Dreams of a Hindu Temple and of Lord Ganesha

Recently I have seen a Hindu Temple in my dream. The moment I reach there, I was surprised to see a lady in front of the Temple and making a flower garland. The flowers she is having are stale but the moment she ties those into the garland they are becoming really fresh.

The same day I have seen another small temple of Lord Ganesha a Hindu god known to remove any obstacles we are facing but I couldn’t go near the deity because a cupboard full of non veg dishes are blocking my way.

Asked by Ishaani Vunnam

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  1. Hello Ishaani Vunnam

    When I read your dream the first thoughts that came to mind is that the Mother’s energy (Gaia or mother earth) was in the Hindu temple, a place of renewal in a time when we really need it. If you are searching for a place of worship you might find your peace there.

    Ganesh – sometimes it takes a bit of hard work to achieve what we want to in life, particularly in modern times, and so we must surrender some part of our selves, or our practises, to achieve our goals. Sustenance is important. What we feed ourselves, not just the actual food, but anything we allow to come into our bodies, through our mouths, our eyes and our ears, is something we should be deeply aware of. Your sustenance in the dream was blocking your path to the removal of obstacles .. it was one of the obstacles .. so what are you ‘feeding’ your body and mind that is getting in the way of you finding the renewal that comes through the touch of of God (meaning abundance) in your life?

    Your dream is asking you to look at that question.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Do you eat nonveg dishes? If you eat then please stop eating nowonwards and worship Lord Ganesha.

    • Gosh! Dhanraj Chauhan

      What an ask!!!! Are many of us forever lost and foresaken for eating animal flesh ie. fish, chicken, beef, mutton etc.

      We are all flesh eating as well as plant and vegetable addicts – we are human creatures and, as long as we are allowed to without being punished for our addictions, it has to be acceptable to the Powers that be. :-)

      • No, Pat, some people never eat meat, and never have, and some are vegan, and then some say they are breatharians, who never eat at all. I remember reading an article about one man from India? who ended up under supervision at a hospital for a month, no food or water in that time (they had videos on him for the whole stay), and he didn’t go to the toilet either.

        Was that on this site CT?

        Most people are capable of eating meat, we have the teeth of omnivores, but some people choose not to. I was vegetarian for 3 year or so, and loved it, but .. I need high protein because of all the energy I use in my work .. so went back to eating meat when I wore out.

        Love & Peace

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