Is this Thing Following My Fiance Demonic?

There has been an entity following my fiance through several moves a total of 3 different apartments between two cities.

Could this said entity be human though she has been seen and does show herself in human form, she hates females and has attached herself to my man. She hides my things and has been known to scratch him and throw things at me.

I am perplexed we have a small child and all I want to know could she be a really angry and possessive female ghost who has no ties to my man or is this thing demonic?

I am extremely confused and just need answers.

Asked by Stef

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  1. Hi Stef,

    After three years, if it was demonic, your partner would be suffering from more than just an angry jealous ghost who is trying to scare you away.

    What does your partner want to do about the situation, because only he can change it?

    I have an Invocation which helps people be free of attaching entities. You can find it at the top of the this page, on the right over the top of the advertisement .. “The Michael Invocation”. You could suggest to your partner that he go and read the page a few times to understand what it is asking and then say it out loud. What it will do is allow the ghost to find peace and healing, and give you guys some peace too.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Once again, I must defend my kind from this disgrace of a woman. Demons are so far from evil that if your fiancee had been followed by a demon, he would have had to have really angered it to cause it to torment him. Your problem is most likely to be caused my either a wandering soul that has been freed from a bone cage that believes that your fiancee is somehow responsible for the loss of their mortal body.

    • Now I’m a disgrace :-) .. thank you for the compliment. I’m delighted you are not delighted with me. Shows you are worried. Also glad to know you agree its probably a ghost.

      BTW, demons also attack the innocent, who didnt’ believe in them before they turned up. So, no, the man did not have to have done anything to the entity ‘before’ it started to torment him, if it is a demon.

      Love & Peace

      • Sorry, I dont normally allow such insulting comments. I didnt catch the “disgrace” part of their comment. Bone cage :)

        • I’ve heard humans being called bone cages before. Personally, this guy has a furby .. so it’s probably a kid .. :-) And s/he has added a smile to my morning. LOL

          Love & Peace
          Ama :-)

  3. Bone Cages are small, handheld cages used for separating a soul from its mortal body.

    • It’s also the description for the human body. And NO corporal item can contain a human soul.

      Love & Peace

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