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I havent any question at present but this is an interview which it is done with an expert exorcist (in Middle East ) and I found it in a domestic website. Whereas it was an interesting article I decided translate it and send it to Trueghosttales. I hope I have could translate it correctly and hope be interesting and useful for readers

Q- Any demons help you during you are exorcising .
A- They are like other demons but has become friend with me gradually
Q- How they became friend with you ?
A- I read some trusty pray a while till they became friends
Q-Are demons seen like usual humans?
A- In the eye of ill person yes, but healthy person unable observe them.
Q- Do you see demons when you are talking them ?
A- No, but the ills see them and I connect demons by that ills .
Q- In what time connecting to demons is possible ?
A- Daytime and nighttime both
Q- Have you yourself seen demons yet ?
A-No, seeing demons is not possible for healthy humans.
Q- what is the signs of a possessed person ? That is to say , how is his symptom who possessed by demons?
A- Headache , pain in neck , unrest and etc.
Q- Have demons gravity and do they wear clothes ?
A- They wear clothes and those are usual but some of them wear a taper hat.
Q- How many kind demon exist ?
A- They are seventy various folk . The narratives about them are different.
Q- In which area of earth they can be found more.
A- They are everywhere.
Q- which language demons do speak?
A- They speak with various language . Usually every demon speak with that area language which he live in.
Q- considering to power, how demons are ?
A They are very strong
Q- How it is possible perish a dangerous and turbulent demon.
A- By great gods word
Q- It mean it is not possible perish them by weapons ?
A- No
Q- People say a demon can be controlled by a human by stylus or nail ? can this opinion be right ?
A- No. but demons scare of knife
Q- Do demons perform a wedding ?
A- They marry, perform wedding and also cry in burials
Q- How a healthy person become ill (involving by demons) ?
A-The possessing occur when a person damage to a demon or his family so they make him/her ill in revenge way.
Q- Can be who possessed a psychotic ? if one who has done a crime tell, he had been inspired to perform that crime, is he possessed too ?
A- There are many psychosis , some time a criminal can be possessed .That is to say, they instigate him to perform that crime and he does
Q- How is demons torture ?
A- They threat , scare , make unconscious , became cause of epilepsy illness and etc.
Q- Is their shape horrible ?
A- Yes , usually they are very scary
Q- Do demons announce about future ?
A- No, but they foresight a bit
Q- Have they information about past time?
A- Yes, but as I know they dont say anything
Q- Can demons pass from every solid thing?
A- Yea but they are unable enter in a place there is the gods greatest name
Q- whether the believer demons unable too ?
A- They can , due to their faith to god
Q- Do demons scare of some animals ?
Q- If somebody wish not be possessed by demons what he has to do ?
A- say : In the name of Allah, the merciful, the most merciful and if request more security , read these gods word .-..-..-..
Q- Has the demons feet hoof ?
A- As I know it only has some membrane ,it is like human feet but with a bit difference.
Q- Are demons seen in old and obsolete houses or ruin public baths ?
A- The demons that are seen in dirty and unclean places are devilish.

by Manss

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  1. Thank you Manss, very interesting. Can’t agree that its a good idea to ‘befriend’ a demon, since they cannot be trusted .. but every culture has its own beliefs.

    Also, I have to wonder about the mental ‘health’ of the answerer .. since he will talk to demons in the first place. Talking can lead to obsession, oppression and then possession, so I do not recommend it to anyone.

    Love & Peace

    • Ama , he is not a usual person rather is an expert exorcist . I read in its origin article he doesn’t do exorcism now and has abandoned this job for a few years but heretofore he had saved many person from some stubborn demons. yes I confirm your thought, ordinary persons must not be interesting to be friend with demons and do haunting with them but this exorcist had got friend from demons to help him against other demons which had possessed some persons.As he himself is a believer, that demons which were his friend believed in god too and didn’t attack to anyone so I think this friendship could be useful when turbulent demons saw some demons are helping that exorcist and this condition could solve the problem easier. He say he had not been able see demons and I think most of exorcist are so and don’t see demons while are exorcizing.

      • Yes, demons believe in God, they have no doubt about ‘His’ existence. They turned their backs on ‘him’ and fell into darkness .. or the seriously dangerous ones did.

        In the meantime, its nice to know the man had experience, Manss. However I am still cautious in allowing that any ‘demon’ is helpful. The problem is that most people have no idea how to tell a friendly ‘demon’ from a unfriendly one that is just ‘playing’ with them .. and I recommend no one takes any changes with a being they cannot ‘see’, nor truly identify. You have to know a heck of a lot about this subject to even be remotely safe, if the dark decides to ‘find’ you. So many people think hunting ‘demons’ is fun .. its people like that we have to pray for .. that they ‘never’ get to meet any demons at all.

        Love & Peace

        • I agree, I personally not interested deal with demons because I foresight if I see them may be scared . It is for, they are unknown being and I haven’t enough information and experience about them, moreover I think if I enter to this unknown world it affects my ordinary living ,habits and morality. Apparently may entering to this world be simple but may exiting from it be harder than it supposed. I wish go to a garden or a green desert watch flowers ,grasses , butterflies , lucid streams and listen to wind and nightingales sound, sit in the shadow of a green tree and have a warm steak with a cool buttermilk or other clean drink no instead of this views journey in unknown demons world watch their terrific shapes and hear their strange voices. I am able get them under my command by some godly prays but I don’t wish such haunting and such ruling. I wish be free in my sensible and beautiful word which I’m familiar to it no else. Therefore I never recommend other go to demons world either.

          • I want to visit your heaven, Manss .. according to some Christians, I’ll be in the fiery torment place instead. LOL

            Lovely description. Reminds me of ‘Home’. Oops .. it is Home … and we ALL go there.

            Love & Peace

          • when I could buy a part of that heaven ( of course If I could ) do visit surely Ama , I will be glad but at present I can enjoy via thinking about it only …….LOL …..

          • Thank you Manss, I would love to visit. :-)

            And you can come scuba diving with us if you want to. A few of us have decided to do this after we are dead, because we don’t like sharks. LOL

            Love & Peace

  2. You’ve gotta love them Muslims. LOL!

    I prefer the Islamic take on the Angels though, myself. Mohammed had some lovely adventures with God’s Angels …


    • A.J , love is not optional, we must fall in love and we never fall in love till we see or know our love and nobody can be our loved one till be what we love him …..This literary opus was mine how was it ?
      Also let me explain a bit : saint Mohammed was one of the five Gods major messengers and the last of them. Saint Jesus had announced before that he would come in future. His birth was one of the greatest historical occurrence .When he birthed all angels did jubilation and celebration in heaven and earth. He was so kind to people and so hard to cruel and bloodthirsty rulers (Arabian land had some cruel family which ruled in Mecca and opposed to Mohammed .when they saw they are not able arrest of Islam and people are tending to him finally decided kill Mohammed but Jabraiil (Gabriel ) announced him from god that they want kill him and ordered him leave Mecca at night hiddenly and migrate to Medina city and Mohammed did so and survived ) his face was sunny and smiling and had a very soft and calmly morality and behavior as people wished meet and talk him and be along side him all the time . He was naturally aromatic but used perfume too as when people felt an aroma in the alleys said : Mohammed has passed from here…….. He hated of war and loved peace except when Arabian evil lords attacked to Muslims and did impel him to defend . He never said anything from himself but what he did and what he said was only the collection of statements and commands had been sent down by god via Gabriel

      • Maybe I should have used the word ‘wonderful’ instead of ‘lovely’…??

        Thanks for the insight into Mohammed, Manss.


  3. This maybe what the muslims believe, that is about it. I have heard the mohamed himself was terrified of demons and actually felt that the entity communicating with him in the cave was a djinn, but that entity finally convinced him that is was an angel named gabriel.

    • Hi JK

      If a spirit was to manifest itself before you – even one which looked every part like a holy angel – wouldn’t you automatically assume it demonic until you had been given the opportunity to test it to make sure it was exactly what it said it was?


      • I would certainly consider it, AJ .. every entity gets ‘tested’ by me. LOL

        Love & Peace

  4. i don’t know much about the subject,, but from what i could understand from the interview; it remind me of something i heard as a child.. some angel who realized what they had done was wrong wanted to go back and be in the light but for some reason didnt . so they hang around sometimes making bargains with people who get in the middle of evil in some indirect way..those demons will work with demon hunters and other people who work that feild to help that person get rid of the demon or entitie.. they’re not good but they’re not all that bad.. its a way of getting back at satan and reminding god they’re still here and not on satans side.. my grandma always said: we are all under god’s payroll !! now i see what she meant!!!

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