How to Increase Prophetic Dreaming?

Hello, I have been experiencing prophetic dreaming for the past several days. I would dream about surprise dinners someone would make the next day or incidences at work that would happen the next day.

Once I caught onto what was happening these dreams would cease and I was wondering what helps trigger them and how I can continue to have them?

Thank you

Asked by Elizabeth

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  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    Most people do not have prophetic dreams, or ‘precognitive’ ones, which is the other name for them.

    What triggers the dreams – there are many reasons. Sometimes something important is going to happen to the dreamer, and they are supposed to know about it beforehand, and perhaps react in a different way than they would if they had not ‘glimpsed the future’ in their dream. Their mind has time to think about how they ‘will’ react beforehand.

    Sometimes people simply have the gift of seeing the future, and if the event is important to them, or to the world, many people might have the same sort of dream, ignore it or interpret it in a different way, or write it up on the net and comment on it, along with hundreds of others …

    And sometimes we break the bindings of ‘time’ (which is an illusion anyway) and step into tomorrow (or whenever the dream appears to be) and look around and come back into our bodies .. but as I said, there’s usually a good reason for this, even if we don’t work out what it was at the time, because we change the future by dreaming it.

    Precognitive dreams are not something you can ‘make’ happen, for that reason. They can be a blessing or a warning and are a gift from Spirit.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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