Where Did the Idea of Guides and Angels Watching Over us Come From?

Where did this come from – guides and angels watching over us – and so on? none of this is in the bible that I am aware of and also if any one can tell me how to contact them and talk to them would be great news for me. Now I do believe that there may be some thing that watches over us lord knows I think I have one because I have been so blessed and brought from danger many times as well as life threatening issues.

If any one can answer these questions it would be great.

Where did this start from?

How to contact them and talk with them.

One more question Do we have Guardian Angels or guides or both?

Look forward to hearing peoples answers

Asked by LadyKiller

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  1. Angels were created by God as messengers and to serve Him. I do not know who came up with the term “guide”, guide is not a Biblical term, angels is a Biblical term and that is where we get “angels” from. Angels are not guides per se. God di give some angels the duty of watching over humans because humans are His favorite creation, we were made in His image, angels are 100% spirit that can manifest in the physical. So angels are a Judeo-Christian entity. When sata rebelled against God 1/3 of the angels went with him and they were cursed to the air above earth and some locked away under earth because of their pride and jealousy, see angels have free will just like God gave us. These fallen angels are as hateful as the heavenly angels are loving. They hate God and all humanity. Now if you believe in angels you somewhat believe in the Judeo-Christian faith. In Christianity, once we commit ourselves to God through Christ Jesus, He send us the Holy Spirit that lives within us and the Holy Spirit guides real believer throughout their life in order to prepare them for an eternity in Heaven. Believe me, someone will come along soon and tell you stories about how this guide stuff got started. I will tell you this. There have been many cases where it was eventually proved that what someone thought was a guide was really demonic and was guiding them towards destruction without the victoms knowledge. In many years I have never seen one case where someone claiming to have a guide could actually prove that they had one and definately could not prove that the “guide” was what they said it was. One way to test your guide is to simply say to the spirit, I need to test your sincerity, if they say go ahead, then say, the blood of Christ rebukes you! If they tear out of there you know they are demonic or if they have any negative reaction like screaming “why did you do that”. If they are evil you don’t want them around anyway. The price to pay for having one of these guides is potentially way more than the benefit that one could ever give you. Seek the Holy Spirit, the ultimate spiritual guide to follow and you will be led to where you need and want to be. Don’t settle for risky imitations, risky meaning risking your eternal soul.

    • Hi JK,

      I think its more that God asked the angels to watch over us because we needed protection from the fallen angels, and help with our daily lives, because we are capable of getting it all very wrong .. in your version or mine. I do not think God thinks of us as ‘his’ favourites .. that’s a very pride-filled sort of belief. If we were his favourites why doesn’t he step in and help us more personally? Why doesn’t he smite the devil and just remove it? No, humans, and demons, are both ego driven and have free will. And God watches all of us – humans, demons and angels, and allows us to be what we are, or what we were created to be. The angels were created to serve God. Then God created humanity, and then s/he chose to let one of the angels’ fall and become, in a sense, a teacher of challenges. No one can say that humanity doesn’t learn best, and show its most beautiful nature (sometimes) in adversity.

      God loves all of his/her creations equally – that includes demons. Afterall, how could an angel have fallen without God’s permission? They were only created to ‘serve’, not to make choices for themselves. Nowhere in the bible does it say that an angel argued with God.

      Love & Peace

    • In view of your advice in identifying what or who is an angel of the divine God, may I ask if you have in fact had a visitation from one of either – 1) a true divine angel or 2) a demonic angel? And, if you have – may I ask how did this being present itself as – appearance-wise?

      • Hello Pat,

        I have had multiple visitations of angels and fallen angels over the past 14+ years. I work with the Michael angels. I can see everyone’s angels when the need is important. I also see spirits, ghosts, demons and elementals.

        The divine angel – the first ones were 12 of them, who looked like very tall, strong men, in togas – some had sandals and some had hair toes. LOL They stood around me in a very small room and one spoke quietly to me, for a few hours, while I wrote down everything that was said and emailed it to a friend. This was back in 1997 and many computers ago. They were from the group governed by Archangel Michael and had come to to remind me I had agreed to work with them in this lifetime, and I do. They did not have wings. I asked them why later, and was told ‘Ama, the room was too small’. Given it was about 4 feet wide and 6 or 7 feet long, and had a desk in front of me and a bookcase I could lean back on if I tilted my chair a little .. they were right. :-) Since then I have had quite a few visions of angels, visitations, conversations, and very serious work with them.

        The dark ‘angel’ – I don’t think demons should be described as angels. They fell from grace and do not deserve the title anymore, though I will identify them as ‘fallen’ to separate them from human (and fallen) created entites which I call ‘demons’ when I write. In the meantime, I have ‘met’ Samael, and a number of other demonic beings that some people call ‘gods’ of other belief systems. Samael appeared to me as the most beautiful female-ish angel I had ever seen .. but you can’t mistake them for what they are, because their energy is completely twisted. There is no comparison between angelic energy and demonic energy for the first is truly Love and the other is .. not.

        Angels have appeared to me, with or without wings, as solid, or transparent, or as shining spheres, or a eye on its side shape like that(), in various colours depending on what group of angels it belonged to. I’ve also seen only faces, hands, and once got to touch my guardian’s hand – which was as warm and as real as my own. The demonic you don’t want to get close enough to to touch .. what they ‘are’, Pat, is being of Love – you can’t doubt that, even for a moment. When they are ‘truly present’ and not just standing at my shoulder, the same way they stand at yours, the love fills my soul with joy and I end up laughing. There’s no mistaking an angel ..

        Love & Peace

  2. Hi LK,

    I thought you already knew these answers? :-)

    Yes, we all have a guardian angel over our right shoulder – energy of archangel Michael, especially trained to their task. They come into the world with us when we are born and walk us into heaven when we die, if we let them. They are not guides. They are protectors.

    The ‘mythology’ of angels etc started long before the bible was written. They are mentioned in Mesopotamian legends, for one thing. AJ could probably answer that better than me. Guides, I think, came in with Theosophy, but probably before that (its sunday, we had a really busy day yesterday and I have a headache LOL).

    How to contact them – we talk to them constantly in our sleep, and in our subconscious minds – its only our conscious mind that needs to exist in the ordinary, and we ‘think’ we can’t hear them. So the best way to talk to them is to just talk, and expect an answer. You’ll feel an answer from your angels in your heart/emotions, and from your guides in your solar plexus (tummy region) we call that ‘intuition’. If you are clairvoyant you might see images, words, or visions, as an answer, if you are clairaudient, you might hear your guides speak clearly – a word, or sentence, or a statement of some kind. They tend to keep it brief, precise and easy to decipher. Ghosts like long complicated conversations, and they don’t really know much.

    The other thing is to check each being you hear or see images from that they come from the Light, ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’ or ‘God’s pure Light’, as AJ uses. And don’t expect them to talk all the time, or to change your life, because that is NOT what they are supposed to do. You might the decisions for you .. they can advise, but they cannot demand anything.

    Love & Peace

    • Why is it when people say they are being stalked by negative entities that scare them and tell them they are worthless and break them down to the point they start telling them to kill themselves and/or others do the Guardians not help.They should at least be able to show the person there is hope or something good but they do not interfere with the negative.WHY? i have been wondering about this.I do believe we have guardians or guides but why do they not help in these extreme cases?Or is it the life these people chose to come and live?

      • Hi Christine,

        You know the old saying .. “it complicated”. Start with free will, add in lack of faith, lack of belief, the fascination the dark has for everyone, regardless of whether we act on it or not .. stupid moves like playing with an ouija or inviting negativity in in other ways, like attitudes, actions and emotions. So many people love to hate. It fills them and feeds them, just like it does the dark. Or they think themselves unworthy of being loved and protected, or they tell themselves they deserve the punishment in some quiet tiny way inside their minds. There are so many more ways we undermine our own safety. And then there are habits, like drugs and alcohol abuse, and mental and physical abuse .. done to us, or to ourselves, or by us to others, and it can be as small a thing as nasty thoughts and words, said to ourselves within our own minds, or by us to others. Or bullying and other power games. It’s all about ego. We think we have to be ‘strong’ and the only we can do that is by stepping on others? We live in a constant state of fear, in a society that runs on greed. We have forgotten how to love. That’s another crack in the door. Luckily the dark does not take advantage of every person who hates themselves or others, or even just dislikes themselves etc and reacts from the fears that drive them. No, more often than not they want to ‘bring down’ those who really do try to act with an open heart and mind, be good to others, be loving and kind, faithfilled and truthful .. where’s the fun in corrupting someone who is already corrupted, when there’s so much more power in taking done someone truly good?

        And where are the angels and guides when this happens. Waiting to be asked for help, past the barrier that says ‘I deserve this punishment somehow’ .. that’s the voice of ego in so many people’s minds when we are wounded by life. They act when they can, when we let them, but if for one moment we say ‘no’ .. they must obey the rules. God gave us the right to choose our own destiny when It created us to be ‘creators’ like itself. God has not gone back on ‘his/her’ word. The angels obey what we ask them to do when its in our best interests, but we are always in control. As I have said before, freewill is very complicated, and we have no idea of the profundity of the gift.

        That’s why Spirit always reminds me to ‘learn to know yourself, what drives you, what you love and hate. Release your attachment to the past, to painful events and emotions, to fears and phobias and false beliefs. Do not hold grudges! Do not hold on to anger. Become responsible for everything you create, everything!!!! All your energy, your thoughts, your feelings, your truths, your actions. Everything produces energy for good or evil, what sort of energy are you producing Today, Ama?’ Be in the moment, in the moment there is only God and Love, if we allow it. It is all that IS.

        Love & Peace

        • Let me add a bit about beliefs and faith since they relate to this subject – in a time of crisis we often think that no one can help us .. or that no one wants to help us, no matter how much we ask? That we can only rely upon ourselves. And then we might have experiences with church leaders, and family and friends, who reinforce that belief with their own beliefs that we are deluded and imagining what is happening to us. In that undermined state of fear, do you see where the belief that we cannot rely on others stops the angels from working for us? We are telling them that they are not allowed to act for us in so many other ways as well. The list sometimes seems endless.

          What is faith? You know what faith is .. its trust. Trust that we are worthy of protection, of loving and being loved, of being worthy of lessons and abundance, of being known and remember by a Creator being that never forgets who we are .. even when we have forgotten who we are .. the Children of ‘God’. But where does that belief come from? From parents who abuse their children generation after generation, and you can find that in the bible, in the OT with the actions of the god there as well. No wonder people do not trust God and the darkness takes advantage when it can.

          There’s so much more I could write on the subject but its all around the same theme. We fall victim because we have forgotten how to love, and be loved, and BE Love! And the rules abide. We are only harassed in comparison to the way it could be if God stepped in and broke the covenant of Free Will, which would turn it into an all out war .. and we are not wise enough, nor strong enough, physically or spiritually, to stand against something we cannot ‘see’ with our eyes, and that can hurt us from the inside out. It’s up to us to learn not to put ourselves into jeopody, to live with a ‘right mind’, and allow the angels help us in times of trouble.

          Love & Peace

          • As I said, this is a complicated subject .. but one last thought.

            Our guides and guardians do show us that there is hope, in the smile of a friend, or an unexpected hug, or someone who listens and really hears what we are saying, even if they can’t help us in some way, or goes shopping for us on a bad day .. or some other small way, but we ignore the subtlety of it. Our guardians and guides whisper encouragement in our ears, but when our ears are blocking out the sounds in our minds, their ‘quiet’ voice is often lost in the noise of our own egos, harassed by voices from the past, or the dark, or the sorrow and anger within us. They are always there, those who truly love us, it is us who do not hear for, often, good reasons, like .. when it hurts too much to bear we curl up inside ourselves seeking peace .. but not finding it. Why are the voices so quiet .. because, for the most part, we are generally only listening to ourselves speak inside our minds. When we stop being egocentric, when we become more and truly loving, the volume increases .. so what do we do? Go see a psychiatrist to see if we are nuts? (Guilty as charged. LOL) Thankfully my ‘voices’ had patience enough to wait for me to learn to listen. :-)

            Sorry, CT, I said there is lots to this subject, and I could keep going for another hour.

            Love & Peace

  3. Hi ladykiller

    1.Where did this start from?

    The ancient Greeks believed that demi-gods were all around them, in the rocks, tree’s, air etc – each demi-god had a specific task, whilst watching over the living. These demi-gods were considered the link between God and man – in effect, taking on exactly the same role as we now believe guides do. The main difference was the the ancient Greeks honoured those demi-gods, as if they were gods of sorts, by way of making offerings to them etc. Other religions also have (or had) similar belief structures wereby demi-gods are considered intermedaries between God and man – Hinduism, for example.

    That said, I think the idea of ‘divine spirits’ watching over us, either to help or to hinder, goes back way before the ancient Greeks and is probably as old as humanity itself.

    2. Do we have Guardian Angels or guides or both?

    I personally think of the two as the same thing – it’s simply what you prefer to call them – no different from a Jew calling God, Yahweh, or a Muslim calling God, Allah.

    I have a head guide (Ama’s guardian angel) which oversee’s proceedings – mine has Archangel Raphael’s energy. It always makes itself known to me (it talks to me) from behind my right shoulder.

    My protection guide (Michael energy) always makes itself known to me (talks) directly behind me – centre back of my head.

    My wisdom guide (Auriel/Uriel energy) always makes itself known to me (talks) behind my left shoulder

    My healing guide (Raphael energy) always makes itself known front, left.

    My teaching guide (Gabriel energy) always makes itself known front, right.

    The reason they tend to come in at specific places is to help me more readily identify them. It might get jolly confusing if they all kept moving around all the time – LOL!


    • PS …. just found this, which is quite interesting (not sure how accurate though – need to do more research) …..

      Egyptian God / Greek God / Archangel / element / Planitary Influence / Astrological Sign

      Tehuti / Thoth / Raphael / Air / Venus / Libra
      Ra / ? / Michael / Fire / Sun / Leo / Protection
      Nebet Het / Nephthys / Gabriel / Water / Moon / Cancer
      Maat / ? / Auriel / Earth / Venus / Taurus


      • Very interesting.

        According to some quick research Tehuti is theh Egyptian name for Thoth, so we have no head God for the egyptians in that section, although Horus might fit?

        Ra was the major God of the Egyptians, so Zeus would be the Greek one there.

        Maat would probably be Gaia .. greek goddess of the earth.

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama

          Actually, Amun-Ra is considered the ‘head’ or ‘chief’ Egyptian God. Interestingly, Amun is also spelt ‘Amen’ …. I’ll let you fill in the gaps there -hahaha!

          Amun-Ra did not physically engender the universe. His position as King of Gods developed to the point of virtual monotheism where other gods became manifestations of him. With Osiris, Amun-Ra is the most widely recorded of the Egyptian gods. He was also widely worshipped in the neighboring regions of Ancient Libya and Nubia.

          The god Amun (dark side of the sun) was self created, without mother and father, and during the New Kingdom he became the greatest expression of transcendental deity in Egyptian theology. In the form of Amun-Ra he became the focus of the most complex system of theology in Ancient Egypt. Whilst remaining hypostatic, Amun represented the essential and hidden, whilst in Ra he represented revealed divinity.


          • Hmm… interesting puzzle. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            Actually, its not really a puzzle at all …. after all, Christians adopted the ’2 in 1′ diety idea with the concept of “God the Father and God the Son”. Christians nick all the best ideas from other religions/beliefs, then proclaim them to be their own.


          • Hi AJ,

            Actually, its a three in one deity (father, son, holy spirit) and I don’t agree with that. When I wrote that particular point of view as an almost last statement on one of my theology assignments the comment in red (why do markers use red pen?) at the bottom of the page was ‘if you are going to take something away, you should replace it with something else’. My first thought was why? If something is wrong, its wrong, and replacing it with some other made-up thought doesn’t fix the problem. I am sure the lady meant I should be profoundly theological in some way, but it wasn’t appropriate to the question being answered. And how does one answer an assignment comment? Hmmm…. and I got a credit for the rest of the answer. I was ok with that. LOL

            Yes, the church ‘fathers’ had a lot of fun stealing from other religions. Pity they had to kill people to do it.

            But I was looking at your table as a logic puzzle. It is very interesting, and I do wonder which of the gods would fit in best? :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            Yep – the 3 in 1 … in which case the Egyptian deity in question (in the 3 in 1 context) would be Amun, Ra and Amun-Ra, with, I guess, the ‘holy spirit’ part depicting the combined ‘forces’ of both Amun and Ra. It doesn’t alter the fact that the Christians still nicked the idea from the Ancient Egyptians – LOL!

            Interesting, that comment in red. I don’t agree with the 3 in 1 analogy either. Besides, taking away the ‘three’, simply means replacing it with the one … being God …. does it not?? Or wouldn’t that have been enough of a replacement for her??

            Ah! Yes! That table. It seems that no matter what religion or belief system you look at, the foundations (or basic pattern) are all the same. It is only the ‘human’ interpretations of things which are different and their individual ‘rituals’ to appease the deities. That is when the perception changes. That said, planets, stars and constillations always appear to be at the common denominator … along with the elements.

            Fascinating stuff …… religions.


          • Not as far as I could tell, AJ. The comment stated that you had to substitute some other idea if you were going to remove one? I have pondered that for a very long time.

            Trinity – God was not split in bits, being one entity, but it was split in bits, to give father, son and holy ‘ghost’. Holy ghost? Hmm… Holy spirit maybe? Because, you see, according to Christian teachings we are not supposed to listen to ‘spirits (demons)’ or ‘ghosts’, but we are supposed to listen to Christ ..

            Sigh. Twist and turns and spins about. And I am not talking about my interpretations. Mostly I continue to have questions.

            Love & Peace

  4. You guys are putting up some great disscusions!

  5. Hi AJ, Ama, CT,

    Amazing! I just woke up from a dream that had me smiling. It was about this very 3-1 topic! I came out and checked email and, bam!, there this conversation was :) :)

    In the dream I was walking quickly, but one foot ahead of me was a light shaped like a man. I knew this was the Holy Spirit. I turned to look behind me and there was an army of civilians following at a short distance (I was somehow in the lead…haha). I knew they were God’s army. Above them about 100 feet was a Huge Light and this was God. It was an Amazing Feeling, like I had in the Gulf War – confidence! There was a man who appeared just as I was feeling this was maybe a mistake, as my confidence started to wane. He was about 100 ft in the front of me and never looked back once… and I knew he was Jesus (you know how in dreams you just Know Things unspoken? Yeah, it was like that). The three ‘in Command’ but they were under the same authority. It was awe-inspiring! Like I said, it just woke me 20 minutes ago…

    The 3 in 1 makes a good bit of sense to me – at least in the Christian sense. There was God. Then He became the flesh, or the 2nd version of Himself so he could interact with man on man’s own level. I think by saying that, as Son of God (which Jesus usually said “Said Son Of Man”… that’ll spark conversation. I’m sure lol) God knew he Had to be something people could see and touch to believe. Maybe like agnostics?

    When Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room, He said that God would send them the Holy Spirit to dwell within them – us Christians – forever. This is His 3rd incarnation, and it all makes total sense to me. He wanted to make sure they knew He was not abandoning them.

    Call it a spreading of butter on 3 pieces of toast. While the butter is from the same container, the slices of bread all all different and unique, but from the same loaf. I hope that example of what 3-1 means to me.

    So, so very strange that this dream happened just now. I mean, mind blowing!


    • still though.. me, a human, leading a mass of people??? Hehe! Seriously, what’s up with that? Ideas anyone?


      • BTW,
        When I told my wife about the dream, she said I woke up because she had a dream she was falling and sat straight up in bed. Weird.

        Oh, I do not have a Jesus complex, just needed to throw that out there LOL!


      • There are different ways of leading, Keith.

        My only question would be ‘why do you think you can’t?’

        Love & Peace

        • Ama,

          I don’t really have a good answer. LOL! I guess someone has too, huh? hehe
          It was such lucid a dream. I haven’t had one like that in many, many years. With my ‘devolpment’ spiritually accelerating like it is, and in accepting my abilities with encouragement from y’all here, my family ‘coming out’ about my gift, and mostly…God… it just really amazed me. Been thinking about it off and on today. Not too sure what to make of it.


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