A Dream Spell

I did a dream spell where you write the name of a person who you want to know what they think of you. You say the verses over the name on paper folded twice and an eye wrote on the other side.

Well dream time came and dream was very vivid. Bunches of mouths were trying to bite me, they were all around me in a black room, I could see the red gums and teeth trying to bite me all over. What could this possibly mean?

Asked by honeydewmoon

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  1. Hi Honeydewmoon

    Why do you relate that dream to the spell since there was nothing to show you who the dream was actually about? If it had been, with the person clearly in the dream, I would be wondering if the person was talking about you behind your back in an unfriendly manner. Is that how the person treats you when you are together?

    I dont’ think doing spells to find out answers to questions is a good idea, because the interpretation of something as vague as that dream can be a problem. And yes, the dream is vague, although the symbolism is intense, it could also relate to something you have been reading, or seen on tv .. if you are into all the vampire stuff that is around these days.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. It sounds to me like the dream is telling you not to meddle in things of this sort. Trying to find out what someone thinks of you in this manner is an invasion of privacy. If this person wanted you to know, they would tell you. In fact, if you asked openly, they might be willing to tell you. Using a spell to gain knowledge of a person’s private thoughts is in violation of their free will. After all, you wouldn’t like it if someone tried to read your mind, which is in essence what this spell you describe attempted to do. It might be wise to think of this dream as a warning and be very cautious about any spellcasts in the future.

  3. I agree with Ama and snowwolf. I wouldn’t play with spells either. It just doesn’t seem natural either.

  4. I’m thinking there WAS some significance to your dream. Subconsciously you knew that what you were doing wasn’t exactly right, and that thought manifested itself into your dream. How about rather than trying to find out what this person thinks of you through a spell, you actually ASK them instead? That seems to be the easiest way to find out the information you’re looking for.

  5. i think it is a good idea to do the dream spells. i have actually tried that once. i wanted to know what my ex was thinking. well, i dreamed about him, but my friends were pulling me away from him in that dream. i still dont know what that means.

    by doing this spell, i have learned that it could take a few nights to get results. i dont think the dream you had had anything to do with the person you wanted to dream about. maybe it does. if i were you, i would just try the spell again. remember, it may take several nights to get results. it took me four tries.

    im just wondering here, but have you tried any other spells? i think they are really cool.

    this is to all the people who have commented above- i think you guys sound mean and discouraging. im not trying to be rude, but thats what i think. Ama, you encouaged Waya that spells and Wicca werent evil. dont tell this person different please. SnowWolf, its not like Honeydewmoon is reading the persons mind or anything.Janna, it might not seem natural to you, but that doesnt mean it doesnt seem natural to me and Honeydewmoon. just because it doesnt seem natural, doesnt mean Honeydewmoon shouldnt do it. i’m sure you do things that dont seem natural to us. Diana, not all people will just tell you what they think about you just because you asked. maybe you would, but i know people who would never do something like that.

    just because we practice spells doesnt make it wrong, it just means we dont care what people think, and we arent afraid to be different. Honeydewmoon, keep trying. maybe you will find out what that person thinkis. the Bible even says ‘ask and you shall recieve.’ if the Bible says that, why would it be wrong to ask what the person thinks of you? i dont think it is. so keep trying.

    Lil’ Paws

    • Hi Lil’Paws,

      Your experience of invading your ex’s thoughts might have been helpful for you, but since your friends were pulling you away from doing so, I think the message might actually be that it ‘wasn’t’ the right thing to do. I guess your friends love you and want you to be safe, so why ignore them?

      I remember commenting to Waya, but not which site it was or what I said, so if you would like to tell me I’ll go and reread, or are you actually Waya? I still stand by Wicca not being evil, its a belief system that practices ‘Harm none’ etc, but spells .. are what the caster makes them, so unless the person is grown up, has a good conscience, understands themselves and their motivations very well, and doesn’t intend to do any harm .. and invading a person’s mind without their knowledge, or against their will, is doing harm .. they should not be casting anything at all. Casting spells is a great way of screwing up your karma and the receivers, and what is in someone else’s mind is none of your business, nor mine, unless they want to Talk about it. Was I discouraging .. you bet! Would you like to have your thoughts invaded by someone you didn’t want to know what you were thinking? I doubt it. If we were all supposed to be telepathic we wouldn’t need to have ‘spells’ to break the natural barriers that are up to keep other people out.

      And Lil’ Paws, if I want to change my mind about something, I will, whenever appropriate. Every person is different, and every situaion is different, and all must be treated individually, in my opinion.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama, that was well put and what I was trying to say. I wish I could articulate my thoughts as well as you can. That was what I meant when I was talking about people trying to read my mind. Thanks for your words of wisdom again! You know a lot about these subjects and can give great advice. Take car� and god bless!

        • Thank you for the compliments, Janna. I’ll tell you the truth. My answers often take a bit of work .. sometimes I write all my thoughts in a hurry, and then have to go back and edit them into answers, rather than a jigsaw jumble. I find reading my answer ‘out loud’ also helps correct silly mistakes. :-) And I still miss out words. (Bless you CT for corrections LOL)

          Love & Peace

          • Your welcome Ama. I often have “diarrhea of the mouth!” lol I also speak before I think things through probally part of my ADHD. I should practice those techniques and it might help me beTter express myself in a more professional manner.

  6. Lil’ Paws,
    I’ve always agreed with the old saying “opinions are like A holes; everyone has them.” I we are all entitled to our own opinions and I don’t feel like I or any other commentera were rude about it. I think you are being rude though. You don’t know a thing about me kiddo, so don’t please don’t come on here trying to insult me. I stand by my opinion 100% f spells to read other peoples mind being UNATURAL because its not anyones place to know or be in someone elses private thoughts or feelings. We are not given much freedom these days, but I know I look forward to keeping my feelings and thoughts private. If I want anyone to know my opinions, I will tell them. If I don’t wish to share, for whatever reason; I won’t. That’s my god given right and I don’t think anyone should be able to get into my personal business if I don’t want them too. If a person doesn’t tell you something they have a reason for it. It might be to spare your feelings, keep things DRAMA free, or they mght just not care enough about you or the situation enough to cafe about it. That’s ours to make the call on as human beings. I think you took all of th� comments very personal for some reason. Please don’t come at me and judge and try to make a mountain out of a mole hill with me. I try to respect everyone, but I feel you should give it to get it. I did not mean to sound rude to the poster, and don’t judge. I just gave my opinion, as well as you have. I just don’t think its wise to dabble in magic. Its just how I feel and I hate to see young people get onto something they might get a backlash from it. (or anyone of any age for that matter.) sorry yo ramble on I felt I should further explain my feelings on the “UNATURAL” comment that seemed to offend ypu so much. Take care and god bless.

  7. i found your comments offensive because i practice Wicca myself, as well as my now boyfriend. i know you guys are just speaking your opinions, i understand this. but i dont like the fact that you are saying spells jack up your karma, that it’s unatual, and that it invades people’s thoughts. its not like we’re reading their minds and know everything about them.

    Wicca is a religion, and sometimes for some people, spells are apart of that religoin. i thought that when you said spells aren’t natural, you were being judgemental. please, practice befor you preach.

    i apologize if you find any of my comments rude, or mean, but i’m also speaking my opinion, just like you guys say you are.

    and no, i am not Waya. i am just Lil’ Paws.

    Lil’ Paws

    • No matter what u say, its still unnatural to invade others private thoughts. Plain and simple. I can tell your young. When you get older you’ll understand. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons in my years, and om hear to teLl you KARMA is alive and well. It will come back on you. Be careful playing with that sort of stuff as we stated in above posts. You can really play with something you wish you didn’t either. When you get older you’ll understand the advise we were just trying to giv� and warn you of things to come later on in life. I can tell your young because I read a story you submitted, and now om at the point Im just worried for you. Teenagers go through so many phases ya know, and I just don’t want to see anyone hurt themselves or invite unwanted things in to their lives. take care LiL Paws an I hope you take an older chaps advice here and not just get offended. Only trying tp help kiddo. Take care

    • Lil paws I havw many years of practice and I can preech whatever in the world I want to. I’m a grown woman with a family, pay taxes and bust my tail to support my young child. If I have an opinion I have some knowledge on I wi state it here or otherwise. It is totally unnatural to try to see how others feel or whet they are doing in a dream spell. It is an invasion pf privacy! I’m sorry babe but that is the truth. We we all were not given the gift so therefore god doesn’t want us all to know. It through me off when ypu quoted the bible as well. I didn’t interpret that to fit this topic what so ever. That is just another example of how we all interpret it different though. I dabbled in a few things when I was fourteen bc the movie THe Craft had just Come out (I can’t believe I’m giving away my age lol), and had one bf get very much into it. She bought books and etc. Well bad things began to her. I think it was the spells and practice of the craft. I also think Wicca is supposed to be white magic but you have to really need to know exactly what ypur doing and the consequences that can come with it. Don’t Wiccans believe in Karma? Idk I’m asking a question. Please learn all you can about your religion and be careful practicing your spells.just remember, what goes around comes around ten fold. Be safe and know exactly what your doing. I still think wanting to invade others private thoughts and feelings is wrong. Sorry lil paws. We might have to agree to disagree here. I love this website and see you seem to like it too and really don’t feel like engaging in a back and forth with another fan about who’s right and wrong or “practicing what they preech” and yada yada yada. Take care and god bless sweetheart. (I still say god bless even though you are a wiccan because that is my religion and I think our father watches over all and I hope that is not offending you. =) )

      • And lil paws after reading my comment, I do apologize if it seems like om underestimating you dye tp ypur age. I really don’t mean to do that. I’m sorry for that. I just want you to understand we are all just trying to give advise to honeydew. I see Mrs. Ama, Mrs Diana, Mrs. AJ, and Mrs. Snowwolf on the questions and answers part of this website a lot, and I tho k they all give great advise and have never seen them try to intentionally be rude or hurt peoples feelings. I do not do that either. After reading my last comment back I think I may sound a bit abrasive, and for that I do apoligise. I still stand by all my beliefs and do practice what I preech. Take care

    • Some spells, anything that goes against a person’s free will, is going to jack up your karma. And yes, using magick to gain knowledge of a person’s private thoughts is a violation of another’s free will. You should think each spell through very carefully and if it’s something you would be uncomfortable with someone else doing to you, don’t do it. There’s much more to Wicca than spells. Personal responsibility is far more important.
      Remember the Rule of Three.

  8. i have been practicing spells for about eight years and my life is great. nothing bad has happened. i know there is more to Wicca than just spells. yes, personal responsability is very important. i know this. and just because Wicca is my religion, doesnt mean i dint believe in the Lord. unlike most religions, Wicca doesnt have a certian god/goddess you have to believe. i have done my research. :)

    i do NOT get on this website just to start arguments, i just like to fight for what i believe in. and Janna, it’s not ten fold, its three fold. i dont take any of your comments offensive, either.

    i am old enough to know what i am doing, so you dont have to worry about me. thanks for your concern.

    Lil’ Paws

  9. Lil paws, the old saying goes ten fold, but once again difference in opinions here. I have no bearing on what u any others do in your life so have fun practicing your religion as the rest of us do. :-) what others do in their personal life is not for me to decide whether or not you should do it or not. I just state my opinions as well as everyone else here. Take care and have a blessed day! :-)

  10. that’s exactly what im saying. ‘what others do in their personal life is not for you to decide.’ that’s why i said you shouldn’t tell Honeydewmoon that spells are unatural and honeydewmoon shouldnt practice them. thank you for realizing that. :)

    Lil’ Paws

  11. Lil paws, I simply stated my opinion. What others do is all on them! You just took it so personal and came back at everyone with a personal “attack” in a way. This OS simply a paranormal forum. We all come on here and state our opinions. I may not like some peoples but I don’t take them personal. We are all complete strangers out here. I will however come back and defend my beliefs at any time when somebody directs something towards me like you did in your first comment. But no worries at all.

  12. i didnt direct anything towards you. you were simply the only one who kept replying.

    • You directed a comment to me in your first comment on here. So yes I keep commenting because you are commenting back as well. I don’t come here to start arguments on who’s right or wrong either. I practice what I preech. I do not judge; for that is not my place to do so. I am simply going to end my last comment back to you with saying once again we must agree to disagree. That’s what I love about these sites, we are allowed to state our opinions! That’s fan-freakin-tastic in my book! I’m very goad you are well educated in your religion. One such as that you should be, so that karma doesn’t come back TEN FOLD. Haha (j/k) this will however be my ladr comment back to ya bc I’m just not that interested in having a back and forth like its some kind of “peeing contest.” ya know what I mean! So I end with this my fellow paranormal junkie, good luck and have fun. I commend you for standing up for ypur beliefs just like I do. Take care and I look forward to seeing ypur other comments and opinions throughout all the questions and answers or ghost story area of this website. I have a question I wrote in about entitled “when do we receive our souls?” if you would like, please read, and maybe I can get the wiccan Point of view on my question. If you would like to that is. Take care and thanks for giving me a reason to get to comment so much on one topic. Its actually a lot of fun!

  13. ama. i respect your opinion. i have seen your other posts. i did not intend to harm anyone. i just didnt think of it in that manner.yes wicca says harm none. working to better karma. i am still learning and made an error. yes spells are just one part of wicca. its the intent that matters. i mean to direct my intent towards good. by the way i am a grown woman learning different types of religion. i will probably make more errors as i explore my spirituality in other ways. but as one says. the spiritual journey during it the whole process is like fallind down getting up again. looking sheepishly at god. and taking that next step.

    • Hi Honeydewmoon,

      I love the thought of looking sheepishly at God .. as he helps us up. :-)

      We all make mistakes, its how we learn, the lesson is learning to apologise when we are wrong, and really mean it. And then let go and move on.

      We live in such an interesting world.
      Love & Peace

  14. oohh somebody’s getting angrey. hey, i just told ALL of you guys to stop being discouaging. i’m glad you don’t want to argue, and i don’t either. and no, i don’t know what you mean when you say “peeing contest”. that made no sense to me at all…

    i will read your story, and comment on it. dont take any of my words offensive this time, ok?

    Lil’ Paws

  15. Honey, I wasn’t angry at all! But after that smart little comment you made, now I am. How about, don’t read my story, don’t comment on it. I don’t care what you have tp say. I was trying to be nice to you but I can tell you are just a young spoiled child- (or I assume bc you live at h..ome with ypur parents). How bout just drop it! You felt the need to tell us all what we should or shouldn’t do. Yet you got mad when I pointed out you did the same thing. Just let OT go already darlin. Okay peace out, happy holidays, and good luck with lif� sweatheart=

  16. look. i aint tryin to start somethin with you, so stop tryin to make it look like i am. cuz i aint. ok? all i did was ‘state my opinion’ just like you did. so dont be gettin all mad at me for doing what u say you’re doing. no, i dont come on this website to start crap, so quit acting like you know me, and get your facts straight.

    i was never tryin to be mean. and that last comment i made, when i said “dont take any of my words offensive this time, ok?” i didnt mean to be rude. i had no intentions to be mean to you. i didnt say that so you could take it as a “smart little comment”. i was just making sure you knew that i wasnt trying to be mean on that question either. ok?

    Lil’ Paws

  17. Same here babygirl. Same here. If u meant no harm by that last comment, then I will accept that. I could have taken the tone of it wrong. That tends to happen time to time while texting , and not speaking in person. You have a good day.

  18. thank you, you too. =)

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