Is a Demon From My Husbands Past Trying to Get to My Family?

To start out I will tell you my husbands story so you can understand. My husband didn’t want to tell me this story at first but he eventually told me for our protection.

When my husband has very vivid memories of a red demon calling to him from outside his bedroom window when he was a boy. The demon scratched on his window and would try to talk to him. This all took place in his home town in Texas and all happened when he was around 6 years old. Luckily he never spoke to it and never approached it when it called.

A few weeks ago the same demon visited my husband in a dream and told him details about how and in what order it was going to kill our two small boys and myself. My husband will not tell me what it said. Now our oldest son, who is about to turn two, does not want to go to sleep. He doesn’t even want to be left alone in the dark at night, we have even tried a night light and he still doesn’t want us leaving him alone. When he does go to sleep he has nightmares. Also his behavior has been getting worse and worse, which is mostly terrible twos but a lot of his new behaviors are much worse then anything I have ever seen in a two year old. To protect my children I have crystals around the house and I have laid pieces of petrified wood on all four corners of our home. It has only been a day since I did this.

This demon has never done anything physical, and here lately has only been around in dreams. My questions are:

One – Will the crystals and petrified wood help protect against something in my family’s dreams?

Two – Can this thing be the cause of my son’s problems?

Three – Is there anything else I should do to help protect my family?

Asked by Harley

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  1. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing. If you and your husband are frightened of this thing hurting your children, everything, even a stubbed toe, will seem much more sinister than it would normally. So, step one, take a deep breath and try to control your fear.
    Step two, if the little guy doesn’t want to be alone, sleep in his room with him or let him sleep in your room with you. Make sure he knows you are always available if he needs you. And keep in mind that he will respond to what you are feeling, whether you realize your emotions are showing or not. That’s another reason to try to master fear.
    As for the crystals and petrified wood, it depends. What type of crystals are you using, have they been cleansed and charged, and did you cleanse/purify the house prior to setting up the crystals? Some types of crystals are better suited to protection than others. Clear quartz is a great all-purpose stone, onyx and smoky quartz are good for dispelling negative energy. Cleansing the crystals (just place them in a bowl and cover them with salt overnight. The salt will do all the work) is necessary to remove any attachments to the stone and make it receptive to its new task. To charge the crystal, just hold it in your hands while focusing on what you want the crystal to do. Since you are using them to try to repel/absorb nasty energy, they will need to be cleansed and recharged regularly.
    Purifying the house, preferably by burning dried white sage, is important before placing the crystals. The sage smoke will drive negativity out and give the crystals a better chance to work. Just light the sage, carry it through each room of your house, let the smoke drift over everything including inside closets and cabinets. Visualize the smoke forcing out negative energy. This is called smudging. It would be a good idea to smudge your family, including yourself, as well. If sage is unavailable, or the smell bothers you, lavender incense can be burned in each room. Dragon’s blood incense is another that helps.
    After the smudging, you may want to draw a line of salt at each window and outside door. Salt is pure, evil cannot cross it. I’ve used salt barriers with great success. These steps will make it easier for the crystals to do their job.
    Bear in mind, the stronger an entity, the more often you will need to cleanse the house and crystals and renew the salt barrier. You will probably have to do these things several times. There is no easy fix for evil spirits. Overcoming them requires vigilance and alot of effort, but it is possible so don’t get disheartened. Your family’s best shield against evil is your love for each other. Try to keep as much loving and positive energy in your home as possible, evil can’t stand to occupy the same space as love.

  2. Hello Harley,

    My name is Ama Nazra and you can read my webpages, accessible from this page, listed under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection.

    Demons feed on fear, so your husband’s dream might simply be something trying its luck with scaring him. He might like to consider doing this Invocation to remove anything attached to his energy.

    // Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what it is asking, then say it out loud.

    Crystals work partly through the belief of the person using them, as does any other psychic protection methold. If you feel good about having them in your home, please do so.

    What I did for my son was get him a ‘dream catcher’. He used to sleep walk and have nightmares, and they literally stopped the night we hung the small round circle in his room, without me telling him what it did. Given that, even with all my experiences, I am naturally a skeptic and question everything, I was totally amazed. I went on to supply half the small mining town (in outback australia) with the dream catchers, and we settled down about 30 kids in all. (The agreement was that the kids would not be told what they did until after the first night.) We later found out the town was built over an aboriginal burial ground. For a two year old, however, I would read him the dreamcatcher legend and tell him that it would stop the dreams. My son was 5 or 6 at the time.

    Lack of sleep might also be unsetting your son, and your own worry about his behaviour will be adding to the problem .. because kids can ‘read’ their parents emotions just fine. Night terrors, and fears of being alone are not usual at his age. Does he cling to you during the day as well? I think its called ‘separation anxiety’?

    And the other thing I did for myself and my kids, and my mother who didn’t like being woke up by ghosts, was develop house shields. You’ll find two here. One personal shield, and one house shield. Both have been carefully tested, by thousands and thousands of people around the world, for a very long time, and we know they work. I use the houseshield at night when things feel spooky (I live in an orchard and we can be very ‘active’ some nights). The personal shields you can wrap around your children and yourself. One shield each. They don’t need to be connected to yours to exist.

    Questions are always welcome.

    Love & Peace

  3. put on a cross. pray. read the bible. pray for Jesus to protect you. Pray for God to send the Archangel Michael to protect you.

  4. hello Harley,
    Snow wolf, Ama and Carri all give great advice. Snow Wolf particularly with the advice to dispel any negative thoughts and energy from your home as well as continually send out positive energy and Love. I couldn’t agree more, that evil can not occupy the same space as love. Crystals work great but are not a permanent fix; you have to keep the crystals around all the time. The Micheal Invocation that Ama mentions, works beautifully!!! I tried it once when I was parked next to a car that had “devil worshiper” symbols all over it. I got an immediate prompt to do the invocation and I can not be sure where it came from, but I immediately did it and it was as if the negativity of the moment vanished. Carri is correct in telling you to call upon God to assist you and the Angel Micheal. however, God has already sent the Micheal angel to you, and he is ever steadfast at your right shoulder; all you need to do is ask for his assistance. He is your guardian angel and does not interfere with you life path without your permission; that is why the Invocation is necessary. I believe the crystals work because the energy of God is in every living thing and every piece of his creation, including rocks, stones, crystals and the Earth. Would I worship the earth as God? Probably not, but I would surely respect it knowing that it is our heavenly Father who created it and His energy resides there. So, my advice is more the same as Ama’s. The Angel Micheal is right there waiting for you to call on him, so do so. He is a gift from God to every one of God’s children and is there to protect all of us; all we need to do is ask.

    • Also, this is just a side thought; it is possible that this “red devil” is a Tulpa. An energy form that your husband created in childhood. Think about it for a second; a red devil is something that is often depicted in society(along with horns and a tail) and as a child he could have manifested this himself. A tulpa is basically a thought form or energy form that we manifest to be what ever we chose; sometimes people,(especially children) do not realize they have done this and believe that it is some other form of entity. Here is a definition of Tulpa to help you better understand:

      If this is either a demon or a Tulpa, the Micheal Invocation will work on both, because you are asking the Micheal Angel to remove all negative thought forms, energy forms as well as demons.

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