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Ouija Board Used as a Kid a Reason for Concern?

Hi everyone, I have been glued to this site for the past couple of hours, out of curiosity at first but now with some concerns.

I am 47 years old. Back in elementary school, around age 8-10, my best friend and I used her Ouija board a few times. I know we used it in her house, but can’t remember if it was used in my house (although I believe we must have since we lived next door and we had sleepovers all the time at both). I don’t have ANY significant memories of using the Ouija board, but I do have strong memories of feeling terrified that something was following me through our finished basement in that house. It was also where we always had our sleepovers.

My dad had divided the space into 3 separate areas, with the laundry area in the very back (this was a walk-out basement, so there were 2 windows and a sliding glass door – not dark or full of cobwebs). I was never afraid if other people were with me, in fact I don’t think I ever thought about it. But if I had to go down there to get laundry or something from the storage area, I ALWAYS felt like there was ‘something’ down there with me. I never heard or saw anything that would prompt the feeling, I just knew that the fear would start to build, and by the time I reached the stairs to go up I was running/scrambling to get up the stairs to get away from whatever was following/chasing me.

The house was built in 1970, and we moved in when I was 7, in 1971, so I never thought it could be ‘haunted’ in any way. As an adult I have no fear of basements, and my husband and I have owned 5 houses in 25 years of marriage. I only experienced the terror in that house, and it continued until I left for college. Was this all in my head? I have had a beautiful life, but my best friend’s mother died when she was 14, a sister tried to commit suicide, she and her 3 sibs all had failed marriages… probably just a coincidence but…

Sorry this is so lengthy. I have never discussed this before with anyone, but just typing it made me break into a cold sweat remembering the fear. Maybe a psychologist is in order? I don’t know if it matters, but I am a follower of Jesus Christ and have an unwavering faith in God, but I also have always had an interest in the ghost/spirit/paranormal world.

Thanking you in advance for any insight you can give.

Asked by LN

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Possible Demon Attachment?

When I was 17 I was rehearsing for my auditions for Carnegie Mellon University’s dance/theatre school. My drama coach – a great believer in the paranormal (I now realize) brought out a Ouija Board the last evening I was to rehearse with her. It absolutely made predictions which seemed ludicrous to me at the time.

Within 5 months the predictions I felt were ridiculous began happening. These were events that turned my life in a totally different direction and my life has truly been a very hard, sad existence. I have made terrible decisions both in career and love, and many times have wanted life to end.

Since several extremely traumatic predictions did occur, predictions that I had absolutely no idea would ever come to be, is it possible that something bad, or evil attached itself to me and has stayed with me? I recently purchased my birth chart and it held information of something happening when I was 17-18 years of age, something quite negative; unless I conquered this negative influence my life would continue on this sad, personally destructive path. My life will not go on for a lot of years, as I am now 60. Please, if anyone has an answer or suggestion I would be most grateful for any input.

Asked by Leslie Bolin

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I have heard of the Ouija board and that it can contact the spirits etc.

But, does anyone know who created them? And did the creators know what they are creating?

Asked by Lydia

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I have a question… I know that Ouija boards are very dangerous, but are online Ouija boards the same to?

I wanted to try it but I’m not sure – is it dangerous if you are playing it on computer?

Asked by stellina

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I was just wondering like what are Ouija boards? I mean I know they connect the spirit world but I would like to know exactly what does it do and how. I was going to try it with a friend but after reading these cryptic creepy stories, its a big No No. And like what do demons want and stuff?

I’d appreciate any responses, thanks.

Asked by Nancy Drew

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Now I have heard many stories of friends who have used a spirit board (Ouija Board) and all of which warned me to stay away. But that just makes me want to try it more.

I was wondering are the candles really needed and if so what color would work best?

Sent in by Eva Halliwell

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