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Demon Named Saalah?

I’m trying to do some research about various demons and the one I’m interested in is Saalah. I’ve seen the name numerous times but cannot seem to dig up a back story of any kind on this demon in particular.

Is there anyone out there that knows more about Saalah or know where I can find more information i.e. particular books and or websites that have firm biblio’s?

Thanks so much for your time, looking forward to some answers.

Asked by Darkcatt8

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One Person Inhabited by 1 or More Demons?

Can a person be inhabited by 1 or more demons or evil beings, (Not) full on possessed?

My question is the title. But I Have been trying to research this since I was 15 off and on. When I was 15 My family brought this surprise couple over one night. When they came in the house around me, I instantly felt threatened by them, this great irritable feeling rose over me. I wanted them to leave. Later that night after dinner everyone disappeared upstairs. I went up to see why 7 of 8 people were upstairs with the there being only 3 rooms up there.

They were in my cousins room, there was a white wicker chair in the center of the room, my uncle was standing behind it and my aunt and my VERY young cousins were sitting on the bed. The couple that came for dinner was standing in front of the chair. They told me to come in and sit in the chair, I did so and they asked me do you believe in god. I said “yea” and they started reading scriptures. and had me repeat a few.

Then they went into a smaller little book, where he started reading in a different language, I assumed Latin… but I didn’t really know. (This is where the weird comes in)
I got an urge to started laughing… after a few minutes it wasn’t me, it was but it wasn’t, it was saying things, but I couldn’t understand, It was still in my voice… a tiny bit deeper tone… still my voice. The experience was scary. I felt tight in my skin, I couldn’t talk it was talking. But it wouldn’t let me know what it was saying so the language stayed foreign to me, It took every ounce of strength to make my head look to the right at my cousin, and when I saw her, her eyes got really wide and she quickly hid behind my aunt.

I started crying in the end. when it calmed down, they said how do you feel? I said fine.. But I felt the exact same as I did before. No change, no enlightenment, nothing. I didn’t know what they just did but it scared me.

The lady told me to follow her to the place where I sleep, I did and she looked at me and pointed across the room to my bed and said you have two demons that never leave there and there is one outside above the house, that one stays there.

The problem, is all of that was when I was 15 and I’m now 25. I feel worse then ever, I can actually feel them now. And they plague my mind with everything. I have to fight off bad thoughts and its taking a number on me socially. My boyfriend and I are trying to start going to church and become more spiritual. He knows what I’m going through and is helping me fight this and I know its still there. When I go to church I have an urge to laugh when they sing hymns and I went to talk to the pastor one on one with my boyfriend. I was looking for the same thing that happened to me before. You have to get it out first.

The pastor said he wanted to do a prayer for me. In the middle of his prayer I start laughing again, and this huge grin is on my face I have to force it off. I was so excited about going to church the night before and that morning, till I talked one on one with the pastor, then I got irritated I wanted to leave. I was getting angry. But Kris said, sam we need this. I forced myself to stay, even thought I was embarrassing myself from the urges of laughing in church service.

My uncle and aunt refuse to bring this up ever again. They aren’t even together anymore. I’ve had a lot of resentment towards them, I was depressed during that time, because my popa (father) passed away that past fall. So I was a mess. and then that happened, there have been a lot of physical and sexual abuse in my life as well since I was 9 by an uncle not of blood college friend of my parents.

But can you be inhabited? How does it work. I just want knowledge about what I’ve been living with all my life.

Asked by samantha

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Is it Possible for a Dog to be Possessed?

I just want to ask if it is possible for a dog to be possessed?

I have a Rottweiler named major he is close to five years old and up until a few weeks ago he was the best dog anyone could ask for. But after moving house about a month ago is when he started acting strange he would bark and attack things that were not there and sit in the corner and just growl and yesterday was the day he tried to attack me.

There is something in this house and I think its attached itself to my dog so please any help and advice I would be grateful.

Asked by Chris Richter

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Was this an Incubus?

I have always had contact with spirits and paranormal things. When I was a child I predicted a few very random events that no one could have known. I also used to see a little boy spirit, but I wasn’t afraid.

Now, at 21, I live in my own apartment. I have seen a little girl who sleeps in a fetal position next to my bed about six times now. I have seen another older looking grungy woman as well. Neither of these spirits seemed like they were there to hurt me. However the other night a very scary situation happened.

This spirit held me down on my back. It was an intense pressure that I have felt before, but usually it goes away. I couldn’t scream or move, even though I wanted too. I saw a slim black shadowy figure. It did not seem human, but I don’t know. On my back I felt something cold, like a knife, and it was traced from my neck down to right above my tail-bone. The spirit whispered something, but I forget what it said.

I woke myself up and turned on the light and my phone which had been plugged in on my night-stand was across the room on the floor. My back and neck were burning where I felt what I assume was a knife or someone’s nail or something.

I have had sleep-paralysis before. I have had that feeling of intense pressure on me. However, I have never felt physically harmed by what I believe to be a spirit before. What can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Asked by Mary

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The Fallen Redeemed?

While reading the question “Ghost-Hollywood vs. Reality“, A.J. mentioned an unusual experience, an exorcism where the demonic entity chose to go back to God. Ama also mentioned this. I am glad they can return to God.

Would anyone who has experienced this, please expand on the experience? How often do they choose to do this? Is it an extremely rare event?

Thank you.

Asked by Cherry Taylor

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Do Demons Eat?

Do demons eat anything? If so, which foods they have?

Asked by Manss

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Is There a Race of Fallen Angels or Demons that Reside in Men?

Is there a race of fallen angels or demons that reside in men to make them uber sexual and/or able to make someone fall in love with them at first sight?

I have been in a relationship with a man that I felt was a fallen angel, but I dreamed of his “demon”, a large, muscular black gargoyle, and felt that that was his true form.

A family member dreamed of her boyfriend’s demon and said that the demon inside your man will show itself to you at some point or another after a period of time, usually in a dream.

I am now in another relationship with a man who fits the same description, and I’m wondering if he may be the same as my ex. They both have an aura around them of being more than they appear, both have physical similarities (skin color, facial features, etc.), both are highly intelligent, and both of them have what I call an “electric touch”, meaning that any contact with your skin from his fingertips feels as if an electric current is passing through from him to you. I know that sounds like something in a romance novel, but its as close as I can get to how the experience feels; its a more supernatural feeling than a romantic one.

Both of these men captured me at first sight, and they both are very attentive to me, knowing how I feel and what I think about certain things. Can someone please tell me if they’ve had the same experience, or if these things even exist?

Asked by Shay Brown

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Has Anyone Encountered the Demon Vetis?

Hi… I was wondering if anyone has encountered the demon Vetis? This Demon claims I am his queen and that I am his. He has taken everything from me including a marriage and my kids. He says he does as me wishes as I am his.

Since I can remember even as a child he has had sex with me in my dreams or the feeling that I had gotten sexual pleasure. He has visited me in my dreams other then sexually cause, when he’s in my dreams he always makes them either sexual in nature or he leaves this feeling i cant explain that I associate with him.

He has of lately started touching me. Not in aggressive in nature but like a graze. He’s taken possession of my fianc at times and has then had sexual intercourse with me… I’m confused as there’s limited information on him… and now I’m obsessed with him as he is about me even though I should be more than angry with it for taking everything from me. Instead I blame myself or others but not him.

I’m not crazy. Sometimes I find it hard to believe this is happening or that he’s talking to me. If some one could give me some kind of insight I would appreciate it.

Asked by Carrie Guffey

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A Demon’s Name?

I have another question, it has to do with just demons.

Ok so I know how to summon demons and I know you can make deals. I just want to make it clear that the purpose of this is strictly thoughts from other people. There is one thing I kinda of understand but not fully. Now say you know a demon’s real name. I know that it gives you the upper hand in making a deal. But why, for what can be done if you know their name?

I am not trying to get rid off anything or bless anything or use any spells. I’m strictly trying to find a certain person and I have a lead on the demons name who he made a deal with. Do you think it could be done by knowing the demons name?

To make myself clear and so you don’t waste your time telling me its not worth going down that road. to me this is very important so please take this question very seriously.

Asked by Mike

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Possession: Medical Mystery or Demons?

My question is, we’ve all heard of demonic possession, but is it legit?

On the one hand people have been known to speak in languages unknown to them, demonstrate psychokinesis, levitate etc. As well as seemingly demonic traits, such as being repulsed by anything religious, and have even been “Exorcised.”

On the other hand, Medical science has discovered things such as schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder etc., which goes some way to explaining it.

I can’t help but notice a large amount of these demonic possessions happen to seemingly religious people, is the exorcism just feeding into the idea that they have been invaded by an alien entity? The psychic shock of the exorcism using the power of suggestion to cast the possessed’s own personal demons? Or is it really the power of a God banishing the beast?


Asked by BigJim13

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