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Is this Thing Following My Fiance Demonic?

There has been an entity following my fiance through several moves a total of 3 different apartments between two cities.

Could this said entity be human though she has been seen and does show herself in human form, she hates females and has attached herself to my man. She hides my things and has been known to scratch him and throw things at me.

I am perplexed we have a small child and all I want to know could she be a really angry and possessive female ghost who has no ties to my man or is this thing demonic?

I am extremely confused and just need answers.

Asked by Stef

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I Think Demons are Following Me

For the past 5 years I have been visited my demons in my sleep.

In the dreams I am possessed and speaking in a different language or tongues and I can feel the evil presence inside me then ill rebuke the devolution in the name if Jesus Christ but when I wake up I can still feel the presence. I believe I am being harassed by a demon. I don’t know why though.

I am not some weak person and I am very faithful to god. I try to live my life as best as I can good person and following Gods commandments. Sometimes when I’m just in my room with my husband I feel something come over me and it doesn’t feel right. I’m worried I’m going crazy? Am I?

Asked by brook

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Am I Being Haunted by a Demon?

For the past 13 years things have been happening to me that I try to explain away but now its getting out of hand. It started out with a few things flying across the room. Then for the past few years I have awakened with scratches on the backs of my legs, and then last year I actually dreamt that I was asleep and looking down between my legs at my feet there was a lump under the blanket moving towards my stomach, I started screaming and then felt something bite my stomach. My boyfriend ran into the room and I woke up. Later I found three sucker/bite marks on my stomach.

And just the night before last I was awakened by something lying on my back and breathing heavily into my ear. I thought I was dreaming, I reached down to push it off of me and definitely felt a long fingernail with my finger. I tried to scream but nothing would come out and then suddenly it was gone.

As crazy as this seems, I am a single woman, and almost every time something happens its when I’ve had a sexual experience recently. Is It just my mind feeling guilty or what? The backs of my calves are covered with scratches that have turned into scars and almost every time the scratches are in threes. Can you help me figure out what’s going on?

Asked by susan

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Are Demons Following My Niece?

Okay so here recently my 3 year old niece told us about some “imaginary friends” she has. One calls themselves Maya and the other 4 wont tell her their names. Well Maya, she says, is nice to her and then she will be mean. One of her “friends” told her to run away from my mom and god and they have also told her to take prescription drugs – exactly what she said and she is only 3. Well when she told us about this my mom told her to call on god and my niece said that when she called on god they went away and that our dogs scare them away.

She also mentioned that she sees them in mirrors and the TV. We asked her where one of them came from and she said it was waiting for her at 7-11 when she was with her mother. And she keeps saying that she has already said too much and will stop talking.

We were walking through the house and she screamed “No!” at the top of her lungs and said, “don’t go in the dining room they’re in there.” I don’t know what to do its scary and I’m worried about my niece. I need help. Is there anything to do?

Asked by lulu

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Do All People have Personal Demons?

Someone told me that everyone has personal demons? Is that true or what because I tried looking it up but nothing comes up.

Asked by hector

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Do Demons Hear What You Say or Feel What You Think and Understand?

I had heard before, demons hear what we say and become freaked out or merry if we say bad or good about them. I passed from it carefree yesterday I was discussion with some authors about demons. I claimed I can control demons and get them under my command by some godly prays ( I think I despised them due to my egocentric ). last night I awoke to late so I felt I had to sleep, got up and went to bed, as every night I started a praying which I read it against demons but before I finished it slept. In midnight I felt a negative energy is approaching me ( I no woke up and my eyes was closed) also I felt I am going to a sleep paralysis. (at that time I understood that negative energy was from a demon ) I sensed that demon is very close to me ( just near my arm ) but a thing prevented him as he was attempting come nearer and get my soul . I felt he is trying overshadow me but after a short time go back a bit. As I was going toward paralysis I focused to all my force, collected it and tried get out from that bad demons energy I didnt succeed at firsts attempting but eventually I could get up from bed rapid. I sit on my bed for a while and looked around but I didnt feel him there, he was gone. I decided sleep again but I was worried he come back and plus to his cold and scary energy I get sleep paralysis anew. I thought way a demon came to me although I had read that powerful pray? I remembered before I finished that pray I had slept and if that demon could not get my soul was due to the half of that pray which I had succeeded reading it.

Therefore I read it wholly again and slept. He didnt come back and I didnt get paralysis but I had some nightmare until the morning ( a big snake which I was fighting to it ) I think afterwards it was only dream and a reflection of mental state.
Then I thought why that demon came to me and found two answer for it:

1- May he had been a demon around and had felt what I was writing to authors about controlling demons and he had taken it offense to demons so has attempted to scare and bothering me.

2- I awake until midnight and smoke ( I confess cigarette is a bad stuff ) on and off . when I am igniting cigarette I have to ignite the lighter and may it burns demons and makes them worth ( as I have told in some comment, fire and boiling water can burns demons at night and I warning others be careful when they go for shower in bath at night . Most of persons torture or even possessed by demons because of going to bath at night.

Asked by Manss

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Is a Demon From My Husbands Past Trying to Get to My Family?

To start out I will tell you my husbands story so you can understand. My husband didn’t want to tell me this story at first but he eventually told me for our protection.

When my husband has very vivid memories of a red demon calling to him from outside his bedroom window when he was a boy. The demon scratched on his window and would try to talk to him. This all took place in his home town in Texas and all happened when he was around 6 years old. Luckily he never spoke to it and never approached it when it called.

A few weeks ago the same demon visited my husband in a dream and told him details about how and in what order it was going to kill our two small boys and myself. My husband will not tell me what it said. Now our oldest son, who is about to turn two, does not want to go to sleep. He doesn’t even want to be left alone in the dark at night, we have even tried a night light and he still doesn’t want us leaving him alone. When he does go to sleep he has nightmares. Also his behavior has been getting worse and worse, which is mostly terrible twos but a lot of his new behaviors are much worse then anything I have ever seen in a two year old. To protect my children I have crystals around the house and I have laid pieces of petrified wood on all four corners of our home. It has only been a day since I did this.

This demon has never done anything physical, and here lately has only been around in dreams. My questions are:

One – Will the crystals and petrified wood help protect against something in my family’s dreams?

Two – Can this thing be the cause of my son’s problems?

Three – Is there anything else I should do to help protect my family?

Asked by Harley

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Questions and Answers About Demons

I havent any question at present but this is an interview which it is done with an expert exorcist (in Middle East ) and I found it in a domestic website. Whereas it was an interesting article I decided translate it and send it to Trueghosttales. I hope I have could translate it correctly and hope be interesting and useful for readers

Q- Any demons help you during you are exorcising .
A- They are like other demons but has become friend with me gradually
Q- How they became friend with you ?
A- I read some trusty pray a while till they became friends
Q-Are demons seen like usual humans?
A- In the eye of ill person yes, but healthy person unable observe them.
Q- Do you see demons when you are talking them ?
A- No, but the ills see them and I connect demons by that ills .
Q- In what time connecting to demons is possible ?
A- Daytime and nighttime both
Q- Have you yourself seen demons yet ?
A-No, seeing demons is not possible for healthy humans.
Q- what is the signs of a possessed person ? That is to say , how is his symptom who possessed by demons?
A- Headache , pain in neck , unrest and etc.
Q- Have demons gravity and do they wear clothes ?
A- They wear clothes and those are usual but some of them wear a taper hat.
Q- How many kind demon exist ?
A- They are seventy various folk . The narratives about them are different.
Q- In which area of earth they can be found more.
A- They are everywhere.
Q- which language demons do speak?
A- They speak with various language . Usually every demon speak with that area language which he live in.
Q- considering to power, how demons are ?
A They are very strong
Q- How it is possible perish a dangerous and turbulent demon.
A- By great gods word
Q- It mean it is not possible perish them by weapons ?
A- No
Q- People say a demon can be controlled by a human by stylus or nail ? can this opinion be right ?
A- No. but demons scare of knife
Q- Do demons perform a wedding ?
A- They marry, perform wedding and also cry in burials
Q- How a healthy person become ill (involving by demons) ?
A-The possessing occur when a person damage to a demon or his family so they make him/her ill in revenge way.
Q- Can be who possessed a psychotic ? if one who has done a crime tell, he had been inspired to perform that crime, is he possessed too ?
A- There are many psychosis , some time a criminal can be possessed .That is to say, they instigate him to perform that crime and he does
Q- How is demons torture ?
A- They threat , scare , make unconscious , became cause of epilepsy illness and etc.
Q- Is their shape horrible ?
A- Yes , usually they are very scary
Q- Do demons announce about future ?
A- No, but they foresight a bit
Q- Have they information about past time?
A- Yes, but as I know they dont say anything
Q- Can demons pass from every solid thing?
A- Yea but they are unable enter in a place there is the gods greatest name
Q- whether the believer demons unable too ?
A- They can , due to their faith to god
Q- Do demons scare of some animals ?
Q- If somebody wish not be possessed by demons what he has to do ?
A- say : In the name of Allah, the merciful, the most merciful and if request more security , read these gods word .-..-..-..
Q- Has the demons feet hoof ?
A- As I know it only has some membrane ,it is like human feet but with a bit difference.
Q- Are demons seen in old and obsolete houses or ruin public baths ?
A- The demons that are seen in dirty and unclean places are devilish.

by Manss

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Is There a Demon in My House?

Hey, I’m Pantera. I have a problem with demons. One that I know of lives in my dad’s house and I think my mom and I have evil following us. There is a family history on my mom’s side of being able to see, hear, feel, or have any encounters with ghosts, demons, etc. Here are reasons on why I think there is a demon in my dad’s house.

Experience #1 – I was laying in my room one night, and I was about to fall asleep. I had half my face buried in my pillow. The hallway light was on, which was right outside my room. I was looking in my hallway, when I see this thing. It stood from the floor, to the top of the door and it blocked my whole doorway. It looked like one of my really old Barbie dolls. the doll had recently been chewed up my my German shepherd puppy. the ghosts face was all chewed up, just like the dolls. I sat up, and it was gone. it freaked me out.

Experience #2 – I caught an EVP on my cell phone while I was home alone around 9:00. It was Feb. 17, my birthday. I was recording my cat, (I was bored, and waiting for my parents and brother to come home. Don’t judge me!) and when I replayed the video, something said ‘who’ or ‘no’ or something like that. I didn’t hear it when I was recording.

Experience #3 – I was coming out of my room, and I heard a really loud whisper say “HEY”. I stopped, and looked around. My mom was in her bedroom, with the door closed, my brother was next door at a friend’s house, and my dad was at work. This terrified me.

I am not usually afraid of ghosts. I want to be a ghost hunter when I get older. My mom can sense them, and so I asked her if she felt anything. She said she thought there was something evil in the house. On top of that, my mom and I were talking with my neighbor, and we asked him about the house. He said “I was here before that house was even built. That house was just built out of anger and hate. Only five families have lived in that house, including you guys, and you guys are the fifth family to get divorced. How messed up is that?

Do you guys think something is in my house?

Asked by Pantera

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How Can I Stop Him From Destroying Me?

As a child I took part in a ritual to call forth a dark spirit, yes I know this was dumb but forgive me.

Since that night my life, health and relationships have been falling apart. I have this feeling of always being watched and touched and I have a man appearing in my dreams who I swear I have never met.

I am currently very ill and my mental state is slowly dissipating. Do you think I could have a demon attached to me? and if I do, what can I do to rid myself of him without involving those in my life?

Asked by Svenia

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