What is the Hierarchy of Angels?

My question is about the Hierarchy of angels. I was wondering what exactly are they, how many are there and what is their main charge?

I also know of people who work with them and was wondering how that comes into play?

I have heard of some working with The Michael, and others working with The Raphael; is there a specific reason that certain people work with a certain Hierarchy? I am interested in all answers as this subject fascinates me! Thanks everyone!

Asked by LunaTerra

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  1. Hey angel,

    The Hierarchy of angels is the energetic structure of heaven and the heavenly host .. through various interpretations, all very interesting.


    http://www.angelfocus.com/dionysius%20hierarchy.htm – dionysius created the Christian one.

    I love this stuff. Basically the hierarchy is a listing of ‘angels’ and their strengths, or closeness to ‘God’, and their roles. I work within the Christian one, but angels are angels, and they don’t belong to any particular religion, but show us what we need to see, or want to see, depending on the situation and our belief systems.

    How many angels are there? No one has ever counted that I know of. Put it this way, I know there is at least one guardian angel for every living human, and every lost soul, and then plenty more, because Mica (the Michael I work with) has access to ‘thousands’. The Creator knows. I think all we need to know is that there is ‘more than enough’ to take care of us all. LOL

    Some people are born to serve directly with the angels, most aren’t. We can all contact ours, with patience on our part as we develop the skill. But not everyone is supposed to do this consciously. We all do it subconsciously.

    Why do I work with the Michael? Hmm.. because I am tough cookie? Because my energy resonates at a frequency similar to theirs and so they collected me and ‘reminded’ me that I had agree to work with them in this lifetime, and many others, so to me I am just following my ‘heart’ and doing what I am good at.

    A healer would work with Raphael because they are the healing angels, just as a person who struggles to bring peace to the world would work with Jophiel, and artists of all kinds work with the Gabriel. Do we choose the angels, or do they choose us? It depends on what we decide to learn in each lifetime, IMO.

    Love & Peace

    • Hi There Ama :)

      Mine would probably be Michael as well. I know he fought on my behalf when I was barely hanging onto my faith at the time. I also think, as your life situations change, more… or just different angels maybe, step-in. But, with the direction I am headed in right now, I’m counting on Christ’s love, teachings… and Michael’s sheer tenaciousness. Btw, wonderful sermon today that really, really spoke to me about my purpose and this new “mission from God” of mine (ever watch The Blues Brothers? lol).

      • Yours is Keith. Anyone involved in spiritual warfare has a lot of Michael angels helping them, not just their personal guardian.

        I would be interested to know what the sermon was about, but you better tell me privately, because this is not the site for it .. being ‘hierarchy of angels’. Yes, I watched the blues brothers .. and also knew a lady who’s angels looked like them for her, to make her laugh. :-)

        Love & Peace

  2. Hi LunaTerra

    I go by the Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy, of which there are 10 choirs of angels, commanded by the following archangels:

    1 Hayot Ha Kodesh (Holy Animals) Archangel: Metatron
    2 Ophanim (Wheels) Archangel: Raziel
    3 Erelim (Thrones) Archangel: Tzaphkiel
    4 Hashmallim (Electric Ones) Archangel: Tzadkiel
    5 Seraphim (Burning Ones) Archangel Khamael
    6 Malakhim (Messengers, angels) Archangel: Raphael
    7 Elohim (Gods) Archangel: Haniel
    8 Bene Elohim (Sons of God) Archangel: Michael
    9 Cherubim (Strong Ones) Archangel: Gabriel
    10 Ishim (Persons) Archangel: Sandalphon

    However, the Christian version only goes up as far as the Seraphim, I beleive, and places different AA’s as heads of different Choirs.

    Islam doesn’t have an angelic hierarchy, but Islamic angels can be grouped into fourteen categories. Thier 4 AA’s are:


    Then there are Angels of the 7 heavens, as well as whole host of others responsible for specific task’s, including those who guard hell. Angels can even take on different forms, including human!

    Believing in angels is one of the six Articles of Faith in Islam.

    I work with the Raphael energy because that is what God intended.


    • You work with the Raphael? Do you do a lot of healing work?

      • Yes I do, Luna – both physical and spiritual. I do it all the time, whenever I feel someone needs some of God’s love and comfort!

        I once ‘accidently’ spiritually healed a vicar whilst she was conducting prayers during an Alpha course I was attending. She became a lot more ‘open’ with me about odd experiences she’s encountered over the years, after that. It was a lovely experience, but I really didn’t mean to do it .. it just kinda happened. (That was before I knew I was a Raph!!. The experience made her cry – in a good way.

        And don’t get me started with the mass ‘blubbing’ that occured when I was dragged along to midnight mass with my dad. The lady next to me, bless her, was almost as unconcollable as my dad was! (She was a church regular and even the other regulars couldn’t fathom out why she was so emotional!) And then there was the poor vicar, who had a really bad throat infection. I just kept sending her some healing for the next few days until I was told it was ok to stop.

        See? I’m not all bad … even when it comes to Christians – lol!


        • I certainly could use some of God’s comfort at this very moment! I may not have much strength left in me to deal with what’s going on in my life…

          • He loves you very much, AR, have no doubts about that.

            Is there anything we can help you with,

            Love & Peace

        • Didn’t think you were, AJ! I think it’s really great that you can do that!!! :D

  3. I love Angels myself; and would love to learn more about them all and their diffrent duties. Thank u for the link. I’m surely going to read through them all to try to get a better understanding of them all. Thanks guys for all your help. Couldn’t of asked this question better myself.

  4. Hi Luna,

    I’ve wondered about these angelic beings because my understanding of them was a ‘being not of this physical world and certainly not open to human threats and material influences’, yet in the Christian bible (old testament), angels were sent down to Earth by the ‘Lord’ as emissaries, to check on the debauched activities of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and, they (the angels) were offered hospitality afforded human beings ie., a warm bath, supper and a bed to sleep on and, Lo and Behold! these angels were even in danger of being sodomised by the debauched inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. How very confusing! I suspect, the authors of the bible were confused as to who, what was an angel OR perhaps they were confused or didn’t really know – like you and me.

    In my quest to find out what angels were about, I came upon a book titled “Living with Angels” by Theolyn Cortens, the hierarchy of angels is explained and even means and ways to make contact and stay in contact with them. I haven’t tried any of it as it is too convoluted for me, besides, I believe if they want to make themselves visible to you for whatever reason, they will and in their own time.

    • Hi Pat,

      The angels can become corporal (we can touch them) anytime they like. If the story of S&G is true they were under no threat from the villagers, but had to follow the social activities of the time so they appeared to be human. :-)

      Contacting your angels – we are all already in contact, subconsciously, and the simpliest way is to just talk to them, out loud or in your mind, and expect answers. You might ‘feel’ them, or hear them or see visions, or have words and pictures pop into your mind, or simply get a sense of ‘knowing’ an answer. It’s not complicated at all. Anythign else is something we humans have created for ourselves. The angels work on the KISS principle – keep it super simple.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  5. Hi Ama,

    See Genesis Ch.19 vs.1-11.
    These two angels/emissaries were, without a doubt, in danger of being sodomized by the male citizens of Sodom & Gomorrah had they not been struck to blindness (I suspect a flash laser weapon was used) being they were in my opinion technologically advanced physical beings. They displayed all physical attributes of human beings and reading between the lines, they had travelled from afar and were tired, hungry, sweaty etc. Surely “real angels” or for that matter god/Lord, would have been able to view the activities of these debauched human citizens without making themselves physically visible – after all – are they not supposed to be spiritual beings.

    • Hi Pat,

      If we are to take the bible as the literal truth (which I don’t, but many good Christians do) then ‘reading between the lines’ is out. Angels can look hot, tired and cranky, it doesn’t mean they are. If they were angels, IF the story was true .. and its a BIG IF .. they had nothing to worry about. Were they ordinary people, or even aliens, which is possible, then they might have been in trouble, but there’s no mention of ‘miracles’, or guns .. just people going blind.

      It’s fun to add to the stories. and try and explain them from our modern point of view, but they were not written in our times, so applying our beliefs to their situations often just leads to more confusion.

      It wasn’t that God wasn’t viewing from above, it was how the town folk would react to the newcomers that was important for their future. It would appear that God had already been watching them all for a long time, which is why he sent in ‘angels’ to be the final test. It had to be the final test, because of what happened to the town.

      Was it a nuclear bomb, even a small one .. its entirely possible.

      Love & Peace

      • You dont think that everyone suddenly going blind was a miracle? (Your comment came up as anonymous but I corrected it for you)

        • Hi CT,

          I was thinking more along the lines of the NT where people ‘remarked’ on Jesus doing miracles? Do I think being struck blind is a miracle .. no, I don’t, but its only in the definition. Miracles appear to be good things, and while the men might have needed to be stopped, could they see again afterwards .. before they were killed by whatever happened to them? I think miracles are very much in the ‘eye of the beholder’. To me the miracle would have been the angels going ‘angelic’ on the folk (good, kind, loving) and changing their hearts, or at least helping them do so, instead of scaring the hell into them and then leaving before the town was destroyed.

          Love & Peace

        • Thank you, CT. I noticed a few of the question sites did that my yesterday .. but only a few? Puzzling. :-)

          Love & Peace

    • Just for the sake of argument, could what the writers of genesis possibly encountered not be Angelic, but “alien?” Sounds more alien to me. Just a thought and would spark a great conversation!

        • Great reads, CT, and I believe there’s a lot of merit in what they’re saying.



        • Those are some great reads, CT! And they provide food for thought!!!! I am a firm believer that we are not the only planet inhabiting life out in the vast expanse of the Universe!!! I also do believe it is possible that not all of the encounters documented in the Bible have anything to do with the Angelic; some do appear to be of alien origin!

      • Hi yu Luna

        Technically speaking, God and the Heavenly realm are also alien.

        1. a resident born in or belonging to another country who has not acquired citizenship by naturalization ( distinguished from citizen).
        2. a foreigner.
        3. a person who has been estranged or excluded.
        4. a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial.

        5. residing under a government or in a country other than that of one’s birth without having or obtaining the status of citizenship there.
        6. belonging or relating to aliens: alien property.
        7. unlike one’s own; strange; not belonging to one: alien speech.
        8. adverse; hostile; opposed (usually followed by to or from ): ideas alien to modern thinking.
        9. extraterrestrial.


        • Well maybe I should have been more specific!! LOL!!! Extra terrestrial is what I should have said!! But yes, you are correct; God and Angels would be “Alien!”

        • Hi AJ,
          I often have wondered if we sensitives are actually encountering 3 dimensions (not talking 3D in the normal sense) in one ‘plane’ called our known universe? Or, perhaps, and I believe this, that God has place these dimensions where they are by design? Not all can see these dimensions apparently. In this case, God most definitely is from one of these dimensions seperately…Heaven.. Toughts anyone?


          • I also believe that heaven isn’t in the stars, but all around us, in this very mix of dimensions… More thoughts? lol


          • Hi Keith

            TBH that is more how I see God too. I’m very much into quantum physics and that is pretty much how the scientists see these things….only they put loads of really complicated mathematical equations to them – lol!


          • A.J.,

            Yes, the scientists certainly do try to complicate things often. Like statistics for instance – one can manipulate their results, even if subconsiosly, to mean literally anything they wish! LOL!

            I’ve noticed, along with many here I am sure, that Genesis mirrors evolution of earth’s beginning life cycle exactly, if you can imagine that one of Gods ‘days’ could be ions compared to ours. but scientists say the same thing, only in a way to discredit ANY other option. I think thats how they keep their jobs! LOL!


          • Hi Keith,

            Personally I think God did everything by design. Just because we, as limited humans, are only just touching, scientifically, on what God has created, is our problem not God’s. :-)

            And we are three dimensional creations. The new age folk spend a lot of time talking about 4th, 5th, 6th and even 12th dimensional changes in our energy (BTW I had the healing process that turned my DNA from 2 strand to 12 strand, but have never noticed any differences in my energy or gifts that were promised) but I have yet to see, or even hear of, anyone disappearing off the face of the earth because they connected with those dimensions. I have read of a community of 4th dimensional humans (who had Ascended) who were complaining, via a blog, that they couldn’t find a plumber (3rd or 4th dimension) to come and work in their ‘house’ on the land they ‘bought’ .. and then the community broke up because of ‘infighting’? So much for rising above petty differences because of ascension? And what were they still doing on our plane anyway?

            You might tell from that that I am not a ascensionist.

            So where is heaven .. right in front of our eyes. God is everywhere, and everything, so how can it be anywhere else? But that is just my opinion .. and experience. LOL

            Love & Peace

        • Good answer AJ. I agree. LOL

          Love & Peace

  6. Also, by the way, Thanks everyone for all of your responses!!! It is fabulous to read all the different variations!! Ama, I agree with you; Angels do not follow a specific religious denomination, nor does God for that matter. As I have stated on many other questions here, religion is man made. Thank you AJ for your detailed answer!!! it is great to learn all the different varying beliefs. One common thread does exist, though; almost all religions believe in Angels!! Thanks everyone!!!

  7. AR, hi there friend! I have found myself saying that very same comment over and over again through my togh times in life. Believe me! If you ask for help, he will send it. It may not be blatantly obvious but you wll figure it out in time. I was not raised religious at all. I went to chrch with my grandma (southern baptist) when I was very oung, and almost became baptized a Lutheran. I find religion so interesting now in my late twenties, early thirties, and there is so much I’ve read that I interpret to be true. I guess at this point I am an agnostic. I want to learn everything I can. The lord wrks in mysterious waysm somé things are tests, you might be going through one now. Take care and god bless?

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