Is There a Race of Fallen Angels or Demons that Reside in Men?

Is there a race of fallen angels or demons that reside in men to make them uber sexual and/or able to make someone fall in love with them at first sight?

I have been in a relationship with a man that I felt was a fallen angel, but I dreamed of his “demon”, a large, muscular black gargoyle, and felt that that was his true form.

A family member dreamed of her boyfriend’s demon and said that the demon inside your man will show itself to you at some point or another after a period of time, usually in a dream.

I am now in another relationship with a man who fits the same description, and I’m wondering if he may be the same as my ex. They both have an aura around them of being more than they appear, both have physical similarities (skin color, facial features, etc.), both are highly intelligent, and both of them have what I call an “electric touch”, meaning that any contact with your skin from his fingertips feels as if an electric current is passing through from him to you. I know that sounds like something in a romance novel, but its as close as I can get to how the experience feels; its a more supernatural feeling than a romantic one.

Both of these men captured me at first sight, and they both are very attentive to me, knowing how I feel and what I think about certain things. Can someone please tell me if they’ve had the same experience, or if these things even exist?

Asked by Shay Brown

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  1. Shay, My first question is important, how old are you? My second question is, are you serious and my third question is where did you get this information. It sound like a mix of 4 or 5 different beliefs. Fallen angels are demonic spirits, not a race, not men. Pure evil spirit. They have the ability to mimic love and sex as a way to make you commit your soul to the them or to the kingdom which is hell. Run as fast as you can and seek competent clergy. Here is how it usually works, they somehow enter your life, do their little love seduction thing, seperate you from all that you love. Then they say oh, by the way, we cannot really be together unless you join us, we are spirit, I love you but you must kill yourself before we can really be together. If you say no I don’t think my mom will let me do that, then you will see the real demonic come out and the sweet deceptive side is gone and it will try to torment you until you either seek Christ or give in to it, there is no middle ground. If you commit to it or die before knowing Christ it will be terrible eternity for your soul. You are either very mislead, misinformed, or you have been badly deceived. The one thing that these entities do not have the capability to do is love. It is not in their nature and they have spent the last mellinia working on their ability to deceive. It does not love you but it does play upon your need to be loved, eventually fooling you in to relying on nothing but it, alienating you from all that you love, especially a loving relationship with your creator, God. God is love, and through His son Jesus He showed His ultimate love by giving His life for us. Why did Christ die on the cross, so that you and I and everyone else has the chance not to go down the road you are headed. Turn around, go to church and prepare yourself for an awesome life here and now and for eternity. Where you are headed now is distruction. Who even gave you the information that you have, it sounds backwards.

    • please do remember , before they were fallen angel they were just angels !! they were not created as fallen angel . it was later they became fallen angel,, so in their own nature they were created to love.. some of them who were not anarchy angels were caught up in the confusion.. so when some people say not all demons are horrible maybe they have a point..

      • Hello Midnight,

        Can you please elaborate on these fallen ‘angels’ who you assert became demons only after “what”?

        • after the big bang when Satan became the meanest and baddest of all.. when Satan got kidded out of gods grace.. as i call it the real big bang !!:)

      • Hi Midnight,

        It is far safer for all of humanity to assume anything that looks like a demon, acts like a demon, and thinks like a demon .. is a demon and not an angel caught up in confusion. When the angels hit the energy of ’cause and effect (confusion)’ they went toxic – every one of them. Some have since redeemed themselves but they remain capable of doing great harm, if they forget that they have chosen to return to the Light. There are very few people on the planet who can tell the difference between a demon in the dark playing games, and a redeemed demon, so its better not to take chances.

        Love & Peace

  2. Hi Shay,

    From my experience, and learning, there is no race of demons living ‘inside’ anyone, although there are possessing entities (demons) that supress the will of the person they are attached to, and take them over. That person can end up seeming to cease to exist, and certainly would not be attractive to anyone.

    However, there are human beings who used to be demons, and before that they were angels. We have to remember that they abandoned their human natures to become pure evil – which is what demons are – and have been redeemed and are supposed to be doing their best to help humanity in each lifetime, rather than just ‘helping’ themselves. Yes, they can appear incredibly powerful, and attractive, or not, because we choose how we will appear in our bodies before we come into the world (through family genetics), but these redeemed demons, in early incarnations as human, can still be more nasty than good, although there is a core of goodness in them that shines through eventually (perhaps after many lifetimes).

    And then there are powerful human beings, good and evil, who are born into the world, are supposed to help change it for the good, but sometimes go astray .. it just depends on how strong their egos are .. and how they were brought up.

    Strong sexual attraction is a biochemical reaction to breed strong offspring, and you might have the sort of genes to breed strong children .. so you are drawn to people whom you can best breed with .. or you might have a strong need to be dominated in a relationship and go for men who can overwhelm you physically or emotionally (or match you) .. again that will lead to a strong attraction to the person – but someone else might simply see the man as a bully? We all react differently to pheromones.

    As to dreaming about demons – you are more than likely seeing the men as they ‘were’
    when demons, rather than as they are now. There is no love in demons, only a desire to destroy, or manipulate, humanity, and draw it away from Love.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist, among other things)
    (listed here under Friends)

  3. Hey, is someone priming the pump over here a Q&A?

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