How Can I Stop Him From Destroying Me?

As a child I took part in a ritual to call forth a dark spirit, yes I know this was dumb but forgive me.

Since that night my life, health and relationships have been falling apart. I have this feeling of always being watched and touched and I have a man appearing in my dreams who I swear I have never met.

I am currently very ill and my mental state is slowly dissipating. Do you think I could have a demon attached to me? and if I do, what can I do to rid myself of him without involving those in my life?

Asked by Svenia

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  1. Hi Svenia

    My name is Ama and I’m a demonologist. On the right here there’s a box called ‘Friends’ and there’s a link to my webpages (Victorian Paranormal Connection) to go and check me out.

    In the meantime, I have lots of questions. Can you tell me more about your ritual? Who, what, when, where and who else was helping, and is everyone suffering like you? And how old were you then, and how old are you now? What does the man in your dreams do? Since which night have things been falling apart?

    Please answer the questions and then we’ll see what can be done. You can do so privately if you want to .. through various email links on my website.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • I was 13 at the time, now 20. The only person who I am in contact with from that night is suffering from tumors growing on his feet. I myself have been plagued with both ulcers and illnesses nearly non stop. I do not know much about the actual ritual that night. I was the youngest who took part and they didn’t tell me much. I know they we were calling forth a spirit similar to a vampire. He usually sexually harasses me in my dreams or pulls me under water. I’ve even woke up to water drops in my bed which always forms a triangle.

      • Hi Svenia

        I can’t comment on the tumors (they may be unconnected and just coincidental??) but ulcers and general ill health are associated with low energy levels. One possible cause of low energy levels is due to the fact the ‘spirit’ is feeding off your energy in order to sustain its own. As a result you may feel tired – exhausted even – so can not fight off virus’s or other illnesses. Basically you become run down and feel depressed. In short, it is vamping your energy.

        Vampire spirits – most likely a spirit like this is a daemon. In other words, someone in the ‘circle’ at the time the ritual was performed,would have had to have construct it out of their own energy. Demon’s, on the other hand, don’t behave like vampires. Demon’s terrorise you, certainly, but not in the nature of a ‘classical’ vampire. Demon’s generally work on the psycological – not the physical.

        How many people were in the ‘circle’ at the time of the ritual?

        A spirit who enjoys having sex with the living is called an incubus (male) or succubus (female). Some describe these as demon’s but I’m more inclined to associate something of this nature as an earthbound spirit (ghost). The reason I think this is because, demon’s have not sex – they are neither male nor female. Earthbound spirits, on the other hand, are either male or female.

        So, which have you got attached to you?

        Going on how you describe the entity is behaving and how it appears to be using your energy to function, I’m going to go with something which has been constructed. There are two reasons why I think this:

        1. Your age at the time of the ritual. Puberty brings on many changes both physically and spiritually. Many poltergeist cases (but not all) revolve around adolescents. In cases such as these, it is the adolescent themselves which have ‘externalised’ negative energy which then turns on them or focus’s on a third party. In effect, these people have unknowingly created their own ‘ghost’. I know you’ve not got a poltergeist, parse, but the appearance of water and the ability of forming patterns is akin to the kinds of things that a polt might get up to.

        2. A daemon of a negative nature requires to be fed in order to survive and thrive. I have never heard of an incubus or succubus requiring ‘third party’ energy in order to contineu functioning.

        So what can be done about it.

        First off, you must stop fearing it. Fear is how it feeds. Once it has fed, it becomes stronger. So, don’t fear it. Let it starve.

        Ama’s Michael iinvocation will help to clear the atmosphere of negativity. Again, stopping the thing from feeding. The Lords Prayer has the same effect, should you feel more comfortable using that instead.

        You should also get into the habit of placing yourself in a protective bubble – preferably at times when you most likely get attacked by this entity.

        Here’s how I construct bubbles:
        1. Sit, or lie quietly and try to relax
        2. Imagine a speck of bright, white light in the centre of your heart.
        3. Imagine expanding this light outwards until it consumes your whole body. Take your time, there’s no rush.
        4. Once your body has been filled with the white light, push that light out beyond your body until it is about 3 foot away from you.
        5. (optional) Place a gold cross, or any other religious symbol you trust, on the top of the bubble, above the crown of your head.

        And that is it. Bubbles typically last 6 – 12 hours, during which time nothing of a negative nature can attack you.

        Please let us know how you get on.


        • hmmmm …. number 4 doesn’t read quite right – sorry! What I meant to say was that the whole of your body as well as a 3 foot area outside of your body should all be inside the bubble that you’ve created.

          The way I wrote it, it comes across as if the bubble is moved way from you by 3 feet – which is incorrect.

          I must learn how to speeka da English …. LOL!


          • I relaxed and imagined my body filling with a neon purple water, I let this water rush and clear my body and soul of all impurities. I have done this meditation in the past and it always focused my mind and gave me renewal but I don’t think it worked as much as I would of likes it. While I feel better fatigue wise, the nightly terror hasn’t come to an end. I woke yesterday morning with some of my clothes stripped off. I know I couldn’t of done it and no one living in this home would ever behavior in that manner. I feel violated and confused. I think what ever it is is either playing mind games or is a far different spirit than I excepted. Do I need to get a priest evolved? I feel like I’m running out of options. The items removed from me were tossed in a triangular pattern. Is this something I’m going thru alone or is this something that you have heard others say or seem similar. and I cant figure out where to go on the site to email you personally or anyone else for that matter, I thought I was good at navigation online but I guess I was wrong lol.

          • Hi Svenia,

            AJ and I are two different people, in two different countries in the world, just in case you have us muddled. It’s me, Ama, who is saying ‘contact me privately’ through the Invocation site. Here’s the link again .. // again, and it was me who suggested you do this Invocation.

            When AJ said use ‘white light’ I am sure she meant the Light to be white. Purple is lovely, the colour of Spirit, but it does not have the cleansing capacity that the spectrum of Pure White Light has. Purple is only one part of it.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Svenia

            Ama’s pipped me to the post (I was still asleep when she managed to get on here – LOL!) but yes, WHITE is the colour you should be imagining when constructing a bubble for protection.

            I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, fatigue wise … that’s a good start!

            This thing is sounding more and more like poltergeist behaviour to me …

            Polt’s thrive off of negative energy but they need a ‘host’ to extract that energy from. The colour WHITE is positive and so does help towards ‘starving’ a poltergeist.

            I urge you to get in contact with Ama asap.


        • Hi Svenia,

          AJ’s advice is very good.

          Vampire spirits are also know as ‘psychic vampires’ and you can read about them here. Living people can be psychic vampires as well, so if there is anyone around you who always makes you feel tired when they visit, or phone .. or even when you think of them .. white light shields, such as described by AJ above are very helpful.

 This site is mine and has information on psychic vampires, and psychic protection, with another version of AJ’s energy shield, and more information in general.

          Incubus/succubus are definitely demons, though human ghosts will behave this way too, if they are inclined to. The ghosts are easy to get rid of .. the Michael Invocation being one way, the demons might be a bit more of a challenge, but the Invocation can work there too.

          AJ… the bubble .. why only six to twelve hours? Is there are a particular reason?

          Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            It requires a persons own energy to build the type of bubble I construct. I build them this way because they push EVERYTHING out, rather than unwittingly trapping something inside the bubble.

            A ‘novice’ may not be able to put so much ‘energy’ or strength into the bubble until such time as they’re used to building them – hence a bubble constructed by a ‘beginner’ starts to ‘weaken’ and disipate quicker than one constructed by someone used to building them. To be on the safe side, I always advise the 6 – 12 hours ‘rule’. Or, in other words, build one around yourself at least twice a day – just to be sure of always having some form of protection!

            Once someone is used to building them they will last much longer (24-36 hours) but, like everything in life, it requires practise.

            Hope that’s explained.


          • That’s what I like about the egg-shaped white light shield. It doesn’t require our energy to create, only our free will, and it maintains itself .. though we can undermine it just fine if we want to. I’ve had people build themselves protective shells inches thick, just from thinking the one they have isn’t strong enough, and make the request over and over again … but … it only takes a moment to make a difference .. that’s how energy works. Think the shield is there, and its there. Decide it’s working very well, and it does. Decide the other way, and undermine yourself.

            I suggest that people create/think a shield that lasts for 72 hours, and then renew it each morning when they get dressed for the day, or have a shower, or whatever. Then you have 2 days to remember you have forgotten to do it that morning. LOL

            Energy work is fascinating.

            Love & Peace

      • Hi Svenia,

        Did you see any signs of the entity you were trying to connect to at the time? What actually happened during the ritual .. ?

        In the meantime .. I have an Invocation for you to use. It removes all sorts of nasty entities from a person’s energy, and sends them back where they came from.

        // go and read the information on the page, a few times, to get a good understanding of it, and then say it out loud. There’s also my contact information there, if you would like to write to me privately. I have other questions I don’t want answered on this site.

        Love & Peace

        • The reason the tumors I think are so meaningful is when we finished the chant he used his foot to spread the colored crystal they had used to make a symbol, out into the dirt. He only used one foot and that is the same foot the tumors are growing on. They look like tiny puffy mushrooms. I felt sick to my stomach when he showed me them. In the dreams he never actually has relations with me, he only uses his hands, I almost get the feeling he doesn’t have genitals. The symbol they made was four triangles connecting to form a square. I think he enjoys tormenting me in the dreams, I don’t really think its actually sexual. I’ve being blessed, I’ve trying meditation. I feel like I’m losing all of my energy to him, I can feel his presence when I lay down to sleep, he keeps me up till 4 or 5 am. I even told my doctor and he brushed me off. The angry I get about him the more he becomes active. I tried to mediate three or four days ago and he ripped my dart board off the wall and scared my puppy. I think he realizes I’m trying to get rid of him and I have I him scared. is there any kind of herbs or symbols i can use to help block or repel him?

          • Hi Svenia,

            Have you used the Michael Invocation yet? If you are not sure it will work, I can do it for you if you will email me privately from my site .. there are links on the Invocation page.

            Blocking is all very well, but removing the problem completely is a much more productive way of problem solving.

            Love & Peace

  2. Hello Svenia,
    I am glad that you admit your mistake in summoning a dark spirit. Dark spirit are more than likely demons, but it is possible that you just have a nasty ghost on your hands. My suggestion to you is to contact Ama Nazra, who is a regular on this site and is listed under friends. She is a demonologist and spirit rescuer and can tl you exactly what you are dealing with. In the mean time, go to her site( listed under friend as Victorian paranormal connection) and look up white light shields and the Micheal invocation. I have used both and known them to work and help me greatly. Both of these work with the Angels and the power of God(if you are a believer) best of luck and I hope you find a resolution soon!

    • Thanks, Luna.

      Love & Peace

      • Any time, Ama, but she seems to be a bit timid about trying the Micheal Invocation. @ Svenia: Try it!!! You have nothing to lose and possibly a peaceful night sleep, if not a more peaceful life to gain by trying! It’s worth a shot!! Hopefully you have already contacted Ama, so she can help you!! Best of luck and don’t let this continue more than it has already!!!!

  3. Hi Svenia

    Hey! We all do daft things when we’re young, without realising the conscequences!

    Thee questions:
    1. How old were you when you “invited the negative spirit in”?
    2. What ‘ritual’ did you do?
    3. How old are you now?

    My first thought is that it’s not a ‘third party’ entity (fallen angel/demon), rather something you’ve contructed yourself. These entities are called daemons (not to be confused with demons) and basically takes on the ‘role’ of whatever it was constructed to do. However, a self constructed daemon an easily be de-constructed by the ‘builder’ or ‘creator’ of the daemon.

    Please give more info, so that then we can decide how best to proceed.


  4. hey Svenia, my name is mike i have dealt with those feelings along with other things as well. i have lost my mind i cant love even to people closest to me that i should care for. i can give you my advice, you can accept it if you want. me myself i comfront them face to face because how i was raised. it shown me to face my fear’s with what ever it is. its like if you go into a fight with a person and you have it in your mind there crazy, well then your going to lose.

    what im saying is if there is a demon there you probly are scared, am i wrong? i do understand people tend to learn to deal with them being there. here’s my point you have to fight to get this in your head, this is your life your soul fight and tell yourself and that demon that you are taking your life back. its about how much will power your willing to use to get your life back.

    with the people i know personally after they had there encounters they have never been the same. they have come to reality about things and they have done what they needed to do just as i did and we still blend in with society. they are happy as could be considering. well best of luck to you with what ever you try to do.

  5. When I was 19. my brother died in a car accident. my parents did a seance with a hitch hiker they picked up off the highway. I was in my bedroom and begged my parents not to do the seance. They did not listen. I went to bed in my room. and Once the hitch hiker left the paranormal activity became very active but to only me. I did not participate in the seance. but since me and my brother were close the haunting came full force at me.Only at 3am would I hear activity. it would wake me up. I was also was a Christian. but I could hear chains banging around at night. I heard moans from another world. no one in the house could hear it. my sister was 11, my mother was there and my father and my boyfriend. they could not hear anything. I heard someone walking up to my window in the snow. Their were no foot prints. I was young and did not know anything about a haunting. So I read the bible and prayed a lot. the haunting continued but once my dad burned the clothes my brother died in that the corner gave him. and got rid of the twisted car parts my dad saved. the haunting finally stopped. it took about a year.

    • I am very sorry you were haunted, Carri. It might have been very frightening. I think your brother passed over once your father had let go of him, by burning his things.

      Love & Peace

  6. You have a spiritual problem then you need a spiritual solution. Before you go to bed, say outloud several times “God rebuke you in Jesus name”. Get a Bilbe and read it before you go to bed. Place the Bible under your pillow. If it wakes you in the nght or you have a bad dream repeat “God rebuke you in Jesus name”. Another thing that you could do to help would be get a CD of Christian praise music (with words) and softly play it in your bedroom as you sleep. These are very simple yet extremely powerful things that you can do, even tonight. Come back and report to us how well you slept. God Bless.

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