Reoccurring Snake Dream Meaning?

I’m a teenage girl, and for the past month I have been having a reoccurring dream.

In this dream, I always meet up with a gypsy looking woman with green eyes, and raven black hair. She always proceeds to show me a card which has two black snakes intertwining, and a number 6 in he upper left corner.

The same events happen every night, but the only thing that changes is the setting in which I meet this woman. The other night I dreamt she was in my room, and I woke up screaming and expecting someone to be there with me.

Please enlighten me in anyway possible, and le me know if my imagination is just running wild. Thank you:)

Asked by Kit

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  1. Hi Kit,

    I was told to dream of snakes is to do with wisdom/knowledge. It must have something to do with the Snake in the Garden of Eden which convinced Eve to eat from the forbidden tree in pursuance of knowledge. :-)

    When I was much younger I had endless dreams of snakes – slithering on the ground in all sizes, hanging on trees above and in front of me. I hated those dreams but couldn’t get rid of them. What it meant, I have no idea, what I can say is, I do seek knowledge whether I can get it. :-) So there must be something in it.

    • I was raised to believe that dreaming of snakes meant evil, demons or even Satan. I do not believe that but it is what my parents and grandparents believed and taught. I think a snake could have many different meanings depending upon the person.

  2. Hello Kit,

    The number on the card might mean its a tarot card, which comes with the symbolism of the snake with many different meanings.

    The old lady might be one of your spirit guides, a ghost, or someone trying to cause trouble, but you don’t describe her as negative, so let’s have a look at what she showed you (or what you showed yourself in your dream).

    Snakes have two meanings – non-poisonous ones generally mean ‘excemplifies cleverness; proceeding with discernment’ and the poisonous ones mean ‘pertains to swift retaliations or attacks’. So what were the snakes doing apart from wrapping around each other?

    In numerology a six is about ‘home and family’ .. so do you have a decision to make about your home and family that needs you to carefully consider all the possibilities, rather than making an emotional choice? Or is something happening at school among your ‘family’ there, that you should treat the same way.

    The other question is .. what else did you see in the dream?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  3. Thinking about the numerous dreams about snakes all over the place and in all sizes when I was younger and, I’m talking about a period spanning fron junior school through high school and even as an adult. Apart from being told it has to do with wisdom/knowledge, I was also told it meant I was surrounded by enemies or two-faced people.

    One of the dreams which sticks in my mind was one which I had about fifteen/twenty years ago. There were snakes all over the ground, under rocks and I had to be very careful were I stepped to avoid treading on them. In addition, there were some hanging from a tree close by, as usual. I then noticed a very large black snake slowly slithering towards me, this snake was very hairy from head to tail – no scales at all. I remember mentally accepting the hairy body and thinking it had grown hair because it was very old and trying to get away from it although thinking about it – I wasn’t really afraid of it and the only way I escaped it was telling myself to wake up.

    Ama and anyone else, do you have any thoughts on this rather strange dream?

    • Hi Pat,

      The trouble with trying to analyze a dream from someone’s past is that the dream might have changed in their memory over time, or they only remember specific parts of it and not all the other stuff in the background which might add to the meaning, even if the focus the person had was on the snakes. And what were the emotions involved in the dream?

      In my dream book, as I said before, snakes have two meanings � non-poisonous ones generally mean �exemplifies cleverness; proceeding with discernment� and the poisonous ones mean �pertains to swift retaliations or attacks�.

      If a person doesn’t know the bible, snakes are unlikely to mean the serpent in the garden, or the getting of wisdom (which was actually in the apple, not the snake – the snake represented betrayal (people not to be trusted), though that is the collective thought in some Christians minds, and might have filtered through as an image in the collective consciousness of humanity.

      Again from the dream book, hair represents ‘thoughts’, the colour black stands for mystery or negativity.

      Going by what you have written, Pat, I would have to say that the dreams suggests that you felt yourself hounded or persecuted, when you were growing up, by people around you, either where you could see them (people who knew you well), or behind your back. You had to make your way carefully through life, so that you avoided being attacked by those you didn’t trust (half hidden under rocks).

      I wonder about the large hairy black non-snake? I looked up caterpillar (transitional phases in life) and centerpede (suggests an ability or a need to overcome life’s little irritations). If we take the black hairy snake literally, I think it suggests a thoughtform of negativity that you avoided by bringing yourself back into the ‘real world’ (waking up). If it was a true thoughtform, and not something you had created to tell yourself you had to start watching your negative thoughts, and try to be more positive in life, it might still have attached to you, do you remember how you felt that day and for days afterwards, were you very frightened or angry, or simply very tired? It could have been a dream of transformation, as Eve & Adam were transformed from innocent to sinful through a bite .. the bite you avoided from the hairy snake ..

      Are you a more postiive person now, having given up the sense of people being unfriendly around you? Given the reoccurance of the snake themed dreams, perhaps that is one of your life lessons this time around?

      I also found this site: It looks interesting.

      Love & Peace

  4. Hi Pat,

    Didn’t those dreams terrify you at the time, or were always looking for the deeper meaning? If you weren’t scared I admire you,:) because I’m trying to get to the bottom of this, but it’s just so strange.
    And I try to look at the deeper meaning of things, but nothing seems to fit.
    Thanks for the insight about the Garden of Eden though, I never even thought of that. In my earlier childhood my parents were strong biblical believers, so I could definitly relate to that connection thanks:)

  5. Hi Ama,

    The woman doesn’t appear threatening at all, but it seems she’s always try to warn me about someone or something which is threatening. She is always frantically showing me the card, as if I’m running out of time.

    The snakes themselves appeared alive on the card, but all they did was twist around each other. The were black with red eyes, but I can’t identify a certain species. I’m assuming the red eyes means that they are meant to come across as poisonous, but I’m not sure. Something about the card just feels unsettling.

    In my life, some things are going on in my home. My parents have been divorced for about one year, and I’m trying to decide whether I should live with my father instead. This is very heartbreaking because I love both of my parents very much, but let’s just say I don’t believe I’m in the best environment due to my mother’s fiance. Perhaps this is what the 6 is pertaining to?

    Other then the woman appearing frantically and showing me a card, she never speaks, nor does she show any facial expression. The setting changes frequently, the woman appears, and shows me the card. This is all that ever happens.

    Thank you!!! :)

    • Maybe changing house would be a good idea, Kit. Why not decide to do it on a trial basis, and see if the dreams stop? It’s wise to trust your instincts on things.

      Love & Peace

  6. Hi Kit,

    This gypsy looking female who features in several of your dreams is obviously trying to tell you something. I understand gypsies are potent fortune tellers. Gosh! Two black snakes intertwining and the letter 6. I wonder what that means especially as the same symbols are displayed in all your dreams?

    As far as the other aspects of your personal life is concerned, I sympathise with you and cannot make any comments, but hope whatever you decide to do will work out best for you.

  7. This gypsey seems like Medusa from Greek mythology but she does not seem dangerous.I’m not a dream interpreter nor do I plan to be, but this seems to be almost like a message to me.It has a very ominous feeling about it and I’m kind of worried and I’m in broad daylight.My suggestion is to keep your eyes peeled and perhaps seek help from a fortune teller or even a medium.I get the feeling there is more to this than what appears.If you have this dream again be sure to pay very close attention.

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