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What Did it Take From Me?

Posted on February 16, 2012

Ok so last night I was at my brother’s house because my mom had to work and she didn’t like leaving me alone at the house right? So it was really late and I got tired and went to sleep in his friend Stephanie’s room because she wasn’t tired, and I kept waking up in the middle of the night because they kept coming in there and then falling back to sleep. I fell asleep on my back at some point, too.

It was 6 or 7 in the morning and Stephanie and my cousin Sylbia were still up watching “Breaking Dawn” out in the living room. I was all alone in the room because my brother was asleep in his room. I was dreaming all of the sudden, I don’t know what happened before I started to dream, it’s all a blank slate in my mind. I found myself lying in Stephanie’s room, but I felt an intense desire to get away from something. Then the next second, there was a black mass coming up close to my face,Then I got really scared. Then my head started to move slowly to the left, and I wasn’t doing it. Whatever it was was making my face turn in the direction of the cross on Stephanie’s dresser. Then I heard a weird draining sound and this creepy,dark,male throat-singing type thing.It wouldn’t let me move. It wouldn’t let me scream. It wouldn’t even let me breath. And it compressed my face against the side of the pillow,making me face the direction of the cross, like I said before.

It felt like a long time before I could move again. It was a dream, but it wasn’t a dream at the same time because when I woke up, I ran out of Stephanie’s room and told her what I saw. She said she saw two small red scratches on my face from where it made me turn my head. And when I woke up I was like that too. I didn’t go back to sleep after that.

I’ve heard of sleep paralysis, but you don’t get hurt from anything when it happens do you? I’ve also heard of Incubi and Succubi like trying to rape people in their sleep and take their souls. But it didn’t try to rape me. The weird thing is my mom was gone, and she had dreams like this all the time. I told this to my dad the next morning and he said it may have been a succubus or an incubus. Since they attach themselves to a host it seems. My mom was gone, so it probably thought it could leech off me and get away with it. I don’t think so. But after the experience, I felt like something was missing from me. Like it took something from me and it scared me to think of what it could have taken from me while I was helpless at the time. But I want what it took back. And I will stand up to anyone down there to get it.

Sylbia said this kind of thing happened to her twice while she’s lived with my brother, both when I was there. I also got really sick a few hours after this happened. My mom said this thing tortured her for a long time. I’m the youngest in my family, I’m 13. My sister is 15, my brother is 25 and my other brother is 22. I’m also the one who has the strongest sense of justice in the whole family. I won’t settle for anything unless it’s right and regret it if it’s wrong. Sylbia said it was probably trying to take the good from me.

The reason this scares me so much is because of my birthday. And the fact that every time I look at the clock it’s 11 something. 8:11.10:11.11:11. 11/11 happens to be my birthday and I looked up this whole thing and it said something about angels and a destiny. I chose to follow it and my sense of justice and whatnot is perfect. I try to do what’s right no matter what. I’m not even suppose to be alive right now. My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me, she didn’t care apparently since she knew she was pregnant, I was 3 months early, I weighed 1 lb and my lungs weren’t developed. That’s why I think I was suppose to do what ever is in store for me depending on what I do that is right. And I know that there’s forces out there that will steer me away from that. If I let it anyway. I don’t plan on letting it get to me. I have an odd desire to be a hero. I can’t explain that but it’s what I feel is what I should do. I hate when stuff like this happens to people. I can’t let anything get in my way, and if whatever it was took something from my body that it considered important, then you can bet I want it back and I don’t like being toyed with, especially when it comes to demons. I want what it took from me and I’ll do almost anything to get it back regardless of its importance. It came from me so it’s mine and I probably need it for something. I don’t mean organs when I say this either. Any thoughts on this before I do something stupid and provoke it?

Sent in by Carrie R. Capps, Copyright 2012

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5 Responses to “What Did it Take From Me?”
  1. jeffb1 says:


    I can’t quote any scripture from the Bible for you. I think about all I can do is offer an OPINION.

    If I was sleeping at home, and someone was breaking into my home, or maybe I was just dreaming someone was breaking in, my sense of security and confidence may suffer a bit. This is something we can all get back.

    Something like this happened to me several months ago (or longer). I was sleeping late and the morning sun was waking me. I couldn’t move or speak, and I felt an enormous weight on my back holding me flat to the mattress. I could hear what sounded like someone was breaking down the front door. Then it was tearing up everything in its path, still getting closer to me. I was struggling to get up on my feet, I didn’t want to meet this thing laying down.

    When my bedroom door was pushed wide open, I could see what looked like a very very tall “man.” Its face looked like old skin stretched over his face, showing no lips, and lots of teeth. That is when the weight on my back disappeared, and I leaped to my feet.

    This intruder was gone, the house was not damaged, and I was just a little nervous. This sounds like a case of sleep paralysis, and a poltergeist thrown in to spice things up. Not all poltergeists tear things up. Several I read about made sounds like furniture was being destroyed, etc. However, nothing at all was moved, broken, or damaged.

    Getting back your sense of security can be restored by you. You can also restore your confidence, perhaps with the help of some good friends.

  2. Nikita says:

    I would be extremely careful. I know about things like these. Besides, you are too young to be doing things to get back at Them… I would tell a priest about this,

  3. missylouise says:

    Hmmm very strange I think you may be right about people who are destined to do good things having things thrown at them to change there path I’m not religious at all its just something I believe. I don’t think it took anything from you but tried to give you fear for it to thrive on although it seems its backfired in your case. Don’t try provoking any kind of spirit it could go very wrong, all I do when I sense a presence is if it feels negative demand that it leaves right now I have Rules my bathroom and my bedroom are for me and no spirit is well unless I say otherwise.
    I know your curious and pretty p*****d but please be careful

  4. Otherworldly Apple says:

    “It wouldn’t let me move. It wouldn’t let me scream. It wouldn’t even let me breathe. And it was making me face the direction of the cross, like I said before.”

    Sounds like my experience with those religious nuts trying to convert me all the time.

    Heh, in all seriousness though, it seems like it could’ve taken your energy. A piece of your energy, actually. For example, you’re probably not as confident as you used to be when sleeping or feeling alone, right? The more you feed it fear and attention, the more it’s going to take that “piece of you” with it.

    Now, no one can tell you what you experienced, so this is just a generalization of how those lower life-forms work. If you want to know 100% for sure, you have to “know thyself!” Do some meditation and seek deeply within yourself… It might be hard since our society doesn’t teach or encourage us to do this but it really pays off in the end, trust me. When you know yourself, no one (whether flesh or spirit) can control you (psychologically, energetically, in no way). You’ll have an advantage in the physical life and the spiritual.

    So these are just my two cents, and I’m I specialize in the study (and experience) with these beings — trust me, it won’t be a walk in the part to face the dark side and sustain your inner light — but it is of merit to try, cause in the end you’ll be stronger and know how to practice your inner light (and Destiny) during the darkest of times.

    Many blessings,
    ~ OA

  5. venush says:

    I had almost the same creepy situation before
    and all you can do is PRAY a lot and fight
    for your soul.

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