Sleep Paralysis Astral Attacks Recurring Dreams and Strange Creature

I experience sleep paralysis / astral attacks on occasion. Generally I tell them to leave me alone and it works. The last time, the being that was meddling with me was about 5 1/2 feet tall, brown all over, with medium length brown hair.

Last night me boyfriend was discussing a recurring dream he has been having and described the same creature. (I had never mentioned my experience to him before.) Adding that he thought it looked like it was made of old wood a face like a Native American totem pole.

He added that some time ago he dreamed (or thought it was a dream) that this creature was holding while he slept. He then fought it and threw it out a window. The dream was so real that he heard the window shatter and had to check it when he woke. Since then, he says occasionally he’ll wake in the night and glance out the window to see it staring in at him.

I was wondering if anyone might know what this could be. Thank you.

Asked by Jenn

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  1. Hi Jenn,

    It sounds like an elemental being, a creature created by nature, though there are others called daemon, which are created by humans. AJ Ryder is the lady to talk to about the of daemon. I’ve emailed her to check your story out.

    I would be asking myself if either of you has a really strong calling to nature, or if you lived in the country or forest, when growing up, or are into magic and trying to create entities or thoughtforms, or what is the history of the location in which you live?

    I’ll look forward to AJ’s response.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

    • Thank you for your reply. That was one I hadn’t thought of. It doesn’t seem to be malicious, just creepy, but sometimes creepy can become malicious

      We both have a strong calling to nature, my boyfriend more so than me of late and he has been seeing it more. I grew up in the country and have always been an outdoors sort. I’m also Wiccan but have not done any entity creation work. Lately I’ve been drawn to Shamanism, but have not done any serious work in this.

      As for the house, it’s in the city limits and has been for some time (at least 50 years). I don’t know about it before that other than it was pine forest. We have a couple of human spirits in the house–an old woman and a young boy–but they rarely make there presence known.

      I believe the back room where most of the activity has occurred is a portal or vortex of some sort, but I don’t know for sure.

      My main concern is that this might escalate and I want to avoid that if possible. Generally I take a live and let live approach, i.e. if it’s not bothering me I won’t bother it. Since I’ve never dealt with anything like this before, I didn’t really know where to begin.

      THank you again.

  2. Hi Jenn,

    It may sound silly but creatures like you have described feed on your fear. As you and your boyfriend have both discovered fighting back you have scared it off. However it is not just good enough to scare it off you really want it to leave you alone.
    If you would like it to leave you alone just say so. It can be done from a distance.
    You take care.

    Paul Hitt

  3. Hi Jenn

    Description “5 1/2 feet tall, brown all over, with medium length brown hair, made of old wood a face like a Native American totem pole.”

    So, I understand the creature to have skin that looks like wood?? The face is carved?? String, or straw for hair possibly??

    Is that a fair description??

    Sounds like a voodoo doll, poppett doll or something of similar ilk. These dolls are usually used in conjunction with spell casting and the creators energy is ‘stored’ in the doll for future use.

    I would say this creature is representative of some kind of ritual or spell. If it is, it will be made from energy form which has been constructed from human-energy, rather than the energy of a natural elemental (Gnome).

    The fact that you both have problems with it suggests to me that this ‘self-constructed’ daemon has somehow broken free from its creators energy and is now ‘living’ independantly of its creator.

    It certainly seems to resent you guys sharing the same space as itself.

    1. Do you live in a part of the world where Nature Religions are frequently or openly practised?
    2. Do you know the history of your house?
    3. How long have you lived there
    4. When did these dreams / attacks start?
    5. So any other ‘oddities’ happen when you guys are awake, or is it always whilst you’re asleep?


    • Yes, the skin looks like wood and the face appears to be carved, though crudely in comparison to the body.

      As for your other questions, no Nature Religions are not openly practiced around here. Everyone one I know thinks that I’m either Christian or atheist. I simply don’t bother to correct whatever assumption they make.

      I know very little about the house other than it’s about 50 years old. (The Anonymous reply under Ama is me.) My family moved into it in 1997 and I have lived here from 2003-2005 and then my boyfriend and I decided to buy it from my parents in 2008. We lived here since then.

      My first encounter with this creature was about 6 months ago, just as I was going to sleep. I felt something watching me and turned toward the door and saw it peeking in. I asked it to leave two or three times. It would go and then come back. Finally I got angry and chased it out of the room. It hasn’t bothered me since. I wrote it off as something that was drawn to me, that happens from time to time.

      It wasn’t until a few days ago that my boyfriend described his “weird recurring dream” that I knew it was still around. Since tossing it out, he still sees it outside looking in at him at night. When I asked how frequently, he said at least two or three times a week. But it hasn’t come back in.

      There are no other overt oddities associated with this creature. We do have at least two human spirits hanging around. The old woman walks through the house and opens cabinet doors. The little boy runs across the bed and through the house. These can happen any time of day but usually late in the evening to nighttime. Occasionally we hear people whispering in the house at night. But these have been going on since my family bought the house in 1997.


      • Hi A

        Thank you for your response.

        Because you stated in your reply to Ama that the site used to be a pine forest, then most likely this entity’s origins go back to that. Maybe it was ‘created’ using pine wood?

        I suspect it travels around and because you’re said you’re a practising Wiccan, most likely it was intriged by your ‘light’ so came to investigate.

        It sounds like this traveller has got the message and is now keeping it’s distance. You’ve both certainly behaved correctly in that you’ve shown it who’s ‘boss’, so well done to both of you.

        Daemon’s aren’t like ghosts or demons. They behave more like ourselves – neither Holy good nor demonically evil, but a mish-mash taken from both extremes. They are simply what they are, just as we are simply what we are.

        If it bugs you again, please contact me. My details can be found via the Friends section “Book Of Trinity”. Click on there an it will take you to the books website and my contact details are on there.


    • Hey AJ,

      Do daemon feed on fear? I thought they fed from their creator?

      Love & Peace

      • Hi

        Yes they feed via there creator who feeds on the fear generated.

        Warm wishes

        Paul Hitt

        • Hi Paul,

          Depends on what creates them? A human doesn’t normally feed on fear .. or we hope not. A demon created daemon definitely would, since the demon feeds on fear.

          Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        It depends on the kind of daemon to be honest. For example, a daemon polterguist which is made from a persons externalised negative energy feeds from its creators fear. They are still attached. That is why the daemonic polterguist always focus’s on one person – it’s creator. The creator is its food source. These enities however, tend to feed themselves ‘to death’ within a matter of weeks.

        Self-constructed elementals that have broken free and have adopted intelligence of their own, come in as many variations as natural elementals. Some may feed on fear yes, but from my personal experiences I have never come across one that has, yet. These daemons tend to take on the characteristics more akin to sylphs or gnomes, than the self-constructed polterguist. In other words, they don’t need to feed on fear in order to survive.

        I get the feeling that the daemon in question is using intimidation because it wants the bedroom space to itself, rather than actually trying to feed? That said, without knowing more background it would be hard to say for certain. For instance, if it was created to do bad things, it would continue expressing that characteristic even if no longer attached to the creator. That is what it has been taught, so that is how it is going to behave … until someone teaches it some manners – lol! But that in itself does not necessarily mean that it needs to feed from fear in order to exist.

        Sorry … that was not a very straighforward answer. But then, daemon’s are as complicated and diverse as we are – hahaha!


        • It’s straightforward to me AJ, but then I know a fair amount about the subject anyway. :-)

          Love & Peace

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