Black Mass Energy and EMF?

I was wondering if a shapeless black mass puts off the same amount of EMF that an apparition or defined shadow person does.

I recently had an experience where the shapeless black mass was in our bedroom door. I took my EMF meter and walked through it. I expected to get a high reading but the reading jumped up slightly higher from a.5 to 1.0.

Asked by mistyblue492

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  1. Hi Mistyblue492

    We use K2′s, which have five lights on them. I don’t know how they compare with emf readers?

    A misty black mass might simply be an unmanifested human ghost, so it should register the same as a ghost, seen or unseen. Have you ‘read’ the EMF of a shadow person? I have never heard of anyone saying what they measure?

    When I was over at a haunted house for the weekend a few weeks ago, we had the K2′s go nuts one night. Instead of the constant ‘one light’ they show when on, they sat at three lights for hours .. I checked the sunspot reports and it seems there was a lot of activity that weekend? There certainly was in ‘our’ house. :-)

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
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