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Reoccurring Snake Dream Meaning?

I’m a teenage girl, and for the past month I have been having a reoccurring dream.

In this dream, I always meet up with a gypsy looking woman with green eyes, and raven black hair. She always proceeds to show me a card which has two black snakes intertwining, and a number 6 in he upper left corner.

The same events happen every night, but the only thing that changes is the setting in which I meet this woman. The other night I dreamt she was in my room, and I woke up screaming and expecting someone to be there with me.

Please enlighten me in anyway possible, and le me know if my imagination is just running wild. Thank you:)

Asked by Kit

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How to Increase Prophetic Dreaming?

Hello, I have been experiencing prophetic dreaming for the past several days. I would dream about surprise dinners someone would make the next day or incidences at work that would happen the next day.

Once I caught onto what was happening these dreams would cease and I was wondering what helps trigger them and how I can continue to have them?

Thank you

Asked by Elizabeth

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Dreams of a Hindu Temple and of Lord Ganesha

Recently I have seen a Hindu Temple in my dream. The moment I reach there, I was surprised to see a lady in front of the Temple and making a flower garland. The flowers she is having are stale but the moment she ties those into the garland they are becoming really fresh.

The same day I have seen another small temple of Lord Ganesha a Hindu god known to remove any obstacles we are facing but I couldn’t go near the deity because a cupboard full of non veg dishes are blocking my way.

Asked by Ishaani Vunnam

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Bad Dreams Possible Evil Spirits?

My 4 year old son has been having bad dreams. But he says this 5 minutes after being tucked in for the night. Last night was different, he said the bad dreams want his room. They are evil like Frankenstein and have no hands. He says there is 2 mamas but they aren’t evil. He says there is about 10 “bad dreams” in his room.

He said mamas room had good dreams. Then he said while in my room, mama your good dreams are in my head now and the bad dreams are going in your head. You like bad dreams mama. I told him no i don’t.

Also in his room he said he saw shadows of fire through his curtains. He slept in my room fine. He refuses to go back to his room.

Sorry I was awake all night really freaked out. What is he experiencing and how do I make it stop or go away? Hope I explained it right.

Asked by mama of 4yr old son

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Lord Vishnu?


Does dreaming of Lord Vishnu mean anything specifically?

Asked by Robyn

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Dreams About a Ghost Child and Evil Mother

What do dreams about a ghost child and evil mother mean?

This is crazy weird but please don’t stop reading. I have been having these dreams, they’re about this little girl maybe about 10 and she has straggly hair and torn up clothes, she is a ghost and she shows up at my house while I’m for some reason outside by my front door and often go back inside right away to her presents, and I can’t turn my back on her or else when I look away her face is screwed up and her eyes shift, kind of like the movie “the ring” when it’s slowly coming towards the screen and the light is shifty. This dream is constantly reoccurring and this time she told me more about her mom. Her mom is from what I gather demanding and cruel but not torn up and scary, although still a ghost. The little girl tells me “do what she says” and the mom tells me something about fuel in her car and basically running errands, she looks at the girl as if to say “what are you waiting for” then I wake up. The dream has never gone this far before but it always starts with me outside and her appearing, walking towards me, and me backing into my house by this scary child ghost.

What does this dream mean? Please help me out.

I’ve Googled it for hours but I can’t find anything. I don’t watch many scary movies because I’m paranoid and get very scared that I imagine the stuff in the movie happening to me. But this scary movie in my head is really starting to frustrate me.

Sorry for this post being so long, but I really am begging for help.

Asked by Sami

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Blue Woman or Demon?

Some sort of Spiritual Attack

When I was about 16 I went to bed one night and had a very strange dream. Let me preface that with this. My whole life I have had dreams about a nice old house lined with books that I always imagined I would read and live in peace with. So this house that I have dreamed of since I was a child was like a safe haven for me. So back to the dream. In this dream I was in a field and there was a house, similar if not the same house as the one that I used as a sanctuary. Except the field was discolored as was the sky and everything looked wrong and evil. I found myself approaching the house and went inside, in the kitchen there was a woman preparing dinner. The kitchen was bloody and pieces of human flesh were laying on the counter. I could not see her face as she would not turn around but she kept hacking away at what was in front of her. She wore a tattered dress and had long stringy black hair. Eventually I saw her face and she was blue and terrifying. She chased me and I ran out the back porch and it was like I was in slow motion. I jumped out the door just in time to escape her grasp and I watched as she was stuck in the house freaking out and screaming. Then I said to myself, this is just a dream, it is a dream WAKE UP and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. This woman moved up to me at super speed and started choking me while in my head I was screaming wake up!

I opened my eyes and I was staring around my room trying to scream and jump out of bed but I couldn’t. I saw the woman standing in the corner of my room but I was stuck in a laying position. At the same time I couldn’t breathe or scream because I still felt I was being choked. It was like one of my eyes saw everything in my room and the other saw the dream world. I was stuck like that for like 30 seconds staring at her trying to scream and then she flickered out of existence and I was able to jump up and scream my lungs out. This Blue woman… I had never had a nightmare like that and never been so terrified.

I searched the web and demonology books looking for answers about blue demons and this blue woman. Does anyone have any answers?

Asked by Panda

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Professionals Who do Dream Interpretation?

Are there professionals who do dream interpretation?

I am having dreams that I know are intended to give me a message and I’m unable to decipher these dreams.

Asked by Robyn

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Why Would a Demon Protect Me in a Dream?

I had a dream of being in Hell chilling with demons. And in this dream one of the demons was my lover. I said to him I want to go home now, and he said you can go now I’ll watch you from here. I said I’m scared I’ll burn my feet, because I was bare footed and he got up from his chair and walked behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said “do you trust me” I said “yes” and he made the floors cool down so that I walk on it and I came home.

I woke up. Can demons bring us into their realm by our dreams? What does this mean?

Asked by victoria

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A Dream Spell

I did a dream spell where you write the name of a person who you want to know what they think of you. You say the verses over the name on paper folded twice and an eye wrote on the other side.

Well dream time came and dream was very vivid. Bunches of mouths were trying to bite me, they were all around me in a black room, I could see the red gums and teeth trying to bite me all over. What could this possibly mean?

Asked by honeydewmoon

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