Are Demons Following My Niece?

Okay so here recently my 3 year old niece told us about some “imaginary friends” she has. One calls themselves Maya and the other 4 wont tell her their names. Well Maya, she says, is nice to her and then she will be mean. One of her “friends” told her to run away from my mom and god and they have also told her to take prescription drugs – exactly what she said and she is only 3. Well when she told us about this my mom told her to call on god and my niece said that when she called on god they went away and that our dogs scare them away.

She also mentioned that she sees them in mirrors and the TV. We asked her where one of them came from and she said it was waiting for her at 7-11 when she was with her mother. And she keeps saying that she has already said too much and will stop talking.

We were walking through the house and she screamed “No!” at the top of her lungs and said, “don’t go in the dining room they’re in there.” I don’t know what to do its scary and I’m worried about my niece. I need help. Is there anything to do?

Asked by lulu

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  1. Hello Lulu,

    Your neices ‘friends’ sound like ghosts, and really shouldn’t be hanging around her. To that end you sister? has three choices .. first – she could have her house blessed by your local priest or minister, that will chase the ghosts out, or she could have a medium come in, who specialises in spirit rescue (ghost busting) .. this is not a ‘paranormal investigation group’ .. but someone who genuinely helps people cross over, to talk to them and clear them into heaven, or she could use this Invocation to do the same.


    Get her to read it through a few times, to understand what is being asked, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not the word ‘house’). If it were me I would also do it for her daughter, naming her clearly. That will take care of the ghosts.

    Then, the little girl is a medium. She might grow out of the gift as she gets older, but there are so many children born with this hypersensitivity now, and they are not growing out of it. Because of that she needs some protection from unfriendly entities around her and these energy shields work really well.

    Your sister? can choose to wrap a white light shield around the little girl each day, lasting 24 hours, and she won’t be troubled by nasty ghosts again. The house shields are for everyone. Very useful for undisturbed sleep.

    If there is anything else I can answer you can find me here, or privately through a link at the bottom of this page Victorian Paranormal Connection.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Hi regarding your niece, to answer your question specifically, yet she is being enticed by demons, appearing to her in a form that will not cause her to be afraid. They are trying to have her hurt herself by taking prescription pills, as you mentioned. They have also already caused fear in her warning her, because you mentioned that she feels she has told you too much.

    First do not be afraid, I will tell you exactly what to do. First of all, short explanation, if demons are present around her, either your neice has moved into a home or apartment that already had spirits in it, or her mother or father has somehow invited the spirits into their home via tarrot cards, or pschic, occultic type of things, like seance, or Ouja board. Even perhaps a babysitter, having this type of stuff around the child.

    Because I don’t know the whole situation, I can only give you a communality of reasons all of a sudden your neice would be approached by this many spirits.

    First of all tell your 3 year old neice that these named individuals are really not her friends. She will understand that. Tell her that if they come around her, to call out the name of Jesus loudly until they leave, which they will. Tell her that she should always do this, and that these named individuals are naughty, and that they can not hurt her or you if she calls Jesus to help her.

    Meanwhile pray over your neice and say, I cover my neice in the blood of Jesus Christ. I surround her with the blood of Jesus Christ and John 3:16. Speak out verses from the bible regarding protection over her.

    Meantime, you should get to the source of the root of the problem. How did these spirits come into interaction with your neice. It doesn’t just happen typically unless a door has been open by someone, or the demons are already present from some occultic thing, or prior evil event within the home.

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