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Am I Being Haunted by a Demon?

For the past 13 years things have been happening to me that I try to explain away but now its getting out of hand. It started out with a few things flying across the room. Then for the past few years I have awakened with scratches on the backs of my legs, and then last year I actually dreamt that I was asleep and looking down between my legs at my feet there was a lump under the blanket moving towards my stomach, I started screaming and then felt something bite my stomach. My boyfriend ran into the room and I woke up. Later I found three sucker/bite marks on my stomach.

And just the night before last I was awakened by something lying on my back and breathing heavily into my ear. I thought I was dreaming, I reached down to push it off of me and definitely felt a long fingernail with my finger. I tried to scream but nothing would come out and then suddenly it was gone.

As crazy as this seems, I am a single woman, and almost every time something happens its when I’ve had a sexual experience recently. Is It just my mind feeling guilty or what? The backs of my calves are covered with scratches that have turned into scars and almost every time the scratches are in threes. Can you help me figure out what’s going on?

Asked by susan

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Blue Woman or Demon?

Some sort of Spiritual Attack

When I was about 16 I went to bed one night and had a very strange dream. Let me preface that with this. My whole life I have had dreams about a nice old house lined with books that I always imagined I would read and live in peace with. So this house that I have dreamed of since I was a child was like a safe haven for me. So back to the dream. In this dream I was in a field and there was a house, similar if not the same house as the one that I used as a sanctuary. Except the field was discolored as was the sky and everything looked wrong and evil. I found myself approaching the house and went inside, in the kitchen there was a woman preparing dinner. The kitchen was bloody and pieces of human flesh were laying on the counter. I could not see her face as she would not turn around but she kept hacking away at what was in front of her. She wore a tattered dress and had long stringy black hair. Eventually I saw her face and she was blue and terrifying. She chased me and I ran out the back porch and it was like I was in slow motion. I jumped out the door just in time to escape her grasp and I watched as she was stuck in the house freaking out and screaming. Then I said to myself, this is just a dream, it is a dream WAKE UP and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. This woman moved up to me at super speed and started choking me while in my head I was screaming wake up!

I opened my eyes and I was staring around my room trying to scream and jump out of bed but I couldn’t. I saw the woman standing in the corner of my room but I was stuck in a laying position. At the same time I couldn’t breathe or scream because I still felt I was being choked. It was like one of my eyes saw everything in my room and the other saw the dream world. I was stuck like that for like 30 seconds staring at her trying to scream and then she flickered out of existence and I was able to jump up and scream my lungs out. This Blue woman… I had never had a nightmare like that and never been so terrified.

I searched the web and demonology books looking for answers about blue demons and this blue woman. Does anyone have any answers?

Asked by Panda

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Was this a Visit from an Angel?

So I had ghost/demon experiences back when I was 3 years old, before being baptized (catholic). My mom had a lady “cure” me and its been fine ever since, now I am 20 and last night for the first time I had a visit.

I was sleeping and was dreaming. Felt something really heavy on top of me, I woke up. And yes I was awake. There was something holding me down (pressing) and sniffing my chest and face. I closed my eyes and prayed in my head asking god to make it go away. Then it continued on stretching my cheeks.

The whole time this was going on there was a loud noise. Like the sound of a train (vibrations). I then opened my eyes and everything vanished? Mom says it was a visit from an angel. Could this be so?

Asked by Emilse

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Normal for Sleep Paralysis in the Day?

I have had sleep paralysis at night and… during the day.

My first experience was late at night around 3:35 am. I felt like i was awake but could not move and was freezing cold, though covered with blankets. Lasted about 5 – 10 minutes.

The second was actually during the day, about 7 – 8am, I was awake, as it seemed and I felt pressure on my back as I was laying on my back. I could not move my head and i heard voices around me, but could not look up to see and I felt like multiple things were touching me. This lasted roughly around 2 – 3 minutes.

Never really had any experiences like this before. So far nothing else has happened other than this.

My question is, is it normal for sleep paralysis to happen during the day as well as night?

Asked by Patrick Woods

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Sleep Paralysis or Something Darker?

Ever since I’ve been 5 I’ve had a strong faith, but I’ve also believed in another realm as well.

It all started at 5, we lived in a very old house where a man killed himself in the barn (because he heard voices). My first experience was me and my friend Halle were outside in the dark playing, and we both looked over, part of the yard was darker than the other half of the yard. We disregarded this and kept playing, then we heard something and looked to the darker half of the yard and saw two huge red eyes, there were no pupils and no face, there are absolutely no way to describe these eyes. We went inside, being children we never told a soul thinking no one would believe us.

After that I started having bad dreams. Like a zombie thing killed our preacher and a toy maker. I also disregarded this. Then I had a dream about my dad leaving in this new truck that was small, he had another woman in the car and my older brother and little sister. But not me or my older sister… then I had one about me and my little sister and big brother. My big brother started getting attacked and eaten by zombies. The last thing he did while dying was look at me and say, “take Josie go go go! to granny’s” and so I left my big brother and took my little sister to granny’s were we stayed.

Then the sleep paralysis started. I slept on my stomach. I would wake up and try to move but I couldn’t, I couldn’t breath. So I just stayed calm, and prayed. I prayed in my head because I couldn’t breath. What ever happened to me was heavy.

Then when I was around 7 I got sick, deathly sick, and I had a dream of my dead cousin Jonathan. He passed away of cancer and he was 19 or 18. I said to him, “Jonathan what are you doing here, you know your moms going to be mad. She thinks your dead!” And he spoke, “oh hun, I’m not dead only asleep.” With that he left. In my dream no one saw him but me. No one even heard him but me.

After some time this stopped. But I hated being alone. I wouldn’t play by myself or be alone at all. I felt something watching me and felt uncomfortable.

One night, when I was supposed to be in bed, I heard mom talking to my aunt and granny about what used to happen to me when I was a baby. “Well when she was a baby she would wake up and come into our room saying, “momma monsters in my room.” “I would look at her back and there would be scratch marks all over my back.” After finding this out I became curious about what this thing was.

Right when it sparked my curiosity is when it all stopped. Nothing ever happened after these dreams and things – Until we moved into our new house. I was around 10 in the 4th grade (I failed 1st). We moved just down the road from a graveyard. My cousin was buried there. Then dad bought the truck I dreamed about when I was 5, the small one. Then mom and him got a divorce. Mom moved into her boyfriends house. I was 11, my dad took my little sister and older brother. He got a new girlfriend… the one I dreamed about at 5, her name was Susan.

After that Judith (my older sister) started talking to this imaginary friend named C (I refuse to think or type his name) we all ignored it until C started to get physical. That’s when I started feeling discomfort again. I hated being alone. When one night I dreamed of a demon burning down the church and burning the preacher. I was the only one with water to save the preacher and the demon turned to me and said, “you can not have him he’s mine, your god has no power you can not cross,” and I spoke back, “my god has all the power… now watch me cross,” and I walked through the demon and saved the preacher.

A couple months later I got a dreadful feeling. Then my aunt came and spoke to mom. I don’t know what she said but what I do know is mom started screaming my baby, my baby. So I got out of bed and ran to mom. That’s when I found out my brother had killed himself, shot himself in the left side of the brain. I got in my aunts car and me and my little sister went to granny’s house were I dreamed of a demon in front of my mother… it was the same demon from before and he said, “you cant cross you have not power,” I looked down then back up and said to the beast, “watch me,” and prayed while walking through it.) The thing disappeared.

Then when I went back to 302 Hobson Ave. or as I call it the demons house, mom and my sister got possessed by something. I really got scared then it was so scary to see my mom in pain. I prayed and prayed to god hoping then he could really hear me good. When mom finally was controlable and the demon had left mom hugged me and said, “I’m glad nothing happened to you.” I asked her what she meant and she said, “if you touch someone who is possessed you’ll get possessed next,” this made me think. I carried mom out of the truck into the house where Judith put her on the couch.

How come nothing happened to me? All I got was scratches on my back. But Judith got it. It sparked my curiosity again. The night before mom left David and we left the demons house I was asleep and heard a woman’s voice say, “leave now!” and kicked me in back of the head. That night we left. After that nothing really happened but I felt stalked. I thought this to be paranoia and ignored it. When I went to my cousins house, they lived next door to the demons house, we went and visited the new residence. A witch lived there.

She said there were 3 main demons and their names all started with C. One woman and 2 men. I knew who she spoke of but stayed quiet. Her boyfriend didn’t believe her, so he went into one of the closets and started saying, “aw come on show me what ya got!” Nothing happened and he was about to come out when the closet door locked itself (the door has no lock) then he started screaming. When we finally got him out he had 3 names carved in his back. They all started with C, 1 girls and 2 boys. I knew what had happened, and me and the witch both new what things did this to him.

When I was 12 mom and David got back together but we lived in our old house. I hated David and will always hate him. He started to abuse my mother mentally and I was in my room crying afraid of their fights, when I heard a knock at my window. I saw a guy. He was white mist, but some how I knew him. I opened my window. I never knew his real name and still don’t but he let me call him Jesse. Then we spoke and he’d even cuddle in bed with me so I wouldn’t`t be afraid. Then Jesse started getting violent with David.

Soon mom and David broke up and when I was 14 I found out we were moving to Maryville Tennessee. We visited it a couple days later and every time I wished for something. I would get it. I wished I had 50 dollars and I just happened to get 50 dollars because someone threw it in the river.

At first I thought it was a one time thing but I started hearing boots, heavy big boots, follow me everywhere. When then I started dreaming of this big black blob of evil. It was huge and smelled like a thousand dead bodies that had been rotting for centuries. But this thing never hurt me and through the whole dream I would just stare at it horrified.

When me and my friend thought it would be cool to make our own Ouija board. We played with it and nothing happened. When she went home I played by myself. I came in contact with nothing. The only thing that happened was it felt like my hand was floating. I asked if someone was there and it went to yes and I didn’t believe it so I asked again and it started going in circles really fast. I didn’t ask it anything I just got up and tried to run. I stared at it for a little and I swear it spelled out – I’ve always been with you – but I really don’t know.

Then I had a dream about a demon being possessed with me. I have had dreams where I have had its child, where I ran from it, and so on

Its gotten so strong now that it tried to close my door and lock it. So we put my tower in front of it and my mom has come in to see my door try to close with the tower in front of it. When I thought it had finally stopped I slept with my door closed again and I herd taps on my wall. I got scared so I prayed and it got right above my head and I just passed out. Just yesterday I heard it say hello to me and I saw it in front of my window. I noticed more features in it this time. Its really tall and really fugly.

Can some one help? I’m scared. I’m Christian and always have been. But this thing is possessed with me. It stalks me everywhere. I want helpful answers to get rid of it. It always grants my wishes and protects m, but it scares me too. I know its something but what? Should I trust it or fear it? I’m so confused.

Asked by raeraehaynes

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Questions About Ghosts Sleep Paralysis Demons and Evil

So,very slowly I’m getting to “get into the picture” and getting to understand that there is “supernatural” which I have been ignoring and lots of people still do. My question includes actually a lot of questions (because you know, even I started to understand some things, there’s still huge amount of things which I don’t understand.)

So, God/our Lord loves us all and created lovely creatures – angels and love as well – right? Then from where did all these demons and “bad creatures” appear? Well, maybe this question I could answer even by myself, but still I’m curious about answers. And so I have a theory processed into question also:

Why are all these evil creatures (demons, sleep paralysis, ghosts, whatever…) so hateful? I mean every time I ask my angel to get me rid of them I have to ask this myself: Are they really so bad? And why?

You know I may be too empathic but I am always some kind sorry for them, that they had to end up like this… and somewhere deep inside, maybe they didn’t even mean to be so bad… I don’t know this is just my theory. What do you think?

Also I have very odd experience by (I don’t know if I could call it meditation, but I felt it like that) I was asking my guardian angel to get rid of one ghost which was really intrusive and I had my dog in room (I had closed eyes) and suddenly when I told out loud to order out the ghost, my dog jumped to me and with really worried face he started to jump around me and lick my hand and you know, he was just too weird – so do you think he might have seen the ghost going away, or what could scare him,that much?

Another question: what do you think of crosses? I mean do you think they can really protect? Cause my grandma has whole room bedecked with crosses, believing it could help, but I don’t know, I don’t think it could stop ghosts. But wearing it as necklace might be harmless, or not?

Also I’m going back to previous themes I created about crow totem – Okay there’s a question: Don’t worry I’m not trying to rush anything, really but do you think I could damage the connection by keeping a crow as a pet or vice versa? (now I’m talking about far far away future,not like I’m gonna get one tomorrow)

Thanks for all answers and actually mostly I’m curious about answers from Ama

Asked by Ancika

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Little Evil Spirit and Normal Spirits

My friend is having problems with something that seems like sleep paralysis, but I fear it might be something more.

For the last couple of days a little person has been going up to him (little shadow figure). As soon as he sees this little shadow person he can’t move. The other day he saw the little shadow person and couldn’t move. He then started to try to yell, that is when his sister who was also in the room kept on asking him if he was ok? He saw the shadow figure come closer and closer until his sister leaned forward.

My friend has also had other spirits which he can see hold him down in a head lock. He has also had shadow figures sit on him, so he cant move. I don’t think he’s crazy or imagining these things because when he was a child he would see worst things. It stopped for a while, but it started again.

At my house he would only hear baby’s crying outside my rooms window, but nothing when he slept in the living room. I tell him to go see a priest, but he’s a hard head that doesn’t care. I’m more concerned with this little shadow person that has been basically tormenting him for the last couple of days. These events also happen just before or after dead time. Any help would be much appreciated.

Asked by E.N.

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How Can I Get Rid of this Sleep Paralysis Ghost?

Currently I am 17 years old and I just moved into my best friends refurbished basement. I usually sleep with my friend in the room down there. However, she slept upstairs for the past two nights. During those two nights I have been overcome by something.

I laid there at 3:00 am, and I was fully awake, just about to go to sleep when I realized I couldn’t move. I tried screaming, but nothing would come out of my mouth. That’s when I saw it. It was wearing clothes that had been tossed around in the room, it was trying to tell me something but I was so gripped with fear that I was completely focused on trying to move or say something that I blocked it out, for a while. After 10 minutes I realized that I was out of luck.

I sat there forced to listen to this ghost about an actual event that occurred in 1746. I was taken aback when I had flashes of torture or the event occurring. As the flashes were going through my mind I could feel the pain and suffering of this person.

After almost two hours I could finally move again. However my clothes had been removed and completely soaked with water. I was so freaked out that I refused to stay in that room and got absolutely no sleep.

The following night, I was told to try sleeping down there again, so I saged the room (How to Smudge with Sage)and I tried expelling the force that was there with me. I fell asleep to find my self paralyzed yet again at 1:40. This time the spirit came to me and was sitting there trying to get me to listen in the computer chair I have in the room. I was scared and I knew that I couldn’t do anything. This time it only lasted an hour but the spirit was angry. It was sitting there tormenting me, it sat there just talking to me telling me that I was worthless and I have no reason to live.

I woke up to having over 20 scratches on my body and yet again my clothes were in the same spot soaked yet again. I feel like I can no longer sleep in this house and I would really like some answers as to how I can get rid of this thing.

Asked by Kylie Ketterman

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Sleep Levitation From Unseen Force

Three years ago I experienced a significant demonic haunting that required two clearings to fully remove all demonic and negative human entities that resided in my home. So I guess I am on high alert.

Last night I had a terrifying lucid dream. I was in my old bedroom in my parents home (the demonic haunting occurred in my current home), I was levitated from my bed suddenly then tipped upside down. I could feel that levitation was not my own doing and that there was an unseen force with in the room. I felt terrified of what was with me. In the upside down levitation I travelled forcefully across the room to the couch. I squatted on the couch looking around the room trying to locate what was in my room. Under pressure of terror I prayed.

In the past have experienced sleep paralysis and this experience was not this. I would be grateful for some advise on the meaning of this dream.

I did have an unusual experience yesterday afternoon, where I closed my back door as I went out to do some gardening. When finished I found myself locked out. This door can only be locked when the key inside is turned. Luckily I managed to open the cat door and knock the key from the lock to get back inside. It may have been a fault with the locking mechanism, though it has never happened before and on inspection of the lock it seems to be fine. Not sure if this is paranormal, strange to say the least.

Asked by Worried

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Sleep Paralysis and Levitation?

A patient of mine recently described that for the last two months he has been going to bed at around 11pm, and waking up between 1 and 3 am. He reported that initially, his arms and legs would just be spasming or twitching, which led me to believe that it was sleep paralysis. However, he reported that as time passed, he would wake up, be floating 2 feet over his bed, fighting an unseen force, losing, and then would be thrown onto the floor. Last night he hit the corner of his eye on the nightstand.

A week ago, he banged his arm hard on some other furniture across the room. He also reported a grey/orange shadow. Can you help shed any light on this subject? I don’t believe he is crazy. He is of Hispanic culture and I need to know what to tell him, from a believer’s point of view…

Thank you so much for any help or insight you can offer.

Asked by CiR

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