Why Don’t Guardian Angels and/or Guides Stop Negative Beings?

This is a serious question since I am fairly knew to the Paranormal world.

If you have Guardian Angels why don’t they stop the negative beings who terrorize some people and tell them to hurt themselves and others?

This has always bothered me.

Asked by HauntedAtheist

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  1. Its actually a simple answer about balence but first you need to understand theirs no good and evil but light and darkness and neither can survive without the other if you totally stop your enemy you have no justification for your own exsistance. Nature at its truest self.

  2. Hi HauntedAthiest,

    A lady just asked the same sort of question on //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/where-did-the-idea-of-guides-and-angels-watching-over-us-come-from/

    To save you time in searching for my answer – here’s a slightly edited version ..

    Why don’t our guides and angels stop negative things happening to people .. the short answer is .. we don’t let them. Let me explain.

    The problem starts with human free will, add in lack of faith, lack of belief, the fascination the dark has for everyone, regardless of whether we act on it or not .. stupid moves like playing with an ouija or inviting negativity in in other ways, like attitudes, actions and emotions. So many people love to hate. It fills them and feeds them, just like it does the dark. Or they think themselves unworthy of being loved and protected, or they tell themselves they deserve the punishment in some quiet tiny way inside their minds. There are so many more ways we undermine our own safety. And then there are habits, like drugs and alcohol abuse, and mental and physical abuse .. done to us, or to ourselves, or by us to others, and it can be as small a thing as nasty thoughts and words, said to ourselves within our own minds, or by us to others. Or bullying and other power games. It’s all about ego. We think we have to be ‘strong’ and the only we can do that is by stepping on others? We live in a constant state of fear, in a society that runs on greed. We have forgotten how to love. That’s another crack in the door. Luckily the dark does not take advantage of every person who hates themselves or others, or even just dislikes themselves etc and reacts from the fears that drive them. No, more often than not they want to ‘bring down’ those who really do try to act with an open heart and mind, be good to others, be loving and kind, faith-filled and truthful .. where’s the fun in corrupting someone who is already corrupted, when there’s so much more power in taking done someone truly good?

    Let me add a bit about beliefs and faith since they relate to this subject – in a time of crisis we often think that no one can help us .. or that no one wants to help us, no matter how much we ask? That we can only rely upon ourselves. And then we might have experiences with church leaders, and family and friends, who reinforce that belief with their own beliefs that we are deluded and imagining what is happening to us. In that undermined state of fear, do you see where the belief that we cannot rely on others stops the angels from working for us? We are telling them that they are not allowed to act for us in so many other ways as well. The list sometimes seems endless.

    What is faith? You know what faith is .. its trust. Trust that we are worthy of protection, of loving and being loved, of being worthy of lessons and abundance, of being known and remember by a Creator being that never forgets who we are .. even when we have forgotten who we are .. the Children of ‘God’. But where does that belief come from? From parents who abuse their children generation after generation, and you can find that in the bible, in the OT with the actions of the god there as well. No wonder people do not trust God and the darkness takes advantage when it can.

    And where are the angels and guides when this happens. Waiting to be asked for help, past the barrier that says ‘I deserve this punishment somehow’ .. that’s the voice of ego in so many people’s minds when we are wounded by life. They act when they can, when we let them, but if for one moment we say ‘no’ .. they must obey the rules. God gave us the right to choose our own destiny when It created us to be ‘creators’ like itself. God has not gone back on ‘his/her’ word. The angels obey what we ask them to do when it’s in our best interests, but we are always in control. As I have said before, freewill is very complicated, and we have no idea of the profundity of the gift.

    That’s why Spirit always reminds me to ‘learn to know yourself, what drives you, what you love and hate. Release your attachment to the past, to painful events and emotions, to fears and phobias and false beliefs. Do not hold grudges! Do not hold on to anger. Become responsible for everything you create, everything!!!! All your energy, your thoughts, your feelings, your truths, your actions. Everything produces energy for good or evil, what sort of energy are you producing Today, Ama?’ Be in the moment, in the moment there is only God and Love, if we allow it. It is all that IS.

    There’s so much more I could write on the subject but it’s all around the same theme. We fall victim because we have forgotten how to love, and be loved, and BE Love! And the rules abide. We are only harassed in comparison to the way it could be if God stepped in and broke the covenant of Free Will, which would turn it into an all out war .. and we are not wise enough, nor strong enough, physically or spiritually, to stand against something we cannot ‘see’ with our eyes, and that can hurt us from the inside out. It’s up to us to learn not to put ourselves into jeopardy, to live with a ‘right mind’, and allow the angels help us in times of trouble.

    As I said, this is a complicated subject .. but one last thought.

    Our guides and guardians do show us that there is hope, in the smile of a friend, or an unexpected hug, or someone who listens and really hears what we are saying, even if they can’t help us in some way, or goes shopping for us on a bad day .. or some other small way, but we ignore the subtlety of it. Our guardians and guides whisper encouragement in our ears, but when our ears are blocking out the sounds in our minds, their ‘quiet’ voice is often lost in the noise of our own egos, harassed by voices from the past, or the dark, or the sorrow and anger within us. They are always there, those who truly love us, it is us who do not hear for, often, good reasons, like .. when it hurts too much to bear we curl up inside ourselves seeking peace .. but not finding it. Why are the voices so quiet .. because, for the most part, we are generally only listening to ourselves speak inside our minds. When we stop being egocentric, when we become more and truly loving, the volume increases .. so what do we do? Go see a psychiatrist to see if we are nuts? (Guilty as charged. LOL) Thankfully my ‘voices’ had patience enough to wait for me to learn to listen.

    Then there are the problems of past life agreements, and life lessons we may well have chosen.

    So when we are mad at God for not helping, its really us we should be mad at .. or better yet, don’t be mad at all. Ask for help. Once we learn to trust God/the angels more, maybe then they will be able to help. It’s up to us to let them.

    Love & Peace

    • Thank you! very much.My name is Christine,I just did not want to give my name until I felt comfortable with the site,I have been reading it a while.What little bit I do know is only from my experience in the last almost 2 years.So,I had noticed that at the beginning when I was first experiencing stuff here that I was always afraid and I felt alone at first because no one else was really experiencing the things I was (except my dog.LOL)Then after about 4 or 5 months I told myself that if it wanted to do more than poke or just scare me it would have. I quit being afraid and I quit worrying so much about people believing me, and then went on a mission to try and catch proof of it and my whole attitude became a lot more positive and it quit being aggressive. I noticed this change because it was an obviuos change.Then I thought that they might act on what ever energy positive or negative we are sending out. I am just guessing, because it really did seem to stop the aggressiveness and the poking.Now,I think that this is something great to get to experience because this has been a life changing thing that has happened.Even spiritually I feel love way more than I ever did and I have become very caring about the plight of the suffering in the world.And believe me this is something huge for me because I was a hate filled person and everyone around me has saw this change.I really do connect it to what I am experiencing.I hope that does not sound to crazy,I wonder if more people do have a huge change in them after they have been an Atheist that finds out there is an afterlife and a God?

      • Hi Christine,

        It sounds to me as if you have had a spiritual awakening. Yes, more people need to benefit from an experience like this. It is life changing, everything changes. It’s like the lights going on in a darkened room, things become so much clearer. LOL

        And you are correct, the less fear and agression you meet ghosts and other beings with, the less they can take from you. With luck they might eventually leave you alone, but having the house cleared, one way or another, also helps.

        I wonder how the ghost feels about you finding God because of it .. that’s the last thing they want to find. LOL I just love it!! :-)

        Love & Peace

      • What a beautiful and wonderful experience, Christine!!! Isn’t it wonderful when God makes his presence known to you!! Ama is right; it changes everything! It is amazing how many different ways God can embrace you!!! You are overwhelmed with peace and love! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. well, in fact i think the guardian angles just record our actions whether good or bad to be refereed in judgement day.if it is to be they prevent us doing negative force doesn’t it question humens’ option and liberty? in that way we become just as like as controlled toy cars. its the logic, conscience, mind and spirit of each human which makes him to choose doing any working. the most important and major difference between human and animal is that human has option and liberty. as a result isn’t it better to do good works rather than bad works. in case of we believe in judgment day we will receive the result of our good works. and in case we don’t believe in judgment day, i propose a question: if it is to be that each human affect the the page of world as a drop, is it better to put a white effect or a black effect?

    • Good answer Tara! I’m more a ‘pebble in a pond’ person myself. What we do effects everyone around us, even when we are not aware of it ourselves.

      The watchers are a group of angels that record everything we do. They have their dark counterparts as well. Guardian angels, and we all have one, guard our spirits .. and there are lots of other types of angels as well. We’ve covered them on other questions which you can find by going to the Index (link at the very top of the page) or doing a ‘search’ for angels on the site.

      Love & Peace

    • Thank You Tara!

  4. Have you asked your guardian angel to protect you from these entities? They can’t help without you asking for their help, remember they are there for your protection – so ask and see what happens.

    • exactly, Pat! All you need to do is ask!! The Angels respect our free will and do not interfere without our asking, but we are the one’s who interfere with their aid with our self doubt and self loathing. Pretty much everything Ama said in a nutshell. I have asked my angel for assistance and he/she has come through every time!

  5. dear pat
    i want to answer your question with an example. imagine that you want to do an academic research. you refer to a master to get help. the master assign you to a professor who his knowledge and ability is more than master. in this situation, what do you do ? you grasp a candle or a sun? the issue i want to say is that guardian angles is just recorders. to get help and to meet the necessity of being protected, we can want god who has infinite ability and knowledge and always wants purity, innocence and good final for human. of course,in addition of praying and wanting god to protect us from negative works and negative attractions, we must polish and educate our soul with reading holy books, following the orders of commonsense, reading the memoir of good peoples who affected the world with good and valuable works.

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