Bad Dreams Possible Evil Spirits?

My 4 year old son has been having bad dreams. But he says this 5 minutes after being tucked in for the night. Last night was different, he said the bad dreams want his room. They are evil like Frankenstein and have no hands. He says there is 2 mamas but they aren’t evil. He says there is about 10 “bad dreams” in his room.

He said mamas room had good dreams. Then he said while in my room, mama your good dreams are in my head now and the bad dreams are going in your head. You like bad dreams mama. I told him no i don’t.

Also in his room he said he saw shadows of fire through his curtains. He slept in my room fine. He refuses to go back to his room.

Sorry I was awake all night really freaked out. What is he experiencing and how do I make it stop or go away? Hope I explained it right.

Asked by mama of 4yr old son

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  1. Hello Mamma of a 4 year old. :-) I had two of them myself. Kids are wonderful. They are now 25 and 27 and my son, by the age of 4 or 5, was having truly bad dreams and what I did for him was to get him a Dreamcatcher. They are an american indian tradition. All dreams pass through the netting in the centre and the bad ones get caught. I tried it because I couldn’t think of anything else to do to stop his nightmares, and I didn’t know the sort of metaphysical stuff I do now .. and it was brilliant. I didn’t tell him what the dreamcatcher was, I just hung it up on his wall over his bed and waited to see what would happen. The nightmares stopped that night. I ended up recommending them to about 30 other women (for their kids) in our brand new shiny mining town on the edge of a very large desert in South Australia. It worked for all of them too. Turned out the town was built over an aboriginal sacred site. We had annoyed the ‘spirits’.

    But .. perhaps in your case your son is seeing or hearing ghosts. There are lots of children being born now who can do this. I would recommend having your house cleared. There are three ways to do this, the first is asking the minister of your local church to come and bless your house, the second is to ask a medium, trained in spirit rescue (ghostbusting), to visit and talk to the ghosts and cross them over, and the third is the Michael Invocation, which is a request to our angels to clear the energy of our households and ourselves .. you can find it by clicking on my link at the bottom of this page – Ama Nazra Victorian Paranormal Connection. That takes you to a menu page and the link to it is there on the page, plus a lot of other information on psychic protection, and houseshields for keeping ghosts out of the house. If you have other questions you can write to me from there, or put them here on Caretaker’s site.

    Wishing you a happy new year,
    Love & Peace

  2. I suggest you sleep in his room this week and see if you start having any “bad dreams.”

    If he is not wanted in his room, I imagine you won’t be wanted in there either.

    Then follow up here on the board with your experience.

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