Professionals Who do Dream Interpretation?

Are there professionals who do dream interpretation?

I am having dreams that I know are intended to give me a message and I’m unable to decipher these dreams.

Asked by Robyn

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    You can email me with them if you want to? (My link is on this site at the bottom under Friends) I do this from time to time.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. I need to organize those dreams Ama and really get the details down before anyone tries to decipher them. I wish I’d written them all down….unfortunately, I didn’t!

    • One of the most important things about dream research is to keep a dream journal. Start riight away and right down everything you can remember about your dreams as soon as you can after waking up.

      • I kept a dream journal for years. Only recently have I stopped. My method was to keep the journal right next to the bed and upon waking, I’d write down all the dream – before even getting out of bed. It worked well.

        I have to begin doing this again.

    • Trouble is our mind takes the dreams and changes them each time we think about them. Unless they are ‘visions’ they do adapt. As CT says, writing them down the minute you wake up, and training your mind to remember them for that, is a good idea.

      Love & Peace

      • I do have one dream that comes to mind that has never changed. It’s been a year ago at least…I need to dig that out and share it…it’s prophetic in some way and much larger than just me or those I know…involves earthquakes, the full moon and much destruction….

        Now, where did I put that notebook? Eeeks.

        By the way, I believe the reoccurring dreams I was having about childhood places was about me putting the past behind me. I was forced (for my own sanity) to evict someone from my life. They were someone I’d held onto for more than a decade, but couldn’t move forward until I let go. Once I realized what the dreams were telling me, I haven’t had them anymore.

  3. Dreams are symbolic, but it can be tough to interpret because we each interpret symbols differently. That’s why I think the only person who can accurately interpret a dream is the dreamer.
    Consider the dream bit by bit, analyze every detail and try to determine what it means to you personally. An outside perspective can be helpful, but ultimately its your subconscious presenting you with symbols that it knows you will understand. Sometimes it just takes awhile for the conscious to catch up with the subconscious.

    • Great comment, SnowWolf!
      Wise words. I’ve been a vivid/lucid dreamer my whole life. As a result I think very few dream objects are “left over conscious processing from the day”. Most are intimate and exact in my dreams. You must understand the symbols for yourself (as you said).

      Personal addition:
      Gotta find the shadow memories. It’s what works for me. I consider the feelings/emotions of a specific dream and mostly write those down in my journal (the “details” require too much from consciousness…I keep it as right brain as possible at first). This eventually sparks the shadow memory (aka the real dream memory). If I try to relate it in any way to reality, it’s gone.

      You have to think of it in the setting in which it was first revealed. I know…..I know….the monkey brought you a tea cup full of hate, and told you to recycle it into meatloaf of understanding so you could fly over new jersey in pursuit of the magical pickup truck that represents your trepidation whence meeting new people at your work place…..I know…seems unsettling. But the dream may be less about social discomfort during formal introductions, and more about “trying to contain all of your hate in a confined vessel (like a teacup)”…..or it could be about the cyclical flow of energy (can you make meatloaf out of hate? Hmm….I can make coffee while full of hate…..but never needed meatloaf in order to start my day……anyway….squirrel)! In truth all of these could be true at the same time….a concept that (reality based-focused intent-here-and-now) consciousness is never going to agree with.

      Point is….biggest epiphany I ever had in regards to dreams, was to NEVER try to adapt the dream to your reality….gums up the translations. Instead try to see only the relevant parts of the dream in as much of their natural setting as possible…the rest will flow with time.

      We struggle to remember dreams because consciousness isn’t a very good translator. But if you can get consciousness to relax and let the information from other levels/processes (subconscious/unconsciousness/etc..)through the filters unabated… tend to get good results.


      • Hi Siddle,

        You can interpret my dreams anytime. ROFL Last night I was helping people get into an old elevator and go up .. and then into a car and drive away from something. The night before I was a police lady (didn’t look like me at all, but I ‘knew’ I was her) (I actually walked up to her and looked in her face?), standing in people’s faces and yelling at them. Can’t remember why though? Since I haven’t dreamed for weeks, its odd to do it two nights in a row. When is full moon? LOL 9 Jan .. its not that. Hmm…

        Another thought, I have learned, from sorry experience, never to cook when I am angry. I have burnt too many meals that way, or the food just ‘tastes’ wrong. Our emotions affect not only other people, but also what we touch .. weird but true.

        Love & Peace

        • Cooking when angry reminds me of the time I made chili. Apparently, I added a bit too much red pepper — it might have tasted good were our tongues not incinerated upon first taste!

          I must have shook the pepper spice container with serious fury…lol.

          Truth is, I can’t even make a proper cuppa Earl Gray when I’m angry….our energy really dictates everything.

      • Brilliant and a strategy I’ve never even though of trying Siddle. Do you think this works for dreams that may be prophetic as well or is it something that more so would be used just to figure out what our spirit or subconscious is telling us?

    • SnowWolf,
      lol! The reaon I’m up at 4:50 in the morning right now is that I’ve been having dreams where I wake up laughing out loud -literally! It’s like I’m reaching out to hug someone, as my arms reach out, too. Problem is, my arms fall back and often land on my wife when I wake! haha! Poor woman! But, I love this way of waking up. What a nice way to start my day. But as to what it means? I apparently am very happy, which fits my personality. I can live with that.

      Unresolved issues often play back in the mind until figured out and action taken in the waking life. I used to have a dream that actually made me fall in love with an Indian woman, of my Souix ancestry, maybe. Succubus? Maybe. Even probably, I think, though I didn’t even know what one was at the time. Every night for 2 weeks it was a different dream. We acutaly courted each other until it culminated in intimacy. Then the dreams stopped. I felt alone for awhile. Like I had lost a love. No idea what it meant, as she never talked, but spoke with those dark eyes. That was the first time my intestines were under medical evaluation for cancer, with biopsies waiting to be revealed. Sine then, I’ve accumulated pre-cancerous cells that, with the untreatable digestive disease that plagues me, are destined to turn to cancer within the next year-two (so the dr says. He was wrong once!). It can be removed with great success. I am a hard man to kill! haha No, seriously… I am. :)

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