Do Demons Hear What You Say or Feel What You Think and Understand?

I had heard before, demons hear what we say and become freaked out or merry if we say bad or good about them. I passed from it carefree yesterday I was discussion with some authors about demons. I claimed I can control demons and get them under my command by some godly prays ( I think I despised them due to my egocentric ). last night I awoke to late so I felt I had to sleep, got up and went to bed, as every night I started a praying which I read it against demons but before I finished it slept. In midnight I felt a negative energy is approaching me ( I no woke up and my eyes was closed) also I felt I am going to a sleep paralysis. (at that time I understood that negative energy was from a demon ) I sensed that demon is very close to me ( just near my arm ) but a thing prevented him as he was attempting come nearer and get my soul . I felt he is trying overshadow me but after a short time go back a bit. As I was going toward paralysis I focused to all my force, collected it and tried get out from that bad demons energy I didnt succeed at firsts attempting but eventually I could get up from bed rapid. I sit on my bed for a while and looked around but I didnt feel him there, he was gone. I decided sleep again but I was worried he come back and plus to his cold and scary energy I get sleep paralysis anew. I thought way a demon came to me although I had read that powerful pray? I remembered before I finished that pray I had slept and if that demon could not get my soul was due to the half of that pray which I had succeeded reading it.

Therefore I read it wholly again and slept. He didnt come back and I didnt get paralysis but I had some nightmare until the morning ( a big snake which I was fighting to it ) I think afterwards it was only dream and a reflection of mental state.
Then I thought why that demon came to me and found two answer for it:

1- May he had been a demon around and had felt what I was writing to authors about controlling demons and he had taken it offense to demons so has attempted to scare and bothering me.

2- I awake until midnight and smoke ( I confess cigarette is a bad stuff ) on and off . when I am igniting cigarette I have to ignite the lighter and may it burns demons and makes them worth ( as I have told in some comment, fire and boiling water can burns demons at night and I warning others be careful when they go for shower in bath at night . Most of persons torture or even possessed by demons because of going to bath at night.

Asked by Manss

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  1. Manss,
    Your question is very interesting. The topic (Demons) I try avoid any discussion about, but its important to understand these creatures. They are very powerful being thats been around since creation. So they have a pretty good idea of what makes us tic. That in mind, they only can see and hear what we do or say. Thats its! As far as knowing our thoughts, they cant read minds. They are still dangerous all the same.
    I can compare them to a profiler. Those people are trained to identify and in advance, know how their subject thinks and what will they do next. They make very very educated guesses. Its true to say that they can be easily provoked, and just us talking about them attracts them like blood attracts a shark. Their sick and perverted minds can torment there victims to a point of insanity. Im sure they enjoy every minute of it.
    Thats one experience Ive never dealt with, hopefully never will. My advice to you is to watch what you say about them, and dont give them reasons to bother you.

  2. I’ve heard that too. I’m not sure if it’s true. Hopefully Ama will come along and give us the answers. (if she hasn’t already, as of yet no comments are showing up.)

    I’ve always been afraid to say a demon’s name out loud…like if I’ve read it or something. I’m not sure if it’s a subconscious act of self preservation or maybe just something that’s been ingrained in me from things that I’ve read. Either way, the thought of it is pretty freaky. I’m terrified that saying it will call them or something.

    • On a side note, I always take a either a shower or a bath at night before going to bed…Demon free so far… at least I THINK I am, though my husband might beg to differ ;)

  3. Hi Manss, and Diana, and SD,

    I agree with SD, demons cannot read minds, but they can read auras, emotions and feelings. And yes, they can become amused by us being negative about ourselves or other people, and will inspire and encourage those words and actions if they can.

    This concept about demons stealing a soul from a body, and replacing it .. its more they repress the spirit/soul inside the body and take it over, but that is possession of the deepest kind, and doesn’t happen very often. The person must be weak-willed to begin with, or affected by substance abuse of some kinds (which cripples the will), also religious mania and fear can weaken the will of a person and make them vulnerable. That is a mental illness, not the average true believer. And yes, demons will hang around people who believe in them, like most Christians, and anyone who thinks they want to make contact and try and ‘control’ them.

    Manss and I had a discussion quite a long time ago about what a demon is, and we have two different viewpoints. I believe the one he knows is more elemental by nature, but he sees it as ‘demonic’ .. that’s a matter of interpretation. He sees demons as having either a good, helpful nature, or evil. I don’t. To me they are all evil. Then we have AJ’s daemon, which are created entities, which also might be what Manss has experienced. I have also met ‘daemon’, and I call some of them ‘lesser demons’, because they are human created.

    Manss, the negative demon you experienced couldn’t get to you because you are a God person, and that does give us some protection. It’s only when we obsession on the fact that we ‘might’ be hurt, and believe that demons have the power to harm us, that we might open a door to allow them to try. Not finishing your prayer for one night would not have done that. There’s a lot of .. trouble .. around at the moment, and the dark will go for anyone strong .. to see if they can find a chink (gap) in our protection.

    I have never heard of anyone being tortured or possessed because of hot water. They mostly stop bathing because their minds are turned away from clean habits .. and we revert to our primitive natures when we are under attack. Bathing is a ritual cleansing of our mind body and spirit .. once one part of that is corrupted, other good habits will start to fall away.

    To my way of thinking, Manss, your experience was good in that it made you refocus yourself on your prayer practise – to reawken yourself to its importance again. It’s very easy to become complacent. We get into routines and just ‘do’ things without thinking of what it is we are actually saying. With a prayer we are supposed to put our whole selves into the words, our whole hearts into the Love of God (whichever God a person believes in). That is what empowers the prayer for each of us individually. You had a brief tussle with the dark, and it reminded you of your strength .. and that is definitely a blessing.

    Here’s hoping you’ve had good night’s sleep since then, and will continue to :-)

    Love & Peace

  4. wear a cross it burns demons when they touch you. The devil burns also when he tries to touch you when you have a cross on.

    • Carri,
      Im sorry but before everybody whos bothered by demons go out a buy crosses. Just a little advice, you can do whatever you want with it. Crosses really dont do much, if anything at all. Its an image. It’s made out of wood, or plastic. What a person should do is pray, a pray for specifics. God says we shouldnt make image of anything in heavens, on land or underwater (Ex. 20:4). Why then would he would through one?

      • Hi guys,

        It’s the belief in what the symbol represents, Jesus’ Crucificion, that helps people, not the cross itself. It’s your faith that gives it strength.

        Prayer, with belief and faith behind it, is very powerful .. but better not to get into a situation where you need to use it.

        I have never heard of a cross burning a demon, but the Love of God, represented through it .. repels them.

        Love & Peace
        Ama (who also doesn’t believe in idols).

      • I have seen in the spirit world demons and the devil burn when they touch someone with a cross.

        • That’s good, Carri. Keep your cross with you at all times. It will protect you in the way you believe.

          Love & Peace

  5. off course a demon can read a mind !!! they will tell you exactly what you’re thinking in those exact words….i’ve seen them do it .. thats exactly how they can control you ,, they make you feel and see how far their powers can actually go …

  6. nothing against the way you think but even if they cant read minds, or maybe they can. that’s beside the point because you said you where writing it. why it was on your mind you gave off a vibe that manifested a demon, or maybe a lost or angry soul. they tend to give of a similiar feeling.

    my last thing i have to say the way you explained control the demon doesnt really show you have control. all you are doing is keeping it away from you for temporary. its just like having a cleaning of places or people. if that is what you were trying to explain and i took you wrong my mistake. just many months back i posted a question about control a demon, or evil spirit. it was my theory i just wanted other peoples thoughts on possessing them as they do us.

  7. That depends on the power, the ability of that demon. Some can read your mind. Some can’t.Each demon have different ability than the others. Or,at least, they are unique. Just like humans,they are different each other You won’t meet 2 demons with the same qualtiy. Just like you won’t meet 2 humans who are exactly the same.

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