Why Would a Demon Protect Me in a Dream?

I had a dream of being in Hell chilling with demons. And in this dream one of the demons was my lover. I said to him I want to go home now, and he said you can go now I’ll watch you from here. I said I’m scared I’ll burn my feet, because I was bare footed and he got up from his chair and walked behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said “do you trust me” I said “yes” and he made the floors cool down so that I walk on it and I came home.

I woke up. Can demons bring us into their realm by our dreams? What does this mean?

Asked by victoria

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  1. Hi Victoria,

    My first question would have to be ‘what have you been watching on tv’? There’s a lot of confusing messages out there now, about dark entities such as demons and vampires etc, and our mind does tend to overlay one image over another .. so if you have been wondering about demon lovers, or reading about them, your subconscious might create a story for you to exeperience .. or some entity around you could be trying to influence you .. because, demons are not friendly to humans, they do not like them, love them or do nice things for them .. unless their motive is to get you to trust them to start with, until they get a good hold on you and then tie you up in psychological knots and drive you literally insane. They are not to be trusted. That is what they do to the majority of people they end up inhabiting, or even just opppressing.

    I am hoping it was all just a dream ..

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)

    • thank you ama !! but no i actually don’t watch that kind of programming… and i don’t read much. i actually don’t like reading books or crazy stories.. i just wanted to know if it’s possible for them to bring me in an other demention through my dreams and if so what besides getting me to trust it would be his intentions? just that!! since this is supposed to be a place where people belive or know a little more than i decided to post this here.. it was a very real dream..and the whispering from time to time just made think there was a little bit more.. but if you say so!

  2. Hi Victoria,

    Just to make sure you are safe, you might consider saying this Invocation to clear anything nasty from your energy.

    //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ If there is something around that doesn’t have your greater good in mind, that should take care of it. The instructions are on the webpage.

    Love & Peace

  3. thank you ama !!!

  4. I wouldnt worry ur subconcous can make up wird or strange dreams, it was probably ur brain going wild with imagination.

  5. He is trying to get your trust. Don’t fall for it!

  6. victoria not to worry about u are safe, human life is ruled by angels and demons. it means thousands of species working (angels and demon leaders)to protect and to give great life for each human being all are in control of the god it’s their duty. May be in ur case some thing may did wrong by some demon leader so ur soul goen to them they understod their mistake and ready to rectify it. so no need to worry about.

    never think all demons ane bad only the demons that live in our world means ghost’s are bad some of them r good. and feeling hot because u goen to the hell. hell is hot place if u goen to the heaven u feel cool. ur from earth that’s why u can’t observed the climate of hell so the leader made it cool for u.

    i am from India my english is poor so if thers any mistake dont mind it, just take the meanig and answer what i want to say

    • i dont really understand,, but i did read something in this site that someone said not all demons are bad…

      • Don’t believe everything you read, Victoria. The word ‘demon’ is used to describe all sorts of things, that are not demonic in nature.

        True demons, from hell, are never good.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  7. Demon is a species like humans, lives in hell not all of them are cruel or bad. Ghosts live with us not belongs to the demons . Demons are hell protectors they punish spirits according to their good and bad they are almost equal with angels only difference angle lives in heven demon in underworld thats it. both species Demons, and Angles work to control and stebilize Human race. hatting one species is not right answer

  8. Naga i totally get what your’re saying !!! a few days ago i heard this strange wishpering, but it was in my sleep i was dreaming of walking to a strange place i wasnt scared and again i was with this demon.. i didnt understand his words but i wasn’t scared… the whispering woke me… my question is can demons bring us into their world through our dreams??? if they can why me?

  9. yes demons bring us into their world through our dreams. relation between you and demon is strong from the past life that’s the reason u able to go their and meet him. now ur a human being so u can’t understand his language but ur sole understood every thing and replied him properly all the information that u forget is in ur subconscious mind. you forget because right now u don’t need all that.

    not to worry about him he is taking care of u. you reach him after this life. untill ur death he waits for you and never try to kill u. it means not that u too are a demon in past life.

    1.. may be he is protecter of the hell and punisher of the bad souls. you mabe some mistake or used ur powers for wrong purpuse accidentialy so you are given chance to rectify because of that you born as human now in this life ur gole is pray god sincerely and live ur ordinary life with love and humanity. this is the lesson for you.

    2.. some times even angles live more than one life at a time for some reasons. so may be ur living 2 lifes at a time. first life living with ur lover in the place what u see in dreams and second life living as human being in this world. this could happen only when any angle (hell protecters are also angels looks like demons at the time of duty and looks beautiful at leasure time) given word for any human being with children even that person are not granted children by the god. to keep the word angles can born as human beeing to those persons.

    in ur case point 1 or 2 is happend with u. that’s why in deep sleep u able to see ur orginal life happening. but as the natures rule or god’s rule human beings forgets about their past life so you can’t understand your owne language when u awake.

    • Hi guys,

      I’ve been worrying over this one for a few days, since I don’t usually like to interfere with different people’s belief systems, but this time I have to, because Victoria does not know enough to make an educated decision.

      Human life is NOT ruled by demons and angels. Human beings have free will, that means that the only people ‘ruling’ us is ourselves. True demons are fallen angels. The angels are truly good, and demons are the exact opposite, pure evil .. and definitely not to be trusted.

      Demons have to lure people into trusting them. They will lie and cheat to do this. They will do ANYTHING to make us vulnerable to them, or dependent upon them. They work in subtle ways, one small step at a time, because they are timeless and can be very patient when they think they are getting what they want – human co-operation. Demons will promise humans anything they want, and provide it, with a catch. The catch is that they want to possess our bodies. They cannot affect our souls, but they can twist our minds, and corrupt our kind and loving natures. They will subtly influence our thinking, driving us away from people who love us and could help us to be safe. They will provide what we think is missing in our lives, in an ‘easy’ fashion .. like being the perfect lover when a person is lonely. They will try and disrupt the person’s faith and trust in God, other people and finally their own minds. They seek to destroy the person’s mind, ending them up in mental hospitals, because the energy of that person is still available and they feed on that while the person suffers unimaginable horrors trapped within their own body, and anyone else in the family they can affect.

      Does this sound like a friendly entity?

      Demons are not a species like humans. They are an aberation. They are corrupted angels, and spread corruption wherever they are. They will attach themselves to families and bestow greatness upon them. They have ‘time’ for this. They can stay for many generations, until they get what they want, and it has nothing to do with love, and everything to do with power. Their corruption can spread across the world.

      Victoria, I think Naga is telling you you used to be a demon, and the demon that is now talking to you, first in whispers, (but ‘it’ will get louder the more you listen to it), is your partner from hell. Is this what you want? Before committing to such a relationship please realise that this entity hates all of humanity, thinks humanity is a plague polluting this planet, which it believes it owns, and also thinks of you as one of God’s ‘toys’ for it to play with. It is not your protector, it will become your captor. Would you allow another living soul to do that to you?

      If you are a Child of Light, a demon redeemed, you are an even more interesting target. The dark will always try to take back what they ‘own’, or think they own. They like nothing better than to re-corrupt someone who has turned their back on the dark and gone back to God. Only you can know if that is true or not.

      Children of Light (COL), in spirit, do not play games with human beings. Being redeemened they recognise the profound mistake they made in falling in the first place, and seek to help humanity, not harm it. They do not take human lovers as spirit beings. They do not whisper in our ears. Our angels are the ones who protect and guide us, not demons, and not COLs. They are not that greatly trusted.

      There are some cultures that believe demons help them, but I think that is more daemons, who are a different energy entirely. If you do not belong to that culture, it should not be happening to you.

      Have you done the Michael Invocation as I suggested? It might be interesting to have someone whispering to you in your dreams, but its not worth the price you will have to pay, over and over again.

      Love & Peace

      • AMA this is for u

        i live in state Andhra Pradesh, India. my mother language is Telugu i am 32 year old. in my language AMA means mother. so first i touch ur feet with great respect give me blessings mother. because mothers blessing is equal to God’s blessing….. bless me great life without troubles and bless me success in my life

        and sorry if my answer makes u angry. i am telling to Victoria according to my knowledge. if i did any mistake execuse me and rectify my fault

        you r right about Demons They will lie and cheat to do this. They will do ANYTHING to make us vulnerable to them, or dependent upon them i agree with you. demons are fallen angles i agree.

        i will tell what i know after that u can understand what i want to tell Victoria.

        human beings are not free 84 types of angels work upon every human body untill death they give happiness, sad, health, diesece, life , death every thing even food digestion work with in their control they control every thing of human being according to our will only our will is free to make decisions in our life according to our will they work for us even we goeing bad way they dont stop us just warn us. their’s one angle, angle of Death and life he dont work according to us he take decession based on our “karma” or can say “what ever good things or bad things we did” that is his duty he neither feel love nor hate the souls. he lives in Hell and rules it. there are different type of hell’s out of them one Hell is ruled by him every human being after death must visit him their he decide where to go. if we lived our life great,love,humanity,helping nature, near to God, honesty like this he will send us to heaven their we live better life that’s u know , if any spirit with many mistakes not aligble to heaven are get punished by him in hell for this job the fallen angles and their children, families work for him, they have to work under his control. this is Gods decission other wise with out any control they spoils every thing. Angel of Death his heart is strong as stone shows no mercy always projects angry due to his angry even other angels too fear him he only replys to god directly. he never do any mistake and never accepts any mistake. due to the great angry his body turns into black colour. he decides the souls other life means soul eligible to heaven or hell or to any animal form or other things etc. to control his kingdom some other angles can call them Ancestor angels work with him. their behaviour too smiliar to death angel. king passes the decision about soul according to him they do the remaining things they control the demons and uses them to punishing the bad souls.due to movieng closely to the demons and with great angry they too looks like demons but they are not demons. their main duty is giving food to the punishing souls. souls goen to heaven no need to worry about food . but the souls who are under punishment for them food must provide even with out food they dont die in their but lives with out food. when we humans pray for our ancestors the food we give or taken will go directly to this angels from their they distribute to all our ancestors of our family. you see Mother in all religions every one prays to god before eating when we pray, some amount of food or energy of food goes to these angels for our ancestors this is our duty even our ancestors are bad we born in their familys. if we dont pray god before taking some thing even water dont goes for our ancestors. it is rule made by god for the sake of bad souls. God given one word to these ancestor angels if they curse some one even angels in heaven and God himself never interfere into this. he blessed to them like this because of their sincerity and dedication in work they are most helpful to the God. they are very angry if any human neglets their ancestors they get angry and can curse us to avoide this mistake god blessed human beings if we give any thing to god means food, clothes, water some part of it goes to our ancestors.

        as up to Victoria’s dream i want to tell her that she belongs to ancestor angels family.
        they look like demons but not demons they are angels appointed by god in hell to control the fallen angels (real demons) and at the same time to look after the punishment given to the bad souls. they always love humans even the bad soles are getting punishment they want to give food and water to them but this must be done buy their living families in earth.

        Mother, i told to Victoria that she belongs to angels family not demons family

        Mother humans are not free Angels and demons control our life we got only decision to whom we want to give control of our life either to Angels or to demons.

        Victoria this is for you

        what ever i told you about you is my opinion only. accepting my opinion or not depends up on your life u lead. you the victim only you can understand what is goeing on and try Michael Invocation as AMA suggested.

        • Hello Naga,

          If I could bestow blessings I definitely would ask that you receive what you need for your greatest good. I wish a long life and abundance to you, and all of us.

          Your answer did not make me angry, but it worried me, because a lot of people who write to this True Ghost Tales site do not have any knowledge of what demons actually are. In a way your beliefs and customs keep your people safe, for the most part, from the sort of demonic problems experienced in the west .. Perhaps the demons in your culture are ancient daemons, human created beings that have taken on a life of their own, and are benign, for the most part, to your people because of your respect for them, and do not punish the living the way that our version of demons does over here. Thanks to Christianity, and Judaism before that, we have been taught to fear .. pretty much everything .. angels, gods, demons, each other, people who do not share the same beliefs as us? It’s not good, Naga. There is no balance, no peace of mind, in spending a lifetime living in fear.

          I find what you believe to be absolutely fascinating, having read more of it now. The way you describe the 84 angels is the way I see elemental beings (which are also daemons in various people’s belief systems). They are ‘of the earth’ just as humanity is created of elements from the earth. The western intrepretation of the knowledge is called ‘theosophy’. Yes, the elementals support the human body, and all its functions. I am not talking about those beings. I am talking more about those who punish humans while they are living, not after they die. Elementals do not do this, but fallen angels and their servants do.

          For people who fear death, or their own karma, the angel of death might be thought of as a nightmare, but to those of us who have passed through many lifetimes, and remember, he’s a gatekeeper to a whole different journey, and a happy return Home. To some people, who’s death is long delayed, such as the terminally ill, he could be seen as a good friend. It all depends on a person’s beliefs in what happens after we die.

          Your angel of death is interesting, but also very puzzling. He is supposed to be impartial to human choice, but is always angry and acts without mercy to send people who make mistakes into hell. I can see why he is happy to live in a place that resonates to negative emotions, given his own, but which of your God’s chose him for the job? And why? Are people so evil that he must reside where ‘most’ of them will end up spending eternity being punished?

          I agree that spirits, people who have crossed over into heaven, no longer require human food, or the energy of our food, to sustain them, but ghosts do. Ghosts are trapped between heaven and earth, fearing heaven and hell, which is sad because, in my understanding, hell is a ‘home’ for demons, and humans do not go there. Karma allows us all to learn and grow, and humans do not grow when they are in torment, they turn inwards on themselves and tend to hide until they cannot stand it anymore, and force themselves to confront what has caused them so much pain, and do something to change the situation – to set themselves free again. In a place like ‘hell’ there is no ceasing of the punishments, so how can a person learn anything apart form how to suffer? It is in opening ourselves up again that we change, and it is in that moment that the angels might touch their lives and help them find peace again, if the person allows it. Demons, on the other hand, do not need permission to torment humans. If you believe the Christian bible, or have read it, they appear to have been using the story of Job as an excuse/reason to harm people since it was created in a society long before Judaism was invented. According to the story God gave Satan, the head demon, permission to ‘test’ one of God’s true and faithful followers, and I didn’t read anywhere in that story where God took back the permission, nor did it chastise Satan for harming job, and demons will take advantage of any mistakes we make to abuse our trust, but I’ve talked about that before.

          Saying Grace, which is praying and saying thank you before eating, works the same for us here, although most people do not realise that is what is happening. Some of the energy of the food goes back to God as a thank you for the abundance He has bestowed on us. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are words often forgotten in our culture these days, which is very sad, because they are a gift of energy, given and received by the people speaking to each other. This energy exchange is very important. It helps people to understand each other so much more – and I’ll tell you something, Naga, even with all this modern communication, people still don’t communicate truly and clearly, although many of us try to. We are losing touch with everyone around us by ignoring small kindnesses. And when small things fail in a society, it can fall apart.

          Thank you so much for sharing your beliefs with me. I am always interested in how other cultures view the world, and the spiritual planes.

          One last thing, would you please tell me the name of your belief system, so I can do more research on the subject.

          Wishing you a wonderful day,
          Love & Peace

  10. oh my! Please listen to Ama! ALL true demons are of evil natures. Every single one of them are deceivers who are “Hell”-bent on destroying your faith, willpower and soul. Their purpose is to seperate you from God. Never believe anyone who tells you otherwise. They are Not “balancers” of this world. Demons were allowed certain powers by God, yes, but not because He thinks they will Ever ‘help’ protect you… ever! No way permission to trust them at all. And these tv shows are extremely dangerous in that they are just that, meant for entertainment, but I am so very scared about all the new and inexperienced… well, just plain uneducated in demonology, start-up ‘ghost-hunters.’ SO many have taken home very bad spirits that end up destroying their families and lives. Like Ama said, never trust what you read or see on tv. There are angels – protectors for sure. Then there are ghosts, not all bad, not all good. Then, as Ama stated.. there are demons, true demons from Hell, which are VERY real and Always Evil. Sometimes people want to encounter these things, or think they do. Then there are those of us who never asked for them, but nonetheless they will not leave us alone. I never asked for it, nor looked for this ‘doorway’ that was so sneakily opened by a true demon. If you are haunted by a true demon, you would know it, trust me! Trust AMA!!

    God bless,
    Keith J

    • Trust in the power of God (Christ/Holy Spirit) through the angels, Keith. I am just the messanger. I want people to empower themselves through educated decision making.

      Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it. :-)

      Love & Peace

  11. I am glad you are here, Ama, as there is so much to learn in order to stay safe. That faith of mine literally saved my life during the worst of it. That and the faith of my ‘releasor’ who was key in driving it from me. I was a skeleton of a human. Lost 1/3 body weight, faith was beginning to wane. I was Very dark, and even the church pastor (baptist) where I attended was scared to try, which gave it more energy. But the Holy Spirit beat it. It’s always there though, right near me, we can feel it…waiting for me to weaken…which will never happen. I have pre-cancerous cells growing where it resided in me, in my gut. Just found out from endoscopy last week. A dark whole was growing in there and I just knew if it got to my heart it’d kill me. Not there anymore, but the cancer seems inevitable. It’s weird, but we just ‘know’ that’s how it became permantly inflamed. Same time as when it left me. I’m a hard man to kill!! lol Love wins every time!

    • I am so sorry Keith. That is just awful. You are a living example of what we try to save people from becoming. Often it is the nicest people who suffer the most.

      I’m glad you got checked out. I hope you don’t have to have chemo, but do take very good care of yourself.

      Love & Peace

  12. I know some people will read the above and think I’ve gone bonkers.

    • Welcome to my world, Keith. :-) I doubt you are any more bonkers than I am, but I once went to a psychiatrist and told him what I do and asked him if he thought I was insane? I am clairaudient, I hear voices, not always friendly ones. His answer was ‘there is more happening in this world that we can truly understand’ .. or words to that effect. Bless the man! He had had a long career in his profession and he had seen so much that can’t always be simply explained away.

      Love & Peace

      • My neurologist said this about my head injury; when the brain gets shifted, the things we percieve do to. For awhile I had whats called synesthesia, where music is also seen in 3-d with colors and physical textures. He thought it was amazing. I did too!

        • Great pity we have to have a head injury to do that. LOL

          Love & Peace
          Ama :-)

  13. Hi Naga
    i understood what you said before… know i get a better understanding of what everything else.. i always thought something like that had to be happening to me.. because i would meet people for the first time ever and they would insist of knowing me from another place, they would even mention the place where they had seen me before. places i’ve never visited before.. this dream with demons and angels is not my first i most confess today. although i was never in a hell place like before this particular dream. it has been around 2 yrs since the last time i had an angel or demon dream.. 2 yrs ago i had an angel dream which i don’t like to mention and won’t here just because it’ll make things more confusing to every one. but thank you everyone for their great wishes.. and thank you Naga for letting me in this info . i think it was the missing piece !! ;)

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