Why is My Sister is Seeing a Little Girl?

Hello. This is so strange, I have never believed in ghosts but now I’m not so sure. My sister called me today and asked me if I remember her ever talking to people that weren’t there when we were little. I didn’t remember anything like that happening and I pushed her as to why she asked. After much coaxing she finally told me about something that had been happening.

Firstly, she said that when she asked my mom the same question, my mom had said “yes, all of the time”. And my sister finally admitted to me that this had been going on for a while and she was scared to tell my family.

She recently has started dating someone at Olivet College. My sister said that during on of her visits she saw a little girl standing there staring at her, later she told her boyfriend and asked who she was. He hadn’t seen anyone and after my sister explained what the little girl looked like he was very worried.

Some sorority sisters told her how there are stories of a little girl named Anabell. Apparently one of the sororities has a rug called ‘Anabell’s rug’. Once it was stolen and the sightings stopped, but when it was returned they continued.

My sister said she wasn’t scared until today. She and her boyfriend were having dinner in one of the dining halls, when my sister looked up and saw the little girl outside the window. Apparently, when she looked, the little girl pointed at her and mouthed “mine”. Needless to say, my sister was extremely freaked out.

She said that she hasn’t seen this girl anywhere else, only on Olivet’s campus. I did some research but I can’t find any account of this happening online.

I’m inclined to believe my sister, but I have never believed in these kind of things before. However this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. Am I right to be worried about my sister’s safety? Should she find a psychiatrist or a medium?

Asked by Julia

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  1. Hi Julia,

    I’d check with other students first, about the little girl, then get a medium in to talk to her and cross her over, rather than thinking she was some sort of negative entity .. she might simply be a little girl who is lost. If she is connected to your sister in some way, the medium won’t even have to go to the college to do the work. And the word ‘mine’ could refer to practically anything .. not your sister herself.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Hi Julia,
    Seems like there maybe a ghost. Your sister might also have a beautiful gift!! To see a spirit is wonderful, also can be frieghtning. I would love to be able to see them myself, i only can in my minds eye or when i sleep.

    Try finding out about a childs death in that area for all everyone knows here nane maybe wrong!! Keep in mind this is a child and she probably scared. Try having your sister talk and guide her to the lord. Pray for her, ask the good lord to allow your angels and guardian angels to take her “home” she is more then likly stuck. Or may not know she died!!

    Ama does spirit rescue she will be so very helpful!! Goid luck and its ok spirit anything is very hard to take in. Crazy or not lol


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