Am I Being Haunted by a Demon?

For the past 13 years things have been happening to me that I try to explain away but now its getting out of hand. It started out with a few things flying across the room. Then for the past few years I have awakened with scratches on the backs of my legs, and then last year I actually dreamt that I was asleep and looking down between my legs at my feet there was a lump under the blanket moving towards my stomach, I started screaming and then felt something bite my stomach. My boyfriend ran into the room and I woke up. Later I found three sucker/bite marks on my stomach.

And just the night before last I was awakened by something lying on my back and breathing heavily into my ear. I thought I was dreaming, I reached down to push it off of me and definitely felt a long fingernail with my finger. I tried to scream but nothing would come out and then suddenly it was gone.

As crazy as this seems, I am a single woman, and almost every time something happens its when I’ve had a sexual experience recently. Is It just my mind feeling guilty or what? The backs of my calves are covered with scratches that have turned into scars and almost every time the scratches are in threes. Can you help me figure out what’s going on?

Asked by susan

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Better not to question what it is, rather simply to get it gone! Turning your mind to the question of its identity might feed it more of your energy, and it gets enough of that already.

    My name is Ama and I help people with paranormal problems such as yours. You can read about me by checking out my webpages via a link here on this website, down below, called Victorian Paranormal Connection.

    This is what I recommend to people in your circumstance. The Invocation is designed to change the structure of our energy and remove all sorts of things that can haunt people.


    The instructions are on the page, but basically read it through a few times to get an understanding of what you are asking and then say it out loud, and mean it.

    Then – learn to protect yourself and your home. This link leads to energy shields that help to keep negative entities away from us.

    Read it through and if you have any questions you can ask here, or email me privately.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. ask your mom about your family history and you you’re a ansistor probly made a deal with the devil and now it start following you she was probly traded something or ot may like you. get rid of anything that have to do with the devil poster .music , ect.

  3. Hi Susan, it sounds like you are experiencing demonic attacks. Three nail marks is common in a scratch from a demonic entity. If you look back 13 years, I would try and remember what you were doing occultic wise, that all of a sudden a demon started following you. Did you move into a house that had been known to be haunted? Did you participate in a seance or tarot reading etc? Where you in a relationship with someone that had dark dealings or Witchcraft?
    The demon you describe is an animal type demon, this is typically present in haunted homes that had either evil things going on at some point, or major drug activity, etc.

    To get rid of this demon,that is following you, first you must ask Jesus to forgive you of any association or practice or what not that you may have done that invited this spirit into your life. Like as an example, Lord, forgive me for playing with a Ouija board, or participating in a seance, I now know it is a sin.

    Demons opperate through legal rights. For some reason this spirit keeps following you. It is drawn to you through a right that you allowed it to gain entry in your life.

    Are you living in sin, ect???? If you are, make sure you ask for forgiveness, claim John 3:16 aloud. Ask the Lord to forgive you and then state Luke 10:19 aloud, and say it loudly and tell the evil entitiy to go away. Make sure you do not have any occultic paraphanalia in your home that continues to draw this evil entity.

    If it is stubborn,to keep it away,get an mp3 player and play the bible on CD and Blood of Jesus songs repeatedly. Demons hate this and will not want to stay.

    If you are doing your day to day thing and feel followed or attacked, scream out the name of Jesus repeatedly and it will leave.

    Also, you mention it attacks you after sex? Try to remember that if you are living a loose lifestyle, and consider what you are doing as a sin….Then I would avoid continuing in sin.

    We all sin, but remember to ask for forgiveness and try not to sin anymore.

  4. I feel that my husband hates me & anything to do with God. Since I’ve been with him I’ve had dreams of demonic creatures on me, I feel as though there’s something or someone in a room with me. I’ve woke up with scratches on me & felt like something was smothering me in my sleep. My son also has had night mares. If we argue it seems the nightmares get worse. My husband acts like he’s possessed he has a weird laugh when he’s saying something rude to me. From the time my son was born he’s been pathologically possessive of him & tries to alienate me from him by making me look bad behind my back. When he’s angry he swears against God & laughs when I tell him he’ll go to hell if he doesn’t change his ways. I’ve prayed for this evil to leave our home but I’m convinced the EVIL is my husband. I’ve stayed in the marriage because of my son but he’s gotten worse not better. I’m now regreting my decision

    • Hello Anonymous,

      You stay in a truly difficult situation for your son, but how does the child benefit from all the angry and pain in the household? My mother stayed married to my father for the same reasons, and when we were older, my brother and I asked her why? She said that sometimes we fear change more than we fear the person who is abusing us – but change can set you free, and your son.

      There are women’s shelters in Australia, and I hope there are ones where you live. That could be your first step to freedom. Go and look for one and talk to a counsellor there, or a lawyer, and find out your rights and how they can help you. Do it now before the situation escalates. You have a right to live a long and happy life without fear or pain, and with God in it wherever you want Him to be. Ask for help from Him too. Do it today.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  5. I think i MAY be possessed or am being influenced by a demon or entity or something (could be a personality disorder or something but i dont know), its all feelings and to do with the way i think. I dont think ive had any major physical experiences with it but sometimes ill get sudden bursts of anger that will make every muscle in my body tighten and make me want to lunge at something, i have a hatred for god, jesus and anything holy…But i have an intense hatred for the devil and demons, humanity, and everyone around me aswell. i get the overwhelming sense of invunerability sometimes and often feel like taunting any entity around me (sometimes i do when im alone) and want it to show itself. Ive never shown any fear towards it, instead i mocked it and laughed at it. I also feel really depressed when im not feeling any of what i wrote above (i rarely feel happiness anymore :/) So if anyone has any idea what this might be, please say so (i probably sound like such a freak ><)

    • Hi Luke,

      My name is Ama Nazra and I am a demonologist, and my first question is .. have you been to see a psychiatrist and had yourself diagnosed? It does sound like a personality disorder to me, and they do have medication to help that now. I would do that first before seeking out a metaphysical explanation for what is happening to you.

      In the meantime, at the top of this page, on the right, is a link to the Michael Invocation, which removes all sorts of negative beings from our energy. I suggest you go and read it and learn it and use it for yourself. If you feel a startling change you might have been oppressed. Up there also are ‘white light shields’. Learn them and use them to help keep other nasty entities away. You might be a hypersensitive medium, and the shields do help.

      Love & Peace
      Ama (my personal site is listed below under Friends)

    • Hi Luke, your spirit, is seperate from your soul and body. So if you have a hatred to God, and Jesus, or holy things, for no apparent reason, that would be considered Demonic.

      Additionally, you say you hate demons,devils, humanity. Demons don’t like eachother either. They only seek to do their masters work. If you hate humanity that would be demonic too.

      If you have fits of rage, and you can’t remember what happens, like you black out, that would be an example of possession.

      I don’t know if you have emotional problems. I am not a Doctor. But I can tell you, no matter what you believe, or who you believe in, life is hard.

      You have to find the little joys in life, like a really good burger, or walking, or seeing or smelling nice things…Watching some good ol slapstick like the Three Stooges. You need to laugh again. Watch the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, something with Steve Martin, and laugh!

      S.C.O.A.N. on line shows a lot of deliverance videos. Or Emanuel t.v. You may want to check it out. Maybe write them and ask them for prayer.

      If you are possessed, it would be because you allowed the spirit to enter you and take control of you. Are you a week person mentally???? One does not become possessed without easily, one typically has to sell their soul over, or invite posssession…But one could be demonized…

      So basically are you blacking out in these episodes of rage, and do you have control over these episodes, if it is simple anger.

      You don’t have to be possessed to hate God or religious things. But if you don’t love the Lord, you can be open to possession. At the least demonization.

  6. I forgot to elaborate on the three parts that consist of a person. Soul is mind, will, emotions, (I want what I want now!)

    Flesh, contains our spirit and soul. Duh…

    Spirit (the invisible or slightly visible portion that flows through us and flows out of us when we die.

    Our flesh and soul is the part of us that we need to tame and keep in line with God’s word. This is hard to do.

    God wants you to love Him and one day be with Him. Your soul fights this, hates God. Your soul controls your flesh.

    That is why the Bible tells us to walk in the spirit, in the word of God.

    We must learn to tame our fleshly soulish desires. I love the Lord. But I am far from perfect.

    I seek God constantly in love and prayer. And when I fail in obeying God’s word, or not being the best I can be…I ask for forgiveness and God’s grace.

    So I am trying to explain this too you, as it might also help you in trying to figure out why you do the things you do.

    Demons influence people souls. And when you have soulish thoughts, your body sins…

    Full blown possession is when you have given your soul and body over to demons to operate through your body.

    I hope this helps you.

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