Blue Woman or Demon?

Some sort of Spiritual Attack

When I was about 16 I went to bed one night and had a very strange dream. Let me preface that with this. My whole life I have had dreams about a nice old house lined with books that I always imagined I would read and live in peace with. So this house that I have dreamed of since I was a child was like a safe haven for me. So back to the dream. In this dream I was in a field and there was a house, similar if not the same house as the one that I used as a sanctuary. Except the field was discolored as was the sky and everything looked wrong and evil. I found myself approaching the house and went inside, in the kitchen there was a woman preparing dinner. The kitchen was bloody and pieces of human flesh were laying on the counter. I could not see her face as she would not turn around but she kept hacking away at what was in front of her. She wore a tattered dress and had long stringy black hair. Eventually I saw her face and she was blue and terrifying. She chased me and I ran out the back porch and it was like I was in slow motion. I jumped out the door just in time to escape her grasp and I watched as she was stuck in the house freaking out and screaming. Then I said to myself, this is just a dream, it is a dream WAKE UP and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. This woman moved up to me at super speed and started choking me while in my head I was screaming wake up!

I opened my eyes and I was staring around my room trying to scream and jump out of bed but I couldn’t. I saw the woman standing in the corner of my room but I was stuck in a laying position. At the same time I couldn’t breathe or scream because I still felt I was being choked. It was like one of my eyes saw everything in my room and the other saw the dream world. I was stuck like that for like 30 seconds staring at her trying to scream and then she flickered out of existence and I was able to jump up and scream my lungs out. This Blue woman… I had never had a nightmare like that and never been so terrified.

I searched the web and demonology books looking for answers about blue demons and this blue woman. Does anyone have any answers?

Asked by Panda

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  1. Hi Panda,

    My first thought is about ‘when’ you had this dream. You said you were 16, but how old are you now? And did you see the x-men movies where Mystique is blue skinned, as is the Nightwalker, I think? Did you dream it before or after they appeared in the visual consciousness of the western world? And do you watch a lot of horror movies, since scenes like these are part of that culture? If you can say you never have, you might have been reliving someone’s memories, but .. until I know, I don’t know.

    The part where you were almost awake .. could be sleep paralysis .. your mind shocking itself awake before your body was, and in that state we do have experiences of hypnogogic images, and visual images imposed over our minds .. in other words, we still think we see them even if our eyes are open .. or you could have been in another layer of your dream, only dreaming you were awake, and then snapping into your body properly as it woke up, and the lady then vanished.

    It was a very odd experience. I hope you wrote down as much of it as you could at the time, because our memories distort the images in our minds as time passes.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here below under Friends)

    • Mystique – this is one from the movie but it will give an idea of what the character looks like


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