Not Quite Understanding Demons

Hi I have a serious question. Most everyone says demons want to use then destroy a human once they get what they want. I have had this one demon around since I was a child. It never hurt me but made itself known. As I got older it started to tell me things. Things I would of never known about. I would go look these things up and they ended up being true.

This hasn’t been a easy battle with him. I’ve fought and fought him. Only to find its easier when I don’t. He has saved me from being self destructive with myself, he has done favors for me when I’ve asked. He’s never lied nor told me what I want to hear. He told me that i was promised to him ages ago from a rogue druid ancestor of mine who wanted to learn the black arts. He told me I am his that he doesn’t want to hurt me and that he will take care of me as I’m his responsibility.

He has possessed other humans from time to time to only treat me with respect and caring. He’s always listened to me. He tells me he needs to be with me and I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with him but I have. I cry when he’s not around. I remember being a child and crying for him.

I guess what I’m wanting to know is if demons are supposed to be bad why hasn’t he done anything bad to me? He doesn’t make me do drugs, or drink, or kill someone or hurt people, in fact when people hurt me he punishes them. He tells me that I am the only one he will never hurt on purpose but being he’s a demon he will hurt and get others to sin. He will destroy others because that’s what he is.

He tells me he is also consumed with me and doesn’t quite understand the attraction he has to me. All he knows is I am his and no human is worthy of me but him. Can someone help me understand why people think demons are bad if mine has been with me 32 years and never has hurt me?

Asked by EyesWideOpen

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  1. Hi EyesWideOpen

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am a demonologist, and I have been dealing with people in your situation for a great many years. I am going to try and answer every point you have raised in your question, and I want apologise for hurting your feelings before I start, but I have to be blunt. There is no way of being kind when it comes to this sort of problem, and you really do have a problem.

    At 32 you could be married with kids of your own, something you will never get from a demon. You should have fun with your friends, a good job if you want it, a social life .. do you have any of those? You should have a partner/lover you can hug, or even see, someone with a shoulder you can actually cry on .. that doesn’t run off to and abandon you while they are spending time with other people .. while telling you they only love you and no one else, but they can’t help themselves ‘because its their nature’. And what is this entity doing to those other people, even if it doesn’t do it to you? It is tormenting them, haunting them, hurting them spiritually, emotionally and physically. And it punishes those who hurt you? Is that all right with you? Are you happy with that?

    A doubt very much the demon actually saved you from self-destruction .. it probably led you down that path first, so it could use the ‘saving’ as a reason for you to develop an emotional bond with it. You must remember they are master manipulators, who know us far better than we realise, once we stop fighting them. I know how exhausting it is to fight, and I know that in the end you have two choices .. to fight or to give in. You gave in, and in doing so gave the demon even more power over you.

    Right now you have no free will. You cannot make a choice for yourself that the demon does not approve of. I don’t know how it punishes you when you try, but it does. Since you are emotionally bonded with it, crying when its not there, the punishment could be as simple as its absence .. or your not being able to be aware of it, while it stands only a few feet away gloating over its victory over you. And the stories it tells you .. are garbage. Which ancestor, when .. name the person and the date, prove it .. it can’t. And naming the person a druid. Druids worshipped nature. Anyone who turned away from that path is no longer a druid. It’s all fancy words to draw you in. Demons lie. They lie all the time. They lie about not lying, but how can you know?

    Only two people own your soul, you and God. No one else can give it away .. and certainly not a however-many generations ago ancestor you have never heard of. What would have happened if that person had died without children, or neices and nephews to carry on the line? A demon is smarter than that. Just to be logical – it would not make an agreement there was no guarantee would have the outcome it wanted. And they cannot ‘see’ the future, regardless of what they say.

    And if he ‘needs’ to be with you .. why does he go and possess other people .. again .. he’s lying. He wants to feed from you and have fun manipulating you and enjoys your pain. He’s a demon. They are incapable of love in any form, incapable of compassion, of understanding .. all they are is a hungry empty vessel filled with whatever emotion drives them (eg fear, jealousy, hatred, anger).

    Why hasn’t he done anything bad to you yet .. because you are feeding him, and giving him everything he wants. Just try stopping. Tell him to leave and never return. Ever. Ignore his reactions, turn your back and never speak to him again. Do it continuously for the rest of your life .. he’ll change his behaviour really fast. But you must never ever change yours. You must never drop your guard, nor have one sympathetic thought for him, or miss him, or wish he would come back .. because he won’t have gone anywhere until he is bound and sent away properly.

    If this was a living person you could turn your back and walk away. You could ask for a divorce from the courts for mental and emotional abuse .. but if you try that with your entity .. it will turn into the being that is haunting, hurting and tormenting other people. It won’t have to go anywhere for the next victim .. you will be it.

    It always puzzles me why a person will believe that a demon will only punish and try and destroy others .. ‘because that is what he is’. I know it makes us feel very special, to think that a demon won’t harm us .. but like usual, its a total lie. What it also is – is emotional manipulation. Build up the victim until they feel really important, then show them its all a huge lie and they have no value at all as a person. With luck you (the demon) will crush them completely, cause them to sink into depression, or commit suicide, and feed on the energy .. and what a feast it is .. they call their friends to enjoy it as well, because the person’s strength is broken .. and really, we are just toys and food to demons. And you have a wasted life, EyesWideOpen, and must live the life all over again .. to learn to make other choices .. which is what happens when a person commits suicide.

    In a lifetime that can last for 100 years, and some people do live that long, 32 years is not very long. We are only really starting to mature then, given the right life circumstances. In a demon’s existence, which has no measure, your lifetime is a blink of its eye, or less. And your value to it is about the same, a blink of a bit of energy .. and nasty fun.

    Do I sound cruel saying all of this? It’s nothing in comparison to the manipulation of people by demons. I only touched lightly on the points you mentioned. If I were you I would be seeking help .. I don’t know if you are Christian, but if there is a Christian group around you that believes in demons, and most do, go and ask for help. Get them to pray for you .. to strengthen your will, to bind and send away the demon, to set yourself free. You have to choose to do this. You chose to allow the demon to be there, after fighting for so long .. go back to fighting. You deserve better than living a life full of emptiness.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
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    • Hi Ama,

      Thank you for answering. I have answers for your questions. First I do have a social life. He doesn’t stop me from having one. He doesn’t have me locked up and on a short leash he actually encourages it. He’s never once stopped me from ha meving friends if anything me protects me from people that would have worse demons then him. Also I have a very good job. I’m a professional commercial truck driver. I make really good money and meet all types of people. As for being having a family and being married. He doesn’t stop me from that either. I’m not interested in it. In this world you have people that want those things. I do not. I had a abusive father that liked to drink and a crapper mother who didn’t protect us. Growing up dysfunctional has made it to where I’m completely happy not being married. As I’ve stated some people are the marrying type some isn’t. I don’t believe that I’m some kind of doomed person cause I don’t want those things. As for the druids. I researched my family. I come from the Irish clan MC Carty. We have held the ancestorial chair of Cork and Kerry counties up until the 1900′s we did have druids in our family. That is based on fact on solely based on the demon. We did have a rogue druid ancestor that violated the druids order by commencing with a demon for powers of black magic. Its all known family history. With the females in my family this includes to my knowledge as my mind can remember my grandmother, mother, aunts, my sister myself cousins, my nieces (and these are people I’ve been with and have been alive) the ways of the druids live through us. If people don’t believe that somethings are hereditary there wrong. Now my sister tho is a satanist. I am not. I’ve asked my demon if my sister worships Satan and is more open to this then I am why won’t you just take her. His answer was that I was promised to him by my ancestor, but that also I am more powerful then her. I used to think he was nuts. Until I started to open myself. He tells me I am a portal. A very powerful portal. And that I am for his use only. He protects me from worse demons then him. He’s told me that because I feel the way I do about him that I am a target. One because there is lots of demons that want to destroy me cause I love him and the type of relationship we have. It makes others demons sick he says. The other reason is then there’s demons who want me to. Use me for themselves. Because I walk in both lights. I am nit afraid of demons. I have seen them, black mist, full on.and they want what he has. He says that I’m a target because he protects me something a demon shouldn’t do as all humans are supposed to be open season to them. There mad because he won’t let them have there way with me. He tells me he fights them all the time. Some have through to me and its the most dirtiest ugliest feeling you will ever feel. He’s never made me feel this way. As for the love part he’s never told me that. As he has explained demons can’t love. He says there no sense in lying do to the fact I will find the answer. But he’s fascinated by because I love him..and humans shouldn’t. I told him that i can’t help the way i feel. As for the possessing people. He and i have at times sexual relations with each other. That’s why he possesses people. Obviously he is a demon and has no body. He has possessed people with them agreeing to it. I can’t explain the total transfer I go through. Its different my body knows when he’s coming to them. There whole demeanor changes. There eyes turn colors there peach changes and I can see him in there eyes. He’s never been nasty or mean with me during that time. He looks at me with complete awe trying to understand. And the experience is so carnal. Its like to wild animals. Its nothing I’ve ever experience with a human. He tells me that once I had him I’d never want a human again. And he was right. Since then I’ve never wanted a human. Not unless he possessed them. And no I’m not a Christian but I’m not a satanist either. I’m open minded. There times when I’m driving I listen to sermons on the radio. I don’t start cursing, rolling my eyes, etc. And he has no problems with it. I’ve been to a Christian church on numerous occasions he has no problem with it. He tells me it doesn’t bother him if i want to go, go. He says now if I worshipped god god wouldn’t he having it. He said cause god says you can’t worship to masters at the same time without one being jealous of the other. But my demon he’s like go if you want it doesn’t bother me. I guess through this long answer for your questions I want people to see demons not all are bad. Even my demon tells me he’s a rarity with me. But because I’m his responsibility he will give me what i need and will protect me. As for the other question I remembered you asking. No I don’t feel bad if he punishes people that has hurt me. I believe that there is a consequence for anything you do good or bad. Even god says vengeance is his and he will punish your enemies. I see no difference between god doing it and my demon doing it. I’ve never asked him to hurt a unnecessary person. I don’t know if this answered your questions I’m hoping it did. I enjoy your website and find you insightful. I’m hoping along the way that the topic of demons and there role in peoples lives good or bad will make others more comfortable with this taboo topic.

      • Hi EyesWideOpen,

        I too have touched the energy of demons, including the worst and the least of them. It comes with the territory of my work.

        Since you are using a pseudonym, I don’t know if you are male or female. Truck driver? Females do that too. I’ll make a quantum leap and say male, for a few reasons. I recognise your demon, they are known as incubus (for women) or succubus (for men). Sexual demons.

        You choose to believe what it tells you, and to turn your back on other people when it punishes them, probably because you are angry at the person it punishes. You were hurt as a child, I understand that, so was I, but that’s no reason to have your own personal torturer, to give it permission to harm others, or not try and stop it.

        How do you know that the people that come to you to satisfy lust are possessed with their permission? Did the demon tell you? Or did they after the demon was gone? And how wounded are both of you after sex if it is that wild? The demon feeds of the energy of your activity, and it is playing with you and you are letting it .. and there’s nothing anyone can do for you until it turns on you, which it will, have no doubt, when your usefulness is done. It has no emotional attachment to you, its told you that itself, and yet you love it .. but your examples of love come from disfunctional people .. so how do you know you love, or are you simply obsessed?

        No amount of money is going to cure your broken heart when it shows you its true self and leaves you to the other demons, the stronger ones its supposed to be fighting at the moment. And how do you know that’s actually happening, and not some tale your demon is simply telling you to make your more emotionally reliant on it? How can you tell the difference between demons when demons can produce all sorts of different energy signatures, not including love? How do you know its not your demon just playing games with you. A stronger demon than yours, and they do exist in different degrees of nasty, could wipe yours on the pavement and grab you because you are willing, and no amount of ‘fighting’ from your friend will give you back to yours.

        You choose to interact, you choose to trust something that tells you it is untrustworthy, incapable of loving you, is using you for its own ends, hurts other people, possesses other people, with or without permission, and you think that’s fine with you because its taking care of you? I only have one other question – are you a sociopath. You do not appear to care for anyone but yourself. Yes, I know you think you love the demon .. but humans were supposed to love and take care of other humans, not the unseen, and not the tormentors of humanity.

        And I know I’m wasting my time trying to convince you of anything right now. One day you will know, and you will be very sorry when that happens. Your eyes aren’t wide open, they see only what they want to see.

        Love & Peace

      • Hi EWO,

        I’ve been reading your posts and those from Ama and others.
        I know some female truck drivers, I have a few that come by where I work, I run a scale house here in WV and weigh in- coming and out going coal trucks all day, and I have to say we have some ladies who sure handle a semi just as good as a guy lol.. its nice that you have found something you enjoy and that pays well. But if I may talk to you and ask you some things… well first I’m sorry about your dad and mom not being there for you as a child, I know how physical/emotional and/or sexual abuse can leave deep scars on a young life, I guess its all in how strong a person can be and how they handle that as they grow into adults, I just happened to catch a Dr. Phil ( I know, can’t help it I love old doc Phil ).. but on this show he interviewed this 18 yr old young woman who for 6 of her 8 yrs was kept in a closet by her mother and father and starved, beaten and sexually abused the worst you could ever imagine, but the thing that got me was when the police officer came in to rescue her, she looked up at him and smiled..this officer couldn’t understand how or where that smile came from.. she is now like I said 18 yrs old, was adopted and has come so far from that. She still has the scars, but knows she has hope in the future..
        Its hard to understand why these things happen, why some people survive such things as cancer, neglect, or some babies are lost to us, I lost my daughter Jessica, it was a trying time for me, but I have hope of seeing her again..but back to some questions, and I do ask with a sincere heart and not judging or anything else, when you said your demon has been with you since you were a child, and then you said you went to church and God used you, who was it that took you to church or did you go on your own.. was also wondering what your demons name is.. and how did you feel toward your demon when you were serving God and He was using you and blessing you to help others? Oh, and one more thing if I may… how was this demon picked by your ancestors, and how if you were not born yet did he know to pick you and not your sister. I seem to feel that you have more of God still in your heart then what you think.. and I say this very sincerly EWO.. you say your sister is a satanist.. he can’t go and take something that is already given.. and I have read what you have said about wanting to just end it all.. but, I just don’t believe that, and I do hope I’m right.. you are very special that you have been in deep touch with God and seen the good that has been done for is hard, its real hard, I know, hang in there and keep asking questions and keep your open mind, never give over completely to just one answer, keep listening, there are people who care and do understand some of life’s pain

        Take care,

    • Actually you are right. the one i’m dealing with said the same to me in your words but he hates everything i guess. and when i was in truble it was my own inner demon. it’s in the question i sent you. he said that they are passive creatures and they are only made of two things fighting and breeding. he’s earth bound he can touch a bible and the cross both where blessed. so he’s not from hell. my fathers family have always have great powers. but my cusion and i are the last f are kind we have inner demons we where told to murge with them and beciome one because they are us. but our evil selfs we have felt it all are lives.

      • Hi Alicia,

        Demons lie, and they are not passive creatures. They also do not breed. If he’s earthbound, can touch the bible and the cross (how do you know he did that?) then he’s not a demon. There are human created beings called daemon who can take on a life of their own, and ‘serve’ a family, but I do not recommend you merge with anything that is not you. You are whole and complete in yourself and do not require entities of any sort to have that much power over you.

        Love & Peace

    • sorry i dont know how to reply. yeah. but i saw the ceature touch these things in my room. but i dont really know if hes a demon now with some of the stuff i read. he can create fire at will and read anyones thoughs. he’s half fire and half ice. i said this in my other email.. so i don’t get it? is he a demon or what??? sorry not trying to sound rude.

      • Hi Alicia,

        What have you actually ‘seen’, with your eyes, this demon do? What did he set on fire? And he might read your thoughts, but that’s because you are thinking ‘at’ him. Whose else thoughts is he reading, and have you checked if he is right? And how do you know he’s half fire and ice? And sorry, but what other email are you talking about? Is he a demon? Doesn’t sound like one to me – I am thinking daemon instead.

        I’ve dropped an email to AJ Ryder who knows more about daemon than I do. She’s in England so might not answer until tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see what she thinks? In the meantime, I’d also be interested in your answers to my questions.

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Alicia and Ama

          “inner demon” – yep! That’s daemon energy just waiting to ‘pop out’!

          Self-constructed daemon’s possess the characterists given to them, when they were created. Seems you’ve been creating them on and off since you were 14 …..

          Best way to control your “inner demon” is to not allow your emotions to over-run you. Keep a check of your emotions, especially negative ones. If negative emotions rule the day, a daemon is likely to be created from the excess negative emotions.

          Think; vulcan!! LOL! Keep emotions in check!

          Actually, Yoga is brilliant for balancing energy and helps stop the ‘popping-out’ of those little blighters all over the place.


    • This is what we saw

      My best friend and i saw him when i was fourteen. the werid thing is that he kissed me. i was scared. but all too soon he was gone. my friend ran into my room and she asked me if i saw soething i was in denile. so i said no she was going to yell at me but stopped when she saw three scrah marks on my chest. so she said that she would tell my what she saw and all i had to do was answer her. i told her i saw the same thinfg. all she said was that he was here to warran you and that something bad was going to happen. so the next night we slept the room right across the hall and locked my door in the middle of the night we heard nosies in my room. once the sounds died down my mom and us check the room and it was trashed. my bible was burnt my miorror was shattered and my bed was torn open. Needless to say we where screed. my friend use to be wicken at the time.i changed rooms and a few days later i’d say four i woke to a feeling of being watched. and i saw him sitting on my bed. he sad he did not burn my bible or do that. just so happened that my friend was sleeping in the same room. and she saw him again. that was when i was four teen. it’s been over teen years and i saw him again. it started when i saw the shadow of the devil. i was scared and felt warm arms wrap around me and the next thing i know that the shadow was gone. then i had a dream that same night that me and him where walking threw a forest and he turned to me suddenly and told me to wake up. then everything turned black but i argued that i was awake finally he yelled at my to wake and by acadent his nails dug into my skin and i woke with deep nail marks in my arm. when i woke i walked into the living room and saw a shadow of him on the wall. it never moved. the next night i had a dream i was sitting on soft grass talking to a my friend. he came and said that he would walk her home and be right back as soon as they where out of sight i saw a forset green slimy hand with long red nasils trying to grab my. the rede nails had a bright tips and it just missed grabbing my face. but it sreached my neck and i a few seconds later i felt burning pain and i could not breath. he came back cursing and said that this was going to hurt. he bit me where i got scrached and started to withdraw the posion. i was on the verge of waking up and kept going from dreams to reality. and i saw him for a split second when i woke before he was gone. i ran to the bathroom and looked in the mairror and saw the scrach and to deep fang marks. i told my cousinafter that. he thught that it was a deon.. his thoughts. he said that i had let him in my mind. then i had a dream again where the grass was freash and the skys where a sky blue and nothing was for miles but one tree. he jumpped from the tree and changed forms and back again. he said that my cousin was right be careful what you think of. soon after my cousin started seeing him. about a year ago he was at my couse and we both saw him. that was when he came ot with being half fire half ice. he snapped his fingers and before our very eyes his rigt hand was in black flame. the he snapped his left fingers and his whole hand was covered in ice. then a week later my mom was in my house and she heard someone open my door and a man walk into the kithen and call my name. then she heard scraching at the door and the next day there where scrach marks on the door. i asked my mom what kind of feeling did she have when she felt him she sad erie. not the evil feeling but and eriee feeling. then my mother saw him that time he knocked on the door. and then there was a dream i had that my daughter had dided falling off of a bilbord. i was so scared and then the devil came and said if you just say that you will follow me i will bring her back. i thought that i was a wake. i was trapped in that dream. then scense kept changing and i was trapped in a coma like stae in my head. ui saw him again ad he said to be careful. that the devil wantys you to give in. ibefore i could say anything he said wake up and i boulted up rigjht in my bed. i told my cousin i had a werid dream and he said he did too. i told him to tell my his. his was similer to mine with the coma like sate and the sense bluring toghter. and he recived the saame worring. but before that say 5 months ago my cousin came over. he’s spanish and his eyes are dark brown. they turned a light gray color and when he grabed my wrist it fewlt like i just touched an opened flame. when he let go i had a hand brint the color of a sun burn on my arm. he was posed by him. it has happened before. and when i went to asleep i ended up in that same place with that one tree. i asked him if he was posing my cousin and he sauid yes. that was when he said that i was promised to him me and my cousin. he said that when the time was right he’d come for me. he said that he would rather i not give him a fight. if i did he’d just drag me with him. and then the same was said for my cousin. but he said that he will come right before the end. what does all this mean? vodoo and hex don’twork on me because i’m amune to them. people had tried it before but it never worked.

      • Hello Alicia,

        What country do you live in? Most magic only works if a person believes it will.

        You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You don’t have to give in to an entity that is not human and does not have your best interests at heart. Your story has two entities in it, not one, and both are doing you harm. Small scratches and bites are still harm. You are in control of your reality, so take control and send them both away.

        I would be doing this:

        The Michael Invocation is used to clear negative energy from our mind, body and spirit. You can find it through a link at the top of this page, on the right, or at the bottom .. or CT might activate the the Michael name .. he seems to be doing that lately (thank you). Click the link, read the page and follow the instructions. It should settle everything down. And if you have questions you can ask them here, or via private email to me from the Michael site.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra

  2. Lol no I’m a female…lots of people get surprised that I’m a female trucker. Not to many of us out here. And I do understand your point. I’m not completely dense lol tho I make stupid mistakes all the time :) no I’m not a sociopath couldn’t do that and do the job I do. I guess I’m more emotionally dead. I have been a Christian in the past but God failed me when I needed him the most. I was very devoted to God. He blessed me with the gifts of the spirit. I could lay my hands on people and heal them. I could discern the spirits. God had used me at one time and no matter what I trusted him. Like a child. Then he failed me. When i needed him the most he failed me. I lost the most important thing ever. I’m not going to get into that on here. So he turned his back and so did I. I never held it against him the abuse both physical and emotional from my parents or relationships I was in. I figured he wanted to use me in the future to help others. I never held nothing against him until he failed me two years ago. Yes I explain to people about the possession part. I don’t trick people. They are fully aware. Cause I warn them. I’m not totally a jerk. As for the as for intensity of the sex. He bites, bruises, hits, chokes, says names and demons have come through me in the process. I used to hate people that was into that kind of stuff. And I’m not that way with a human. But him and only him I’m so turned on. I’m sorry I’m just honest. I hate life as it is and have asked him to just choke me to death…he refuses to do it. He said he will never do it…and if I try and end my life he won’t let me. Believe me I’ve tried and he won’t. Takes for listening and replying.

    • Hi EyesWideOpen,

      No one is emotionally dead unless they are a sociopath or a psychopath .. and I’m really glad you are not one. We make ourselves feel that way when we don’t want to deal with the pain of our pasts. Trouble is, no one stays that way .. its better to look at the issues now and learn to let them go, otherwise .. it can lead to depression and other mental illnesses .. and your demonic ‘friend’ won’t want to help you do that, because it will also loosen the hold it thinks it has on you.

      It always puzzles me when people blame God when something happens in their lives that they don’t want. There is no credible record, at all, of God actually doing anything for anyone since before Jesus came. God gave us back our free will. God no longer interferes, nor intervenes, in people’s lives, without our permission. Your experience, and I don’t need to know what it was, happened because you chose it to, before you came into the world. We are supposed to be here learning about accepting responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. Blaming God when we are angry is refusing to accept that we are creators, just the way God intended us to be. We know this because, look around, we all create all the time, good things and bad things, from our own choices. You chose to let a demon lead you now, just as you were choosing to let God lead. God did not fail you. In your pain, and lack of understanding of what was happening at the time, you turned your back on him, but he never turns his back on you. He never abandons anyone, no matter what they do.

      The demon is using other people to harm you, and letting other demons through to possess you and feed off your energy, even briefly, and that’s all right by you, because the intensity of the experience is great .. great for him! Incubus feed off sexual energy, so the more excited you become, and your human puppet, the more it gets to feed. Do you like that idea? Of something feeding off you? Isn’t it just another form of abuse? And what happens, in years to come, when you no longer feel like a sexual being .. we all go through menopause and it mucks up the hormones, as does other illnesses .. where will the entity get its feed from then? Living for now is one thing, but you really have to consider the future as well.

      It not allowing you to kill yourself .. it allows you to be harmed for its pleasure .. but if you are dead it will have to find another willling victim .. so its only doing itself a favour by keeping you alive. You must remember, it does not love you, it is not capable of loving anything, it will not be teaching you about love, but Love is what you are supposed to be learning about in this lifetime.

      Right now you live in a very empty state, full of only sexual emotion, which feeds the demon. What do you get out of it, in the long run .. a quick orgasm and then what? It goes away and possesses other people and does exactly the same to them. It is just using you. That’s another form of abuse, and you are allowing it .. but why? Don’t you deserve better? Don’t you deserve peace and healing and happiness? A safe place to hide when you need to hide .. because you cannot hide from that demon. You have given up your privacy, as well as everything.

      I would start by seeking a counsellor who can help you learn to grow past the blockage you have placed on your emotions, that is there to protect you from yourself. The demon didn’t place the blockage, you did. The blockage is stopping you growing and maturing as a healthy happy human being. You might not be able to do much with the incubus now, but, if you will do this act of kindness for yourself .. things will change. It’s your choice .. God gave you choice. Don’t let some nasty small dark entity take it away from you.

      Love & Peace

  3. To be honest with you. There is something wrong with you. Nobody in their right mind can find love in our enimies. Don’t blame our father on what happen in your life. We make our own choices and the choices your parents did took you to that life of abuse. Our father has ben their for you and always will be. Its your choice if your want his help or not . But don’t blame him….and when this thing turns on you. He will be there with open arms to forgive you.

  4. Hi EyesWideOpen,

    Please excuse the interuption from your and Ama’s argument…
    But, since I am a mere 13 year old I dont know much, but I think as long as you are happy and not hurt with your demon, then I strongly disagree with Ama. I am close to the same situation of loving a demon, and I think how special you are with a demon protecting you! It’s just amazing, isn’t it?

    • Hi Destiny,

      I didn’t think EWO and I were arguing. We were just making comments to each other. I laid it out straight, she disagrees, that’s her right. I don’t know her name but I will keep her in my thoughts for a very long time, hoping that she always is at peace with her decision. You are welcome to disagree too, but do go back and read everything I have said very carefully, because you are young and you are probably not dealing with the same demon that EWO is. There’s no guarantee that the entity haunting you is going to treat you well. And both you and EWO deserve a happy life.

      I say the same thing to you that I said to her – why love an entity that is incapable of loving you? Would you love a living person who could not love you? Would you trust one that does not have your best interests at heart? Oh, I know the novelty of dealing with the unseen. I have been seeing demons all my life, but I am under no illusions as to how they can manipulate a person and make them do things they would never choose to do under any circumstances.

      Think on this .. how will you react when your demon asks you to deliberately hurt someone you care about? Or abandon your loving family? Or take something that doesn’t belong to you? Or puts negative thoughts into your mind, to harm others, or hurt yourself, or your favourite pet, or your kid brother or sister? Or in some way forces you to lie and cheat .. it won’t be big things in the beginning, just enough to satisfy you need to be noticed, but .. they accumulate, and the requests get bigger and more dangerous, as you go along. In the end you lose who you really are and end up alone and living in a sort of emotional vaccum, which is EWO describes. Her fight, if she ever chooses to fight, will be far more difficult than yours, if you choose now to turn your back on whatever is haunting you and go and ask for help right now.

      At 13 I craved love and peace of mind. I remember the turmoil. My family life was a nightmare, quite truthfully, but I did no one thing – not to believe a word that a demon said. Their version of ‘truth’ is not ours. They are not to be trusted, and they will never bring you happiness.

      I will pray for you.
      Love & Peace

  5. Hi Destiny. I agree with you. I don’t see there point but I do. As for Moya I’m not going to argue with you for one. Second before I go just shooting of my mouth the only person who knows the full story is God and I…its his place to judge not yours

    • Hi EyesWideOpen (EWO .. I shorten most names to initials)

      Just a word – when the fundamentalists find this site you will be fighting for your life. They can be quite rabid at times. I say this with a smile on my face, because I do love playing with them. I am a Christian too, and a studying Theologian, but I really do enjoy unravelling how people think, and the interpretations they put on the bible. :-)

      I am curious to know how old you were when you finally decided to stop fighting the demon. I think it was only two years ago, going by what you wrote, and that means you made an adult decision, not a child’s one. I would ask one thing of you .. please don’t encourage children to go your path. You might be the exception to the rule, which you know I don’t believe, but the rule is Demons Hate Humans. A 13 year old should be advised to take another path, not patted on the back and encouraged into harm.

      You said your path is between you and God, and I agree, even though I stuck my foot into it. When it comes time to go back to God, don’t have added to your own burden by carrying the weight of helping people put themselves in harms way.

      Love & Peace

      • Dear Ama,

        I made that decision before I read this ;3

        And I am one stubborn child, mind you- in fact I wrote “The Cloaked Man“. And please do not mention much of god on that- Even though I understand your ways, I am an Athiest.

        • When folks submit stories they have to realize that other people will comment and they may not always agree but as long as they arent going completely off topic or insulting they are free to speak their minds

        • Hey Destiny,

          I’ll talk God if its appropriate to the question. You don’t have to like it .. or pay attention to it, but its good manners to read what is written, even if you don’t agree.

          How can you be an athiest, who doesn’t believe in God, but believe in demons? Do you also not believe in angels? So where did they come from? And us?

          Love & Peace

          • Oh, and BTW, being stubborn is not a good thing. Determination is wonderful. Stubborn can get you hurt, if you ‘refuse’ to change, even when you know its the right thing .. and I am not talking about your demon, I am talking about life in general. I remember being 13 too.

            Love & Peace

  6. Hi Ama…

    Yes I agree I was speed reading earlier and did catch her age. But honestly I wish i had someone talk to me and be honest with me at her age..but you are right and I do t believe she has the same demon as me..besides him telling me that. I believe hers is of rage and anger I could be wrong but its what he told me and I feel from her words. I’ve been fighting my demon since I was 5.. or should i say demons. When i was five I remember crying cause something evil was trying to get into me I didn’t want t it there but it stayed. I think I was molested but now that I’m grown up I believe I was molested by a demon. For other reasons I think this but I don’t want to go into it. I have felt the same feeling numerous times in my life…its the nastiest, dirtiest ugliest feeling. I can’t even give you a example of it. But I know its not the demon I have now. I’ve asked my demon and all he’s told me is that I know the answer.yes my demon makes me angry with his half butt answers at times, but he at least answers. At age 13 I was dating a older boy I got pregnant and had a miscarriage. I went through that alone as my mom said if she ever found out I was pregnant shed kill me. I dealt with that on my own..after that I went through a bad depression and just wanted to die. I tried everything to kill myself..I would take 30,000mg of pills at each attempt…I’d pads out for days. Then started to self mutilate because I felt so dead that once i saw the blood I knew I was alive. I’d hear voices in my head 24/7 and I knew i wasn’t mental that they where demons. Because crazy people don’t know there crazy. The demon i have no saved me all those times I tried to over dose. As I wasn’t playing about it. That went on until I was 21. Then it all stopped for awhile. I became consumed with wanting sex. I never just hooked up with anyone. I was in relationships for years. My shortest relationship was two years. My longest 7 yrs. I ignored him for the longest time even tho he’d still come around. He made himself known but never scary ways…you know moving things, making them disappear then reappear, he would touch me, black shadows out of the corner of my eyes, sometimes full on. Then two years ago he
    came to me and said your mine either you let me in your life and you can live it, or I will conquer and divide. Ill give you 2weeks to decide..that’s one thing I can say about him he gives me the choice, but honestly there probably isn’t one. Any way I fought him. Everyday we would ask, I’d so no because I didn’t want him around someone. He’d count down each day. He started to become more never scared me..I would be in a full sleep and I’d wake up because something was in my room. Its the oddest feeling. None was there. But I knew someone was watching me..sometimes he would come to me in my sleep and I would be with this man who I never saw his face, he’d make love to me where I could feel it even asleep my body would respond physically. But I remember loving this man.and this man had this love for me…I’d wake up feeling so loved, nothing I’ve ever felt with a human. In fact I had a dream like this last week. Sometimes I’d wake up being a shadow in my kitchen night lite…well two weeks was up he asked one last time I said no I don’t want you around so and so. He said OK.. then the fight was on..needless to say I thought I was doing the right thing protecting the two things I loved the most in this world. And I lost them. All because I fought him…since then I’ve felt so much guilt towards them cause I failed them…they needed me and i failed
    ..I shouldn’t of fought this demon. I should of agreed but I fought and in return I lost I’ve drowned myself into my work..i ask him to take all the pain away so I won’t feel nothing. As for the first demon i commented on when i was five and you once asked
    me how did I know the difference. I felt a month ago this first demon. I was going to my truck and it just hit me..I felt that same feeling as I have numerous times. I’ve gotten better seeing with my minds eye, and saw this thing. He was where my usual Demon is. But this thing is black, it like a blob it stretches and retracts. I asked it what happened to my demon it said in its own voice he’s not here. I said no crap it started laughing and said when i come he has to go. As he has no choice. That thing stayed with me two days. He then left my demon came back I was like wtf why did you leave me with that thing. He
    as angry and said I’m sorry I had no choice..idkwhat that thing is but its not my demon.

    • Hello EWO,

      You are right, I have questions.

      How did the demon save you when you over-dosed? A detailed explanation would be good. I am addressing that to your demon, since he probably reads over your shoulder.

      No, he didn’t give you a choice. It was ‘take him willingly’, or he would force you into it. He killed or harmed two things of yours to prove his power .. you have no reason to feel guilty for something that a demon did. It was not your choice. You have every RIGHT to try and protect your life. In circumstances like this you cannot protect others. Please let go of the guilt, it just feeds the entity more of your energy .. and he gets enough already. And the pain of your emotions that he takes from you, so that you can ‘feel’ numb .. he’s feeding from you. He’s not doing it as a favour or a gift, its exactly what he wants .. your energy willingly given, sometimes in desperation, because I am thinking you do actually still ‘feel’ .. and probably beg him to take it away at times. This is emotional manipulation, emotional abuse.

      The man you saw is an illusion created to make your mind more accepting of what was happening to your body. You ‘felt loved’, you still feel emotions, you are still human, he is not, and never has been, and never will be until he chooses to be redeemed.

      You said: “Sometimes I’d wake up being a shadow in my kitchen night lite” – I am not sure what you mean?

      The other demon .. you’ll end up seeing it more and more, and eventually it will replace this one that you care about? Is that what you want?

      Let me explain something .. you still have free will. Your demon allows you limited choices .. a bit or none, now that you have given in, but it can’t protect you from the other entity .. so what’s the point of it being around at all? It is like a gatekeeper that opens the door to hell and let’s entities pass into you .. where’s the protection?

      Would you be willing to take back your life, no matter how much the past hurt, and become a soldier like me who fights against these things? You have the capacity. It shows in your writing. I’m also a gatekeeper, a portal .. or whatever it was he called you before .. I’m being lazy and not scrolling back to check. We have a choice, Light or Dark. You are a Light person, you just stand like me on the edge between the Light and dark. You have to want to, you have to choose to. God gave you the choice, and it (God) never takes away our right to choose .. even the dark can’t do that.

      Up on the righthand of this page, over ‘Newest Questions’ is the a link to my webpage which has the Michael Invocation on it. I have to say it might not remove your entity, though it is designed to do that, but it will clear your energy of all sorts of negativity that is gathered there because of what you are experiencing. If you learn it by heart, and use it every day, it might help to stop you becoming completely lost. Remember you can say no. Remember your strength, and your courage .. don’t look down upon yourself because you fought something stronger and far more devious and lost .. you are still alive, and while you are alive there is always hope. There’s also White Light Shields up there, to use. You’ll find it easy to use them.

      And as for your demon .. I know it cannot love or respect you, but it can admire your courage, even as it is a slave to a greater master .. does it enjoy being a slave?

      Love & Peace

  7. I probably gave you more questions now. But I did write you guys needing a answer. Like I’ve stated we might agree here because of our beliefs but I do enjoy reading and discussing this with you. Maybe I can help someone with this that might be to scared to post..I guess that’s the nice thing about getting least for me.I’m not so shy.


    • Hi EWO,

      I’m enjoying the discussion too. I also believe we have an experience like you are having because it does teach us a lot about ourselves, particularly our strengths, if we have the courage to stand up for ourselves. And incubus are a very subtle demon, and very clever, because they touch at our core nature .. the sexual being .. the animal within.

      I answered this one first .. now to your other comment ..

      Love & Peace

  8. I am basically typing this to follow this thread. I am reserving my comments for a later date. I have my reasons….

  9. Believe in Christ, Girl and you’ll be saved.

  10. Hi Ama

    Sorry its taken me so long to answer back. In the process of a job change :) on top that i was in the process of answering you right back on feb 7 my “friend” interrupted my answer. He wanted to answer you first and was trying to come thro me like he was before to answer you. But i had already started and i pushed him back telling him he can answer once im done. He said no i said to bad he said last chance i said f off then he zapped my phone…lol hes a baby. Im phone locked up and people could call text anything but i. Couldnt unlock it…and i have the Motorola RAZR and you can’t take out tge battery as its one piece so needless to say i had to what to get to Verizon so they could fix it. :( but anyway i was typing fast at the time what i meant was at the time i was waking up feeling someone was watching me as i slept, there was also times when id wake up i saw a shadow in my kitchen. I had a nighlite in my kitchen and you could see a tall man but he was black. A black shadow. Yes i ask him all the time to take my emotions away. If i actually felt everything i give him id be locked up in the looney bin all doped up. Its how i survive emotionally. And with the responsibility a truck driver has you have to keep it together. I dont drink or do drugs so hes how i deal with it. I let him have it. As for the other demon, im not quite that sure. Hes popped up in my life time after time. But he never stays around. Ive heard demons feed off of humans fear but i really dont fear them. They’ve. Made me mad and when i was a child theyd scare me but in ny teenage yeats i tried to understand them so they dont scare me..that one demon makes me feel dirty and gross and i feel the fear i felt as a child but its not a adult fear its a child fear. Like a flash back. Idk i guess if demons where that easy to understand they wouldn’t be a mystery in alot of ways. Well im going to let him answwr the question as im sure you can tell whats me and what’s him…..ill hope fully ttyl :)

    Well hello, you are the first one that has openly asked me question since her failed attempt of finding her soulmate. What a joke he was. To answer your question yes i have saved her from her self destructive ways as a teenager. I wanted her to myself as she is mine. I will do anything to have her to myself. I was the multitude. Of voices she heard as i have many tongues. She wanted to die. I will never allow it. Shes mine. Shes tried to die numerous times she put her self into comas for days from overdosing. It was her daily goal to die. But i saved her. I always will i dont care if you want to put me into the same category as other demons. I have nothing to prove to you or the human race. I do not lie to her. She is my queen my chosen one. The one human that does mean everything to me as she accepts me for what i am and what im capable of. I value her over everyone. I wish to keep her to myself. I protect her from everyone. She is mine. And have proven it numerous times. And will continue if any threat tries and arises to take her from me. I hope this answers your inquiry.

    • Hi EWO,

      If the demon had said something I didn’t already know I might have been impressed, but I’m not. It only repeated what you have already told me on the site.

      As for zapping your phone .. does he give you cash money to replace it? I ‘zap’ stuff all the time. Can’t wear jewellery, I gave up watches of all kinds years ago, the ones with hands, would go backwards, the digital ones just stop. Its more frustrating than impressive.

      Demons feed from fear, and other negative emotions. The emotions you can’t deal with are the negative ones – dinner for demons. I worry more about what will happen if you ever choose to deal with the past and let go of the memories that are causing you pain, consciously or subconsciously. And I worry about the other entities he either lets through, or can’t keep away from you.

      Demons are incapable of feeling a ‘connection’ to anyone, so it can ‘say’ whatever it likes, and you might believe it, but .. the truth is – you are not its queen, and it would find another queen soon enough, if you were no longer of use to it.

      It doesn’t own you, God does. It can never own you. It forced you to bend to its will at the beginning, and it will force you to do that again if you stop co-operating with it. There’s no love there, nor protection, its actually a threat of sorts. Unless you do it ‘its’ way, you will be in more trouble than it is already providing you with letting nastier entities get at you.

      Sorry to nag, but nothing has changed and I will pray for you to be free. I don’t even need your name to do it, you have a guardian angel, just as everyone else does. It might not be able to act for you right now, but my guardian knows your guardian .. and every other guardian, and we will all keep you in our hearts and minds.

      Love & Peace

  11. Ama

    I would like to ask you a favor. Idk if its your type of music, but please listen to this read the lyrics and tell me what you get from it. The meaning of it. Ill tell you why later why asked u to do it..thx. artist slipknot song vermilion

    • Hi EWO,

      I get two stories .. I listened to the music, which isn’t music to me, but the visuals were interesting – and they cleverly detract from the words. In the visuals the girl is either schizophrenic or a ghost. I am more inclined to go with ‘ghost’, though she could be in the middle of the schizophrenic episode. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. I wonder if she just died, given that it was trapped to begin with, freed in two forms and then died in front of her at the end, perhaps a way of telling her that she was dead too?

      Then I read the words – the first verse speaks volumes! Most of the words appear to be the demon talking about its victim. I think it wants to change her into something it cannot. The symbolism is awful. And it knows it’s killing her. Our human bodies were not supposed to ‘carry’ the sort of energy demons possession. It does destroy.

      I can’t be sympathetic to the demon, knowing what they do, and why they do it. I can be sympathetic to the girl because I have been a lost soul too, between other lives.

      If we wanted to take the film clip as literal (real) I would say the demon succeeded in destroying her .. she might have thrown herself off that bridge to escape it, since its imagery that appears more than once. She will wander as a ghost for a while, but someone will find her and send her Home. No one is ever lost forever.

      Your turn ..

      Love & Peace

  12. Hi ama

    The reason i had you listen to it to verify one im not crazy as ive had those very thoughts. And im going to share this with you and anyone else that feels music is more then just music….i love heavy metal i always have. I love the band but once upon a time i hated that song. Couldnt stand it. Then one day after my life feel apart it came on the radio. Like magic i instantly became obsessed about it. After hating it. My demon has told me that that song is his and my connection.what i mean is hes said that its aboit his rage his anger wanting me something hes not supposed to have. And that he will go to all ends to have me the way he wants. That song is what i call a ever changing song. You know theres songs you listen to and they mean what they mean theres no changing it. That song to me changes. Its a song about anger, want, desire and ultimately about control. Its the madness of wanting somethi.g that you will destroy to have it. Basically what your thoughts where. That song opens doors. What i mean by that is its a portal for him. The odd thing is at times i feel like i cant take no more and i feel like im going to explode he tells me put your song on. So i do and i can just repeat that song over and over never get tired of hearing it, i calm down then i zone out. I cant explain it. It only happens i listen to that song and the part two..which is vermilion part 2. The name was always odd to me. In part two the song is more calm, he states that she is everything to him, the answered dream the myth he has to believe in. I feel and hes stated that i am that to him. Hes told me he was sorry about the way he had to do things to get me for his self. Even in the song theres a line that says id do anything to have her to myself, just to have her to myself and now i dont know what to do when she makes me sad. I guess why would a demon need to go thro all this if i willing give myself to him. I guess thats what started this whole thread. See i can feel him, hes one with me, and i feel like he means what hes saying. Its like hes torn between what demons should be doing to me and what he wants which isnt to hurt me on purpose. I mean he apologizes on his own. He talks to me mentally, and also throw others. Igod i used to think i was so nuts…sitting here talking to anyone like this is a every day topic. I tried to tell others when i was a child. You know what they did put me on meds. I was nuts according to them. I knew i wasnt. He told me no one would ever believe me. He said because humans are scared. Only once did someone believe me. When i didnt know what else to do i went to my pastor…we grew up Methodist…conservative Methodist. I started to tell him, he stopped me and said hes standing right beside you and the room got cold. He told me that i was going to have pick either god or satan good or evil. I have always felt him besides me. He tells me all the time that his rightful place is beside me. . Im sorry if my threads seem to jump alot. Ive never really had anyone understand me like you do. I have on few occasions but they where men and he saw them as a threat. He says only he is worthy of me. I dont know…cant wait to hear your thoughts. You never know one day you might be able to help someone in the same situation. :)

    • I’ve helped people in the situation before, not so far down the path. We try to stop it before it really starts. Interestingly enough, just before you wrote the first time, I was, again, asking God to help me find a solution to the problem of incubus/succubus. Suddenly, information is coming in from all directions. You are not the only source. This is an increasing problem, EWO.

      I know about the music. The song that was playing in my mind (there’s always music there) when I was thinking about your situation, then read the lyrics, was Shakespeare’s sister “the trouble with andre”. Couples often have ‘our song’ .. only you and the demon are not a couple, and th situation is not ‘normal’ for a human. And being sorry doesn’t keep you safe. People often say sorry to the bruised and bloody mess they leave laying on the floor at their feet that they are married to.

      He never lies, EWO. He lied to you about no one ever believing you. I believe you, so did the minister. So do other people going through your experience. That’s proof he lies. What else does he lie about?

      And I have had some ‘fun’ with priests and ministers too. God or Satan? Look in your church first! I am an unusual Christian. LOL What did you answer?

      I will find the key to this, and when I do, I have a list of people whose lives will change.

      Love & Peace

  13. You know i re read these things and i seriously do sound nuts. But why does it sound nuts but feel so real. Idk, answering back probably isnt helping my cause. Maybe i really am nuts….

    • Not nuts, EWO, haunted.

      Love & Peace

      • Then what did i do at the age of 5 to deserve this? The only thing that can explain it to me is that i was promised to him from my druid ancestor. The demon has told im a very powerful person, its something ive always known. I mean generational curses are real. You know i know this is bizarre id rather have him then be totally alone.

        • Nobody does anything to deserve a demon, no matter what age they are. And no person can be ‘promised’ to a demon before they are born. We talked about that earlier, he’s lying to you about that too. He’s not lying about you being a powerful person, that is, perhaps, what attracted him to you. Conquering a strong person is a greater ‘buzz’ than conquering someone who is weak. But you are not strong right now because you have given your power to him through your free will.

          Generational curses are not real, but human fear can make them seem that way .. we make our own curses when we are fed ideas like that as children, by adults who should know better – but they have probably been fed that nonsense too.

          The reason he is still there is because of what you wrote next, “You know i know this is bizarre id rather have him then be totally alone” .. right. No one is actually ever alone, we have angels, we might not be able to sense them, or play with them, or have sex with them, but that’s because they are not allowed to interfere in the right to choose our lives. You don’t have that right anymore, EWO.

          Until you want to take your life back, and are prepared to fight for it, no one can help you. God’s gift of free will is the almost as great a treasure as it’s Love. I wish you lots of both.

          Love & Peace

  14. Ama….

    Sorry about posting like crazy but i have a question that has drove me crazy for years. We both agree my demon is a sexual demon. But what i dont understand is i honestly hate sex. Like if i didnt have to have it i wouldnt lose sleep over it. To me its more like a chore. I honestly cant stand having sex with a human. Ok infact if i have to have sex with a human i will break down and cry cause i dont want to. I have no sexual drive for a human. So with that in mind why is he the exception? Why is it if im a child of god as you say why does it feel so natural to be with him and want what he does? Have you ever came across anything like this? Thx

    • Hi EWO,

      A child of God is two things, a physical body and a spiritual being. The body is a machine, it has certain ‘drives’ one of which is the need for procreation, hence a person wanting sex. The physical body belongs to God because it is the creator being, the spiritual body also belongs to God, and always will, no matter what happens to the physical body in each lifetime.

      The demon is not an exception, it is a sexual demon and it’s playing on your natural sexual nature. That’s what you are blocking, EWO, because of life trauma, your difficult childhood and whatever has happened since. It triggers your sex drive, and satisfies you on a physical level, and an energy one. Humans generally can’t be that good in bed. Also .. the partners it sends, they walk away. You have no emotional attachment to them, no connection, you will probably not see any of them ever again. You can do whatever you like during sex, harm them or be harmed yourself, and no one is going to ask questions afterwards, or make you feel like you are abnormal.

      Yes, I’ve come across it before. It is one of the hardest reasons for disconnecting people from incubus/succubus. You express classic symptoms of domination by a sexual entity, living or otherwise. A person who is kidnapped often comes to love their kidnapper. I am not a good enough psychologist to be able to explain why this is to you, but it happens a lot. There are documented cases on the internet, or you could go to a psychologist and ask them about it.

      Love & Peace

  15. Ama,
    Id love nothing more and i mean this honestly to find a psychologist i coukd openly talk to about this all of it and they not think im crazy but you and i both the likelihoodof that happening is slim. Have you ever heard of Bob Larson? I thought about going to him for help but then to find out hes a fraud and lies with his taxes :(

    • In Australia we start by going to a doctor and getting a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are people who specialise in this problem, EWO. Even a catholic priest might know of a psychiatrist who does this work? If you want your life to change, you will end up having to find someone over there who can help. Perhaps start with a psychologist who can help you understand the person you are now, and the events that created ‘you’. Every childhood decision you get to understand, and replace with an adult decision, will loosen the demonic attachment, and its capacity to attach to you. If the demon was capable of love or respect, it would honour your desire to be free of it – and perhaps even try and help. Tell that to your ‘friend’. It is supposed to be ‘not wanting to harm you’ .. but it is the greatest harm of all!

      Love & Peace

  16. Ama…

    Lol its seems when do get ahold of eachother we talk :) no he was right. He told me that when i was a teenager. With the exception of my preacher. Im not ashamed of my past i was a troubled teen, i had bad depression, i wanted to die..i had been hospitalized numerous times. I knew i was hearing demons i know i wasnt schizophrenic and tell m
    y therapist.they labeled me all types of things. Because they where treating me like ihad a mental illness. You cant treat demons like a mental illness. So no one did believe me. I read that you have helped people just not this far along in the game. He came to me when i was 5 the nasty demon did. So theres probably no hope

    • Exceptions break a rule, EWO. Right now you would prefer to believe he doesn’t lie .. but we just proved he did. And you don’t want to be alone, but you are when he’s off harming someone else. If a boyfriend did that to you, would you keep him?

      Now I’m calling it a ‘he’ (sigh). Demons are emotional (ego driven) beings, they are better seen as ‘female’ energy. They can take any form they like, being genderless.

      Just because I can’t help right now, doesn’t mean someone else can’t. While there is life there is hope. It’s not a just a quote, its a fact. Give up trying to be free of that entity, and you may as well give up living. It will take everything you are away from you, when it decides its toyed with you enough. In the meantime, you are on my prayer list. And your guardian angel will be watching over you. You are never alone because of ‘him’.

      Love & Peace

  17. Hi Ama

    I want to ask you a question. My demon taught me a year ago about mentally making a door in my mind which lets him have access to me. I never knew how to do this until he taught me. One time i knew he wasnt around. I know what it feels like if he is or isnt. So one time he wasnt around. So mentally i focused and went thro the door in my mind lookingfor him. I went thro this hallway to this door. At the door there was this demon. He was 8ft tall by looking at him. He called me a demon mistress. I had no clue on what that meant. I told him i need to find my demon. He told me why do i want him. Hes weak and i could have some one more worthy. I ignored it went thro the door . I sat on this white couch and there was nothing but a darkness around me. The thing i call the darkness was there and i told him i was looking for the demon. He said he will call him and find him. I thanked it. I went back thro the door and that demon was there. It started flirting with me letting me i could have a king and be the queen i need to be. I asked it whats its name was. He told me it was king og. I thought it was lying. It took my hand held it and walked me back to the door i created for my demon. The demon was very composed, proper held a air of being very powerful. My demon showed up a day later i asked it where it went. I cant remember what he said. I told him about the demon i meet. He got angry and felt very possessive and told me to stay away from him. That he was dangerous and he will go to no ends to have me being what i am. I am to never go looking for my demon again. And my demon now actually on the door i made him has bars across it. I startes to do research trying to find who king og was..well my mistake i was watching a video on you tube about nephilim. Then i found my answer. King Og of Bashan was a Nephilim. Ive never read the old testament. So its not something my mind up or had repressed in my mind reading….have you any insight on what i experienced? Was it really King Og?

    Thx :)

    • Hi EWO,

      How did you induce that wonderful experience? I call it wonderful because of the clarity, not the contents. I’ve had visions over the years, some so clear you feel you are right in the middle of them, others that felt only like glimpses of the past.

      What you do or do not know, bible based .. did your family ever go to church when you were a child? Everything we have ever heard, seen or read is stored in our memories, regardless of whether we think we have forgotten everything. It’s amazing what we ‘know’ and can’t remember why. Also, you may have imbedded memories from other lives, which we all have written in our auras, that some people can access, and then tell you all about yourself. By allowing one demon into your energy, the others have access to it too, regardless of what ‘it’ wants, or doesn’t want. They can read the energy .. and the memories, and use them to manipulate your emotions.

      If you are asking if a possibly mythical King called Og turned into a demon .. the answer is no. Humans do not become demons, nor do they become angels. The angels and humanity are two different streams of ‘creation’. Would a demon take on the name of Og and pretend to be a king .. yep. They pretend to be lots of things to try and trap people, like spiders in the middle of a very big web of lies.

      The gate you created for our demon gave it easier access to your energy. Since it already has bars on it, why don’t you close it, lock it, and dissolve it completely, and cut him off from you? That is for when you decide enough is enough. I agree with Og that he is weak, either that or very manipulative, since he allows other beings through to hurt you. (I’ll be good and try and stop nagging now .. )

      Next question .. what are you that is so amazing that demons can’t wait to be connected to you? Have they told you?

      Wishing you a gorgeous and peaceful day,
      Love & Peace

  18. Morning Ama

    I wish i could tell you what i do for these mental trips. He taught me it. Yes there very vivid and the better i get at it the better the visual sensations they are. All i know is it started with the song i asked you to listen to. The Vermilion song. Besides having meaning i learned how to do mental visualization from it. I have this firm belief that anyone can open there mind and do this. He tells me that im different that theres not to many people like me. He tells me theres a small group of people like me on the earth. Id imagine this is so. If there was a whole lot of us i wouldnt be in the spot i am in. As a child i was different i looked at the world not thro blinded eyes. My eyes have always been open. Ive always listened with open ears. If you know what i mean. No i didn’t go to church as a child. My dad started taking us when we was in our teenage years. But why that time i was already going down the wrong spiritual path. Then my parents didnt help. My dad was the type to be bitching at us before we went to church threatening us. Church was ok then my dad was ok for a hour you know saying he loved us etc, then it would start all over again. Which made me hate god. I was 13 at the time. As for your last question my demon was told me that im a very powerful portal. I dont know honestly what i am. I honestly believe and feel it to be the truth i was meant to help people by that deal with demons. Crazy as that sounds. Ive seen more demons in people that where mentally ill then everyday people. Driving local was a away for me to go back to college. I wanted to be a therapist who deals in mental health. That way i could hopefully get the ones that might be demon infested. As one of my gifts from god when i followed him was discerning of the spirits and can heal with laying of my hands. The only other thing the demon has told me is im the best.. idk i dont feel like im the best at anything. I have a question for you tho. You said i had a guardian angel. Do you know what its name is?


    • Read my reply below this and you will know why.

    • Hey EWO,

      It’s actually safer that most people don’t open their minds that far. We are not supposed to create portals for demons to cross through .. gatekeepers generally find them and close them down. :-)

      Small groups .. in comparison to how many people live in the planet, ‘its’ right .. the group is small .. but .. size does not equal low strength. It’s great to feel part of an ‘elite’ team, but it really depends on what we do with the energy of our gifts. And the ‘spot you are in’ has nothing to do with your visitor. He might have chosen you because of your unusual energy, but there’s plenty of other victims he could have picked, and does. Being a gatekeeper doesn’t make you more vulnerable to attachments, we do that to ourselves through our beliefs, attitudes, and fears etc.

      When did you have the Og experience in comparison to when you went to church?

      Must get organised for the day,
      Love & Peace


    EWO, You need to read the above link; It will explain many things and show you that you are more powerful than you realize and that you have the power(through a great fight) to remove your demon and all demons from you.)It is a book, so you may not be able to read it all in one sitting. I know you have “down time” in your profession, and it may be time you listen to another’s point of view and not just take “your” demons word for things. if you read this with an open mind, and always remember that you ALWAYS have the free will to choose, it may very well change a few things in your life. I wish and pray for you to have freedom and happiness and am sending you lots of Love and Light.

  20. Ewo,
    Keep these words, below this in quotes, in mind, as you read the link I have provided for you. Through out this thread, you have been given small pieces and clues as to who you really are. I cannot spell it out for you; you must exercise your free will and do this on your own. There is a reason for your existence, as there is for each and every one of us. May the Light always be at your side to guide you and illuminate your path.

    “Would you be willing to take back your life, no matter how much the past hurt, and become a soldier like me who fights against these things? You have the capacity. It shows in your writing. I’m also a gatekeeper, a portal .. or whatever it was he called you before .. I’m being lazy and not scrolling back to check. We have a choice, Light or Dark. You are a Light person, you just stand like me on the edge between the Light and dark. You have to want to, you have to choose to. God gave you the choice, and it (God) never takes away our right to choose .. even the dark can’t do that.”
    This comment was made further up on this thread and I am coming to understand why it was made; I hope, in time, you do, too!!! (P.S. follow this persons advice; it pertains to you more than you think.)

  21. Hi LunaTerra:)

    Im in the process of reading the link you provided. I have been reading with a open mind and stop and think about the information being read. Its very interesting and thank you for prviding the link. Even as a child i knew and felt i walked in the middle. I was neither good or bad but do find myself being more good then bad. Ive always wanted to understand everything. Ive always enjoyed learning and reading. And i always knew more existed then what alot of people thought. In my lower life moments as the usually do i felt like nothing existed. Nothing but pain and hurt. Thats how i feel now. Because the only reason for existing was taking away from me its all i feel is hurt, pain, anger. I know thats how the demon wants me. He also knows ill never forgive god. I know he keeps me in that state. Im just so warn down, beaten and broken to care. Even tho there is times i have clarity and can see the beauty and see and hear the light its only for a short time before the hate and grey clouds come back. Even on days theres plenty of sunshine and its warm all i see and feel is black. Even if my demon left how could i ever find a balance for myself, my nature being both light and dark? Ive always felt im doing something wrong by thinking im both as it would go against God and him saying you cant ha e to masters. Sometimes i wish ive never acknowledged this part of me. To like the majority of people in this world with there eyes shut. To be ignorant. Because i know with the understanding of great knowledge, being a greater being comes more responsiblity. And theres really no one the church this open to the spirit realm. How can you understand this even theres not many of us running around like this. And im taking it the demon was right on that there isnt many of us. Why cant i just walk around happy like most in my mundane world. I wonder if others like me feel this way. At times it just makes me sad. And feel like giving up. I feel sorry for myself for awhile and go on. Because i hate weak things or being weak so i go on sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Sorry if im just blabberi.g on these thoughts

    • EWO,
      Please do not apologize for rambling. My dear, your self esteem is low and you do need help for this. I, like Ama, can be here to help you in any way that we are capable, but you really do need to seek professional help for your emotional issues; this will most definitely be the key to releasing yourself from the demonic’s grasp. Continue, as much as you can to read the link/book I have provided for you: I am reading it myself.(and learning about myself, at the same time! :) ) Take your time with it, and absorb what you can from the passages, for I believe it to be the key to your self discovery. Not everything that was taught in the Churches is what it seems. You are turning from God because you are confused and have been hurt badly in your life, but it was not God that took from you what was dear to you; you know who did that.( and God does not take anything away from us,nor does He interfere, our life choices(because we have free will!) lead us in on the path we now travel, but the beauty of it, is that we can change course at any time, because the beautiful and Loving gift of free will allows us to do so.
      The demon let you live and kept saving you for it’s own purposes not because it cares one iota for you or your well being. It will tell you anything you want to hear as long as it keeps you giving it what it wants; it is a “master” of lies. I am sorry to be blunt with you, and I know Ama has pretty much told you the same thing, but it’s true, as much as you do not want to believe it. Do you ever wonder why you feel compelled to gravitate toward the “dark” more as opposed to the light? Could it possibly be, because it is “familiar” to you? You are a Light person, but do you ever wonder why? We tend to gravitate toward what is familiar because it is a comfort to us, but it is only in stepping outside of our comfort zone that real change can come about. I want you to think about that as you continue reading. This is a journey you must travel and I can only guide you; you must come to conclusions on your own.

      Your demon cannot take you away because it is impossible; you belong to God. It has never and will never have ownership of you, it can only “use” you for as long as you allow it. If you were to die tomorrow, it would lose it’s power over you and you would return to the God source, where you will be surrounded by perfect Love and the demon can no longer touch you until you reincarnate once more, but you may return in you next life to be stronger and wiser, and the demon will not be able to attach to you. You can also have that in “this” lifetime, but not unless you are willing, and unless you are prepared to fight. This demon has found your weakness and is exploiting it, but that does not ever mean that you should give up; even in the worst of trials and tribulations, there is a lesson here for us to learn. We can talk more when you have read more, but please, do as I have asked and take the time to absorb the paragraphs and pages and try to see where it might pertain to you; apply it to your your life and your situation. And, again, please find a way to get help. I know, as a truck driver, it would depend on the company you work for or if you are an independent contractor whether you have insurance, but this is important. Even if all you discuss is the personal and emotional issues; getting past those can help you with others that a psychologist can’t help you with. My prayers are with you.Focus on the Light and not the Dark; it can change your outlook. You do have friends here even if we may be miles apart. Oh, and as for your Psychic door, as easily as you opened it, you can close it, but the important question remains; are you willing?

    • Hey EWO,

      Let me waffle a bit before going and having a rest. LOL I went to the city yesterday and I am soooo tired today.

      Every person on this planet ‘lives’ the balance between good behaviour, or good states of mind, and bad behaviour and challenging states of mind, if their minds are not unbalanced by illness. The demon can keep us in the ‘dark’ (or negative) energy but, we are a creation of the Light, and so we move back into the Light automatically. If the entity suddenly decided to abandon you and never return again, it would be up to you to take hold of your life and improve it. What Luna and I say about counselling, or seeing a psychologist, is because they can help us to ‘find’ our true ‘self’ hidden away under the layers of pain. When a person suffers from depression, the layers can feel like a 10 ton truck on our heads (been there, lived to be happy again). When the layers are imposed by the will of another .. even if we allowed it in some way .. when they lift off .. life can feel very strange, and very empty .. because we adapt to the trying situation, attempting to cope in any way we can. We have to find things to fill the gaps in .. which is why some people, when freed from oppression, fall into the lap of fundamentalist beliefs and become rabid Christians. Often they also do this from fear and collecting another oppresser like the first. But fear just leads to more problems. The solution to all of it is Love.

      When hunting someone to help you clear your mind – we want someone who understands that Love runs the universe, and that we often run from ourselves, or knowledge about ourselves, because we think we are unlovable. I remember feeling that way, and tremendous guilt for even being alive, but my buddy here (guardian angel) reminds me constantly that God loves me, and God loved me even when I could not love myself. Oh, we can get angry at God all we like, ‘he’ has broad shoulders, ‘he’ can take it. What ‘he’ returns to us, for that gift of anger, in more Love. And what keeps the dark away is Love .. for ourselves and for other people. There are two other things that help .. learning to forgive everyone, starting with ourselves, and then gratitude .. giving thanks for everything, no matter how small a gift it seems to be at the time. People have forgotten common manners, like please and thank you, but they are powerful metaphysical tools.

      The relationship between you and God is personal. No entity can interfere in it. Nor is God going to be angry with you because you bowed to the will of another, who was forcing you to do something, manipulating you the way demons do. You said you will never forgive God, but what did God actually do? Place blame where its supposed to land. God has done nothing but give us all free will. The being that stole those treasured things from you .. is not God. And you do not serve two masters, EWO, because God never made you a slave. You are ‘his’ Child. That is what the angels call me ‘daughter’ or ‘child’. I call myself a servant, but I know I can walk away from this ‘job’ of mine anytime.

      Never believe what a demon tells you. They lie. They lie in ways so subtle you won’t be able to tell where and how for a while, but they end up tripping up on themselves, as you ‘visitor’ has proved. One ‘minister’, and me, and others like me, believe in you. And God sees you, and so do your angels. You are not hidden by the darkness, nothing can cover the Light of a human, the true beauty of the God created being – regardless of what we choose to do in this lifetime.

      When you are free of this problem, and you will be, you won’t want to walk in the mundane (or maybe for half a second until you get bored :-) ). It’s much more fun out here in the weird world with the likes of Luna, me and quite a few lovely people here on CareTaker’s site. And if you want to, you will find your niche among those of us who strive to help, when people think all is lost.

      Stay and play. We love you.

      Love & Peace

  22. Have just came to me. Sorry i hit the send button before i was ready to…i have a question for anyone who might know. Was there ever a angel or a god or goddess that ever walked amongst the stars? There’s a reason i ask. Even tho in my beliefs theres only God and Satan i put gods or goddess being my ancestors where druids and believed in such deities. I have a reason for asking. Another thing Luna Terra i thought of while reading this was something i asked my demon once. I asked him to take me away from everyone and everything that i wanted to just be with him. He told me it wouldnt work.I askedwhy.He said because i will always listen out for others. He said tho he will try. What do you think he meant by that. Anyone can answer please


    • I answered some of this above! :D

    • Hi EWO,

      I am at the beginning because I just read what LunaT has done.

      I would very much like you to write to me privately. I wrote the book you are reading. You can find my email link on either the Michael Invocation page, or from my site which is listed down below under Friends. I can answer a few whys and wherefores that I won’t put on public lists. You’ll find, if you’ve read any of the other question sites here, that I often suggest people swap to a private exchange if its important.

      I can actually speak to everyone’s guardians, thanks to mine (and God) .. but I would like to know your real name before I do that .. and again .. don’t want it on this site, no offence to CT.

      Love & Peace

  23. Hi Ama

    I had the Og experience last year sometime. I met him on three different occasions. After my demon tolsd me not to go looking for him because rejecting Og now became a challenge to him (Og) i havent had a experience since. The last time i really went to church i was young. Ive been to some since but just a service kind of thing. And the last time i went to a service was in October of last year, i wanna say Og happend in may or june maybe..i dont really remember.

    • Much as I don’t like saying this, demons know the bible just as well as humans do, after all, Christianity’s focus is based on ‘fearing’ God, and fear is what demons thrive on. You might have heard the name in church, or the demon might have picked one it thought you would know? I don’t recommend you ask it anytime soon. :-)

      Love & Peace

      • Demons know the Bible inside out and backwards … literally!!


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