How Do You Like the Paranormal Q&A?

Hello everyone!

I would like to hear from everybody about what you think of the Q&A section of the site.

Traffic is picking up quite well. Most people who visit just read and do not post comments (If they did there would be hundreds of new comments every day). So remember that there are lots of folks reading what is posted here.

I apologize for the time it takes to get some of the questions posted. Everything is done “manually”.

I really appreciate everyone who visits and the Paranormal Q&A section and I would be glad to hear any feedback, suggestions, or comments you may have.


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  1. HI CT

    I actually prefer the Q&A section to the ghost stories, if I’m honest. There certainly appears to be more participants!!?

    I think this might be because most people seem to want to gain more knowledge about the supernatural, rather than just read creepy ghost stories – I might be wrong, but that’s the impression I get.

    In any event – keep up the good work.


    • Thanks AJ Currently the stories section gets over 50x more visitors but it seems that the commenting is more active in the Q&A

  2. Good afternoon,
    Unfortunately I found this site to be quite useful in theory, but when I really needed a question answering the question was ignored, I have waited for3 weeks now since posting my question and despite seeing other questions being posted online, I did not see mine.

    • You arent being ignored. I apologize for the delays. I located your submission and have posted it //

      I appreciate you sending in your question. And to anyone else who is waiting for their question to be posted I plan on clearing up the que within the next few days.

      • CT, just how many unposted questions do you have? No, no, don’t tell me. LOL

        I love you guys. Am I the only person from Australia who wakes up to 70 emails from this site in the morning? LOL Yes, that did happen one day .. and being me .. it took me ALL DAY to answer some of them. :-) And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

        My thoughts – the Q&A is great. I, like Luna, love to help – but the ‘anonymous’ posters (apart from when the system malfunctions) annoy the heck out of me – particularly when they use it as a smokescreen to hide behind and be nasty, or judgmental. It’s a pity we can’t tighten up the criteria to eliminate folks who will not sign in as themselves – no offence meant to the psuedonym folks who have written to me privately and introduced themselves – thank you for doing so. A little honesty is a wonderful thing.

        I hope everyone is have a good weekend,
        Love & Peace

        • Let me add to that thought .. CT, I noticed when I posted the ghost stories question that I was not advised when my question had been posted, and I didn’t know anyone had answered until I went and looked at the page itself a couple of days later. I had to comment on the page to be able to receive the email notifications of the answers people were posting. I guess that happens for everyone who writes a question .. so that might explain why some of them don’t come back to answer our questions? Is there any way of people getting told their question has been posted/answered?

          Another impossible thing before breakfast .. and now I’m hungry! LOL

          Love & Peace

          • I send out an email letting the person know whenever a question is posted. Perhaps it went astray or something.

          • Morning CT, I will test the theory with another question and see what happens. Must think of a good question though. LOL

            Love & Peace

        • Not too many really, and most of the ones who are waiting havent been that long. To be honest there are only around 20 to 30 at the moment.

          We are in the midst of moving. Thats why I havent been around much for the past few days and why I wont be around much for the next few days or so. If comments are slow to be moderated please be patient as I will be back at my desk soon. I appreciate everyones responses to this particular question

          • Ahh… house moving .. fun but exhausting. Please, take your time.

            I actually love moving to new locations .. the only thing I dread is packing. It’s not the furniture, its the 4000+ books I own. LOL

            Love & Peace
            Ama :-)

        • I agree Ama

          Hey! CT – is there a way for posters to have an ‘account’ or ‘register’ if they wish to?? Or, doesn’t the software have this function built in.

          I only ask because there are times when I’d like to go back and read certain posters comments again on various threads (but I’ve forgotten which threads they’re posted on – doh!) so I end up having to trawl through loads of threads again until (hopefully) I find what I’m looking for.

          An ‘account’ or ‘registration’ option would mean that certain posters postings are all recorded on their ‘account’. I think a lot of peeps on here would find that very useful – particularly with Ama’s responses.

          Just a thought!


          • AJ, Yes it would be possible but it would add a huge load to the moderating and managing. I adminned a forum for a couple years and that sort of thing can quickly become a full time job.

          • Hello AJ & CT

            AJ, have you seen the Q&A Index listed under Pages on the right. I drop in there to see which questions I have missed, and which ones have ‘few’ answers when I want something to do.

            CT, I’m like AJ, I like to check myself – can you set up (or is there one) a ‘search program’ by a writer’s ‘name’? Then we could find our own stuff more easily?

            Love & Peace

          • Hey Ama, I will do some research and see what I can come up with.

          • Thank you.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi CT

            I’m fully aware of the burden placed upon an Administrator, so completely understand why you don’t want to ‘go there’.

            Hope the move went ok. My office is still a complete tip, 7 years after our move – haha!


          • Sigh .. so is mine AJ, and I’ve only been in this house 2 1/2 years. LOL I keep trying to tidy up, but somehow I work better with a cluttered desk (and floor, and bookshelves .. voice trailing off into the silence). :-)

            Love & Peace

    • CareTaker is only one person and he runs this site by himself; he doesn’t have a staff, so things do take a bit of time to get on here. We all have to just be a little bit patient. CareTaker really does do a good job here considering he is a one man show! ;)

  3. Hello CareTaker!!!
    Excellent question!!! I myself thoroughly enjoy the Q&A section!!! The questions many people ask are fascinating and interesting, as well as reading everyone’s comments and beliefs on each subject. I have found this to become a greatly cherished community site for me, because I have met some incredible and amazing people here!!! You could even turn this into a social network!!! LOL!!! I come here frequently to ead new stories, read and answer new questions, and it feels good to be able to help someone when I can!!! The only issue I have is with the rare few who sometimes come on this site just to insult other, but that would never deter me from coming on this site, especially the Q&A section as often as possible!!!! Cudos to you, CT!!! You have created a successful section of TGT!!! :D

    • Hear, hear.
      I second Luna. This is a great forum, CT. I have tried to run forums(and chat channels back in the ‘before time’) and I have not the patience or diligence you have. I slacked on mods, and mostly chased off/blocked trolls. This tells me you care (yup, I also just admitted to apathy regarding my own failed attempt by that statement), and I thank you for such a great forum for inquiry and debate.

      You are a humanitarian for what you encourage, what you provide and furthermore, what you manage…..all in an effort to give us a playground to meet and discuss the really mysterious bits of our existence.

      I meant it when I said “thanks for all you do” on another post.

      ooh…but respectfully, I disagree with one suggestion of yours, Luna. Don’t make it a social networking site, CT. Your workload would be tenfold and I would have to leave because I don’t like social networking sites. hahaha!
      Sorry, Luna, I’m mostly just playing! Our paths haven’t crossed much lately as I think we’ve been on different posts/times. Good to see ya, friend! And as mentioned, in so much agreement with your sentiment, Luna, that I’ve weakened and turned a might bit cheesy with my response. :)

      Please keep it up CT…and thanks again.

      • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! LOL!!! Maybe you are right, Siddle; careTaker would be opening up a Huge can of worms with that one!!LMAO!

  4. Hello CareTaker,

    I like the Q&A section of your site. It is my absolute favorite.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful and knowledgable people here. Which in turn has taught me to seek more knowledge. I believe knowledge is power. (Not in a negative sense.)

    Thank you, CareTaker. Please keep up this good work.


  5. If I may give a critique on the site as a whole … a-hem …

    TGT is by far the best site of this genre. Coupled with a number of very knowledgable people who post on here (willingly and for free) specifically to help others, I would say this is the best place to come for anyone who has got problems or questions or require some comforting words of wisdom.

    There are quite a few other sites out there, but I’ve yet to find one which comes up to the mark.

    Well done CT – a gold star for you! LOL!


    • Thank you but I didnt do this on my own, not by a long shot. It took the readers and the commenters and folks asking their questions

  6. Ama this women is telling me :Angel is St. Isaiah – Archangel of Divine Mercy, But I was told that he is not an anegl ?
    Can you help me? Would you know which angel I have?
    One Love

    • Hi One Love,

      There are a lot of invented ‘angels’ out there now .. meaning humans think anyone who was a ‘saint’ is an angel .. no. People usually became saints after they were dead, and legend had turned them into heros.

      Isaiah was an old testament prophet, and, I think, I very wise man, but he was not an angel. So which angel are you talking about .. what does it do for you, or say to you, and where does it stand (where do you get a sense of its voice coming from), this is an easy way to identify which angel you are talking to.

      In the meantime, our guardian angels stand behind our right shoulder, one of Archangel Michael’s especially trained soldiers .. we all have one who stays with us from before we come into the world until after we leave it and return to heaven.

      Love & Peace

  7. I love the Q/A portion of this site :) Not only do I have a few of my own posted, I truly enjoy reading others’ questions and helping/giving advice when I feel like I have something that could potentially help or at least lend to the discussion. And to be quite honest, I happen to enjoy the differing opinions(when they remain civilized). They help me to look at things from a perspective that I may have not considered prior to someone stating it.

    I love the site as a whole, and I’ve come to respect a lot of people that post and comment here…even the ones I disagree with :)

  8. Thanks to all of you for posting your comments and thoughts on this. As of now all submissions have been posted.

    We have been super busy the past few weeks and especially with moving house. My “new” office is currently a shambles as I am waiting for the painting to be finished.

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