heard that lower energies are more attracted to the quija board, but by no means is “Satan” gonna get you if you use one- unless that is what YOU believe will happen- I think many malevolent spirits will answer to whatever name you call them because they feed off of fear- if you are scared then dont do it because nothing good can come of it.
    I have had more success with my pendulum:) maybe that will work for you too:) Blessed be and good luck:)

  7. I have studied and been a Paranormal Investigator for many years, and am still known to use an ouija board every now and then, It is no different than any other device that is used to talk or contact spirits. Anything you use, yes even a digital recorder is no different than Ouija. You will find that a lot of things tend to draw in the bad more aggressive spirits,,they are stronger and tend to push the better spirits away from whatever you are using…They just like hog all the attention, and have the most energy to move the planchet.. Ouija Boards (in the way I figure it) got all the bad rap because when people started using them, that’s all there was, no recorders or Spirit boxes ( Franks Box or a Shack Hack) anything like that, Only the Ouija and all the bad stories passed down through the generations.

  8. I think that when people pass away it is best to let them rest in peace. If we are constantly grieving and trying to contact them, we are not letting them leave this earth and finally rest. I know it’s difficult because we míss them terribly, but by using a ouigy board or contacting a medium we might never be sure that we are actually comunicating with our dead relatives.

    • I could not agree more. Let our loved ones rest in peace.

  9. If i were you, i really wouldn’t risk it. Demons come out of those things.

  10. I tried an online quiga board tonight and found it to be the biggest joke/scam ever. it’s nothing more than a magic 8 ball. you ask it a question and it gives a yes or no answer. ask it the same question later and it changes it’s answer. it also gives answers that make no sense like answering ‘yes’ when you ask it where you live. It’s simply a cheap computer program that is built to recognize key words and phrases and respond to those keywords and phrases with answers that are supposed to make sense. it’s a very poor design and isn’t really worth the time to play it.
    just wanted you to know that it’s not real.

  11. Hi everybody I simply wanted to bring in personally. If you have any questions please feel free to inquire. Remorseful with regard to my personal bad language

  12. if your house is haunted like my nabberds u shod

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