Dreams About a Ghost Child and Evil Mother

What do dreams about a ghost child and evil mother mean?

This is crazy weird but please don’t stop reading. I have been having these dreams, they’re about this little girl maybe about 10 and she has straggly hair and torn up clothes, she is a ghost and she shows up at my house while I’m for some reason outside by my front door and often go back inside right away to her presents, and I can’t turn my back on her or else when I look away her face is screwed up and her eyes shift, kind of like the movie “the ring” when it’s slowly coming towards the screen and the light is shifty. This dream is constantly reoccurring and this time she told me more about her mom. Her mom is from what I gather demanding and cruel but not torn up and scary, although still a ghost. The little girl tells me “do what she says” and the mom tells me something about fuel in her car and basically running errands, she looks at the girl as if to say “what are you waiting for” then I wake up. The dream has never gone this far before but it always starts with me outside and her appearing, walking towards me, and me backing into my house by this scary child ghost.

What does this dream mean? Please help me out.

I’ve Googled it for hours but I can’t find anything. I don’t watch many scary movies because I’m paranoid and get very scared that I imagine the stuff in the movie happening to me. But this scary movie in my head is really starting to frustrate me.

Sorry for this post being so long, but I really am begging for help.

Asked by Sami

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  1. Hi Sami,

    I am a spirit rescuer .. that means ghosts find me and ask for my help. In the process they share their life experiences with me, the ones that really hurt them, and often how they died. I think that is what is happening for you .. so here’s a solution.

    //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ this is an Invocation/prayer that clears ghosts from our energy, and our homes. Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what it is asking, and then think of your dream and say it out loud. The angels will find your ‘ghost’ and cross her over into heaven. You could also ask them to cross over the mother, in case she is around as well. The dream will stop then.

    The other way is to simply ask your angels (we all have a guardian angel behind our right shoulder) to FIND the girl and her mother and TAKE them into Healing. The angels know what to do then .. they literally find the people, talk to them, and get them some help.

    Yes, it is that easy to help lost souls find peace.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed down below under Friends).

  2. That is a scary dream, and bad enough, its recurring. I wonder if its a spirit that is coming to you for help. But then you wonder why she is coming to you? Maybe she feels a connection to you some how. I hope you find your answers on here. Or maybe it might be a symbol for something going on in your life that your stressed or worried about. I had a very significant dream one time after a devastating experience and received a great answer for the interpretation of my dream by people on this site. Good luck and I hope you fins the help you need.

  3. Well, you mention scary movies make you feel you are experiencing the events in the movies. There are some interesting similarities between your dream and The Ring. As you reference a specific scene in that movie, I assume you’ve watched it. Did these dreams start before or after watching The Ring? And trust me, I’m not trying to be snarky by asking that. Horror movies don’t usually get to me, but The Ring had me sleeping with the lights on for a week. That is a very intense movie.

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