What Experiences Have You had with Shadow Beings?

Hello everyone!

I have been wondering if others would care to share their experiences with shadow beings with me. I have been having a few experiences, as of late, and am trying to figure out the similarities and differences, and what people actually think these beings are.

Thanks everyone for your responses!

Asked by LunaTerra

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  1. Hey LunaT,

    I am linking myself to the site, because I am interested in the subject also. I can’t see them. My partner tells me when they are around. Hmm.. LOL

    Love & Peace

    • I find it interesting that you can’t see them, Ama! I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s time to ask a question to those “feather heads!” LOL!!!

      • I don’t think I’m on the same frequency they are, Luna? They don’t interfere, they just exist. I deal with stuff that can interere? But I am only guessing, because I don’t really know. :-)

        Love & Peace

  2. Oh gosh, do they bug me!! I see them all the time! I swer i need my eyes fixed half the time but i know what ive seen and it makes me glad when people who walk, into my home for the first do to (i let them see for their selfs lol) they sure are very sneaky and fast. Never seen one stand longer then a few seconds. But they love to watch you as far as i know other then that i can not say much! I really dont know to much but would love to learn.

    • Hello K,
      Wow!!! My experience with them is mostly them passing through rapidly(usually through thresholds, or doorways) and I only catch them out of the corner of my eye, and one time, just recently, when I was asleep(I think I was astral projecting at this point..)I dreamed I saw one standing in my bedroom doorway, and it was darker than my room(I had NO lights on!) I fought to turn on my lamp but it wouldn’t turn on. Then I tried like the dickens to get out the words, “help me” but could manage to get it out. When I finally did, the being disappeared and I was able to turn on my light. The whole time this was happening, I felt scared, very hot and as if I could not breathe. when I woke up, i felt the same for a while, until I was able to get myself back to sleep. I think the fear was due to the fact that I was unable to move and not so much from the being.( I had never been afraid of them before.) It was a really strange experience, and one I had not had since I was a child. I know I was astral projecting because I have had that experience before when I was a child( I could astral project at will, and used to tell people “I can fly!” LOL!!). I think what ever it was, followed me back from my astral travels. The next day. I caught one out of the corner of my eye, and just being tired of my experience the night before, I forcefully asked them to leave and haven’t seen them since. That, however, doesn’t mean they won’t come back. They come and go in my house all the time, and I am not the only one who has seen them; my 5 year old daughter has, too. When they were coming around her, I asked them to leave and they did. My understanding of them, so far, is that they are harmless and will leave if you ask them. My question, is who or what are they and why do they “hang around?!”

  3. Hi LunaTerra,

    Over the last eighteen months or so, I have had a few experiences that were a little unsettling – to say the least. Seeing these shadow creatures was accompanied by a very brief paralysis (at least that’s what happened to me). I don’t really know what to make of my experiences; I only know that it definitely wasn’t my imagination. Something was there! And before these incidents, I’ve never had any experiences with them. Now, like you, I’m left with a lot of questions.

    • Hello Monica Ann,
      When did the paralysis happen? was it when you were asleep and in the process of waking? I have had the same experience, as I have stated above(my comment must have gotten posted before yours!) The paralysis could have been, if it was in between sleeping and waking, due to astral projection, and you returning to your body, which would explain the paralysis. Do you know anything of astral projection? We all do it, whether we believe it or not and I have been aware of it since I was a child. Basically, your spirit leaves your body and takes little trips while you are sleeping; sometimes you remember the experience, sometimes you don’t. However, the paralysis you feel is your soul returning to your body. I would be interested to hear more about it!!! Thanks for commenting!! :D

  4. Well, I’ve had many experiences, but it seems worse in some places rather than others. For instance, I lived in a small rural town where superstitious beliefs were common, and shadow “creatures” used to roam the streets. Upon investigation I found that witch doctors and occult practices were common there openly doing business in daylight. I’ve seen them in the middle of the day, they are quick and the strongest ones tend to manifest longer than the weaker ones. They tend to be masses rather than figures and are difficult to predict. One of them in particular that got violent because we trapped it with course salt, made things like the door handle extremely hot to the touch.
    May God be with you!

    • Wow!!! That is interesting that they can be trapped with course salt!! I am not sure I would want to trap them, as they have done nothing to me. Why did you trap it, in the first place? My experience, is that if you ask them to leave, they will(as I stated in my above comment, that was posted before yours)It might have gotten violent because it was trapped. If a strange being trapped you, you would fight to get free, too.(we could be as strange to them as they are to us, maybe why they watch us? hmmmm…)I also find it interesting that they seemed to be in abundance around a place that openly practiced witch craft.I wonder what the connection is? Thanks for responding and may God be with you, too!

    • From what I have researched on the subject over the years, and my experiences with other types of entities I do not believe it was a shadow person you trapped with the salt. Whatever looked like the shadow had a whole different energy. Shadow people don’t seem to be more prevalent in areas that have superstitions or occult practices, but demons can be .. so its often wise not to try and trap something when you don’t know what it is.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  5. Thank you so much, everyone who has responded!!! It is great to learn all of your experiences. I hope to see more people responding to this and hope that it helps all of us figure our what exactly the are, what they want and why they lurk about watching us!!!

  6. I just saw the clearest shadow thingy I have ever seen. I saw this small child like shadow running across the room and jumping onto the bed (or going through it?) I ‘knew’ it was one of my daughters. The room is next to the room I was in. I went straight into the room and heard both girls in the bathroom. Neither one of them were in or near the room where I saw the shadow.

    When we first moved into the house I thought I saw a shadow/shape/figure passing by the window several times. Other than that I dont really recall ever seeing a shadow without explanation.

    • CT,
      I actually wrote up a story about something similar to that on here!!! I am sure you might remember, although I am also sure you get many ghost story submissions that it is difficult to keep track!! Here it is:


      I am inclined to think, that it is possible that shadow beings can mimic us(unless it was one of your daughters astrally projecting, but I doubt it, because they were awake and in the bathroom. It is really interesting to learn how many have actually had experiences with them! Thanks for sharing, CT!

  7. My mom woke up one morning and everybody else was asleep we were at my grandfathers house and my mom went down to the kitchen and was sitting there and she looked down the hallway from the kitchen table and saw a fog/shadow. It really scared her.

  8. Hey Luna, back in 1982 I had just gotten married and my husband worked offshore and was gone for a week at a time but I wasn’t one to be afraid to stay myself. The first time I had an experience was on the third night after he left for work. I was awaken around 2:30 am with a feeling of being watched. At the time I was sleeping on my husband’s side of the bed so when I when I turned towards the presence which was on my side of the bed there standing was what I thought was my husband. He just stood there staring at me. The weird thing was his eyes didn’t blink and his body flash off and on like a flashbulb.

    When I talked to him and called his name he didn’t answer me. I got out of bed and walked over towards him and as I got closer to him he still would not answer me all he did was turned towards me and as I got to where I could touch him he vanished right infront of me. It scared me so. I turned and ran to turn the light on but there was nothing there. I search each room closets and all even outside but he wasn’t there. I set up for the rest of night with every light on in the house.

    When I he came home I mentioned it to him and ask if he miss me he said of course he did why? I told him what happen and he said I was just dreaming so I drop the subject. I didn’t experience anything again until spring. I was washing clothes and putting them away when I noticed the picture of Mary mother of JESUS was lying faced down so I picked it up and left the bedroom to get the last load of clothes to hang up in the closet when again the picture was missing as I walked over to the side of the bed there it was on the floor lying face down. Again I picked it up placed back was should be and left the room. I got a load of towels to put in our bathroom when I felt the room’s air change so I walked into our bedroom to see if anyone was there but noone was but the room had dark negative feeling like the oxygen was gone and I noticed that the picture of Mary was gone again. I started looking for it and I finally found it in between the waterbed mattress and frame. I grabbed it along with my keys and left the house shaking.

    I drove to a river that wasn’t far from our home and sat there trying to convince myself there was a logic answer for this but I knew it wasn’t I was home alone and I kept my doors locked. Not long after that I started waking up around 2:30 a m again feeling someone staring at me which there was. There standing in the doorway of our bedroom was a dark shadow man leaning against the doorway staring at me. When I spoke to him no response when I would get out of the bed he would turn and walk up the hallway but by time I got to the hallway there was no one to follow. I tried to turn our bed in different angles but it didn’t help. I would wake up seeing him or sometimes white round balls of light in human form next to me on my side of the bed. I would feel someone rub my legs or shoulder feel someone sat on the bed but when I’ll look there would be nothing there. I was scared to say the least.

    I’ll put rosary beads on our bedpost they would disappear then I put them around my neck but it didn’t always keep things away. I would hear footsteps during the night and day. One day I was taking a hot soaking bathe with the bathroom door open since I was home alone when I felt that strange dark presence coming down the hallway. I jump out of the tub and shut the door and locked it. I prayed and cried for a long time. When I finally got enough courage to come out there again nothing there. A friend came to stay with me because she was having problems of her own at home. I thought this was a blessing but it still didn’t stop.

    One night she came running into our bedroom saying the bedroom sliding closet doors kept open and shutting by themselves. My husband meanwhile did not believe her or me. She left that morning to go back home she said she could fight something she could see. This shadow man would be standing in the window when I would be returning home from college, visiting, or returning from church. I’ll just stay in my car until I felt safe enough to go inside. There was times when I would be cooking when I’ll hear the footsteps coming up the hallway and the lights would fickler I would run outside leaving everything on the stove. My husband would drive asking what was wrong and why I left everything on the stove. I told him but he said it was my imagination and the fact I was alone alot. Then one weekend by brother came to spend the weekend. I felt safe to go to bed because the fact my husband being home and we had company. How wrong I was. As I drifted off to sleep I could see the frickling of the tv lights. I felt the covers being pulled back and someone which I thought was my husband. My thighs being stoked and my gown being pulled up than a heavy weight on top of me. That is when I open my eyes only to see it wasn’t my husband but something really black and it smelt funny.

    I screamed as my husband came into the bedroom he admitted to me he saw it go into the wall. I made him stay with me in the bathroom until I showered. I felt dirty and raped. He finally felt asleep on the couch I went to bed that next morning we both asked the other why did we just came into the room and stare and turned and walk out of the room. It clearly could appear to us as the other. He called the priest who married us he blessed the house and us it help for about two months only to come back stronger. When we called the church we were told that it was a battle of good and evil and we had to be strong and fight it as a team together. I would see and fill this shadow person in my car in the pastner seat. Sometimes I could feel it with me at work or times it would be days to months before I would see it again. GOD BLESS.

    • Hello Bernice.

      You have had an incredible experience, but what you have described are not the shadow people Luna is referring to. The first was probably your husband astral travelling, the second sounds like a ghost, and the third .. was either a ghost or demon. Ghosts and demons can look simply like shadows, but shadow folk are usually seen as one dimensional .. a shadow on the wall doing something.

      I hope things are good and calm in your home now.

      Love & Peace

  9. Hello Everyone :)

    I think the first time I remember seeing a shadow creature (I can now put a name to it,thanks!)was around the middle of 85, I was visiting one of our church members, we were talking in her living room when I saw something dark and black shoot and I mean zoom by my feet. I was sitting in a chair and I thought it was a cat, and ask and Sandy told me to pay no attention to it, it was just an imp..that is what she called it, she also told me her family had a history of witches and warlocks and she had once studied and practiced witchcraft but was mixed up in something bad and stopped..that is my first encounter that I had.

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