Is There a Demon in My House?

Hey, I’m Pantera. I have a problem with demons. One that I know of lives in my dad’s house and I think my mom and I have evil following us. There is a family history on my mom’s side of being able to see, hear, feel, or have any encounters with ghosts, demons, etc. Here are reasons on why I think there is a demon in my dad’s house.

Experience #1 – I was laying in my room one night, and I was about to fall asleep. I had half my face buried in my pillow. The hallway light was on, which was right outside my room. I was looking in my hallway, when I see this thing. It stood from the floor, to the top of the door and it blocked my whole doorway. It looked like one of my really old Barbie dolls. the doll had recently been chewed up my my German shepherd puppy. the ghosts face was all chewed up, just like the dolls. I sat up, and it was gone. it freaked me out.

Experience #2 – I caught an EVP on my cell phone while I was home alone around 9:00. It was Feb. 17, my birthday. I was recording my cat, (I was bored, and waiting for my parents and brother to come home. Don’t judge me!) and when I replayed the video, something said ‘who’ or ‘no’ or something like that. I didn’t hear it when I was recording.

Experience #3 – I was coming out of my room, and I heard a really loud whisper say “HEY”. I stopped, and looked around. My mom was in her bedroom, with the door closed, my brother was next door at a friend’s house, and my dad was at work. This terrified me.

I am not usually afraid of ghosts. I want to be a ghost hunter when I get older. My mom can sense them, and so I asked her if she felt anything. She said she thought there was something evil in the house. On top of that, my mom and I were talking with my neighbor, and we asked him about the house. He said “I was here before that house was even built. That house was just built out of anger and hate. Only five families have lived in that house, including you guys, and you guys are the fifth family to get divorced. How messed up is that?

Do you guys think something is in my house?

Asked by Pantera

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  1. Hello Pantera,

    I have questions: how old were you when you saw the tall figure with in the doorway, with a disfigured face? Was it a recent thing? I am not disbelieving you that you saw what you saw, but the mind can play tricks, and superimpose one image over another in our memory, so the figure you saw might have looked similar to the doll, or it might have been exactly as you said .. but since I wasn’t there, is what I suggested possible? And doorway tall .. please meet my son, who tops 6’8″ and then kept growing, mostly he ducks in doorways. And some elemental beings can be long and thin, and some ghosts can play silly games and show themselves in ways that evoke a negative emotional reaction .. so you seeing a ghost represented as something that really upset you, when the dog ate the dog, is not surprising either.

    If anger and hate drew demons all the time, we’d have so few undemonized houses in the world, and not the other way round, which is how it actually is. Very few people have real demons anywhere near them, thank God.

    All of that being said, have I given you the Michael Invocation? You can say it for your ‘home’, or get your mum to say it for your home, if she’s open to it.

    // and that should clear the energy. Change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not house). And then tell me how things are.

    We don’t have to remain spooked.

    Love & Peace

    • Ama,
      What actually attaches a demon to a person? I agree with what you said about the anger and hate not being an automatic attraction for demons but, what is it actually? I mean, in your experience what has caused it?

      • Emotions, Diana, demons are all about emotion, about ego. What drives us as human beings .. two things, love and fear. When we act from love we express that emotion outwards and in many ways it acts as a protection for all of us, but when we act from fear .. and fear (the need to survive as the being we ‘think’ we are) is the foundation of every negative emotion. We protect ourselves in so many different ways, when we think we cannot cope, because we fear its true. We get angry, we lash out from that anger, we get jealous of what someone else has that we don’t have, we envy them because they seem better than us in some way, we hate them for the same sorts of reasons, andn we wrap that hatred around us like a shield. But negativity attracts negative beings, because they feed on the energy, and when a person is angry they are pumping out the anger, and the other negative emotions .. just think of how you feel when you walk into a room, or even a town square (been watching the news lately?) full of angry people protesting for something? The energy can be exhausting, can fire your own angry reactions, can make you physically sick, can make you confused, feeling lost or helpless, because your body absorbs energy from the world, the earth, the air, just as every other healthy living being does.

        So demons, being earth beings, and bound to this planet, can feed off the energy each of us expresses, and when the energy feels ‘good’ to them, say anger is the energy, they will follow that bubble of energy to the ‘source’ (just as we seek the source of all Light, or good energy, or God, (by whatever name you think suitable) .. and the source is us. Now if that ‘source’ continues to be angry, frightened, hate-filled, they compromise their own safety, their own shield of Love in a way, and negative energy forms (demons and ghosts for the most part) can send tendrils of energy into the person’s aura, and their chakras, and imbed themselves there .. and then draw closer and closer until they can influence the person to react in even more negative ways, to the point of being able to speak directly to the person, in their mind, and in the end take them over completely by supressing their will.

        Exorcism, then, is the struggle to get both the victim and the oppressor to let go. God steps in, but because a person has free will, they may, consciously or unconsciously, not want to give up the benefits of a possessing entity .. which is why the churches say go to a psychiatrist first, to find out what the people believe, their mental state of mind, before they even try and go through the struggle of removing an entity that might be there because the person somehow agree to let it happen. It’s very complicated.

        But it doesn’t happen all the time, because, for the most part, people do not stay in a state of anger all the time .. or we hope they don’t. It has to be a particular set of circumstances for this to happen, or an agreement made in another lifetime – regardless of whether the person knows they have past lives or not. And some people, while they might be oppressed, have a strong enough will to not allow entities to possess them .. even when they can’t get rid of them entirely .. and I know a number of those people. I also know God fearing/loving Christians who are harassed by the dark .. and do not know of any agreements made in other lives, or don’t believe in other lives .. so somebody please explain how it happens that those good people, and they are good people, end up in the state they are? We shall not discuss Lot from the bible at this point, because I don’t believe that God punishes anyone, or sends demons to destroy their lives.

        To change your life, and remove these sorts of harassing entities, you have to get to know yourself very well. What are the triggers, memories, feelings, beliefs, in your mind that make you react in anger .. release them, forgive anyone, including yourself, that helped you plant them there, and learn to Love .. as unconditionally as possible. None of us are perfect, but at least we are all capable of trying this.

        Does that help, Diana,
        Love & Peace

        • It absolutely does, thank you! I’ve long wondered exactly what would drive these types of forces to attach themselves to people but, I’ve never really received an answer that made sense in it’s entirety. I would get a semi-sensible answer with a lot of jib jab in between. This one does make tons of sense though :)

        • Ama,
          that’s a well-stated, articulate response. I would argue that, according to the Bible, human beings don’t have multiple lives, whether they think they do or not. There is no evidence in existence that the opposite is true, other than what people want to believe. Of course, to believe that we have mulitple chances to live our lives properly, correct our previous mistakes and build on our previous successes would only work if we were all equally fully cognizant of those past lives and retained some memory base of the mistakes and successes. This belief is also contrary to the Christian teaching that we are not able to claim our promised reward at the end of our lives (which is admittance into Heaven and living in the presence of God for eternity) by our works, so what is the point in living over and over again if nothing is to be gained from it? I’ve been studying and investigating demons and entities for much of the last 30 years, and even though i’ve been in the presence of several real ones, and been spritually attacked myself, and consumed the data from hundreds of books, articles and websites, and investigated dozens of “haunted” or infested areas all over the US and Europe, i doubt i qualify as a “demonogist”. I’ve never successfully exorcised one from a person or place, and doubt seriously that i could. I wonder if you could share with us what your qualifications are for laying claim to such a serious title?

          • Morning Stan, :-)

            Experience can be a really interesting teacher, as you know. Since there are no actual demonologist training schools that I was aware of when I started my more formal training over 30 years ago, unless, of course, you are male and a priest, you will have to have surmised that my training came in unorthodox ways, the school of life being one of them. Like you I have studied many hundreds of books, and then there were various websites ?? (not the best source of accurate information), and then there is personal experience, of course. Angelic teachers were really the best though. Faith in God and Jesus Christ, and the profound and unconditional Love of both, is my key to helping people change state. I have had experiences with the demonic, in various degrees of severe, since I was born. It’s not a way I recommend people learn how to deal with them, but as I said, its a great teacher .. and I come from a family whose foundations are Christian, so I had no reasons to be punished by God. As to being a demonologist, its not a title I particularly like, but it does describe what I do, when people, who do not know what they are looking for when they come to me for help, see the name. I usually write it with a small ‘d’. And I do not appreciate it when people think it means satanist .. which it doesn’t.

            Does it take clearing a person of demons to qualify me as a demonologist .. then I qualify quite a few times over, so no problem there. So do some other very good people I know, who are not priests.

            As to reincarnation – thank you for telling me your beliefs. I have read many different explanations of why Jesus said “Elijah has already come, and they did not recognise him .. ” (Matt 17:11-13), but you can add yours to the mix if you would like?

            You might like to read these pages:

   Reincarnation was a belief in Jesus’ time.

            Reincarnation makes perfect sense to me for various reasons .. one is when I answer a grieving person’s question about why God hates them – ‘why did my baby die stillborn (or just after the first breath etc) .. it was never baptised” .. according to Christian teachings it is going to go to hell or purgatory to pay for its sin .. but what was the sin? It didn’t have time to do anything, unless God was punishing the child for the adult’s behaviour (unto the 7th generation). Think of the parents”s minds, did God plan on punishing them by taking away their child? Is God cruel? Don’t get me started, because its one topic that can really get me angry. God is not cruel. A cruel God cannot tell Jesus to teach us ‘Love one another as I have loved you’, that would make both of the hypocrits.

            No evidence of reincarnation? Well, I have the subjective evidence of my own memories, but then .. we have the majority of the Indian culture and actual documented proofs from people there, and other places around the world, who go back to their old homes and families, and accurately prove that they had lived with them, before they died and reincarnated into another family. Is every one of those people lying, Stan? I agree its a cultural belief with the Indian people, but this has been checked out, not just by them, but by Westerners trying to prove it all false, and surprising themselves. And then there are the experiences of hypnotisted people, visiting psychiatrists, not just some spiritualist healer, who spontaneous regress into past lives and find solutions for current phobias and fears there, and are healed of them when they wake up. Could be imagination .. could the be psychiatrists are fakes, and liars, but I do believe they tape their sessions and play them back to the people, and have ethical standards that must be met every year (that’s far more important of course) .. perhaps the people only think they regressed, but .. change happens. And then there are the multitudes of other Western people like me who remember who they were before, and no we are not all new age folk .. I certainly am not of that group.

            I was thinking about what you said about only being able to build on previous successes etc we would have to remember the past lives. Let me give you a scenario to consider, for why its sometimes better that we don’t. Define success for me .. let’s take a murderer .. how many deaths does it take a murderer to be successful? When is enough enough? What happens if you are a psychopath in this lifetime, and don’t want to stop? Then you die. Next lifetime you remember all the murders, and how much you enjoyed them, you start doing it all over again, and never get caught .. where is the learning in that? Where is justice for the victims? How’s that for building on successess? So, take a step back .. before that new lifetime you review what you did, realise why you became what you became, and seek assistance from God and the Holy Spirit, to help you not repeat that self-destructive patterns, put the memory aside but accept the ‘punishment’ for your actions. When you are born again, as part of your karma, you might well be the victim of a murderer .. just as that murderer might have been your victim. You balance out what you did by having it done to you, or by other acts of great goodness, often for the people you committed the terrible actions to. Sounds far better than thinking that God allows people to come into the world to murder people, and sadly, often get away with it. Just think of how many unsolved murders there are in the world these days. And karma can be a bitch.

            I think that’s a great reason for not remember who I was in a previous life, until I am advanced enough spiritually to be able to see the error of my ways, and choose another path, don’t you? And what do you think murderers learn in hell, apart from more skills to use in harming other people there? Since God wants us to Love one another, how do we learn to do that in a place that only teaches hate and fear? That is, of course, if you believe in hell as a place for punishing humans, a belief that could be defeated by the belief in us ‘punishing’ ourselves, or correcting ‘wrong’ behaviour through ‘right’ behaviour.

            As a child I had memories that were totally confusing and spoke and understood French, and another language I had never heard before either. I have a funny story about that. :-) As an adult I had made a new friend, a French man living here in Australia with is Aussie wife. One day I interrupted a conversation between him and a visitor from France, and stood quietly waiting for them to finish speaking in French. When the lady said ‘really, we would speak English in front of Ama’ my friend turned to me and smile and answered ‘no, she speaks French’, and he meant it, although we had never discussed the subject. I just laughed. By that stage of my life I understood the gist of what they were saying, but I couldn’t speak the language at all. :-) Why do you think he thought I could, with such certainty? Because we are ‘old’ friends, from other lifetimes, and we both know it.

            Haven’t you ever met anyone you are instantly connected to, as if you have known them forever? You might just have done so in reality.

            Love & Peace

    • thanks for comments. and i just saw that thing last year, and im pretty sure there is something in my house. when i’m in it, i’m really mean and tense, because i can feel the heavyness and the bad energy, and i dont like it at all. is what you’re trying to tell me to do is bless my house? because i am NOT doing that. yeah it makes the ghost or whatever it is that we’re dealing with go away, but only for a few months. then it comes back. and when it does, it is MAD. i’d rather not make this thing mad, it’s bad enough as it is. and you said demons are attracted to emotion. well, my dad is the most hateful person i’ve ever met. so i think i answered that question. anything else you want to know?


      • Hi Pantera,

        My father was a nasty piece of work .. I’ll be blunt with you. And we had demons and other entities in house as I grew up, but they weren’t drawn to him .. oh no, they had another agenda. His energy fed them at times, certainly, but he was not the blame. Now, your father might also not be a good man, but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s the cause of the entities in the house – which have not been identified as demons as far as I’m concerned .. and I’m a demonologist, mate. I know what I am talking about.

        How many times has the entity in your house been sent away and come back mad? Or are you just telling me something you think might happen?

        And other questions – you haven’t answered the questions I asked at the beginning. How about them. Starting with your age.

        And the Michael Invocation is generally NOT a temporary fix of the situation. Have you even looked at it before deciding you don’t want to remove those things that are upsetting you? We have been using it around the world, very effectively, for the past 15 years in all different sorts of circumstances. It doesn’t just chase things away, it sends them somewhere they don’t come back from.

        It’s up to you, of course. But first answer my questions.

        Love & Peace

        • There is no reply feature to your reincarnation post to reply directly.. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I like your philosophy behind it. I have the feeling we weren’t supposed to be at war killing each other over our beliefs. It’s scary not knowing 100% what happens after this life. (at least I feel that way.) The concept of Hell with the Christian belief has always bothered me.

          On a whim I did some quick Internet research on reincarnation, new souls vs. old ones. I took a few internet quizzes. Interesting stuff, though I can’t say I remember anything from past lives if I had any. I have at times joked with my family and to myself that must have lived a past life or more, either that or have been given a strange gift to write in rather graphic detail of my story characters struggling rather real life-like challenges. Many of these challenges I’ve never faced or even lived long enough to face. (and I feel strangely adverse to certain things and certain decisions.) But then again it could just be my imagination. It’s a rather powerful tool. I use my imagination to relate to people.

          • Hi JI,

            Yes, the tests can be fun, also completely inaccurate. Here’s something I suggest to people who are interested in finding out where they ‘might’ have been in other lives.

            What is your favourite foreign food?
            What countries do you really want to visit in the world?
            What countries don’t you want to visit at all?
            Do you have feelings of deja vu?
            Have you ever met anyone you felt an instant connection to? Who did they remind you of?
            Do you daydream vividly, able to place yourself into the dreams?
            Do you dream of other centuries and other lands?
            What sort of music do you like .. not headbanging stuff .. but music from other countries? Do any of them ‘feel’ familiar?
            If you write stories, where do you base them when you let your imagination run wild?

            Short list .. can’t remember the other questions today. LOL

            All of those might give you clues to whom you used to be.

            Love & Peace

        • i’m 12 years old. i have had my mom, and lots of other people bless my house. after that, nothing paranormal happened for about three months. then, after that, things got worse. i know you probably think i’m only 12, i dont know what i’m talking about. but me and my mom, we are so in touch with our, 6th sense, i guess you could call it. i know what i’m dealing with. i just dont know how to get rid of it.

          • Hi Pantera,

            Have you told your mother there’s a ghost? She must be aware of it too. It might not be the same one she sent away before. You could show her this site, and ask ‘her’ to do the Invocation to get rid of it. Ghosts come and go. You can send away one lot, but if the house is not protected, and people like you are sensitive to them, others will just flow right in.

            And I don’t think a 12 year old doesn’t know things and feel things. I remember being 12 and haunted by spooky and weird things, and I didn’t have a mother who was ‘tuned in’ that I could talk to. You just don’t have as much experience in the situation as say your mother, or me. Ask her to help.

            Love & Peace

  2. hi i’m kayla,
    i was just wondering what kind of being can phyically touch you and move things? can all of them do it or just a selected few?

    • Hi Kayla,

      Ghosts can touch you, and move things. Demons generally like to keep you terrified and not prove their existence, so you can’t prove them to other people – its better psychological torture that way. Fairies steal things, but if you ask nicely, and firmly, they will, for the most part, end up returning whatever the item was. I don’t think I’ve read about shadow people touching folk?

      Love & Peace

      • Thank you Ama,
        I also was wondering if it’s true that Demons can turn into people or animals, a friend told me that but I wasn’t sure if it was 100% accurate.

        • Hi Kayla,

          Can demons change their appearance and look like black dogs and owls and wolves, yes, their ‘appearance’, as nasty looking humanoids, is not what they ‘actually’ look like either, being energy beings. They can take on the appearance of anything they like.

          Love & Peace

      • poltergeists can move things and touch you too. demons can, that’s how people who live with demons end up with random bites and scratches. shadow people can’t, you can just see them.

      • Ama,
        can you explain to me, why then, there are some demons who can do physical harm to people? You described them as only inciting fear in a person. I have heard of several accounts, including AJ’s, where a demon actually caused physical harm to a human. Just want to understand better.

        • Grumble LunaT, LOL

          The less people know what demons can do, the better, in my opinion. The demons I was explaining about to Diana are not the seriously dangerous ones, which are very few, and not generally what people get harassed by.

          Yes, there are demons that can cause some physical problems, like scratches and bruises, and far worse things, but I will not feed the mind of the readers here with possibilities .. there’s enough stories about them on the net, real and imagined.

          And also, people scratch themselves and then try and find reasons for ‘why’ it happened, that have nothing to do with reality. They would rather think it a nasty demon, than a sharp fingernail in their sleep.

          So I apologise for not mentioning here, but you will have worked out we get very young readers, and very old ones, and I was simply being my usual reticent self where explaining the demonic is concerned.

          Love & Peace

      • I feel this is what happened to me I was kept scared in fear and heard voices people thought I was mentally ill.I think it was and is demon I feel I am still being kept off balance.

        • Hi Blue,

          Yes, there are young people reading these pages, and others on the site, and sometimes they comment .. so we keep our answers as generic as possible, until we can’t do that anymore.

          In the meantime, would you like to tell me what has happened to you and we will see whether its a demon or just the gift of clairaudience driving you? If you would like to discuss it with me privately, you can do so from links on my personal webpages, which are accessed from this site via my link under Friends.

          Love & Peace
          Ama Nazra – Victorian Paranormal Connection.

  3. my mom lives with me in the house. she has seen this thing too. we are 100% sure there is one demon, and a few good spirits who would never bother us. they are in the basement, while the demon is upstairs, in the hallway. like i said, we know what we are dealing with. do you have any other suggestions on how i could get rid of this demon, besides blessing the house?

    • Hi Pantera,

      The top answer on this page is mine, and there is a link to the Michael Invocation, which has been used by different people all over the world very successfully for the past 15 years I have been on the internet. One thing it does is get rid of demons. I also use it from home all the time, to help clear people’s houses in many different countries. I live in Australia.

      It might be best if your mother says it, but you can too. There’s no age limit to who can do things to help themselves, when they choose to.

      Love & Peace

  4. Aw really black dogs?
    What general attaches a demon to a person is it anything in particular or do they go were they please?

    • Hi Kayla,

      If you will scroll back on this page, you will see the answer I wrote to Diana about why demons attach to people. If they doesn’t answer your question, please tell me. It’s the 3rd comment, the first yellow box.

      Love & Peace

  5. thanks

  6. Is everyone on here 10 to 12 years old?I use to come here and get good information now it’s all tween speak with very child like phrases.It is very hard to take seriously when you have a 12 year old say they know what there doing with a demon problem.I’m 46 and what I’ve gone through has scared the hell out of me and thank GOD someone knows what there doing because I sure as hell don’t.

  7. hey! i would just like to know if the is a demon in my house and i want to get rid of it how can i do it….i mean alot of my friends says that a demon is in my house or anyones house becoz he wantsto take hes / her soul to hell and he will stop at noting to do what he has been told,, so what i ould like to know is why is he really here for and how can u make him go away???

    • Hi Jenifer,

      What happens in your house that you think you have a demon?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed here on this page under Friends)

  8. There is no such thing as ghosts only demons and other spirits but demons are the strongest to contact humans, People’s spirits cannot come back. So what you will be chasing is demons, and opening the door for more demons to enter your life.

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